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Letters to Pam

Hello Pam,
Yes that information was good about the crab walking. Thanks
What have you been doing.
Would you be able to send me a picture of you on lighting jumping if you have one.
Your NO.1 fan

Dear Samantha

Hope your crab walking pony is ok. Give him a hug for me.

School has started and we are getting ready for the Fall Festival. That's going to be October 18 and 19 and it is always busy when that happens. The Wiggins Volunteer Fire Department uses it to raise money.

Lulu, Anna and I always hold a pony ride to help. We lead kids around on our ponies. The money that they pay to ride we give to the Fire Department.

So we are getting ready. We all cleaned our saddles this weekend and we will clean them again before the Festival. We wear our matching vests and put blue yarn in our ponies manes.

Last year one little girl got $20 from her dad and all she did was line back up over and over. She liked Acorn best but I think Lightning was her second favorite. She was so sad at the end of the day when the fair was over. I think she wants her own pony.

My mom reminded me there is a picture of me jumping Lighting on one of the books. The book is called "Winning Pony." Here's the picture.

It's not my favorite picture but it shows us jumping.

What have you been doing?

Pony Pals


Dear Pam,
Cimmaron's been favoring his left hind leg. He's been favoring it ever since the farrier trimmed his feet. This has happend before, and we gave him some Bute. I'm not sure if the Bute is working. It's gotten to where he's refusing to go into his stall. His leg shook a little bit when he turned around last week. He did make a little bit of progress last night when he came out of Annie's stall. Annie wasn't to happy when Cimmaron went into his stall. Could you please ask your dad what's wrong with Cimmaron? When the vet comes out next month to do Cimmaron's blood work we'll have him check his leg. Please answer my question. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail.
Friends, Cayce
PS Cimmaron's not off his feed. Even though Cimmaron's not my horse I'm worried about him. I love him.

Dear Cayce

I am so sorry to hear about Cimmarron's leg. The first thing my dad does is make sure he doesn't have a temperature. Maybe your mom can help you take his temperature.

Horses temperature is usually between 99 and 101. If the temperature is above 101 degrees Fahrenheit then he may have an infection. If his temperature is normal and the foot is not warmer than the leg that is not sore, he may have an injury.

If it is his hind leg and it happened after he was trimmed, it could be his foot is tender. Or maybe one of his joints got sore from having to hold his leg up for the shoer.

It is a good idea to have your vet look at his leg when he is tested for Cushings. My dad said to know what is wrong with a lame horse a vet has to look at it in person.

Hope this helps,



Rocky's paddock is in the making. I asked my mom why she doesn't talk about her old horse. She said she doesn't remember him. I will always remember Rocky. Rocky doesn't like the lounge line. He just want to run. He reminds me of Barbaro. He won the Kentucky Derby. If your wondering, Barbaro broke his leg in the Preakness. He fought for eight months but had to be put down when his condition worstened.I hope nothing like that happens to Rocky. Give lightning a hug and a cookie for me.

Dear Gabrielle

Glad to hear Rocky is getting his own paddock.

When you really love a horse and it dies sometimes it makes you really sad to talk about it.

Your letter saying Rocky doesn't like the lounge line made my mom laugh. She said that it's not about what the pony likes, it's about the pony doing what you like. The lounge line is one way to tell a pony that you are the boss without hurting it.

Barbaro was a really nice horse. His breaking his leg was very sad. It's really sad that happens to lots of racehorses, not even just famous ones.

I will hug Lighting and give her a two Mrs. Pastures cookies for you. I know that will make her very happy.

Thanks for writing,

Your friend,



it is cool how you tame a wild horse Taylor

Dear Taylor

The Picture It story about me taming a wild horse made me laugh. My mom sometimes works with horses that are not broken, but High-Eye seems like he might be pretty hard to tame. I'm going to have to look and read what happened this week…

Write back again,




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