Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No.13 -- October 6-12, 2008 PAGE 3



Dear Anna,
Acorn's not only cute, but he's funny. Annie loves rolling in the dirt and she loves treats. We give Annie Apple Flavored Treats. The best part is the treats are healthy. Glad Math went better. Good luck with learning adding fractions. Friends,

Dear Cayce

Fractions did better.

I studied with apple pieces. My tutor cut up some apples. When I could see the pieces I could see how adding fractions works. Like if you cut an apple into six pieces, two pieces are the same as one third. Three pieces are the same as half.

It kind of works the same for eight pieces, except two pieces are one quarter. Four pieces are one half.

Once we practiced with the apple pieces for a while I got it right. I even could add eighths and sixths!

After my tutor left I shared the apple pieces with Acorn and Snow White. They think I should study fractions more. Specially fractions using apples.

What are you studying now?


hi anna!
How is lulu doing in Africa? is roaslie riding acorn lots? i think you should let her ride acorn on trail rides. write back soon!
from Maggie E

Dear Maggie

Lulu went to Africa a while ago. She came back. She lives in Wiggins now. Her dad lives in Africa. Lulu says he is coming home for Christmas.

Rosalie always wants to ride Acorn. Sometimes she rides Mimi's pony, Tongo. Rosalie really wants her own pony.

It is hard to bring Rosalie and Mimi on trail rides. Once we did that but they got lost. And Mimi can't always make Tongo do what she wants. It ends up like we are babysitters. Without being paid. 8-P