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Volume 9 Issue 15
October 11 - 17, 2015

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The Rules:

1. The drawing must include a horse.
2. You do not need to be a part of a club to enter this contest.
3. The drawing can be color or black and white.
4. Send entries to
Winner in each category gets 1000 Wbucks, runner up gets 500.

That's about it. All entries will be published in the Pony Pals Magazine.If we get enough entries, we will have both a black and white and a color category, so enter twice for two chances to win.



drawing by Artsyhorse won last month, is this month's coloring contest. Click the horse to color this drawing

Winners will be announced in the Wiggins Weekly. All art will be published in Pony Pals Magazine.

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Write an Article for the Pony Pals Magazine

Our Pony Pals Magazine features members' stories. Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Articles must be at least 500 words long.

Enter the story and poem contest here

We also want cartoons, book reviews, letters and photos. If a kids face is shown in the photos, we must have a written note from their parent saying it is OK. As always, the cover photo earns 3000 Wbucks and a pink English saddle. Get yours in now! Email photos and cartoons to contests@clubponypals.com

To get an idea of what kind of material we want, read Pony Pals magazine


Winner receives 3000 WBucks
and Gold Quill Trophy
Story Contest
Runners up receive 500 WB
and the Silver Quill Trophy
Story Contest

All entries get a
Green quill writer award

writer award


Winners will be announced in the Wiggins Weekly. All art will be published in Pony Pals Magazine.

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Newest Clubs and Roleplays

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Begin a Club

Pay the Club Fee
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Maintain your Club

After you buy Wiggins bucks, W-mail Jane Crandal with the club name, club description and what you want the plaque to look like. You must have a 500 Wbucks, a cabin and a paid board bill to make a club.

New club thread and a custom plaque on Clubs page and also sold in Kline's.

Clubs with no activity for two weeks will be deleted. If you find an inactive club, post
I found an inactive club
as a message in that club to earn 20 Wbucks. Reporting an active club as inactive will delete 20 Wbucks from your account. Club founders who create a club, then close their CPP accounts may find their clubs will be deleted.


Mini Games Earn Wiggins Bucks -- high scores for the week of
October 4 - 10, 2015
Highest scoring player for Scavenger Hunt or Pony Pal Derby each week gets 1000 Wbucks.
300 Wbucks goes to each of the next nine highest scores.

NOTE : Any member who wins the math scores sweep (high score in any week on addition, subtraction and multiplication) gets a math trophy and a special mention in this newsletter!
Those members become ineligible for math high score awards from that date on.

   Scavenger Hunt 
Reagan Ross
Reagan Ross

Math High Scores
Earn the Most Wiggins Bucks!
Subtraction Action and Multiplication Station games in Pams Game Loft will let you earn 200 Wbucks every day for playing either of those games. Add Like Mad, the addition game pays 100 Wiggins bucks for daily play. Weekly winners for Subtraction Action and Multiplication Station get get double awards, 600 Wbucks for the top ten players, 2000 Wbucks for the highest score. Add like Mad pays 1000 Wbucks for the highest weekly score, 300 for the next nine high scores each week.
If there is a math scores sweep where one player has the highest score for all math games in a week, that member gets 3000 Wbucks, gets a rare math sweep tropy and becomes ineligible to earn Wbucks in the math games in the future.

Reagan Ross
Reagan Ross
You would have won if you played!
Ride the Cross Country Trail
Five fastest times win a trophy.
  Cross Country Course South  
  Cross Country Course North 
Reagan Ross
Winter Lover


Pony Pal Poem for the Week


By neonflash20

They gave me a horse
Young and wild
No trust
No kindnes
A shout in the night
She came like a whirlwind
Fighting and screaming
Told me to tame her
Told me to win.

They gave me a horse
I, a child, in truth
So young,
So angry,
A wild wayward youth

They said dominate her
They said she was wild
They said control her
They said to make her mild

I listened at first
Like all children do,
I listend
And copied
And attempted to woo
The greatest spirit
Not meant to be tamed
To break a heart
Not meant to be maimed.

We yelled and we fought
We beat and we ran
I won and I lost
But I took my stand.

I took and I took,
Not knowing the way
And young as she was
There came a day.

We stood toe to toe
Eye to eye,
Her sides where heaving
Not a bit of me dry
The dust was rolling
And the sun beat down
When suddenly it changed
The wind came 'round
The inferno in her eyes
Went from a blaze to a flicker
She dropped her head
Stepped into me
Welcomed me with a whicker

She showed me the way
Through fire and ice
She gave when she need not
She bowed down
And she sacraficed

But for the first time
As I stood victorious
The battle felt lost
The Win, laborious
She stood there cowed
And my heart broke
The error was clear
The burden was yoked

I fell to my knees
As the tears fell
I wept at my loss
Sure she was gone
That trust I had sought
Through the wrong channels
Could never return
I was certain
I was broken

And then my sweet Mare
The bringer of truth
Showed me the true gift
A horse gives to a youth
She nuzzled my hair
And bent her head close
She snuffled my tears
She breathed in my woe
And as I looked up
I saw something new
The gentle spirit
Of a young,
Hurting youth

She was just a baby
Just like I
So lost and alone
Adrift in the sky
She offered a friendship
A partner for life
And suddenly she wasn't alone
And neither was I.

They gave me a gift horse
A spirit so young
But that wasn't the real gift
It didn't come from
The ownership I had sought
The prize I thought I desired
No it was so different
I was inspired.

The true gift was love
And poise
The true gift was grace
Under pressure
Through the noise
The true gift was trust
When I thought it impossible
The true gift was strength
When I thought I would crumble.

The true gift was there
For any to see
But my gift Horse gave
Her greatest gift to me.




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