September 2009 Poem Contest

A Day At The Barn
By Keely & Bicentianel age 13

As I entered in,
The cat sprawled out,
In catlike fashion,
His body lithe,
From catching mice,
As he rolled in the dust.
I heard a neigh,
Not so far away.
I heard an answer,
What it was I do not know.
Then ‘twas time to groom,
We groomed quickly,
We soon where covered with hair,
I wonder why,
Horses shed so much hair?
We then saddled up,
Splint boots too,
Grabbed our helmets,
Bridle your horses,
Was the command,
We followed the command,
We then took the horses to the mounting block,
And mounted up,
What wonder,
What joy!
To be on a horse!
We then did a posting walk,
Don’t ask me why,
Warm-up I believe,
We then had to two-point,
My toes tingled,
My thighs and calves,
Tightened into hard muscle.
We then where told to trot,
Gladly we did,
My horse broke out of a trot,
And loped.
(Or should I say canter?)
We then where told to jump,
Utter mayhem ensued,
We nearly ran into some horses back there!
My instructor said,
“It is for communication skills”
I did what she asked,
I shout out where I was going,
Loud and strong!
We then cooled down the horses,
Got off.
And untacked them,
We gave them a quick grooming,
Casper stepped on my foot,
“Ow” I cried!
Give me back my foot!
We then put them to pasture.
And we all left,
Left for home.