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Letters to Pam

Rocky is fine. He has a website now. It's www.rockytheracehorseandfriends.weebly.com .
It only has a few things. The only horses on it are Ruffian and Barbaro. Rocky hopes he can get me to put more horses on it. Please feel free to go on it. Nobody really knows about it yet. Rocky doesn't know how to open latches yet. It won't be long before he figures it out. The arena (pasture) latch is covered in these little bugs. I call them Lolli's because when I was little I found one and called it lollipop(lolli for short). It's really gross to open the arena gate because the bugs get all over. Rocky and I got to ride. We jumped this little jump I made in my front yard. I haven't been trail riding though. I have to ride all by myself on the trail or riding at all. I get nervous riding on the trail because people tell me that there are bobcats up there. I wish the pony pals could come riding with me. I gave Rocky a hug for you. He said he liked it. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me.
Your Number 1 Fan,

Dear Gabby

Thanks for sending the link. Now hundreds of people will know about your website since you wrote about it to Club Pony Pals!

My mom really liked your site and asked can you please put a link to clubponypals.com under the picture of Rocky that Anna drew for you?

My dad was curious about the bugs. Can you take a picture or draw one so we can see what it looks like?
Its smart not to trail ride very far alone. That's why Lulu, Anna and I always ride together. Pony Pal Trail is only a mile and a half, from Anna's house to mine.

That's about the only trail we ride alone.

The jump in your front yard sounds great. Mom had me take some pictures of jumps we made in our yard, here's one.

I know how scary it can be riding. Last winter we saw coyotes right in town here. We were lucky they got trapped and taken to a park way north of here.
Lightning said thanks for the cookies. She liked the hug too.
Pony Pals.



Dear Pam,
Cimmaron's abscess is gooey now. I got an abscess in my left hip back in December 2000, and the abscess destroyed the cartilage in my left hip joint. Now I'm stuck with a metal hip joint. Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the info. As soon as Cimmaron's abscess is gone Dr. L will take a look at the leg Cimmaron's been favoring. If a horse has an abscess why can't vets just surgically remove the abscess?
How did you find Lightning?
Please answer my questions. Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce,

My mom said abscesses are not good for talking about over dinner, so my dad had to wait until we finished dessert.

While we ate I thought about your abscess and was sad to think you were sick. I'm glad you got better. Do you set off metal detectors if you go through one?

After dinner dad said we could talk about abscesses if I helped him do the dishes.

I dried while he washed. I think he washed extra carefully when he started to tell me about hoof abscesses.

He said they are caused by an infection in the foot. Hoof abscesses can be caused by a puncture, a stone bruise or just by a crack on the bottom of the foot.

White blood cells and bacteria cause fluid to build up inside the hoof. They make a pocket that pushes on the inside of the hoof and that's what makes a horse lame.

A vet tests to see where the hoof is sore, then cuts a little hole open at that spot with let the abscess drain. That little hole will let the bad stuff drip out of the horse's foot until it gets better. If the hole plugs up then the horse's foot gets sore again.

I told him you said why not make a bigger hole?

He said that is dangerous because then it takes too long for the foot to heal. After the hole opens, the horse's foot has to be bandaged until the hole heals up. If it was a big hole, that could take a long, long time.

I told him you wrote about soaking Cmmmaron's feet. He said some things that can help hoof abscesses are warm soaks in Epsom salts or sugardine (a paste of sugar and iodine) as a poultice. I didn't know this but Dad said that sugar is an antibacterial!

My mom bought Lightning for me from Echo Farm in New York. She won lots of ribbons there. Mr. O'Connor of that farm bought her and two other ponies from Ryan Kelly in Ireland. She flew to America in a plane.


Hello Pam,
How are you?
What have you been doing lately?
How's lighting?
Have you been out to Ridley farm lately?
i am on holiday's and i am pretty bored, but i have done some fun stuff like i have went fishing
and i caught two bream's and they were too small to take home so i had to chuck them back.
I better go
your no.1 Samantha
in australia

Dear Samantha

I'm good.

We are getting ready for next weekend's fall festival. We polished our saddles this weekend and cleaned all our bridles. Lulu went to Green Market and bought some periwinkle blue yarn so we can braid our ponies manes and tie them with little blue bows.

We all are going to wear matching blue jeans and our blue vests to offer pony rides. So we are getting all that ready.

The last time we rode out to Ridley farm was before school. We always look for that barn we found once but we couldn't find it the last time we were there. Maybe when the leaves are gone from all the trees we will be able to see it better.

How come you are on holiday? For us school just started. We get Monday off for Columbus day, then our next holiday is Thanksgiving at the end of November. What holiday are you on?

I went fishing with my dad last year at lake Appamog. We caught some bluegills and sunfish, they are kind of like bream. Were you fishing in the ocean? The internet said that Australian bream can be almost four pounds! That's big! How big were the ones you caught?

Let me know.


Hey, Pam! How are you doing? How's Lightning. I found a good animation that look's like Lightning.

Though, I was thinking you and your "Pony Pals," would like to create your own animations.
How's Fat Cat? How's Jack And Jill? How's Splash and Daisy? How's Woolie? How is Jezebelle and No Tail? What are you thinking about dressing up in for Halloween? I want to dress up in something horsey! Hope you have A happy week!

Dear Summer

I liked your drawing. It does look kind of like Lightning. Anna does most of the drawing for the Pony Pals. I like to write better than to draw.

All the cats, dogs and horses are fine. Splash and Daisy are busy getting ready for the Festival, mom said that they can come be part of the pony ride too so Snow White, Acorn and Lightning don't get too tired. So we had to wash their bridles and saddles, too.

I want to dress up as Cleopatra on Halloween. My mom said I can wear one of her sparkly dresses, I have matching sandals and a special hairband. Cleopatra rode horses! She ruled all of Egypt when she was only 18!

This week was fun at school. I did a paper about Cleopatra for my teacher and she really liked it.

What are you studying?



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