September 2009 Poem Contest

A Dying Breed 
by Esrellene & Eloquence age 12

At one time we galloped across the land
Manes flying in the wind, we ran
We had liberty; our necks carried no brand
But this was all lost because of man
A great beast came to our lands one day
The herd galloped blindly in fright
It had come to scare us, to chase us away
Capturing us just couldn’t be right
Our hoof beats pounded in our ears
As down the crushing chute we flew
Nothing at all could help calm our fears
Freedom was gone, the whole herd knew
We all stood together inside the corral
Our heads hanging; spirits miserably low
The conditions did nothing to raise our morale
As the days dragged by so slow
We will never gallop over the plains again
We don’t know how long we shall stay
Our lands are lost now; great is the pain
How can they take our freedom away?