Volume 3 Number 4 - August 3 - 9, 2009

Club Pony Pals News


Dear Pony Pals

Voting is now open for our July story contest. There are almost 60 entries in four categories. You can vote for your favorite in each category here. http://www.clubponypals.com/wigweekly/MyCPP/7_09Storycontestentries/7_2009Storycontestentries.html

Friday is the entry deadline for our second coloring contest.  The picture is courtesy of member raennior49. Too get a printable entry form, click here

Color it either on a computer (you read "Ping a Pony Pal Pundit" at http://www.clubponypals.com/chatview.php?chat_id=25096&source=myponypals

for instructions if you want to learn how) and email it in to Webmaster@clubponypals.com as an attached file. Or you can print it, color it by hand and then mail it to our address that is below.

Pony Pal Contest Calendar

contest name
deadline for entries
voting starts
winners announced
prize amount (in Wiggins bucks)
Jigsaw puzzle contest every Saturday   every Monday in Wiggins Weekly 500 to each winner
July story contest July 31 August 2 August 21

2500 1st place, 1000 runners up


July 31   August 7 500 1st place

Coloring Contest #2

August 7 August 8 August 14

1000 1st place, 500 runners up

Poem contest #1

August 14 August 14 August 28 3000 1st place, 500 runners up

Parents letter contest

August 22 August 23 August 28 1000 1st place, 500 runner up

August story contest


August 31 September 2 September 18 2500 1st place, 1000 runners up

We have so many contests going now this seemed simpler than explaining them all.

Catch you on our forum or at one of our afternoon live moderated chats.

Jane Crandal

P.S. We are looking for new members. If you have a friend you think might like our Club, please tell them to sign up and try it. The only way we can keep our site free is if we get lots of new members.

Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Winners


Raennior49 arab chestnut

bkerr drawing

Raennior49 and bkerr each got a free bumpersticker, bookmark and 100 Wiggins bucks for sending in these great drawings. If you want to enter, send your art to the Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Country, CA 91387

If you want a sticker and bookmark make sure and include a mailing address where we can send it!

Member art gallery

Britnie's smiling horse

This is my entry, it shows a horse that is happy because it was adopted by a member!!!!! B and S (Britnie and Shadow)


Bertalina' lazer pony

bertalina & sapphire


cowgirl's dolly horse in a field drawing

cowgirls dolly & skipper

Mystery drawing

This drawing came in without a username or email address attached. If the player writes to an email Webmaster@clubponypals.com and identifies themselves we will add your user name here. Webmaster



LexieLouLou envelope

LexieLouLou envelope

LexiLouLou911 sent two envelopes for the Coloring Contest entries


Hello fello clubponypals members, As you know i have done a lot of digital art and now its PUMPED UP A BIT When i say pumped i mean it! I have just submited a PHOTO MANI[P!!!! A picture made from more than one picture that looks really cool! I hope its picked cause u guys will llooooove it :D .... What i  use is corel painter essentials, photoshop elements, ms paint (very rarely), and GIMP (which is free for digi artists looking for a free manip program). Also i use a bamboo fun tablet, which is what i use for my art, very fun and easy. Suggested for all who are good with a mouse and want to hier their limits.   YOU GuYSSSSS, Guess what,  I got a HYPERCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That means i can record tutorials 4 you!!!!!!!!! I have one made, just not ready to send. I will as SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  

malhorse as herself

Yes thats me, its a manip i made not to long ago on GIMP. This is a jigsaw puzzle entry. It may not be a drawing, but its art!
Thanx:D malhorse &Peter

maylin's roping drawing

honi909 & Dakota


Mistyhorse11 bareback!

Hello, inside is my coloring contest entry and a drawing that I hope will go on the next Wiggins Weekly Newsletter.

I (heart) Club Pony Pals. Emma

PS My username is Mistyhorse11 & Snow Love

mistyhorse11 envelope


mommypaint envelope

Mommypaint & IndianPaint envelope

mommypaint postcard

Mommypaint & IndianPaint drawing for postcards

mommypaint washrack design

wash rack design for Club Pony Pals game

Picassogirl drawing

my thought of the week "An equine is a special gift...respect it."

Picassogirl & Picasso

Raennor fresian foal

The black foal is a friesian. (the reason why the foal looks set off from the background is because I used GIMP and the background is a separate layer than the foal was.) I'm sending another one soon.

raennior49 chestnut arab

I hope you can send two entries. If you can't, just use the first one. :) Reannior49 & Serena


Hi web master! I would like this in the next WW please. Lizzy1

Watch Lizzy's movie here


Club Pony Pals Forum Posts of the Week

Shiloh101 & Dlilah writes

Dear Mrs.C , Is there a way I could breed Dlilah and Splash? Please write back Love, Shiloh101 & Dlilah

Jane Crandal responds

Dear Shiloh No, we do not breed ponies on this game. But you can ride, join contests, learn about ponies from our mini-games, write to Pam Anna or Lulu and your friends, visit on the daily live chats, explore new areas as we build them, and make friends. We thought that might be enough. For now. JC


Tianastar & Gypsy writes

Hi Im new and this is a great site, however I spent 10 dollars on paypal and I had 2200 wiggins bucks but I just logged on and now I only have 141 !!!!!!! What happened? and will I be reimbursed? also are there any other tasks besides mailing the letter and returning the kitten? just wondering if Im missing something because thats all it seems to do. Thanks so much for this great site !! Tianastar and Gypsy

Jane Crandal responds

Dear tianastar Someone logged on to your account and bought a purple halter and lead rope, a pink halter and lead rope, a Western bridle, a black english bridle, a new custom English saddle black, saddle blankets in pink and in purple. That black saddle alone cost almost 2000 Wiggins bucks. I would suggest changing your password. You can have any password you want, but it is risky if they are too similar. If you were not the person who bought those things, write back and let me know. I would suggest you try to figure out who logged on to your account. JC

Tianastar & Gypsy answer

Thanks so much , we have figured out the buyer! No worries !! but I do have a question, are the only tasks on here to return the kitty and mail the letter ? I think I might be missing the tasks. Thanks again ! we are having a great time taking care of our horses

Jane Crandal responds

Dear tianastar We are working on adding new things to do. You can compete for high scores on the cross country course, play mini-games for high scores, feed the squirrel, rescue the bird, herd sheep in the sheep pen, play apple bounce or bad apple or bubble bug or main street matchup or math games for Wiggins bucks. There are coloring contests, writing contests, contests for the best jigsaw puzzle drawing, poem contests and right now a contest for the best letter from a parent. Read the Wiggins Weekly and learn a little about what's been happening on the site. Welcome to the barn! JC


horseyluvr & Sparky writes

Im soo sad! The single nicest boy in my life got hit by a car and died yesterday! i dont know what to do! im always crying and praying and wishing he would come back! i know theres nothing i can do about it but i just feel so devestated! i need help!

Jane Crandal responds

Dear horseyluvr Oh no!!! I am so sorry for your loss. What would he have wanted you to do? If I got hit by a car and killed, the last thing I would want is for people who knew me to be crying and sad. Maybe you can go visit his family who must be sad to and be friendly to them. Please talk to your parents about this, they love you and care about you. It is good to talk about this kind of thing with them, they may be able to help you feel better too. If you go to church, your pastor may also be able to talk to you and help you understand how you feel. And don't forget to tell your pony about it, real or online. Ponies like to listen and they don't tell tails. Friends, JC


Dear Pony Pals

Send in your photos, stories and drawings for our contests.

e-mail them to Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.comor mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Road #382
Country, CA 91387

If you want a sticker and bookmark make sure and include a mailing address where we can send it!

Please include your user name and pony name in your letter, too.





Top High Scores from last week

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Play these math games to earn bucks! Each week, that week's highest scoring players in addition, subtraction or multiplication earn 100 Wiggins bucks, next nine players who have high scores earn 50 bucks each.


"Add Like Mad"

I like horses



"Subtraction Action"

kitkty katty
Majestic Misty
Image N


"Multiplication Station"




"Main Street Matchup" our newest game!

Image N



Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao-tzu (c.500BC)


Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)


There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them.

Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976)