Volume 2 Number 37 ----- March 23-30, 2009

Club Pony Pals News

New Trail Opens

One Step Closer to Downtown Wiggins

Dear Pony Pals

Everyone is invited to ride out on our newest trail, the Badd Brook stretch of Pony Pal Trail to Wiggins. You can see Badd Brook, visit with a few friendly forest creatures and play two new mini-games at the Three Birches. Let us know what you think!

As I write this we have just had the 20,000th Pony Pal join our club! Welcome to AprilMarie!

Finally, we want to welcome a new contributor to our site. The wonderful horse-themed music of a new friend, Mary Ann Kennedy will be appearing on some new features very soon. You can get her music here.

This e-newsletter now goes to tens of thousands of Pony Pals all over the world. Please -- if you want to write a letter to Anna, Lulu, Pam or Jeanne Betancourt, use the websites' addresses or WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com. This newsletter is now so big that it goes through an emailing service. They are pretty good about taking people off who unsubscribe but any direct reply to this newsletter may get lost.

Look for big changes to our game in the next few weeks. More soon!
Jane Crandal

PS -- Please -- You can help ClubPonyPals grow by forwarding this newsletter to others who you think will enjoy our Club.

Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Winner


Maddy's drawing

Maddy is this week's jigsaw puzzle artist! She got a free bumpersticker, bookmark and 100 Wiggins bucks for sending in this great drawing. If you want to enter, send your art to the Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soleadd Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

Letters from Club Members

Pony Problem

Hello, I am new here at club pony pals and i have a question that maybe you guys can help me out with. I was going to lease a horse and I couldn't because he was an hour away from my house and i couldn't be driven to and from. This was my favorite horse and i had known him for about 5-6 years! i felt heart broken once i had to leave him. At this barn, I would ride some of the people's horses for free because i love riding so much! I felt like i was at the top and had everything i ever wanted until i had to switch stables.
The new stable is not a nice as as my old stable becase my old stable was an equestrian barn, the people at this new stable don't act as nice as the people from my old barn, they boss me around make me do a lot of chores and hardly reward me, and worst of all they treat me like i am a beginner rider which i am not. I really dislike it.
Here is my question, there is a possible way to a barn that teaches hunter/jumper (what i was doing) and my friend goes to it. I really want to go and it is close to me. My friend and i would carpool which wouldn't put that much driving around on my mother. My mom though probably won't let me change stables and i really want to go to my friends stable. What should i do or say to my mom? thank you

Dear Pony Pal Alex

Wow, a stable that is an hour away is a long way to go, even for a pony pal like you. So in some ways riding at a barn that's closer is good. But it's sad you had to leave your favorite horse behind.

It doesn't sound like the new barn where you are riding now and you are a good fit. You are really smart to pay attention to that. Any time you spend around horses is a special. If the feeling at the barn where you are riding now is not right, then there have to be some really good reason why you don't ride somewhere else. Maybe there is a reason your mom has she wants you to ride there, like the owner is a friend or there is someone your mom really likes to visit who lives close. Or maybe the barn where you go now costs less.

To see if you like the other barn better, maybe you can ask your mom if you can go with your friend to visit the new stable. That would be a good first step. Go and see what your friend's barn is like.

Remember what Ray Hunt said "Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult." You need to think about making it easier for your mom to help you go to a barn where you want to be. Your idea of carpooling with your friend sounds like one good solution. If you think hard, you will come up with others. Maybe you and your friend can take group lessons.

Any barn owner who does not know you will want to be careful about what they let you do until they see how good you are at taking care of ponies and riding them. So do a super extra special good job when you work at a good barn, always be cheerful if they ask you to do simple things. Once they see how good you are at taking care of horses, then they will begin to trust you.

Write back and let other Pony Pals know how you're doing. There are a lot of others who have this same problem and we all want to hear how you do.


Game suggestions

Hey, I had an idea! How about you get competions and trails you can ride in? Here's another idea. Maybe on the competion if you place or win you win like food or coins or something. I really like your website!


ok so i got in and i lovvvveee iiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!! it is really great but i was wondering if you were going to personalize it more like so you can ride western or pick your blanket??? i was also wondering if you have seen a game called horse eventing its on some girly site but it really rocks and mabye you could get more ideas from it. thanks again! As always love from Sammy

Hi club pony pals! I have some great new ideas! Maybe you can also add a paddock, (Just reminding you), a riding ring (for schooling and your horse) horse shows, a wash stall, mucking out time, and maybe some flash games! Also, when are you going to add that matching game to Pams Games. I appeciate you for having my picture in it. Now, maybe soon ( after june or somthing) I will be getting a graphics tablet ( hopefully!). So if you need any graphics or somthing by then, I will try to make it for you if you dont have one already, but i will be happy to share my equine arts anyway. Your artist horse riding pony pal friend, Malhorse

Hi, I agree with Ponies27.We could have a weekly rodeo and we can train during the week for, like barrel racing, and chariot racing.I am 10 years old(i'll be 11 next month! :) nd i don't own a horse.But i've been to almost ALL the virtual horse websites, and so far, this is my favorite. :) keke4

Dear webmaster, I’ve been thinking about something that I think will make club pony pals even better. I reckon you should allow the children to pick what pony pal (Pam, Anna, and Lulu )they’d like  to be and be able to ride all over Wiggins.   That’s what I think though you may not find it so good. Do you know when pams “help” will be coded and up and running?   From Pam  (Stephanie)

WebMaster I think we can have muti ponies. for the challenge to ride and care for the school ponies, and your ponies. I read my library book "HORSES," and it shown hoe to put on a bridle and saddle, and choosing outfits. If you didn't read the book, here's the cover. All my ideas (most) Sins i love typing, I really love this book, an dIt might be cool to have them all, I'll just say THEM all!!!   My first idea is a minigame called "Where In The World?". It's  a minigame where you drag and drop pictures or ponies into different places in the world! All breeds. My next idea is to add videos about ponies, wild and tame, real ponies! Another IDEA IS A minigame to match names with picture of ponies with feelings. Here are the names of the horse feelings:  Alert, Angry, Afraid, Content, & Flechmen. Flrchmen, by the way, is an odd, lip curling feeling, who a horse smells or tastes so,thing interesting. Often seen with males when he smells a mare in heat. My next idea is a game were you can draw pictures. My next idea is a lunging game, with 5 movements, Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop, and Jump. I want a side view of the pony, and the movement and jump cycles like a silver pony on the loading screen.My next idea is a game where you match all the pony colors and markings with their names. My next idea is a fun minigame, where you can color a stables, and add moving ponies, people, and objects. My next idea is a inigame where you click on a riding outfit category. Here are the category's: Casual Gear, Game Gear, Showing Gear, and Cross-Country Geer. atch the helmets gloves, boots, jodhpurs, ect. with theri names. My next idea is not to just drag and drop the tck, you can work it on. First, choose a saddle, bit, bridle kind, then, click on the desiered tack, and drag and drop. Then, click on the tack pice to work it on. Keep clicking till the tack pice is fully on. My nextidea is a minigame called "Paddock Hazers." All you have to do is click on the things that don't fit in the picture. My next idea is just an informatvie interactive menu/map, where when yu rollover the picute wth numbers, it tell you what the pserion or pony is doing, and why and such. You can even flip it to overhead beiw, to view a map the of stables. My next idea Is a nother menu. Rollevr one of the 12 grooming tools with numbers, and it will tellyoi what it is, what it;s for, and the proper way to use it. next idea, interactive menu of 9 foods for ponies. Again, rollerover the ones with numbers, and it will tell you what is is, and when it does.Nextidea, Health checklist. Next, rollver menu od the vet an dferrier. Next, tale sof legendary horses, next, war horse tales, next, traling tales, next, cattle roping, where you move the mouse to move the rope, and press the left mouse button to thorw the cow with the lasso. Next idea, bronco rider, where you use the arrow keys to prevent yoirse;lf from falling off the bronco. Next idea, all of the pony games in the game! Next idea, showjumping, dressage, crosscountry, Handess racing, and Endurance Riding.And at last but not least, a game called "Breed Match." where you match breeds with their names Well, that's it for now. :)


PS I think the Wiggin's Weekly should have fourms. Ya know. So players can make polls, write comments, even add pony smilies! Summer

hey webmaster also do you know when people register well of course you do anyway's can u make a new looking horse like a dun or somthing and please write me back thank you Dana

hi i have seen pepole talk about competing in events and rodeos i just wonder how i can do that if it is posible Nilli

dear club ponypals i was just wondering how come i can't ride daisy or splash? emma

Hi I just wanted to give you an idea of mine to help make your fantastic club even beter. maybe, more jumps in the cross country, maybe, an arena with some jumps in. please reply even if your not going to use the ideas. love from zeusie005 P.S. I absolutly love your game i play it every day.

hi my mom is turning the computer off for awhile sooo how can i feed my pony and i hope that the site will have most of its updates done thank you Horse grl

PS well can you send me the newsletters in paper Horse grl

PPS hey this is horse grl when can i take my pony to the vet and Farrier so my ponys feet don't get bad thanks

Hi my name is Tori. I do not own any horses but my mom works at a stable and I exercise the horses there. I take riding lessons on a Arab named Baron. He is very sweet! I am training a little welsh pony named Tater and I will start training a Chingatouge cross named Lines. I think ,on club pony pals, that you should be able to have more than one horse!! Bye!!     TORI

I tried the new game and it was challenging. However I wish there was a mute button since it sounded worse than a full barn at feeding time.  Maybe just do the sounds when you get a match instead of for every click.  Just my opinion.  Love the new additions to the game. Marianne

Dear Pony Pals

We are already planning to makemany of these wishes part of our site -- as soon as we can get them coded.  Thanks for writing.


how do you ride the horse on pony pals i do not know how to i tied it up i cleaned both sides and i picked both sides of the hooves then i click on the saddle pad and it does not go on the dumb horse if you can plz thell me how to get that stuff on the horse i will love it and i will go on it every day when i get back from school thank you your friend maggie

Dear Pony Pal Maggie

If you click on the "help" page there is a movie that shows you how to groom your pony. Take a look. Just like with a real pony, you have to follow the right steps so you are safe when grooming and don't miss anything. It sounds like you may only have groomed one side, at our Club just like real life you have to curry and brush both sides before you can put the saddle on. And you always have to clip on a halter and lead rope to your pony before you start to groom.

Let us know if this helps.


Hi I love pony pals where do you live? Collen

Dear Pony Pal Collen

Wiggins is a small town in Connecticut. The editor and writers for this newsletter live on a horse ranch in the United States. Members of our club live in over 70 countries all over the world.


hey i used to have a horse do you Allie

Dear Pony Pal Allie

How wonderful you used to have a horse. Everyone here cares about horses, some of us are lucky enough to have and ride real ponies and horses.

Do you miss your horse? What happened to it?

Write back and let us know.


Hi my name is Sophie and I am 9 years old and I live in Australia, I have been reading your books and I really like them. That I can’t wait to read more. I really want a pony but 1. My mum and dad say they coast too much. 2. We don’t have enough room in our backyard and we live in a small house. I love all the adventures that all the girls and their ponies get up to, sometimes I get in trouble because I stay up late reading your books. Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given me. Yours sincerely   Sophie R

Dear Pony Pal Sophie R

What a wonderful letter. Thank you for writing it. Club Pony Pals gives anyone the pony that any parent can afford. Have you adopted your own online pony? When you ride your virtual pony and play at Club Pony Pals you can learn a lot about horses. There are big changes coming here, keep reading to find out more.


what are you doing! i am knew can you help me . i am gabby!

Dear Pony Pal Gabby

Welcome to our Club. We are so glad you could join and adopt your own online pony. Write back and tell us more about your adventures, with or without a pony.


Dear People at Club Pony Pals.com

I registered to be a member at your website and didn't receive the email. Could something have gone wrong? Dad's checked all his folders, but it is not there, and I really want to be on. Even though he didn't get the email, dad said I could become a member. What do you say?

Love, Maddy age 10

PS Are you sure you sent the email? Please check again.

Dear Pony Pal Maddy

Every account that signs up should get an email right away with a link that unlocks your account. If you didn't get that email, write to CustomerCare@clubponypals.com and they will help you.


Lost Kitten!!! Reward!!!

hey webmaster i just wanted 2 ask you if you got my msg well please write me back thank you P.S. and please tell me about the kitten and tell me when it will be done thank you

How come it won't let me tell the owners that I've found the cat? I mean I found it but it won't let me do anything with the cat. Sincerely, Cowgirl 09

hey webmaster um when r u going 2 fix the kitten like how we can pick it up & all of that i need 2 know b-cuz every time i get on my horse 2 see if the kitten is done it isn't so please write me back about the cat thank you dana

I think that in the barn there should be a phone and you can call Pam Anna and Lulu on it and call the owner to the cat. And we should be able to go in Pam's house. p.s. please reply! Arby

hey this is miley650 and all the other girl's on there well anyway's when r u guy's gonna fix the kitten well when u get this please write me back thank you

Dear Pony Pals

Ok, we hear you. That kitten is a wandering fellow. Don't think that it's just going to stay there. It's just visiting Crandal's, they are taking care of him. But he likes to adventure. As he gets older he may travel a little further, he's a real trash hound and likes to hide out wherever he goes.

So keep an eye out, things with that kitten are going to change.


This Week's Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Entries

i really like the drawing! i don't think i cauld do that! Ashtyn

Dear Pony Pal Ashtyn

I bet you could, too. Last week's winner sent in two more beautiful pictures to share, take a look.

Claire's Lightning Claire's Snow White

Bertalina lives in Australia. She uses pictures as a guide and then sketches from them. She really likes horses and ponies but doesn't have one.


Dear Pony Pals

Send in your drawings for our jigsaw contest. Every entry gets a sticker and bookmark, the winner gets 100 Wiggins Bucks deposited into the player account of their choice.



Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

I am Amelia I read your books. ... In the book #23 on page 80 the book says "we told Joe we'd, like, you know, be there.''    I did not  know what you were trying to say.  I   LOVE  YOUR   BOOKS !!!!!  Can you please respond back to me.   From:Amelia

Dear Pony Pal Amelia

Your reading and editing skills are very good. You are right that name does not appear before in that book. But in #23 on page 79 Tommy wants to get Mike and Charlie to go watch videos with him at a guy's house. On the next page Tommy says the guy's name, which is Joe.

Keep reading. Let me know what you find.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

pony pals r awsomeeeee!!!!!!!!!! i looove horses!!!!!! Danielle

Dear Pony Pal Danielle

Thanks!!!!!! If you love horses, you are in the right place.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

dear pam give lightning a hug and kiss for me
alliecat and emmygirl
ps pony pals forever

Dear Pony Pal Emmygirl

Thanks for the kind words for Lightning. She is happy that I'm getting better, she misses being ridden I think. We all like to have a feeling of being needed.

I gave her a big hug, she sniffed at my pockets and asked if there were any horse cookies.

Pam signature

How old are you im 13. Do you want to be penpal/ponypals hahahah! lol! my name is danielle I looove ponypals sooo much!!!!!! i am horses crazyyyy!!!! well, byz! Danielle

Dear Pony Pal Danielle

Sounds good to me. I like getting letters -- a lot. Welcome to the club. We are ALL pony crazy here. You'll like it. Write back and tell me about your ponies. Pony Pen Pals,

Pam signature

Dear Pam:This is two pictures of me riding my school horse Rankin. I don't have my own horse my parents say they are to much money. I hope I get a horse some day. fr.Jessie

Jessie and Rankin Jessie and Rankin

Dear Pony Pal Jessie

You look like you're having fun riding! My mom's been playing Mary Ann Kennedy's songs a lot around the barn, I really like the one that says "I Want a Horse." Lulu said that song reminds her of when she first got to Wiggins and was missing Ginger.

My mom tells her students that the only thing between them riding lesson horses and having their own pony is making up their mind to do it. Keep taking lessons, offer your instructor to help around the barn before and after lessons if you can. There is so much work to keeping ponies and horses. If you get good enough helping with grooming and riding them, the right horse will come to you.

Pam signature

PS. Don't forget to study too. No matter how hard you work around the barn keep your grades up. Just like Anna's mom and dad, all parents get grumpy if you don't get good grades.

hi iam lindsey c and i am 8. I love your storys. i have been reading them like crazy. i am a big fan! i was wondering how your horses are doing? i have read so many of your books already. I ride horses too and i even have my own horse. Her name is marly. She is a buckskin color. She lives at my uncle rob's and Amie's. the horse that i ride is a champagne horse and her name is Clue. I barrel race on a horse named chester. well ihave to go i will talk to you later from lindsey c

Dear Pony Pal Lindsey C

Our horses are good. All the ponies and horses are starting to shed out, there's lots of hair everywhere whenever we groom them before we ride.

Wow you have a lot of horses! What kind is Marly? What kind is Clue? And what kind is Chester? What color is Chester?

Write back and tell me more, it sounds like you are already a great Pony Pal.

Pam signature

hi again pam!, i enjoyed your last letter . thanks for that advice, it really helped, the video helped too! i am just about to go riding now, it is very warm which i s good so that i can ride crispy again! i really think you should go riding again next week definitely! Lightning would really like it if you did and so would your pony pals, the pony pal website is really good! i hope that your sores get better soon..the new bit of the trail sounds really good! and guess what! i asked a lady that lives next door to my moms friend and i asked if i could go and help out at her place (go averyday and feed the ponies before and after school) and she said yes! i really cant wait! but before that i asked this other lady if i could help out with her ponies.....she said yes but  then the day i was going to go she pony started kicking its stable walls and broke its leg!! write back to find out more!! annaxx

Dear Pony Pal Anna

So glad to hear the video helped. Yes, I am a lot less sore. I ride Lightning almost every day now, just for a little bit. I promised Lulu and Anna we would ride Pony Pal Trail next week.

I am so glad you're getting a chance to help out at your mom's friend's barn. The story about the pony kicking is so sad. Is the pony all right? Sometimes if a pony or horse breaks its leg they have to put it down. Write back and let me know how it is, PLEASE. Now I'm all worried about it.

Pam signature

Dear Pam,  
The information your mom got was great! Tell her I said thank you a million times! Here is some things about Sugar that the advice givers might want to know about Sugar…
1.When we first got Sugar her teeth were horrible! We got them fixed right away, so that shouldn’t effect anything.
2.Sugar also has foot problems, so we found a very good (the foot problem is nothing like clubbed feet) blacksmith to fix up her feet, so that also shouldn’t harm her.
3.My instructor is also a trainer (be a trainer is actually her full time job) she is working with her the best she can. My instructor has no problems riding Sugar.
4.Karen’s horse problem is exactly like ours! We want her to go to a retirement home, auctions… I don’t mean to be rude but I find those a little cruel….
5.The girl we got her from did tell us she was an old school horse, and was very sick of it.  Sugar did participate in some lessons with other children and did very well. Then she started bucking.
6.When Sugar was a baby she bucked A LOT and she also reared A LOT. Over the years she has become VERY crafty.
7.We started to notice when I started to sit her bucks and spooks, the “spooks” came more often….  
Tell the advice givers that there advice really helped me, tell them thank you and give them big hugs for me!

Dear Pony Pal Haley

You are really making a lot of progress with Sugar! If your trainer has no problem riding her, that is a good sign.

Mom said Sugar sounds very smart. She learned that if a kid was riding if she bucked they got off. Sugar has to learn that you may be small, but you are the boss.

How are her ground manners with you? Will she back up, walk forward, move away from you or come toward you when you work with her in a round pen? Can you make her walk, trot in lope in both directions?

Maybe you can ask your trainer about that. Some ground work might help Sugar learn that you are the boss.

All mom's friends say "hi!" Write back and let us know how you're doing.

Pam signature


Letters to Anna

Dear Anna, Hi how's Acorn? This is a picture of two colts that live in OR. The black ones barn name is Sly and the bay ones name is Blaze. Give Acorn a BIG hug for me. Pony Pal Tester Hope K.

Dear Pony Pal Hope K.

Did you test Badd Brook Trail? I missed your pictures. 8-(

Emailing pictures is hard sometimes. It would be really fun to see them.

I went out to hug Acorn but he ran away. I had to get an apple. I cut it in half. He stood still for the hug then.


Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,I love your character in the Pony Pal books. I've almost read all the Pony Pal books.  Please write back,sincerely Allison/clubponypals

Dear Pony Pal Allison

Reading is good. I try. I wear blue glasses to read. It makes it better. What books did you read? Did you read "The Stories of Our Ponies"? Write back.


Anna Hoofprints

dear anna will you give me a list of cooking tips? alliecat ps i love brownies!

Dear Pony Pal Alliecat

I love brownies. Especially my mom's. She gives me some every time she makes them, almost every day. I like that she has the diner. It is fun to ride there for lunch. I help out there sometimes too.

When I asked my mom for cooking tips, she thought for a little while. Then she said to tell you where food comes from makes a difference. Fresh is better, she said.

My mom buys stuff from local companies when she can. She buys milk from Wiggins Organic Dairy. She buys vegetables and eggs from Nelson's Farm. The diner serves maple syrup from a family that makes it outside of town.

Then she asked what do you want to cook. I said I don't know. She said to ask. What do you want to cook?

Write back and I can ask her again.

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna, How are you and Acorn?   Does Acorn like to jump? Coco Puff (my pony pals pony) doesn't. He refuses all the time. Snuggles and Buddy and the real Coco Puff are so different. Well I have to go pony pal tester Hope. P.S. Give Acorn a hug for me.

Dear Pony Pal Hope

Acorn used to refuse a lot. He can be stubborn. I found I really had to push him. Asking for the jump at the right time helps too.

In Mrs. Crandal's game when you ask is really important. If you ask too close to the jump, or too far away, your pony will balk. You can always walk past the jump if that happens. Then you can try again the next time.

Anna Hoofprints

Hi again anna, i enjoyed your last letter ...chance is a chestnut pony and is very cute but very cheeky and lazy! she belongs to my friend called Lizzie. Pam told me that she is a bit better now from falling off that pony so thats good!how is evryone?(including acorn)

your pony pal anna xx

ps is it strange talking to loads of people that you dont know(including me) and that are called anna? anna

Dear Pony Pal Anna

Pam is good. She promised Lulu and me that we will go trail riding this week. It is getting better for riding here. Our ponies are getting less furry every day. When we brush them to ride all the hair goes on us. Then we look furry. ;-)

My tutor says writing letters is good. It makes me practice. Making sentences. I like having friends online. There will be lots of places to write letters in our Club really soon. It's kind of a secret. But Mrs. Crandal told me about it.

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna How is Acorn ? I would absolutely love to hear about some adventures! Wiggins sounds like a fab place to live. I horse ride. I ride a grey {white} welsh pony called Spider he is SO cute! And there is a shetland pony there called Romeo! Love Nikman PS I LOVE PONIES

Dear Pony Pal Nikman

Spider sounds like Snow White. She is a white Welsh pony too. What color is Romeo? Does he like Spider?

Do you ride trails? This week Lulu and I went on a ride. On Pony Pal Trail. There were spots where the woods are green. It was sunny. We came around one corner near Badd Brook. It was muddy there. Next to the brook was a big turtle on a log. It was in the sun. Lulu said that it was warming itself in the sun. It just looked at us. We looked at it. It was fun.

It has been hard not being able to ride with Pam. We miss it. She says she will be better soon.

Hug Spider for me.

Anna Hoofprints

PS. I LOVE PONIES 2!!!!!!!

Letter to Lulu

i love your pony and i own all the books i love every single one of them  i dont own a pony or horse please send me a msg  i love horses Child O G

Dear Pony Pal Child O G

Snow White is the best. She was sooooo good this week. We went for a ride and she was perfect.

The only problem is that after I go to the barn I come back covered with her hair. My Grandma always tells me to put my coat in the dryer on fluff. That bounces it around and takes the hair off.

My Dad wrote an email this week. He is moving for a little while. There is a new work for him near the ocean. He sent a picture. It is on Madagascar. That is an island. There are animals there called lemurs. They are kind of like monkeys and a lot of them are endangered.

Thanks for writing. I love ponies too.

Lulu signature

Hi Lulu,

How are Anna and Pam?

Say hi to Snow White for me!

Your Pony Pal, Laura M

P.S. I found the cat but what do I do with it?

Dear Pony Pal Laura M

Anna is good. We rode this week and saw a turtle sunning itself on a log by the brook.

Pam is getting better. She doesn't say so but I think she is still a little sore from when she fell. I am just glad she is okay!!!!

Snow White really likes that so many Pony Pals want me to say hi. Every time I give her a hug from a friend like you she snorts happily. That's the best. It makes me feel good too.

Lulu signature

PS That kitten keeps getting into trouble. He's okay at Crandal's for right now. Thanks for asking.

How old are you im 13. Do you want to be penpal/ponypals hahahah! lol! my name is danielle I looove ponypals sooo much!!!!!! i am horses crazyyyy!!!! well, byz!

Dear Pony Pal Danielle

Sure! Write back and tell me about you. I go to Wiggins Elementary. My pony's name is Snow White. I like reading and math but my grades are not as good as Pam's.

I have brown hair and I live with my grandma. She has a beauty salon. Sometimes I have adventures, even when I'm not looking for them.

Lulu signature

Dear lulu have you ever seen a mountain lion?
ps  answer as soon as possible

Dear Pony Pal Emma

Mountain lions are really scary. Mostly they are afraid of people. My dad showed me a picture of one but I have never seen a real one.

Have you ever seen a mountain lion? There are lots of them in some places out west. Write back and tell me more.


Lulu signature

hi I saw your message in the wiggins weekly! I wanna learn more about how to build relation ship between ponys and what ponys like the best thanks! -- Claire

Dear Pony Pal Claire

Just like with people, making friends with a pony is all about respect and trust. Because they are smaller, sometimes ponies get pushed around by humans. Then they get scared. Sometimes that makes them stubborn.

There are lots of good people who really care for their horses. Mrs. Crandal told us about one of them who was really famous. His name was Ray Hunt. He always wanted his students to remember to think of things from the pony's point of view.

That kind of works with people, too. What do you think?

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My Club Pony Pals
My Adventure With Picasso (My Game Pony)

by Summer F.

My Adventure With Picasso (My game Pony) I groomed and tacked up Picasso, my Black stallion. I fed him some treats, and went out. We rode on the pony pal trail. How fun it was! And we collected some ripe, juicey, crumchy apples on the way. Picasso also jumped over one, or a few of thoes big rocks! We stopped at Badd Brook to rest. i have him a carrot (I bought 4 before we left). I player "Apple bounch" and "Bubble Bugs." Then, I decided to go back to the barn. I mounted up, and rode back. We got some appes, but then, we bumbed into a rock! Picasso was fine, but dizzy. Thankfuly, his healrth didn't go down, but I gave him a cookie and a carrot. Then, we contiued to ride back. I untacked him, gave him a light brush, and have him one oif the nice Crunchy apples we collected. I said bye to Daisy and Spals and logged out. I go out with Picasso. But next tine, I hope we wont bump into a rock again! It scared me! THE END

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"Crandal's Cross Country Course going North"

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"Subtraction Action" -- your name could be here next week!

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Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day by Ray Hunt, a great horseman who passed away March 12th, 2009.

""We've got to look at things a little more from the horse's point of view. We've got to try to help him to learn to reach our goals."

"The horse doesn't know what a contest is - what win or lose is - but the human does," Hunt explained. "The first thing you know, you've got the horse contesting you - and don't be surprised if he's the winner. The horse doesn't have any pride or ego - the two things that really get in a human's way."

"Notice the smallest changes and the slightest tries."

"Slow down so you can hurry up. In the end, it's a good way. Speed ahead of accuracy is no good."

"You think you've got to hold the horse, but you don't have to," Hunt said. "You've got to have a feel - a feel following a feel, not pressure against pressure. That's what happens in the starting gate, pressure against pressure. We don't really think about it in that manner, but the horse does because he learns what he lives. He learned it the way he lived it."

"I'm trying to get my idea to become the horse's idea. It's not like turning a dial that is going to work today. It's what led up to today that you need to change. It's the little things that make the difference."

"Keep in mind what you are working toward," Hunt said. "You might not get him in (the starting gate) today, but when you feel he tries - which is a plus toward that - you can put him away. Quit on pluses, don't quit on minuses. That's negative; always quit on positives. He will never forget it. Build on positive things. When he finally wants to do things for you, that's building confidence in him. By doing too much, you can take that confidence out. You've got to work from the horse's point of view."