Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 7-- August 25-31, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna, how are you?
Sorry, but my artwork isn't finished yet.But don't worry it's all most done.I hope you'll like it.
Your friend,
Pony pal

Dear Jeanne

Thanks for telling me what is going on. I want to see your drawing. Please send it soon.



Hey , My Name Is Holly I Love To Draw But I Am Not That Good At It , So Could You Please Give Me Some Advice . Holly

Dear Holly

When I started to draw I did this a lot. I still do it to make good horse drawings.

First take a picture of horses that you like.


Then put a piece of paper over it. Use a paper that does not have lines. Make sure it is thin enough to see through a little bit.

Then start to trace the photo on your paper. Do a part of the picture that will be easy to line up again if your paper moves. Keep tracing until you have all the outlines you want.

Then take the paper off of the photo. Copy the things you like and color it if you want to. Don't forget to sign it.

My art teacher says that is how a lot of grown-ups do drawings too. I think that is how Lyndsey draws some ponies for Mrs. Crandal's game. Do you want me to ask her?

Pony Pals,

Dear Anna,
I’m Hope. How are you? How is Acorn?
Can you give Acorn a hug and
oats for me? Anna can you draw
me a picture? But if you don’t
want to can Pam or Lulu?
Can you tell me about
Your friend,
P.S.can you give Acorn a pat for me?

Dear Hope

I just drew a lot of pictures for Holly. :-p I need to stop drawing for a while.
Tonight I give Acorn an extra pat. I will tell Acorn his oats are from you!
Acorn is a Shetland pony. He has had lots of owners. Tommy Rand owned him when he was a little boy.
There is more about Acorn in Jeanne Betancourt's book "The Story of our Ponies."
PPP (PonyPenPals)


Dear Anna, Thank-You. I have glasses to. I have contacts, but the only problem is every time I try to put the contacts in I blink and miss. I have astigmatism and I can't see things that are far away. If you work hard then you can
be an Equine Artist. How are Acorn and Shadow doing?
Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce
I wear my blue glasses to read. The glasses make letters not move around so much when I look at them.
It funny when I draw I don't need glasses. It just looks fine. Only letters are hard for me to see.
Hug your pony Annie for me.
Your Pony Pal,


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