Volume 2 Number 49 - June 15-21, 2009

Club Pony Pals News

New feature has members talking

Dear Pony Pals

Here in virtual Wiggins we have had an exciting week. Early this week, volunteer testers showed up online to try out our new, live moderated chat program. Their efforts helped our virtual sleepover at Crandal's barn be a real gabfest. We thank our testers who helped us make sure it worked before our sleepover started.

From now on when members log in to Club Pony Pals, they should look at our landing page for a special Moderated Live Chat link. If the text "Live moderated chat going on now. Click here to join!" is there, then a chat is going on. Members can chat with any other club members who are online.

Every message in live chat is reviewed and approved before it is posted. Any personal information or creepy stuff just never shows up.

To try out our new live chat, on Tuesday the 16th of June join me to wish raven305 a happy birthday. I'll sign on for a live chat that evening after dinner.

During our first ever live chat sleepover last Friday we announced the winners for our May 2009 story contest

Britnie with Britnie, Shadow, Angel and Artemis's adventures #1 won 2500 Wiggins Bucks with 21% of the vote.

Seven other stories by leliab, Maki, Skittles, Hope, Thesoapgirl3, Adante and thehorsegirl were runners-up, each won 1000 bucks. Congratulations to all our winners!

Our June story contest is underway, email in stories to Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com
or post it in our forum. Stories can be any length. This is Club PONY Pals so there should be a pony or horse in it somewhere. Deadline for this month's contest is June 30th. The winner will get 2500 Wiggins Bucks! So start writing!!

Downtown Wiggins is almost ready for testing. Testers can look for an email about trying it out soon.

Our multi-player area for our barn will be done soon. Here is a rough snapshot of how avatars may appear. They will move around.

Pony Pals avatars

This is Pam, Anna and Lulu . They had fun choosing their hairstyles and clothes!

So -- our game changes every week. Remember to groom your pony to keep it healthy and happy.

Jane Crandal

P.S. We are looking for new members. If you have a friend you think might like our Club, please tell them to sign up and try it. The only way we can keep our site free is if we get lots of new members.

Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Winner


Webmaster,  I have been really busy, and just checked my email today!   I promise to check more! Oh, and i have jigsaw entries! (Please only type my username small on the bottom) Your ponypal, malika

PS getting good at digi art!

malika's lucky moon

malika as a buckskin

Malika won this week's jigsaw puzzle contest!
She got a free bumpersticker, bookmark and 100 Wiggins bucks for sending in this great drawing.
If you want to enter, send your art to the Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

More member art

From Pony Pal Britnie

Wiggins map by britnie

Pony Pal picnic by Britnie

britnie pony report page 1

britnie report pg 2

horse face by britnie


From Pony Pal alliecat

Dear Pam, Anna, Lulu

I'm glad we are friends. Hope to see you.

Love, your Pony Pal


alliecat's drawing

alliecat's drawing

alliecat's drawing




Member Photos

britnie and shadow

Dear Webmaster, Here is a picture of me and Shadow. He is wearing his new tack that I got as a present for my birthday. Hope you like it, I hope it gets to you. Britnie
PS Like the a story contest, I also have the idea of a photo contest, where you send in pictures of your four legged friends.

Hey Pony Pals -- what do you think? Should we start a photo contest too? WebMaster


Club Pony Pals Forum Posts of the Week

by Thesoapgirl3 and Golden Dreamer

Ok, I'm going to correct something there: The winter is not the only time you need to buy feed. A hundred years ago maybe you grazed your horses, but now a days, (Especially in a stable, {I don't know if you're riding in one or not}) you have to buy feed all year long. 1) With the farrier fees, You only need to trim a horse's hooves every 6 weeks or so, and a horse does NOT need to have shoes. All the school horses I ride are unshod. If you ride on a lot of pavement, then that can wear the hooves down and make them sore, but you probably aren't here to listen to my "Shoes vs Barefoot Trimmings" Speech right now. 2) Well, I already covered that. But there's not a whole lot of ways around that. A horse needs to eat, but there's usually something you can work out with somebody, some feed stores give you a good deal on feed if you buy a whole lot at one time. Check around. 3) Well, you could... A: Find a ride. B: Find somewhere closer that would board your horse for work. (It doesn't necessarily need to be the stable you're riding at now.) 4) Save up for that separately. If you can ride bareback, you could always get a bridle first, (They're usually cheaper than saddles.) But it would probably be a good idea to have the money for tack before you get a horse, so that you know that the tack will fit. (I.E. You don't want to buy a small pony's saddle for a large horse!) That's what I would try to do. Hope this helps!

Thesoapgirl3 and Golden Dreamer

PS .One other thing to remember, is that you have an invisible "Bubble" around you. It's about 1-3 feet all around you. If he comes into this bubble, don't be afraid to GET HIM OUT!!! If you don't do anything about it, he'll lose respect for you. Don't be afraid of hurting or scaring him, so don't hesitate to tell him, "Get AWAY from me!!!!" Remember, he can only come into your space if you invite him in.

from Celect04

Dear Mrs. Crandal,

I love this site! You can do many things other sites will not provide. Like grooming, riding, games, missions, ( like the lost kitten ) and forums!! Now, I would like to ask you if I could benefit he site. I would like to be a tester. I am frequently on, every day actually! If you could please respond back, I would be delighted, no matter what you say :)


from Britnie

Dear Mrs.Crandal, Patient is one of the MAIN things you have to have in order to trust a horse, train a horse(Or pony),etc.. I'm not good at being patient.......................when it comes to humans. But being patient is fine for me when it comes to horses/ponies. I got back from the horse farm about two/three hours ago. I made more progress with petite, she's trusting me a little bit every time I go to her, but just a tincy,wincy bit, not AT ALL much, but EVERY BIT COUNTS. I also asked what Petite's registered name was, it's Super Rido I think I remember. Registered names are REALLY DUM. They have another horse there that's name is called Chuck The Duck! Oh well, horses don't care what their name is, you could call them a bad word, but if it was soft and gentle tune you used in your voice, a horse would tell no difference. Anyway, back to Petite. I've learned that she was bought when she was one year old. She was always shy of humans so no one ever full ed with her. She only comes to me really. No one else had come to her so I don't know if she just likes me are if she's just looking for more grass from me. I'm going to show everyone that Petite is a good pony and it's time for her to show her worth. I know beneath all her shaggy winter coat(starting to be summer)is a beautiful young horse. If only I could take her out and put her in another pen alone. I could work with her all the time I was there. But I know it's way too much to ask for. Maybe later in the summer, once I get to where I can touch her without her leaving. What makes me wonder about her is why she's so shy. Was she abused when she was a foal? Or is it the other horses or mean to her and that no one fools with her? I'll ask next time I go to the horse farm. I know I can't give up on Petite. She's a wonderful pony beneath all that shyness. She would be a great riding pony or driving pony. Well, Bon soir,mon ami (I probably got the words all wrong!) B and S


Dear Pony Pals

Send in your photos, stories and drawings for our contests. Every entry that includes their mailing address to get a free sticker and bookmark, the winner gets 100 Wiggins Bucks deposited into the player account of their choice. Please include your user name in your letter, too.




Top High Scores from last week

"Crandal's Cross Country Course going North"



"Crandal's Cross Country Course going South"

ch kory1


"Add Like Mad"



"Subtraction Action"

if you played this game last week your name would be here!

"Multiplication Station"

Black Fire


"Sheep Herding" our newest game!




Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

Buyin' a horse at auction can be quite interesting at times. People will dress a horse up and tone him down to make him look like the real deal, but you never know what you've got 'till you get it home.

Roy "Boots" Renyolds


If you have to prove you're right, you're probably wrong.

from Savvy Sayin's by Ken Alstad