Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol.2 No 12-- September 29-October 4, 2008 PAGE 4



Hey Lulu,
No we didn't pick the strawberrys from a tree we picked them from a plastic stand.
We didn't need a ladder.
The strawberries were very expensive but they taste yummy.
how's Snow White?

Dear Samantha

After you wrote I looked up strawberries around here on the internet. There are a bunch of U-pick farms. My grandmother said next year we can go to one.

The internet said strawberries are only during June and July. That is the middle of summer.

Is it summer where you are? Or were the strawberries inside?

I am glad they were yummy.

Snow White is good.

Anna and I rode over to Pam's and while we were inside cleaning saddles Acorn rolled in the mud.
When we came out and saw he was all muddy Snow White snorted like to say "I didn't do that!" Then she trotted away.

We all laughed and helped to dry Acorn off.
It was fun.

Tell me about Australia.
Your Pony Pal,


Dear Lulu,
I was wondering
Which horse is your favorite horse and also
What are some of the best horses behavior and
Are there any type of horse that is a Black Stallion
What is your favorite type of horse and
Is there any Black Stallion horse in the Pony Pals Farm?
Love Asha [reader]

Dear Asha

My favorite horse is Snow White. She is a Connemara pony.

Mrs. Crandal gives us lessons. She says the best horse behavior is when a horse is "soft." That means when you ask the horse gives you want you want without pushing back. Snow White is almost always soft and does what I want.

Any black male horse is a black stallion when it is born. There are no black stallions around here that I know of.

My favorite type of horse is a Connemara pony like Snow White.

My second favorite type of horse is a Welsh pony like Ginger, who I rode in England.

My third favorite is a Shetland pony like Acorn.

What is your favorite kind of horse?

Your friend,


Hey Lulu,
This is Hannah again,
Thanx for replying, yum, Stewed Mince sounds yum! And the way you describe it, it sounds even more delicious! Did you like it?
Well, better go,
bye Lulu!
Hannah xx
p.s I hope you and Snow White are well, :)

Dear Hannah

Stewed mince was ok. It was kind of like sloppy joe without tomatoes. Anna liked it because she knew what it was and her mom always makes it.

I thought about my dad eating rat in the bush. So I tried it. It was pretty good. Then I added some ketchup it was really good.

I liked the deep dish apple pie with Vermont cheddar cheese better, though.


Your friend,


Dear Lulu,
Australia sounds beautiful. I've only seen Australia in movies and on TV. I hope your dad has a safe trip to and from Australia. Hope there are no more fires in Wiggins this year. Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce

Pam, Anna and I all think it was Tommy Rand. He was kind of bragging about how there were so many fires. Then when the police said they had questioned someone suddenly the fires stopped and Tommy quit talking about fires.

There haven't been any fires. Tommy is working bagging groceries at the Green Market this fall and he is not riding around on his bike as much. He said he is going to go visit his dad when he saves enough money.

My dad wrote he saw a shark and some slugs in Australia, he sent us pictures and they were really good. He said maybe he can be back in Wiggins for Christmas this year. I hope so.
Your friend,


You are my favorite character. We live on twenty acres near Mt. Hood. We do not have any ponies or horses yet, but we have 3 dogs, 3 cats, ll chickens and l rooster. I have my own pet rabbit and his name is Pepper Pooper. I enjoy the books very much, and my favorite is the first book. In a month I have read four books. I am 10 years old. Sincerely Rebekah

Dear Rebekah

Twenty acres sounds really big. I think it must be fun to live at your farm.

Pepper Pooper sounds funny. What color is he? Is he a kind of rabbit?

I want grandma to get chickens but she says that she doesn't have time to take care of them.

There are lots of chickens at Nelson's Farm and they are so cute.

What are your dogs and cats names? Do you name your chickens?

I am glad you like Jeanne's books. It is kind of fun to have somebody write about you.

Which books did you read?

Thanks for writing.

Your Pony Pal,


Hi Lulu,
Can you draw me a pictrue?
How is Snow White?
Rema is mean to me to.
Your pony pal

Dear Hope

After my dad bought Snow White from the Baxters Pam and Anna and I all talked about Rema. The Pony Pals decided Rema was more interested in stuff than she was in her pony. She was trying to get as much money as possible.

We also kind of think that she wasn't very happy at her boarding school. When I was at school I knew it was because I couldn't live with my Dad where he was working. My dad made sure where I went to school I could ride and be outdoors. And he wrote me lots of letters.

Then we looked up Rema's school on the internet. It is not like that. The website used a lot of fancy words like "deportment" and "social skills" and "self esteem."

We all laughed and decided that school was teaching Rema how to be a snob.

So I was glad to get Snow White. That's what is really important.