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Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
Cimmaron has an abscess in his left front hoof. He's gotten an abscess before. Luckily the abscess is draining and Aunt Loretta ordered a hoof wrap so we don't have to use Duct Tape any more. We've been soaking Cimmaron's hoof in a bucket of water with Epsom Salt. We ran out of Epsom Salt last week and Grandmama had to run out to the store to get some more. As soon as Cimmaron's abscess is gone our back up vet Dr. L. is going to check Cimmaron's left hind leg. Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the info. Have fun at The Fall Festival.
Sincerely, Cayce
PS I don't know how to take a horse's temperature. Only Mom knows how to take a horses temperature.

Dear Cayce

Bleah. Hoof abcesses are no fun for you or the horse. Some horses just get them, though and usually they will heal up just fine.

One time JB got one and my mom soaked his foot in Epsom salts too. It was funny because first JB didn't want to put his hoof into the bucket, then soaking it made it feel so much better he didn't want to take it out!

About taking a horse's temperature, my dad said it is not hard. He said young horses sometimes don't like it, but most don't care. This is a job for a grown up.

He likes digital thermometers because they beep when they are done. Mostly it takes less than a minute. Normal horse body temperature is 99 - 101 Farenheight or 37.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius. Ponies sometimes are warmer than horses.

Hope Cimmaron feels better really soon.



hi Pam ! I love Lightning!!! How is she doing? I love reading the pony pals books. My mom just ordered some new ones for me.
please give lightning a kiss for me!
Your friend,

Dear Delaney

Lightning is good. I went out to check on her just after I got your letter and gave her the apple core from an apple I just ate. She really likes apples! If Lightning eats too many apples she gets a stomachache. My dad said one apple core won't make her sick.

I kissed her for you, too.

Glad to hear you like to read. I like to read, too. It's like taking a vacation without leaving home. 8-)

One part of reading I really really like is letters like yours.

Jeanne Betancourt writes to us sometimes, too. We always like to get her letters.

How's Blondie?

Pony Pals,


Hey Pam,
Rocky has a new addition to his stall. Actually it's not new, it's been there since my moms old horse. We didn't open it until last week so it's new to Rocky. It's a small paddock with a door to his stall. It's small but it will be fine until we build the real thing. How's Lightning? Rocky's good. He doesn't cough as much now that he can go outside whenever he wants. Oh Yeah, Rocky got loose the other day. I guess I forgot to close his stall door and he got out. Luckily he went by my porch to eat grass. I didn't even catch him. When he saw me he ran all the way back to the barn. I haven't been able to lounge Rocky (or ride him) because it's been raining a lot where I live. If it's nice we might go trail riding this week. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me ok.
Your Number 1 Fan,

Dear Gabby

How is racehorse Rocky doing? I hope it stopped raining long enough for you to go for a ride. I am glad to hear he is not coughing so much.

One time when last summer I was busy talking to Anna and Lulu when it was really hot. I forgot to chain the latch on the paddock gate. Acorn knows how to open latches. He opened it. Then Acorn walked out and Snow White and Lightning followed him! They all trotted down to Badd Brook.

Anna saw they were gone. Lulu looked at their tracks and we grabbed halters and some apples and went after them down Pony Pal trail.

When we got down there all three ponies were standing in the brook, splashing.

I whispered that I thought they were cute cooling off how were we going to catch them?

Anna whispered that the ponies would run down the trail towards home if we moved too fast.

Lulu whispered that I should cross the brook and block Pony Pal trail because I was biggest.

I took an extra lead rope and S-L-O-W-L-Y walked way around our ponies and snuck up to where I was on the other side of the brook blocking the trail.

Then Anna and Lulu carefully walked toward our ponies holding out apple pieces. Lightning came over first and got an apple piece and Lulu put on her halter. Snow White was jealous and came over next, and Acorn followed.

Pretty soon we had three wet ponies on lead ropes. We were wet, too. It felt good because it was so hot, we all laughed about it afterwards.

So don't feel bad about Rocky getting out. It happens to everybody. Glad to hear it was ok.

Does Rocky know how to open gates that are closed?

Hug Rocky for me. Write back again.




Dear Pam,Hi!! I really want a horse or pony and willing to take care of it but i don't have enough room in my yard.(also my dog is mean and probably bite her or him anyway) so how much is boarding usually? p.s. what horse should i consider getting?
from Maggie E

Dear Maggie

Every place is different about how much keeping a pony costs. Some places where there is lots of land and the grass is green all the time, it does not cost so much.
Here in the North East we have to feed hay in winter and so it costs more. If your horse needs a veterinarian like my dad that can be very expensive, depending on what is wrong.

My mom tells me that's why she is making this game. It will be free to have a pony and go on adventures. It's not exactly the same, but it's close.

To find out how much it costs where you are you can call some stables and ask. Or you can find out if there is a local pony club. Try looking at

Maybe there is one near you. There would be lots of kids there to meet and learn more about keeping a pony where you are.

Your pony-loving friend,




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