Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 4 -- August 4-10, 2008 PAGE 3



Hey Anna,
I love the Drawing you did for Me and i give it 10 out of 10.
I will send you a drawing of Bookie my horse when i have the time!!!! And can you Please tell Acorn that i send him love and an apple.
What's you favourite colour?
Mines periwinkle blue.
Samantha in Australia :)

Dear Samantha
Acorn was glad to see and eat your apple. Pam, Lulu and I all voted. The Pony Pals favorite color is periwinkle blue. Thanks for writing.
Pony Pals,


Dear Anna,
The sink hole was small, and Annie's leg went into the hole, and she didn't get spooked. I'm just glad that Mom and Annie didn't get hurt that day. We covered up the hole with wood shavings, branches, and we put a little flag on top so that nobody will step in the hole. Sinkholes are pretty scary. I think Sinkholes can pop up in the woods, but I'm not sure. I understand that your mom's allergic to cats. Mom's little sister is allergic to cats.

Dear Cayce
Pam looked up about sinkholes on the internet. She said they happen mostly where there is limestone underground. around here has other kinds of rock.
Sinkholes can happen anywhere there is that kind of rock. Pam found some good pictures. She liked reading about them so much she wrote a lot. I liked the pictures. Some of them are pretty scary. I am glad that Annie was not hurt.
My mom says she is allergic to cats, but when it was really cold last winter she let me bring in Shadow and put her in the basement to stay warm.
Your Pony Pal,