Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 4 -- August 4-10, 2008 PAGE 2


Letters to Pam

Dear Pam, it is me again { Deanna} and I can not find a horse stable that is close to me and don't have the time to drive a long way just to go to a stable. I am the only kid that cant even RIDE a horse or even pet one. do you have any more ideas? thanks!!!! bye, Deanna. P.S. how is lighting doing?

Dear Deanna
Never give up on wanting a pony! When I asked my mom about your problem, she said you may be able to have one sooner than you think.

Lots of kids can't get to a real stable whenever they want to. Sometimes it is too far to drive, sometimes it is too expensive. That is why my mom is making a Club Pony Pals online riding game. In Club Pony Pals Crandal stables will come to life in your computer!

Players will be able have their own pony, to love, to care for and to ride on out trail.

Mom promised she will add your email address to the game tester list for Club Pony Pals. She says CPP game testers will be the very first to try riding their new online pony. That will happen very soon! Look for a special game tester email to learn more!
Pony Pals,

P.S. Lightning is good. We rode a lot this week and she is tired, though.


Hey Pam,
I am not sure if when you have a house trailer that you can tow behind your car is it called a house float.
Why don't you like competing in horse shows?
Samantha in Austraila

Dear Samantha
The reason I asked about house floats is my mom told me that in England house trailers are called caravans. I thought maybe that in Australia they were called that too.
In Pony Pals book #21 "The Winning Pony" you can read a little about why I don't like riding in horse shows. Here’s a hint - when I was only five I came down with chicken pox at a horse show. You'll have to read that book to find out the rest.! ;-)
Pony Pals,


Dear Pam, You can find out all about Sinkholes on
Sounds like ya'll had fun. Hope Jack and Jill had some dry clothes.
Mom and I ride Annie a lot too.
I know Woolie bugs you a lot, but he wants to spend time with you. There
is a way to prevent Woolie from following you when ya'll go on picnics.
Get Jack and Jill to distract Woolie by playing with him or giving him
the old scratch reflex. The old scratch reflex is a special spot on
dogs where the love to be scratched.
Annie gets the old scrach reflex on her neck everytime we brush her with the curry comb. Mom calls it the old horse scratch reflex.
Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce
Wow! Sinkholes are pretty scary to me! We don't have them here. There are lots of other states in the USA that have them, like Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Utah. Most of those places have limestone underground. When rain sinks into the ground, it dissolves that rock making an underground cave. After a long time, the dirt on top of the cave can't hold together any more and then it sinks or opens up. That's what makes a sinkhole.

Some of them can be very big, like this one in Pennsylvania that sucks down part of the Schuylkill River!

Photo courtesy of http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/sinkholes/cwp/view.asp?a=3&q=504080

Or this one that opened up in downtown Allentown

Photo courtesy of http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/hazards/corpplaza.aspx

For that hole they ended up tearing down the building!

You are right, our picnic was really fun. Woolie has a scratch reflex spot, too. When we went on our picnic with Ms. Wiggins Jack and Jill were in the pony cart, so they were busy.

Lots of ponies get that look when they are scratched. You know the one. Where their eyes close a little bit and they stretch their neck out and their upper lip stretches out and trembles… ahhh… yes… That's the spot!
Pony Pals,

PS. Anna drew a picture of the pony scratch reflex for you!

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