Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.17 -- November 3-9, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna,
Hi my name is Alyssa. I am 8 years old. I live in British Columbia. I would love to own a pony of my own, and would like to be a pony pal.
I have one brother and have one dog named Tiny.
How is life in Wiggins?
What is it like to be a pony pal?
My talents are art, acting, and singing.
How is Acorn?
I like every animal there is.
What adventure did you do this month?
I would like to have a bunny too.
Please write back.
Sincerely, Alyssa

Dear Alyssa

Where is British Columbia? Are you English? Do you ride English? Is Tiny tiny?

It is getting cold here. We had fun trick-or treating on our ponies. I was a Shetland Island princess. I was warm in lots of knitted stuff. I even had a fuzzy knit cap on over my helmet. I made Acorn really fuzzy with a blow drier. He was really cute.

Being a Pony Pal means riding and having adventures. It is fun. I like taking care of Acorn. It is more fun than studying for school.

This month we got ready for the Fall Festival. We held a pony ride. We raised lots of money for the Animal Shelter. Then we made our costumes to go trick-or-treating.

Bunnies are really soft and nice. I wish I could have one. My mom says a pony is enough.

You right back too.


dear anna
thats good how you and lulu are friends. i hope me and timara became best friends again. what you been up to? ok see ya
from pony pal amy

Dear Pony Pen Pal Amy

Pam and I and Lulu are all best friends. That's what being Pony Pals is about. What did you and Timara fight about? Maybe we can help you become Pony Pals again.

I have to study a lot for school. Sometimes my dad and I go to the Off-Main Diner for dinner and to visit my mom.

We helped with the Festival. We went trickrtreating on our ponies. I was a Shetland Island princess on a Shetland pony.

It was fun seeing all our friends. We got lots of apples for our ponies. I brought them home and we are only feeding a few every day. Too many apples can make a pony sick.

What you been up to?


Dear Anna,
Thanks for letting me know. Why was Acorn sad when he and
Snow White got into that fight? Friends,

Dear Cayce

That story is in "Pony Pals Super Special #5 Pony Problem." Acorn was sad. He saw Snow White got all the attention. Pam is really smart. She helped us figure it out. Sometimes when a pony is mad, the owner gets mad too. You can buy that book at Amazon.com or at the Reading Well.

Your friend


Dear Anna, I'm Ellie.I love Shetland ponies and I love girls like you!!!!!!! I was wondering if we could be pen pals, right back!
P.S. Anna,I'm from Colorado.

Dear Ellie

I like being pen pals. What is Colorado like? Do you have birch trees and moose and coyotes like here? Do you have a Shetland pony?

Pony Pen Pals,