Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 2 Number 3 -- July 28 - August 3, 2008 PAGE 2

This Week's Survey

      What name do you like for the new kitten?

        • Button
        • Chance
        • Clover
        • Hope
        • KitKat
        • Milkshake
        • Tinkerbell
        • Magic

Last Week's Survey Results

Who controls where you visit on the internet?



Club Pony Pals Letters

WebMaster and Pony Pals!
I've been away from my Internet connection because I've been in the process of moving. Now I'll be able to get kids from my new school involved in Club Pony Pals, while keeping in touch w/ my Pony Pals from NB. The nice thing about our club is that even if you move, you can still keep up with what's happening in Wiggins and see the great things that PP club members are sending in to the WW.
Can't wait to introduce kids here to our site and newsletter. If anyone remembers the banner that we made (see issue 39), then stay tuned to what my new students will be doing. It would be wonderful if a lot of media centers could have book banners like the ones at NB. It really makes the library walls beautiful, is fun for the students and teachers to do the project, and advertises our favorite books. I'll stay tuned to see if schools start using this idea!
Hope you're all having a valuable summer...especially hiding up in the hay loft, reading one of your favorite books...or sitting out on a lake in a canoe...or just flopping on your couch. Remember to fit a walk or some kind of fun activity into each day, along w/ reading time, so that you'll have a fit body and mind:-)
Mrs. S
now leaving
NB Elementary School
now entering
A.B.C. Leadership Elementary School


Game Tester Emails

HI WebMaster!
This is Hannah.
First of all, I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting me be a game tester, I greatly appreciate that.
I had a go of the game, and I would like to tell you some things about it (you know, feedback!).
So, first, I went into the stables. I liked it how you can choose to groom, and tack up your horse.
I think it would be really great if you were able to move the brush your self. Thats something you can just think about doing but I completely understand that that would be a lot of hard work and effort, to be able for you to move the brush, and hoof pick, and saddle and all those sorts of things. So, then I went on to the Pony Pal trail, I think it was. I must say the scenery was great!! I got to Annas place, and then went to the Post Office. I loved the fact that you could choose which way to go! Thats probably my favourite part! Choice. And also taking care of Lightning. To shorten it up a bit, I went home on the trail, and untacked Lighting. And then I
completed the surveys! SO, thanks again for making the game, and making me a game tester! I
enjoy it!
From Hannah

Dear Pony Pal Hannah
What great comments! Thanks for much for taking the time to try our game. We will try to put in every suggestion our testers make.
Club Pony Pals still needs more game testers. If you want to see our game write in to the Weekly and let us know"I want to be a game tester." We'll put you on the list. WebMaster

P.S. This game will be something special! Lots of news real soon!



Name that kitten letters

Dear WebMaster,
I've got the perfect name for that black kitten. Hope.
Because God allowed her and Scout to survive. Plus I've got a cousin named Hope. Please give Hope and Scout a kiss for me. Make sure ya'll give them Kitten Formula. Mom's an ex-vet assistant so that's how I know about Kitten Formula.
Sincerely, Cayce


In this weeks Wiggins Weekly, I saw the article about the cute little stray kitten that Pony Pal Carol D. saw on the street. I was so sad!!! I love kittens, but of course not as much as ponies!
So, I decided to figure out some names for the kitten. I hope it helps:
Charm, Pickle, Bubble/s, Cutie, Shadow, Precious, Promise, Chance, Lucky, Candy, Clover.
I can think of way more but I just wanted to know how you thought of these names, and am I on the right track. Thanks for reading.

P. S. This is Hannah. Yet again, I have some more names for the stray kitten Pony Pal Carol D. found. Ok, I hope you like these ones as well:
Salome, Princess, Pussa, Milo, Otis, Chocolate, Milky, Milkshake, Fluffy, Shilo, Fish, Joy, Sugar Plum/ Sugar
So yeah, so far I have 23 kitten names that I have given you, and I personally think that my first ones were better!! When will you announce the names that you have chosen from people? Ok, well talk to you later!!
Oh, and I'm really planing to send in some of my own pictures of me and horses! WIll you take me and my cat pictures or just ponies and horses?
Well, better go,
From Hannah
P. P. S. Out all my whole list, my three favourites are: Milkshake, Chance, Clover. But theres so many!! I mean, you can pick your three
if you want!


How about Tinkerbell? She's my favorite fairy.
Although I am a bigger Pony Pal fan!
Carmen, age 7
Seattle, WA


I think the cat looks like a tortishell button. Name her Button.


you should name the kitten kit kat
from your fan

Dear Pony Pal Cayce, Hanna, Carmen, Jane & Leo
What great names! Thanks to Hannah for helping thin down her early list of 23 names to her three favorites.
The black kitten is the more agressive of the two. She beats up on her brother all the time -- when we hear yowling its because she has him pinned down!
Take a minute and vote for your favorite kitten name this week, the winning name will be announced in the next issue.

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