September 2009 Poem Contest

Born To The Wind
by Breanna55555 & Annie age 10

Upon the open valley,
there they stand proud and tall,
watching our every move,
majestic and amazing,
one look and magic,
will run though your body,
forever they stand,
forever they live,
born free and too live free,
we all must understand,
I stand with them,
proud as the wind hits my back,
when I am on there back,
we gallop along the,
country side and through forests,
together we are one,
to live free forever,
to ride the winds back,
is what it is like to ride them,
we will always be one ,
our souls connect,
we are in each other's hearts,
they live and breathe,
they give magic in the wind,
they whisper into the wind,
you are lucky to listen,
they are majestic and beautiful,
forever they are free,
born to wind to run,
with the eagles,
and gallop across the sky,
because they are not,
people, nor horse or pony,
because they are Unicorns,
from the silken white mane,
to there silvery hooves,
born to the wind,
forever free,
our hearts are linked together,
they always visit me in my dreams,
and may visit you,
I will always listen,
to the wind to hear there,
soft whisper,
forever free,
born to the wind they are Unicorns.