January Story Contest

Brenna and Pepper: Part 3 part 2 part 1
By: Shinabella
Age: 11

Chapter 4
Surprise! (part b)

Jenn held the limping girls hand tightly and was trying not to speak as she helped Brenna down from the truck. “Brenna, After this check up we will know for sure.”

After the Check up.....

“KAYLA I CAN RIDE AGAIN!” Brenna screamed into the phone. Both girls shouted with joy.
“I will be there as soon as I can!” Kayla quickly got up off the sofa she was sitting on and ran out the door. Yes, Kayla ran 20 minutes to get to Brenna. She finally arrived and her parents grabbed Kayla into the bushes.
“GAH!” They smiled and pulled her to the garage.
“Kayla,would you be willing to go to a horse sale with us and Brenna?” Kayla  jumped up and down. “Yes Yes YES!” She started to run but the two held her back.
“You cant tell Brenna. Its a secret.” Kayla nodded her head and they walked back to the house in silence.
“Kayla!” Brenna shot up out of her seat and limped a little jog to Kayla.
Kayla hugged Brenna tight and they both laughed. But in Brenna's mind she was running. Running like the wind next to Pepper. Pepper had passed a few weeks back and about 2 weeks later Brenna became paralyzed.
“Lets go up to my room!” Brenna grabbed Kayla by the arm and almost started dragging her. But her mom grabbed her arm.
“Doctors appointment.” She said. Brenna looked confused! “I thought I was done for another month!” She wined.
“Er.. Extra appointment..” Brenna rolled her eyes and followed her parents out to the car.
“Why are we going this way?” Brenna asked her Dad.
“I don't know.” He turned into a driveway and stopped the truck.
“This is Mr. Mac's farm.” She told her parents.
“Yes we know, We just need to talk to him for a second.” Her parents quickly helped  Brenna out of the car.
“Kayla, Lets go see the horses!” Brenna and Kayla ran over to the far paddock. Brenna, still not being over to fully run, jogged next to Kayla.
“Girls the fence is on!” Mr. Mac called out. Kayla jerked Brenna back by the arm.
“Sorry, Didn't mean to scare you.” Mr. Mac smiled and waved to her parents. They waved back and came over.
“Girls, Follow Mr. Mac. He has something to show you!” Brenna's Mom said.
“But Mom what about the Doctor?” She asked, Confused once again.
“I lied.” Her Mom giggled and shoved Kayla and Brenna towards the barn.

Chapter 5
Dancing In The Wind

Brenna and Kayla walked into the foggy barn with Mr. Mac. He showed them the horses that he just bought, But on in particular caught Brenna's eye.
“Whats the foals name?” She asked. She smiled at the newborn filly that was shining in gray. It had darker spots on the rump, And shining black eyes.
“Doesn't have one yet.” He said. Brenna and Kayla exchanged smiles.
“Can we name her?” They both asked. “I guess so.” The man said.
“Wind Dancer!” The girls said.
“Wind Dancer. I like that!” He went over to a little machine and started cutting a piece of wood.
“Ah here we go.” He grabbed some gold paint and started spreading it on the top of the wood.
“Here it is!” He grabbed a shade of gray and started painting a name.
“Ahah! And its finished!” He held up a beautiful nameplate with the name “Wind Dancer” on it.
“How do you girls like it?” he asked them. With mouths wide open the two girls looked at each other.
“We love it!” they said.
They head a thump. Then a bang. Then a whinny! The 3 ran to the stall and saw that Wind Dancer was trying to stand up. About 5 minutes passed and the gleaming foal stood up!
“Wind Dancer, Good job!” Kayla yelped. As Brenna left the barn, She heard her parents talking to the farmer.
“Yes we will take the foal.” A huge grin crept to her face, and she ran and jumped into her parents arms.
“You overheard didn't you!” The farmer and her parents laughed and Kayla came out.
“You told her?” She asked.
“She found out!” Then they all started laughing.
“Remember, You have to train her. Each week you get paid if you train her a specific trick, Like using the brushes, going to her stall, Picking up her lead rope or halter, etc. BUT, If you do not train her properly, she will be coming back to Mr. Macs farm. You understand?” Her Dad told her.
“I understand!!” Brenna smiled but it soon faded.

What do you thing Brenna is remembering? Find out in the next part next month!!!