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Vol. 1 Number 42 May 5 -11, 2008

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NB Elementary School


 Nick, Garland, Sadie, Meredith, Sunshine, Brandy with Mrs. S

Where in the World are Pony Pals?

We canÕt tell people exactly where  we live, but it would be fun to have an idea of how to find each other on the map.  LetÕs write a riddle to solve, to figure out where we live and go to school.  We can add another clue each week.  Our teachers can help us learn to be better thinkers and problem-solvers.

WeÕre taking time to fiddle

With writing this fun riddle

If you look east to west,

We donÕt live in the middle.


Try going to worldatlas.com

It knows almost as much as your mom.

We live about 300  miles south

Of a president named Tom.


Our days are sunny and warm

Unless we have a terrible storm.

Long and skinny would describe

The way our state makes its form.


Read the Pony Pals newsletter

Our clues will be getting better

Help us have fun by following clues

So we train each brain to be go-getters!

     Email your answer to



What do other schools' schedules look like?

NB Elementary School Schedule

5th grade science test


16 & 19

3rd-5th grade

Reading & math

End of Grade tests



Memorial Day

No school

May 26

Field Day

Grades K – 2

May 30

Pony Pals

Barn Party

May 30

Talent Show

June 3

Field Day

Grades 3 - 5

June 4

Beach Day

Whole school

June 5

Awards Day

Last day of school

June 6

First student day of school


Aug. 25



Picture It!

Which Comes First?  The Picture Or The Story?

It depends on whether youÕre reading a book or writing a story.

When youÕre reading a book, you need to make pictures in your mind about what youÕre reading.  If you make pictures in your mind while you read, the story is more fun.  We want to see what youÕre seeing when youÕre reading Pony Pal books. 

If you have pictures, you can write a caption or a story to go with the pictures.  We want to see what kind of story you can write to go along with the picture weÕve included here.

Art idea:

á    Draw a picture of your favorite part of a Pony Pal story.

á    Write a caption telling about the picture

á    Be sure to say which book the picture is from

á    Have your teacher scan it

á    Email it to WebMaster@clubponypals.com

á    If you canÕt scan your picture, mail it to:  

              Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
  Canyon Country, CA 91387 


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