Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 4-- August 4-10, 2008 PAGE 4


Hey Lulu,
Sounds like Woolie was being a pain when he wanted to come with you on a trail ride!!!!
But Pam is lucky that she has a dog.
My horse keeps Nipping me when i try to fix his rug of a morning!
What can i do to make him stop?
Samantha in Australia

Dear Samantha
We all like Woolie and he's a great dog. Even when he's being a pain.
About your horse -- I bet you mean your horse's blanket when you wrote rug. I remember when I lived in England horse blankets are called horse rugs there too.
Nipping is a big Pony Pal Problem! That means your horse does not see you as the boss. Your horse is not happy with what you are doing to his blanket. He is trying to boss you around and tell you to stop doing whatever you are doing.
Biting can be very dangerous. This is something you need a grown up or trainer to help you with. It takes a long time to teach a horse not to bite. Mrs. Crandal's friend trainer Keith Hosman says "McDonalds doesn't have a drive up fix for horses for a reason. It takes time."
To read his whole article about teaching horses not to bite, go to http://www.horsemanship101.com/John-Lyons-Training-Newsletter/Issues/Biting-Horses.html
His theory is whenever a horse disrespects you, pet it kind of like giving it a noogie. Eventually the horse will learn that when it tries to bite you, the herd leader (you) are going to make him uncomfortable by rubbing him too long and too hard. You might ask your trainer or parent to read his article with you and talk about it.
Let me know what you think.
Your Pony Pal,

Dear Lulu,
You're right your grandma's friends would be ticked if she sed her salon and moved to Florida. It's cool that you and your dad are E-Mailing each other back and forth. Glad your dad made it home safe and sound.

Dear Cayce
Grandma's friends all read what I wrote last week in the Weekly about her moving. They all started calling last week and telling Grandma how mad they would be if she moved.
But Grandma laughed about it and said good thing was they all made appointments with her so she wouldn't move!
So Grandma was really busy all week giving people highlights and permanents and doing haircuts. I made myself a sandwich for a picnic lunch every day and took some apples and carrots and water and rode out with Anna and Pam.
We went up to Ms. Wiggins house and jumped in her field over the stone walls, we rode to Mt. Morris and looked at the Monument which is pretty much done except for the little brass plaque. We rode up to our Pony Pals secret hideout and cleaned it up and made it nicer.
One day we all rode off around Lake Appamapog all the way past the organic dairy. It was really pretty seeing all the cows there and we had a picnic.
I wrote all this in an email to my Dad but he hasn't written back yet. He said he would be out in the bush for a while and would write when he got back.
Your Pony Pen Pal,


Hi Lulu!
I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan!!
You are my favourite pony pal, and Snow White and Lighting are my favourite ponies! You are SO lucky to have a pony like Snow White!
Actually, you are so lucky to have a pony at all! I wish I was
allowed a horse, but I'm not. It must cost a lot of money, hey? And a lot of time, but it would all be worth it! I love horses and ponies, they are the absolute best! Whats it like having a pony? It must be so great! And to have friends like Pam and Anna, that would be great too! Me and my besties are a bit like the Pony Pals. We are three girls, who LOVE horses and ponies!! But of course, you guys get to have ponies and we don't!!
l live in NSW, Australia. Where do you live? Oh, and how is your
dad?? How is he going researching about animals and studying animals?
That would be so cool! i would love to be your dad!! I absolutely love Snow White! She is the most gorgeous pony ever!! Lighting is great too. And so is Acorn. And i would love to be the Pony Pals!
Coz' I would love to hang out at Off Main Diner!! That place must be SO cool! You and Pam and Anna must go trail riding a lot. That would be the funnest thing!! What is your favourite part of being a Pony Pal?
Please say hello to Snow White and give her a kiss for me. Thanks so much for reading this email!!
Look forward in hearing your reply,
From Hannah

Dear Hannah
Thanks for writing. Mrs. Crandal thinks everyone should be able to have a pony. She can't give everyone a real pony but you will be able to have one online at Club Pony Pals.
I live in Wiggins, CT. Our town is very small, so it isn't on most maps. If we need to go to the mall we go down to Bennington.
My dad is good. He emails a lot, but right now he his out in the bush. He promised to email right when he got back.
The Off Main Diner is really a great place. This week they have a special of peaches, blueberries and vanilla ice cream from the Wiggins Organic Dairy. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.
My favorite thing about being a Pony Pal is riding Snow White on adventures with Pam and Anna. Or maybe its getting letters from other Club Pony Pals like you. Nobody from Australia would write me if I wasn't a Pony Pal, I think.
Snow White will get one kiss from you, right behind her ear.
Your Pony Pen Pal