Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 4 -- August 4-10, 2008 PAGE 5


I really really love ponys and i wanted to know how to join the club pony pals can you help me?
Thnx from kiara

Dear Pony Pal Kiara
Thanks for writing and welcome to the Club! Anyone can join Club Pony Pals by writing and asking to join. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures, with or without a pony. Write back, send in a card, or do a drawing about what's going on where you are.


Hi webmaster,
its Samantha and i was wondering when the winner 4 the map contest is going to be announced?
Can you let me know when please?
Samantha in Australia
(Pony Pal Lover)

Dear Pony Pal Samantha
Deadline for submitting entries to the map contest is midnight, September 1st, 2008. The winner will get ten new Pony Pals books, so take a look at the contest page and get your entry in! The map contest page is at


Heya WebMaster!!!!! How are you?
I just wanted to say hello, and ask you some questions.
If I send in a drawing or picture, will you put it in the Newsletter? I'm not a very good drawer, but I will try my best!! I only have one pet, and thats a cat, so can I draw and take a picture of my cat? And I will draw one of probably the pony pals. I hope you look forward in seeing my pictures!!
Oh, and when you send in a letter to Jeanne Betancourt, does it actually get through to her?
Thanks for reading, and replying to all my emails, thanks!

P. S. Hi! Its Hannah again!
I will send my pictures as soon as I can, I'm working on the picture of the Pony Pals right now! Its not very good though :)
Ok, well, better go!
Thanks again for all your work.
Bye! Hannah

P.P.S. Do you have any idea what the kittens going to be called? I voted on the kitten name thing. I saw that you could choose more than one.

P.P.P.S. I can't wait till the game comes out!!! It looks great!!!!

P.P.P.P.S. I was wondering how many horse breeds there are in the world? And how many pony breeds there are!

Dear Hannah
Your drawing will get published in the Wiggins Weekly if you drew it. Everybody draws and some people draw better than others, the Club members would love to see a picture of your cat, of the Pony Pals, or even of the Pony Pals riding your cat!

Yes, any letter emailed toJeanne Betancourt will get to her. Write to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com and start your letter to "Dear Jeanne."
There are lots and lots of breeds of horses in the world. Wikipedia puts total number horse and pony breeds at 285, not including extinct or color breeds. There may actually be more. Depending on where you are, there may be more of one kind of horse than another.

There are lots of horse breeds we don't see much in America. For example, how about the beautiful Marwari horse from India, that has special curvy long ears that are really cute!?!

photo courtesy of http://www.horsemarwari.com

For a list of horses from all over the world, try
Happy looking!

Pony Pals Thought for the Day

by George Washington

Whisper not in the company of others.


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