February Story Contest

Horse Crazy

Horse days

By Chelsea2 & Frosty

Age 11


Chapter 1


People:                     Horses

                              Frosty (30 year old Welsh Mare)

Chelsea                  Shooter  (3 year old QH Gelding)

Pam                       Lighting

Lulu                       Snow White

Anna                      Acorn

Jane C.                  JB

Madeline                Rosie (3 year old QH Mare)

Jordyn                   Twilight (3 year old QH gelding)


Chelsea walks out of the school with Madeline and Jordyn at her sides.

“…. Are you going to come riding today, Jordyn?” Asked Madeline.

“Not Today, to many stuff to do at home. Sorry, But can you take care of Twilight?” asked Jordyn.

“Sure! One more horse to feed… Not to bad!” Said Chelsea

“Bye!” said Jordyn as she walked to her Mom’s car and got in.

“Looks like it’s just is for today’s ride!” said Madeline.

“Hey! Don’t forget that we are going to ask Pam, Lulu, and Anna!” Said Chelsea is she lightly pushed Madeline.

“Hey! Not to hard!” said Madeline as she walked up the steps of the School bus.

“Wait up!” said Chelsea as she looked over her shoulder at a boy she liked that was looking at her at that moment, then Chelsea climbed up the steps and sat beside Madeline and pulled out a book at and they read it together.




Madeline walked down the steps of the school bus with Chelsea hot on her heels. Chelsea only looked over her shoulder as she ran away to the barn with this time Madeline hot on her heels.

“I wish Jordyn was here!” said Chelsea as she put some grain in Twilight’s stall.

“Did some one say my name?” asked Jordyn as she walked in the barn.

“Done with your stuff?” asked Madeline.

“Yea, will not really, but how could I give up riding?” asked Jordyn as she walked over to Twilight, “I mean look at her!”

“Just like this! I’m to busy!” said Mrs. C. as she walked past.

“Hi, Bye! Mrs. C!” said Chelsea after Mrs. C

“Will hurry up!” said Pam as Lulu, Anna, and her walked out there horses from their stall.

“K!” said Jordyn, Madeline, and Chelsea.

When they all where saddled and bridled they walked out side and mounted.

“Are we all ready?” asked Jordyn

“I’d say so!” said Lulu

“Me too!” said Anna.

“Where should we go?” asked Pam.

“ To town and back?” said Lulu, “So I can go back home-“

“ Yea me too!” chimed in Anna.

And then all started to trot. But Chelsea stopped them.

“Scout is missing! And I have to mail this Letter!” said Chelsea

“Can we do the CC?” asked Madeline, “I think I get the jump down, thanks to Chelsea.”

“Thinks!” said Chelsea as she lightly pushed Madeline again.

“Can I ride too?” asked a girl that just rode up.

“Sure, but what is your name? What barn do you keep your horse? What is your horse’s name? What breed? What age? What gander? I’m Chel-“ started Chelsea

“I’m Pam! My Mom owns this barn!” said Pam

“I’m lulu! That is Anna, then Jordyn, and Madeline on the other side of Chelsea.” Said Lulu.

“Cool! My name is Emily! My horses name is Sky.” Said the new girl

“Guys! Are we going to ride? Or Not?!?” said Chelsea as she cantered off on the CC trail.

“Lets go!” said Madeline as she followed Chelsea with the others following her.


~*Off the trail*~


“Ok!” said Chelsea as she dismounted, “Bye Lulu, Anna.” And walked to the post office, mailed the letter and found scout by the tack shop.

“Oh! Yelled Madeline, “I’m going to buy a new saddle!”

“Oh yea! I can too!” said Chelsea

“ Ok that is so weird! I can too!” said Jordyn, “what about you Pam?”

“Nope…. I got one yesterday.” Said Pam, “ I think I’m going to go, Mom needs me at the barn. Bye!”

“Bye!” Emily said

“Ok!” said Chelsea

“I’m going to go too, I live on the other side of town, I was just looking around, Bye!” said Emily.

“Bye!” said Chelsea, Jordyn, and Madeline

“Now lets get those saddles!” said Jordyn

And they walked in to the tack shop. Stopped and looked around.

“What part first?” asked Madeline

“Will I would go to the saddle part first, then bridle, and last other stuff!” said Chelsea

And they all walked over to the saddles and someone came to help them.

“How can we help you?” asked the guy.

“We are looking for some new tack.” Said Jordyn.

“What kind? We have English AND Western!” said the guy again, “By the way, my name is Ron, what are yours?”

“Mine is Chelsea, and this is Madeline and Jordayn!” Chelsea said, I’m looking for a Western AND English saddle!”

“Ok! I’ll take you to the saddles!” Said Ron and walked to a part of the shop, “Here we are! Black western, brown Western, Brown with silver western, black English, Brown English….”

“Thanks!” said Madeline

Chelsea got the Brown with silver western, Madeline got the same, and Jordyn got the same too.

“K!” said Chelsea

And they walked over to the other stuff, they all picked up a bridle and Chelsea got a pink halter and pink fly stuff for Frosty, and lime green stuff for Shooter, Madeline got red for Rosie, and Jordyn got Blue for Twilight.

“Chel, do you have you cell?” asked a loaded Madeline, holding her and Chelsea’s saddles.

“Yea! Right here!” Chelsea said and pulled out a pink Cell and called Mrs. C, “… Ok! Thanks! Bye!” and put her Cell phone back in her saddlebag.

“And?” asked Jordyn.

“Mrs. C. is coming!” said Chelsea as a truck and trailer pulled up and Mrs. C stepped out.

“Go a head and load up the horses and but the tack in the truck!” said Mrs. C and helped the girls load up the horses and drove to the barn.


~*At the barn*~


All the girls put the tack away and got on a bus that will take them home. And at the first stop is Chelsea’s house, she climbed off and walked to her house with her book bag on and opened the door.


~*The next morning*~


Chelsea ran up the steps of the bus to a load full of kids, no set was open but a set with the boy she liked, so she sat there and looked out the window waiting for the trip to the Barn to start. When the bus finally stopped Chelsea was the first off the bus with Madeline and Jordyn at her sides. Then the stopped all of the sudden. Some one was building a barn across the road!

“Hi girls! So glad you could talk your teacher in to coming here!” said Mrs. C

“Say thanks to Chel, she did it!” said Madeline

“Oh…” Said Chelsea as she looked down at the ground, “Will can we show the class our horses?”

“Sure! That was part of the trip!” said Mrs. C

“Thanks!” said a beaming Chelsea

And Mrs. C lead the class around the barn with Jordyn, Madeline, and Chelsea at the lead.

“… And that is Shooter, Chelsea’s horse, Right beside it is Rosie, Madeline’s horse, and Twilight, Jordyn’s horse!” said Mrs. C

“And on the other side is JB, Mrs. C’s horse, Then Dream, a girls horse, then Acorn, Pam’s horse, Mrs.C’s kid’s horse!” said Chelsea


~*At school again*~



“Please have a nice day!” yelled there teacher as the all ran out of the room in to the hallway with there book bags flying out behind them, with Chelsea, Jordyn, and Madeline in the lead.

“SUMMER!!” Yelled Chelsea as she flies up the steps of the bus.

“Wow! This day came!” said Jordyn.

“ I know! All day with Rosie!” said Madeline.