Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.14 -- October 13-19, 2008 PAGE 4


Hello Lulu,
How are you?
I am on school holidays and I am having fun. I have been doing lots of stuff such as: Swimming in my friend's pool and surfing on my body board in the pool and it is so fun, and we made our own game like soccer.
So what have you been doing lately?
How's Snow White?
I better go!!!!!!!!!
See ya
no.1 fan in Australia

Dear Samantha

Your swimming game sounds fun! I like swimming too!

I played soccer before, you have to not touch the ball with your hands. Is that how your swimming game is?

We are getting ready for next week's Fall Festival. I bought some blue yarn that matches our vests, we are going to start braiding manes and tails on Friday night. Mrs. Crandal said we can keep our ponies in her barn overnight so they stay clean. Then we will take Pony Pal trail down to the park on Saturday morning to set up the pony ride.

Wish you were here, this past weekend we spent all day cleaning saddles and bridles and by the time we got done it was late and we almost didn't get to ride.

Snow White is great. She sometimes gets a little sore on her leg that got hurt in the wire. That only happens when it is cold. If I walk her or ride her she gets better.


Hey, Lulu! How's Snow White? I found an animation that looks like Snow White.

How's Anna and Acorn? How's your grandmother? How is your father? It's too bad you don't have a mother. My mom is nice most of the time. She has an angry breakdown when we do homeschooling. What are you thinking about dressing up in for Halloween? Have a good week! Summer

Dear Summer

Anna is good. She is really studying this year. Acorn misses long rides with her. We get to ride Wednesdays when Anna's tutor isn't there.

Grandma is great. Dad is good, he emailed me a picture of his new camp. It is really buggy, he said. He promises to take care until he comes visit at Christmas.

Next time your mom gets mad, give her a big hug. Even an angry mom is better than no mom. You can tell her I said that after you hug her. Maybe then she won't be angry.

I want to be an Indian Princess for Halloween. Grandma said she has a costume that is a real old Indian dress from when she was a young girl. She showed it to me and it is leather and has beads. It is really pretty. She promised to braid my hair into long braids with hair extensions.

What are you going to be for Halloween?


Dear Lulu,
My name is Leigh.
Please tell this e-mail to Pam and Anna.
I read all the Pony Pal books, and I really like your adventures.
I will e-mail Jeanne Betancourt about that.
I am horse crazy and I want a horse of my own.
How do you log in to that new game ?
From Your New Friend,

Dear Leigh
Thanks for writing. Our adventures were pretty fun and we like having more.
We are all pony crazy here! I told Pam to tell her mom and her mom put you on the testers list.
Welcome to Club Pony Pals!


Dear Lulu,
You're right it is hard having one parent. I still keep expecting Dad to walk through the door any second to let us know that he didn't really die. There's an old man in my neighborhood who looks like Dad. Same smile and everything. The first time I saw him I thought, "Yes Dad's still alive." Sadly it wasn't really Dad. :(
Thanks for giving your grandmother a hug for me. I'll give Mom a hug for you as soon as she's done talking to her sister. Glad Tommy's been busy. Maybe ya'll could ask him if he started the fire. Friends, Cayce


Dear Cayce
I miss my dad too. I wish your dad could email you like mine does me.

When I asked Tommy he called me a "pony pest" and said I should go out of the store if I didn't want to buy anything. So I did.

Hope you are good. Hug your mom for me. Twice.