Pony News, Views and Attitudes --Vol.2 No.12 -- September 29-October 4, 2008 PAGE 3



Hey Anna,
Yes My whole class was up on stage fighting for the concert, But not at each other. No i don't take lesson's for Kung Fu our teacher showed us. What have you been doing?
bye bye

Dear Samantha

A whole class doing Kung Fu? You are lucky to have a teacher like that. I am glad you were not fighting each other.

We are getting ready for Fall Festival. I gave Rosalie a practice ride on Acorn. She wants to bring Tongo. And give rides. I think Rosalie's not big enough to help. What do you think?



Dear Anna,
Oh. Aw cute little Acorn. Sorry your glasses didn't help with Math this week.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce

Acorn is cute. Except when he rolls in the mud. I rode him over to Crandals. We put him out in a paddock. He was with Lightining and Snow White. He rolled and rolled. In a big mud puddle. We had to scrape him. Then we dried him off. With towels. He is furry because it is fall. Acorn made three towels wet.

Then we brushed him until he was clean again. Then I rode home. He was dry by the time we got there.

Then he wanted treats. I gave him two handfuls of oats because he looked at me so cute.

Math was OK this week. We are studying adding fractions.

Pony Pen Pals,


dear anna,
hi! i really like you and your ponys and when that movie star bette wanted him its a good thing you didint give in. give acorn a ride and a kiss for me please :) :)
from maggi in Canada

Dear Maggi

I like your name spelling.

Acorn is too special. Bette is a movie star. She works so she is too busy to care for a pony every day.

I feed Acorn twice a day. That makes him really happy when he sees me. I am glad to see him too. It is so much fun I don't care about cleaning up after him.

Acorn and I rode three times this week. It was a long ride on Saturday. We are practicing for Fall Festival pony rides.

Last night I gave him a big kiss on his nose. I told him it was from you. He sniffed at me and I think he liked it. Or maybe he was hungry.

Got to go study. Tell me about Canada.


I like ponys just like you do I just finished

Dear Taylor

What did you finish? Maybe homework for school?

Let me know.


PS I like ponies the best. They make me really happy. Every day. Even when they roll in mud.