Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 3 -- July 28 - August 3, 2008 PAGE 4


hi Lulu
in the pony pal books there is a map of Wiggins. Is it the real map?
you are my favourite pony pal. I think you and Snow White make a great team.
I have been to Canada and i went horseriding on a horse called Sadi she is a chestnut like Lighting.
we had to look out for bears!

from kayla B from New Zealand

Dear Kayla

Thanks for writing. Yes, the map of Wiggins in the books is a kind of simple map of our town. There are lots of houses and places that you can't see on that map. Mrs. Crandal is working on one that is a lot more detailed that she will use in the game.

Snow White is very special. The more I ride her the better she gets at knowing what I want. Sometimes it seems like I just have to think about where I want to go and she is already headed that way. A good pony can do that. They are so smart about learning your cues.

Riding Sadi sounds fun. There aren't many bears here in Wiggins, maybe up on Mt. Morris in the park there might be some but we don't see them very often. If you see one they are very dangerous and you have to get away from them.

Are there bears where you live in New Zealand?

Your Pony Pal,


Hey lulu,
how's your dad?
How's woolie?
Can you give Snow white a kiss please?
Samantha in Australia

Dear Samantha

My dad is great. He made it back to Africa and we email each other all the time. He even emailed me a picture of where he is staying now and it is really pretty.

Woolie is good. He wanted to go with Pam when we all went on a picnic with Jack and Jill and Ms. Wiggins.

Pam had to shut him into Lightning's stall and we heard him barking as we rode off. It was funny to hear it get softer as we rode off...


Snow White got a kiss from you the same day I got your letter.

I gave it to her right behind her ear!

Your Pony Pal,

Dear Lulu,
Hope your dad makes it back safe and sound. Please tell your dad that I said good luck with trying to find a house closer to you and your grandmother. Who knows? Maybe he'll be able to build a house right next door to your grandmother and maybe he'll find a job in Wiggins. You never know right? Please answer my questions. Please give Shadow and Pam's dog a hug for me. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce,
My dad made it back fine and now we are writing emails every day. He said he would send one every week but every time I write him he writes back. I'm glad, I miss him a lot. My grandma says if dad moves back here she will retire from her beauty salon and move to Florida.

I don't think so! She likes making little old ladies look pretty and all her friends would be really mad.
Shadow is good and I will hug her for you. Woolie is a pain and kept trying to follow Pam to our picnic. We had to lock him up in Lightning's stall before we left. Thanks for writing.

Your Pony Pal,


Dear Lulu,
Hi! Sarah here. If you know much about my pony, Samson, you'll know that he's very unique! When I first saw him, I noticed that the blaze on his head is crooked when it gets to his nose! I've made some other discoveries as time goes on mainly when grooming him... such as that there's a black spot on his back inside thigh. Samson has no other black on him. But here's a funny one: He's an escape artist! When ever I tie him up with a quick release knot, he messes around with his mouth until he unties the knot! That's why I may start using cross ties. Well, nice talking to you! Give Snow White a kiss on the nose for me! -Sarah

Dear Sarah
You and Samson are lucky to have each other. How is your training coming? Did you find a trainer to help you with riding him? Is your mom feeling better?
Its funny how you get to know a pony really well when you groom them. Rubbing them all over with a curry and a brush, then cleaning out their hooves and brushing their mane, they like you for giving them skritches. My favorite part is when you scratch an itchy spot and they make that face. You know, the one where they put out their lip.

If he likes to untie knots, cross ties sound like a good idea. I promise to kiss Snow White for you.

Pony Pals,

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