Club Pony Pals Extra - Things you can do at Olsons Horse Farm

Just like in the Pony Pals book series, Mr. Olson runs a farm near Wiggins where he buys and sells ponies. For the first time, now members can visit virtual Olson's to look over ponies that he has for sale.

Olson's Pony Farm is a multiplayer area, so the same avatar rules apply here as at Crandal's Pal Corral next to the Crandal barn. But you can't edit your avatar at Olson's yet, so make sure you look the way you want to at Crandal's where there is a green "edit' button.

There are three things you can do with ponies at Olson's

1- Buy a new pony

2 -Transfer in a pony to your main account from another account that you have with the same email address

3- Return a pony that you no longer want so Mr. Olson can care for it until another member adopts it.

If you return all your online ponies, your account at ClubPonyPals will be closed. All your pals and and any virtual goods that you have added will go away and cannot be regained.

And...Personal Cabins are here!

To get your personal cabin you have to agree to pay board to Crandal's Stables. You can do that three ways.

1 - You can buy a second or third pony; as soon as you finish buying it, your personal page will become a personal cabin ready for you to decorate

2- You can move a pony from another account so you have two or three ponies in one account.  To do that, take the bus to Olsons. Click on any pony you see like you were going to buy a pony. Click on transfer (a box in the upper right corner) and it will show you all of the ponies you can transfer to the account you are in. Choose the pony you want to move. Whatever saddle, bridle and saddle pad are on that pony will move with it, so make sure it has the tack you want in its stall tack room. You can move one halter, saddle, bridle and saddle pad with your pony. You will have to pay monthly board for your second pony in the account to where you move your other pony(s)

3- You can trade in your existing pony for another pony. If you choose a white, chestnut or bay pony, the new pony is free when you trade in your existing pony.  You will still have pay board even though there is no purchase price.

As soon as your new pony is bought or moved or traded, when you click on “My Page,” you will see your new cabin. Outside of it,  any ponies you have will be standing there saddled. Click on the cabin door! That takes you inside. There are spaces above your fireplace for a painting to hang (you can buy one at Kline’s) and four spaces for club plaques. In fact, because you have visited your pony today, you will see a red one that shows everyone you care about your online pony. Very soon, there will be many different club plaques for members to display on their wall. You also get awards for miles ridden, days on our site and more. Furniture, curtains and more are planned.

Ponies bought from Olson’s will have monthly board bills that will have to be paid in Wiggins Bucks.  This means that you have to pay for your pony (s) board -- that means feed, cleaning, shelter, etc. When you buy a second pony or trade in your pony that board bill will then show in your inventory when it needs to be paid.

After two months of not paying board bill(s), any member with an overdue board bill in their account will get a warning email.  That email will tell a member they have two weeks to pay their overdue board bill, or their second and third ponies will be returned to Olsons for another member to adopt.  If a member does not log in and pay their bill,  their cabin will go away. Then that member can’t get their cabin back until their overdue bill is settled.  

You can always return any pony to  Olson’s. Click on the yellow barn door that says “return pony”.  You will have to enter your password. When you return your last pony your account will be closed.