Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.17 -- November 3-9, 2008 PAGE 4


Hi lulu
I wish I was like you and the pony pals going on adventures and trail rides but I can't because I don't have a horse or pony I wish I did have one more then anything but I am a city girl I love ponies so much and I take riding lessons every Saturday with a horse named Crystal she is a brown pony I like her a lot. My mom said that she is going to get me a horse only if I am expert at horseback I try really hard. I can't wait to get my very own horse I really want a black thoroughbred. My mom said I was really good with the animals and they follow me everywhere and once a squirrel went to me and I got to touch it. I feel sorry for the people who don't know how to treat an animal nicely like pulling on a horses halter or bridle really hard. I am also trying to make people stop eating horses but they will not stop.


Dear Emily

I wish I was like you and could get a squirrel to come to me! That is really special. You sound like Pam. She reads animals minds sometimes.

Thoroughbred horses are really big! When we ride with Mrs. Crandal and JB she is way up in the air above us. Thoroughbreds are really good athletes. They can jump high jumps and run really fast. They are a little scary to me.

What kind of pony is Crystal? Do you like her? What kind of pony do you want for your first horse?

Write back,

PS How are you trying to make people stop eating horses?


Dear Lulu, you are so awesome! Maybe we can be pen pals so I can learn more about you! Your friend Ellie!
PS I'm from Colorado.

Dear Ellie

Colorado is definitely cowboy country. Do you ride Western? Do you have a ranch? Do you have cows?

I live in Wiggins, CT. My pony Snow White won lots of ribbons before I got her from the Baxters. Now I mostly ride trails with Pam and Anna. We have adventures and our friend Jeanne writes about them sometimes.

What else do you want to know?

PS What kind of food do you eat in Colorado? Do you grow a garden with vegetables there too? Here my grandma makes sure I eat vegetables every day and in summer we freeze some to eat in winter. Do you do that?


Hi Lulu!
I am such a big fan but, what’s a coupon code? Is it on the bookmark? I just saw your website and did not buy the book with the bookmark. Is that why I can’t sign in?
Yours truly,
(tell Snow White I said”hi”)

Dear Pearl

You do not need a coupon code to sign in to the game. Mrs. Crandal says if you send an email asking to be a tester, she will send you a coupon code. That is some letters and numbers that you can use when you log in to the game. There is a special space to enter your free coupon code, that code can be used to pony treats that you will be able to have once you are in the game.

If you buy something at Club Pony Pals you get a coupon code. So if you want to buy your friend a present in the game, you can do that. You just give them a code, they can use it to redeem their present.

This is pretty complicated; it's best to write to Mrs. Crandal. You can reach her through the WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com if you have more questions.

Snow White was really glad to hear someone wrote and said hi. I gave her an apple that we got from Quinn's but I told her it was from you. She really liked it.

Your friend


dear lulu
yeah i really do miss elvis but i might be able to still see him. i wish i had a horse that i can talk to and tell it my problems. i might be going to school tomorrow. what you been have you up to? see ya
from pony pal amy


Dear Amy

Hurray that you are feeling better! Most pets are great to talk to. Dogs, cats and hamsters are good too. Even snakes work. (If you like snakes.)

But ponies are the only pet you can ride out on trail. ;-)

We went trick-or-treating with our ponies. It was really fun. We started before dark. My grandma helped me dress. She had me come in right after school for my "makeover." First she put a temporary rinse on my hair to make it darker. Then she braided it and added hair extensions. They were only temporary, so it didn't take too long. When she got done my hair was in two braids that went all the way down to my waist!

Then she got out my costume. I had on black riding jeans, black boots and a black sweater. Over that she helped me slip on a really old Indian princess dress made out of leather. It had long slits up the sides. When I put it on, it covered everything I was wearing.

Over that she helped me put on a beaded vest. The beads were made out of porcupine spines! They make kind of a shield over my chest and held the dress together.

Grandma told me it was a very old costume. I was really careful when I went out to get on Snow White.

Then Anna and I rode to Crandal's. From there we rode down Riddle Road, visiting everyone we knew and stopping to show off our costumes. By the time it was dark we were tired.

Grandma really liked Pam's Cleopatra costume. We had apple cider and grilled cheese sandwiches and then Pam had to ride home.

It was really fun.

How was your Halloween?


how bad was it when snow white got a broken leg ?and sorry that you fell and had something wrong are you and snow white ok??
regards Olivia


Dear Olivia

Wow, thanks for remembering I got hurt practicing pole bending. That was really scary. I'm fine, and Snow White is fine too. We were both just stiff and sore for a few days.

It was more being really scared. Sometimes being scared is harder to get over than being hurt. Hurt stuff heals. I didn't want to ever ride again. I thought it would never be safe. Pam and Anna helped me to feel better about it.

Your friend

PS Did you ever get that scared by something that happened? Write back and let me know what happened to you.


Dear Lulu, Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the complement. Your dad sounds like a nice guy. Thanks for the hug. Hope you, Pam, Anna, and your ponies have a safe and Happy Halloween. When horses get abscesses in their hoofs how long does it take them to go away? The reason I'm asking is because it's taking a while for Cimmaron to get
better. He's had his abscess for almost a month.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce

We had a lot of fun on Halloween. By the time we got done riding around visiting our friends it was dark. We just went to Mrs. Sanders house with Lulu and then Anna and I just put our ponies away. Sometimes we ride on a moonlight ride but not on Halloween.

When I rode over to Crandal's I asked Dr. Crandal how long a hoof abscess lasts. He said with good care 4 to 6 weeks. If there are problems it can be longer.

I hope Cimmaron gets better soon.

Let me know how he is.

Pony Pals,


Hello Lulu,
I love your new game that you made! I was surprised that I had to log out so soon. Can you tell me if there is a trail that I can go on to ride my pony?
Lulu, did you ever go on another adventure with your ponypals? I really like your books.

Dear Chelsea

The game you played is just a small part of what Mrs. Crandal has planned. When I asked her she said it was like the first chapter in a really long book.
The next part will be the first piece of Pony Pal trail. You will be able to ride all over Wiggins eventually.
We go on adventures all the time. This week we went on a Halloween adventure. My dad always says that adventures are wherever you are, all it takes is being ready to have them.
I'll tell Jeanne you like her books.