Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.14 -- October 13-19, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna ,
I really like Acorn he so cute but you know what I love him and so I hope you keep riding him and give him a kiss for me!
Horsely Asha

Dear Asha

Acorn is cute. But he can be a pain when he wants. He ran away twice this week when I went to catch him. I got an apple. Then he came to me and I caught him.

I gave him a kiss from you. He was glad. Then he asked for another apple.



Hello Anna,
Can you please draw me a picture of a pony bucking, if you can.
thanks Anna, your the best artist i have ever heard of.
How are you?
what have you been doing lately?
I hope acorn is good
I send him a hug and a kiss and oats.
See you

Dear Samantha
Here's one

I made this rider about to fall off.

Acorn is good. Except when he runs away when I want to catch him. Then I need an apple to make him come to me.

We are fixing things for the Fall Festival. All our saddles and bridles are clean.

I gave Acorn some extra oats from you. He liked that. When I hugged and kissed him he was fuzzy and soft. He smells good. It was nice.



Hello, Anna! How's Acorn? I found a animation that looks like the Dun Shetland.

How are you doing in school? How is your family? How's Snow White? What are you thinking about dressing up for Halloween? Have a good week! Summer

Dear Summer

Your drawing looks like Acorn. I like it.

School is ok. My tutor helps. My mom is good. The diner is not too busy. My dad is cutting wood for winter.

Snow White is good. Lulu helps.

This Halloween I want to be a Shetland Island Princess. My mom and I are going to make a costume. There are lots of sheep there. I will have lots of knitted things. I will be warm riding Acorn, my Shetland Island pony. 8-)
Your friend,


Dear Anna,
Using Apple slices for Fractions is a good idea. Glad
Fractions went better. Once my teacher let us make S'Morse as a visual aid for Fractions. Right now we're in Chapter 8 in English and we have to write our next paper soon. Our first paper was about an event that changed our lives, and I wrote about Dad's death.
The abscess in Cimmaron's hoof sealed over. He was feeling better, but now his hoof's hurting again. Will you please ask Pam if she'll ask her dad how an abscess can seal over if it's in a horse's hoof?
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce
S'Morse sound good. I will ask my tutor.

I asked Pam. She said she would ask her dad.

What is your next paper about?



Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum

Dear Joseph

My tutor looked up the saying. It means "Therefore he who desires peace, let him prepare for war."

Are you getting ready for a fight?

Maybe a Pony Pal Plan would work better.

Pony Pals,