Volume 2 Number 36 ----- March 16-22, 2009

Club Pony Pals News

New Mini Game to Play

Is your drawing in it?

Dear Pony Pals

This week we are offering Weekly readers a preview of a new mini-game to try. It's called "Match a Pony." It has lots of great Pony Pal drawings from all over the world. It features pony whinnies and sounds you will recognize from our games. Try it out at


Let us know what you think!

This e-newsletter now reaches over 10,000 Pony Pals all over the world. Please -- if you want to write a letter to Anna, Lulu, Pam or Jeanne Betancourt, use the websites' addresses or WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com. This newsletter is now so big that it goes through an emailing service. They are pretty good about taking people off who unsubscribe but a reply to this newsletter may get lost.

Look for big changes to our game in the next few weeks. More soon!
Jane Crandal

PS -- You can help ClubPonyPals grow by forwarding this newsletter to others who you think will enjoy our game.

Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Winner


Horse in garden by bertalina


Bertalina is this week's jigsaw puzzle artist! She got a free bumpersticker, bookmark and 100 Wiggins bucks for sending in this great drawing. If you want to enter, send your art to the Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soleadd Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

Letters from Club Members

Dear webmaster,    I have some ideas to improve clubponypals.com http://clubponypals.com: you can make a rider that shows up when you groom your horse and when you ride and whenever you're in side the barn; and that you get money as a prize when you win a game,some shows, stores so you can buy clothes for your rider and last but not least you can have a dog too, to guard you stuff. I hope you will put some of my ideas in clubponypals.  I'm 9 years old and I don't have a horse but I want one so badly that I beg my parents for one 24/7.
Your pony pal,  

hi, i think that we should have rodeos every few weeks on a certain day,we can compete out pony in events like roping, and i think we should be able to have more trails we can go on and there should be a fork in the trail woth signs that say wiggins mansion and pony pal trail, i also think we should be able to play with the othr horses like snow white... can i mail a picture in?


p.s. my horse, talc, he is related to a famous race horse named barbaro he's retired from racing. he stays at my grandparents house.i'm going to try and put a pic up too.

Well,do you think you'll could do something for me and other poeple? I thought you'll could maybe make western saddles and bridles,too,not just english. That would really be nice,please tell me if you'll will.

I have a question,if I would send a picture of my pony,would you'll put it in the wiggins weekly? Another question,will there be western tack when the shop opens? Thanks and please reply soon. Artemis

I don't know how to attach it to a email so never mind. Thank you for making western tack because that would be nice to have. Not to rush you'll,but,can you tell how long you think it will be to get the shop? I can't wait. Please answer as soon as possible.


PS I have,once again,another question. How much will the western saddles be when you'll get em done? I wanted to know that so that I could start saving my Wiggin bucks. Answer the minute you get this.

it would be cool if you could make this into you game!

1.be able to ride splash and daisy .

2.to have a paddock that you could let splash , daisy and your pony out to play.

3.to be able to meet other players on trails

4.to be able to message other players

that's all       Thank You!

Princess Sydney


Dear Club pony pals just an idea to make your magnificent game even better. maybe a practice arena to warm up in. Your biggest fan Zeusie005


you should create a trail and defeat a game to get a key to open the house and have a phone in there you call the owners then you have to buy a special bag to put the cat in then ride down to get the reward from the owners but then you could chose money or a dog if you get a dog you should have a kennal to kep it in and you have to take care of it   p.s if you use the idea please contact me i would love to help more oh ya wre should be able to have more horses or be able to  ride daisy and splash



Dear club pony pals,

I love your website! my pony's name is Sunny. I  feed her lots of carrots, apples, and cookies. Here is a tip for your website:

You should be able to make an avatar and chat with other pony pals.

From pony pal Jillian

Dear Pony Pals

We are planning on making many of these wishes part of our site -- as soon as we can get them coded. We welcome artwork from our members. Digital formats work best. You can attach your digital images to an email. Or you can always mail paper artwork to the address that is listed on our website.   Thanks for writing.


PS we are still working on Pony Pal trail into Wiggins — there are lots of adventures, including sheep, involved Thanks for asking.


i actully didn't know about the dog trot i had herd of it but hadn't ever really learned about it yet :D I do Western riding and English i also do showmanship.Last year i got a 3rd place out of 16 people and i got a 6th out of 17 people those were my best......(So far)lol XD sooner (maybe) next letter i can send you a pic of my ribbons:) (if u want me to) Rachel

Dear Pony Pal Rachel

A "dog trot" is a really smooth slow trot that a pony can do for a long time. It is comfortable to ride. Yes, send in a picture. Club Pony Pals welcomes pictures and drawings. Thanks for asking. Give Joey a hug from Club Pony Pals.


Hey! I just wanted to say that I love the Pony Pal thought for the day, I was just wondering why there is more than one, now?         Thanks, Audrey

Dear Pony Pal Audrey

If this newsletter came once a day, one thought might be enough. For seven days it seems like more are needed. What do other Pony Pals think?


Dear Mr. or Mrs.,

    My name is Anya. I have loved horses and ponies all my life. I was told by my parents that I cannot get a horse or pony. This is only because there is not enough money to buy, let alone take care of a pony. Dad keeps promising we will go horseback riding, but it never happens! I still have a lot of pony-decorated items such as folders and binders, but I do not feel close enough! Please tell me how I could be closer to horses, yet not too expensive! Thank you!



PS. thank you for my info. i was about to send in for my password! and i do enjoy this site VERY much!


Dear Pony Pals Anya

This is the right place for people who love ponies. In the next few weeks there will be some new places to go on our site where you will be able to discuss ponies, horses, equine care, riding and other things with other Club members, all for free.


hi, when i was riding my pony acorn the other day(on the pony pal game) it said it was ill and its health has gone right down and is red and i dont know how to stop my pony from getting ill. could you give me some tips?? anna c

ps i WAS bashing in to quite alot of rocks by accident on the way.......could that help??i again, yes i do try to jump over the rocks but sometimes acorn(my pony) misses them!! yes i have tryed the new trail rides theyre brilliant!!much better than the last on. i am on the leader board now!! anna

PPS i was just emailing again to give you an idea of what you could add on to the game next:when your pony got ill you could possibly put on the animail clinic and get pams dad to take a look at your pony then he could give you some medicine or something that you could put in the ponys hay??(that you get given when you have looked after your pony properly) email me and tell me if you like my idea, anna

Dear Pony Pal Anna C

Here’s how to restore your pony’s health: groom it several times in a row, all operations, both sides. You should see your pony’s health meter rise up to green. Keep at it. If this doesn’t work, please write back and we’ll go from there. Have you tried jumping the rocks? And tried the new shorter Pony Pal trail? A new trail is in the works. It is the next stretch of Pony Pal trail to Three Birches, with Badd Brook. Thanks for writing.


Lost Kitten!!! Reward!!!

how do i get the cat and call the owners McKayla

Club pony pals,

Thank  you for all of your terrific service. I have a question. I barely see on the  message board that there is a lost kitten. I've found it... how do I turn it in or what do I do with it?      Sincerely,

 Happy  customer

hello i just got a account on the game i fond the cat but how do i pick it up CowGirlsDontCry

what do i do with the kitty? JoeM

I have one quick question how do you get the kitten out of the barrel and where can we call the owner of the kitten at i don't see any phones! Bridget

Hi everyone on Clubponypals!! This is Pony Pal Sarah. I was curious after riding my pony, Penny, and when I put her back inside her stall I went outside of the barn. Then I heard a meowing! ... I also remember seeing on the bulletin board that there was a lost kitten ... seems suspicious to me. What’s going on here? Lotsa love, Sarah

oh I have another question, on the bulletin board there is a lost kitten sign, I found the lost kitten ... how do i pick it up? and where is the phone? Bertalina

Dear Pony Pals

The kitten is OK, right now it is hanging around Crandal’s  barn with Fat Cat. But it does wander. We are in the process of making an  adventure that involves the kitten. For now, the kitten is just there to  enjoy. It seems pretty content, judging by its purrs when you  click on it. We are in the middle of coding up the next stretch of  Pony Pal trail on the way to Wiggins. And a new programmer is helping us set  up a “forum,” where Pony Pals will be able to post notes to each other after  an adult reviews them. Thank you for writing.


Thank you (for helping us)! She'll be thrilled. I know several little girls (and boys!) who are enamored with your website. It's a very sweet idea, and we're glad to be a part of it. Thanks for your help! Betsy

Thank you for making this horse game for kids Shannon

Dear Pony Pals Betsy and Shannon

How wonderful to hear there are Pony Pals out there who like our game. Thanks for writing!


This Week's Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Entries

Here is the Pic i want to us that i just drawed to enter a little pic contest so i could have it on ur next news letter like that other gurls was on! (: :D d:


Twinkie's drawing


I wanna give you my drawings for the jigsaw puzzle then. I wish this work. I hope I win.


Horse in Garden by Bertalina

Horse in garden by bertalina

Dear Pony Pals Twinkie and Bertalina

Thank you for your entries into our jigsaw contest. Every entry gets a sticker and bookmark, the winner gets 100 Wiggins Bucks deposited into the player account of their choice.


Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

Hi! My name is Kelsie! I am 9 years old and ride 2 ponies. One is called Tallulah and one is called GingerSnaps! I love them both! I jump about 2 feet and love going to shows!!! I love your books! I have read tons of them! My favorite charactor is Pam and lightning. E-mail me back! Kelsie

Dear Pony Pal Kelsie,

I love the names of the ponies you ride.  Tallulah and Ginger Snaps.  Wonderful.  I am pleased to hear that you are jumping.  Pam loves to jump with Lightning.   Happy riding and jumping,

Jeanne Betancourt

Hi I love your storys! its like the best storys ever! I love it so much I pretend to be freinds with pam, anna and lulu (they are very good names) and i noticed pam anna and lulu = p.a.l is'nt that cool! I am horse crazy! but sadly i dont have any horses in another way of saying I dont have any pets! i wish so much i can have a life filled with horses.   from Claire   p.s your storys are the best!   p.p.s plz reply  

Dear Pony Pal Claire,

I am very impressed that you noticed that the first initials of Pam, Anna, and Lulu's names spell PAL.  That was my idea when I started writing adventures for those three girls and their delightful ponies.  Even though you don't have pets of your own, you can enjoy your friends' pets and visit horses.  I have never had a pony or horse of my own.  When you are grownup and on your own, I bet you will have plenty of pets - maybe even a pony or horse. I hope that you can find the Pony Pal  books you want to read.   Happy Reading,

Jeanne Betancourt

hiya,  i'm Anna. i love your books really much!!!!  On club pony pals when can we see others players and when can you see yourself riding your horse? By the way, i have been looking for your books and i can't find any other ones except for Pony in Trouble, Give me Back my Pony and I want a Pony, where can i find the others?                                   

By Anna

Dear Pony Pal Anna,

I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying ClubPonyPals and that you look forward to riding your own pony on the game.  Keep checking the site.  Here are some ideas for finding more Pony Pal books for you to read - check your school and local library, borrow books from friends, and check my website.  When you are on my site, click on Pony Pals and then click on out-of-print books.  That will bring you to good site for finding Pony Pal books that you may not find any place else.  I hope this is helpful.   

Jeanne Betancourt

P. S. From the WebMaster -- There are plans for players to be able to visit with other players very soon. Scholastic only sells books through teachers and schools. At Club Pony pals there are links for buying books. Look there and you can find almost every book in the series.


Dear Jeanne Betancourt and Paul Bachem

I love your Ponypal books especially Detective pony. I'm reading the series and was wondering if you had an extra Detective Ponypal book. You both make good team work and Paul is excellent at his job and Jeanne you are too. I hope you can start on a new book soon. I am reading the Ponypal book A Pony in Trouble. It is my library book. You both write really good books all the time. I have a question for you both. How lony have you both been writing and drawing?

Devyn K, 2nd grade

Pony Pals Forever


Dear Pony Pal Devyn

I am pleased to know that you are enjoying the Pony Pal books.  I liked writing Detective Pony.  I enjoy writing mysteries because I like to solve problems.  It is great to learn that your library has Pony Pal books.  By the way, I wrote all the Pony Pal books myself.  Paul Bachem did the drawings and cover art for many of the first Pony Pal books.  I think he did a great job, too.

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

hi pam, yes it did help (to move my pony on the game) but no i havnt found the new trail yet, i dont no how to get on it!! please tell me. oh and yes it is very like in wiggins wit forests and stuff but were i ride there isnt much forestry because i ride in this little ring im  still learning how to trot but i think ive got the hang of it now!! can you gallop yet?? and jump?? please write back annaxxxx

Dear Pony Pal Anna

So glad to hear my advice helped. Every trail in Wiggins follows the maps in Mrs. Betancourt's books. You choose which trail you want to go on with a sign. It looks like this.

Trail split graphic

Just click on the sign and your pony will go on that trail.

You can watch a video that shows how to do it here.

My mom says in only a few days a new part of Pony Pal trail will be ready. I rode it and it is really fun. There are baby birds, squirrels and Badd Brook.

My mom used to take me riding on her horse when I could barely walk. It is so great she likes to ride as much as I do. Lightning loves to jump. We do it all the time. I can canter, too.

It will be getting warmer soon and it will be more fun riding. Right now I am still a little sore from falling off the lesson pony and I am just riding in the arena.

Maybe I'll go out on trail again next week. If you write back and ask I'll tell you about it.

Pam signature

Hi i am Nancy i show a horse he is the best horse in the world he is mine to!! And i love him && Lightning so much i named my horse on the game after them!!my horses name is Lightning to!!hows Lightning?Well i am going to go play your website bye for now!!


Dear Pony Pal Nancy

It is so fun you named your online pony after Lightning! I told her today when I went down to the barn and she made a funny noise like she was laughing. It made me laugh, too. What kind of a horse do you show? Write back and tell me more.


Pam signature

Dear Pam,
Being a vet wouldn't be a practical career for me because I'd get to attached to the patients. I've watched Mom work with medicine. In the 7th grade I wanted to be a Nurse, but after I got that abscess I thought, "Nah it's not worth it." I'm going into teaching instead. My tutor inspired me to be a teacher. Please tell your dad that I said thanks for the info. Barney started limping on his left front let on the second Saturday of last month. I told Mom about it when she got home from work and she didn't believe me because she didn't see it. One night she saw Barney limping and realized that I was right. When Mom took him to the vet last Friday Dr. A said that Barney might be having hip problems. Dr. A also said that he probably sprained something in his leg. Dr. A said that we should keep an eye on Barney's limping and Mom said that we caught it early. He stopped limping for a little while, and yesterday Barney started up again. The limping only lasts for a second and it happens when Barney lies down on his left front leg or gets up from the bathroom floor. Mom's decided that at the end of this month Barney's going to get some X-Ray's and then we'll get a second opinion from Dr. J. We bought the dogs some SD Dog Food joint formula and I've been massaging Barney. That seems to help him. Will you please ask your dad what it means when a dog limps on one leg for a second and if there are any non surgical procedures that we can do to fix Barney's leg? If dogs sprain something how long does it take to heal? You can show your dad the picture of Barney that I E-Mailed you a while back. Barney's 9. Barney was 9 months old when we adopted him.


Dr. K said that Cimarron might have to have a tooth removed and hopefully that'll stop his goo. Cimarron's breath smells like his hoof. Cimarron's never had proper dental care. Annie's been getting her teeth done ever since we got her. If a horse has Cushing's how can it lower their immune system? Mom and I had never heard of Cushing's until our Ex- Farrier D mentioned it. Our new farrier is named B and Annie behaved for him. B doesn't trim horses hoofs too short unlike David. Annie never behaved for David. Friends,

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

It sounds like Annie likes your new shoer. Horses know about people. They just do. My dad says "The soul of the man is reflected in the eye of his horse." I think he means that they act differently depending on who owns them.

When I asked dad about Barney he said in canines and in humans, soreness that goes away could be arthritis, or an injury, or early dysplasia or even an infection. He said that some of those things can be helped with medicine. Some others are just part of getting older.

I really hope Cimarron's tooth gets better really soon. Cushing's just makes horses immune systems not as strong. That's why they get sick.

My dad was impressed you know so much about taking care of animals. You remember medicines and details really well. Dad said that caring about people and animals is the first requirement for being a good vet or doctor or nurse.

He told me to tell you don't give up. You would make a really good vet or doctor.

Pam signature


Letters to Anna

hi again anna, i enjoyed your last letter, i have just come back from riding lessons on a pony called chance, it went brilliantly welll!! i did rise and trot and i have just learnt how stand up in my stirrups! im going to a club called pony club soon so i will learn how to care for a pony there. i might be getting a pony when im older!! cant wait please write back,  your pony pal and friend, anna
ps i hope pam is ok from that nasty fall!! pps i have now finished detective pony!! it was quite scary!!

Dear Pony Pal Anna

Chance sounds like a good pony. What kind is he? Mrs. Crandal says "rise and fall with the shoulder on the wall." That means you stand when the outside front leg goes forward.

She has us stand up sometimes on the stirrups. Sometimes she has us ride without stirrups and post or stand up too. That is really hard!!!! It is good exercise too.

Pony Club is really fun. That is a good way to meet other people who love ponies. Pam and Lulu and me go to Pony Club shows sometimes.

Pam is OK now. She is still a little sore. But I think she is going to be fine by the time it gets warm.

That fire was really scary. I am really glad everyone was fine. You are so nice to write.

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,
Hi How are you?  How is Accorn?  What is Accorn's favorite food?   I am home sick today.   I have pnuemonia and the flu.  YUCK!!!!!  I hope to be able to go to school tommorrow we are having our first program for the school and parents in the evening.  It is call creative movement presentation. My class mates and I have been working really hard on this to get it ready. So I hope I can go.   I hope none of the pony pals are sick or the ponies. Well take care your friend Morgan

Dear Pony Pal Morgan

Acorn's favorite food has got to be horse cookies. I am really careful so he doesn't get to many.

I am so sad you have the flu and penumonia! Let me know if you got well enough to dance and how it went.

Pam is doing okay. She is getting better. Thanks for asking.

You get well soon. Let me know how you are, I care.

Anna Hoofprints

Letter to Lulu

hi lulu i read the pony pal books and are loving them. my pony's name is lulu and i love her she is grey. do you really love horses? are you like your character in the story?

please email me back

thanx from rommi

Dear Pony Pal Rommi

How wonderful you have a grey pony like me. They are the prettiest, I think. She thinks so too. ;-)

We all love ponies and horses. Pam, Anna, me and I think mostly everybody in our club. How about you?

I am a lot like me. What are you like?

Lulu signature

Dear Lulu   Hi im so happy to talk to you! I wish I had a pony like snow white. I really want a pony but my mum and dad wont let me because...  1.they are travel agents and we travel alot 2.we have a rented house 3.they cant afford one 4.we live in the city 5.they dont like animals I am so glad i found this website, its like taking care of your own horse. can you plz give me some tips so i can feel like i own a horse?   from Claire   p.s im 10 years old

Dear Pony Pal Claire

It would really be hard to have a horse if you travel a lot. Horses like everything to be the same every day. They like the same food, the same place. Everything the same.

Yes, our Club is as much like having your own horse as we can make it. We put in all the good parts. Funny how some people keep asking to help us clean up pony plops, too! Mrs. Crandal says she's working on that.

What do you want to know about ponies? We have some good folks here, one member has offered to answer any questions anyone writes her about horses or ponies. If you have a question, I bet Gabby could come up with an answer.

Write back and let me know what you want to learn about.

Lulu signature

Dear lulu I have been reading all about you and wondering how long have you had snow white? R&J

Dear Pony Pal

I got Snow White when I first came here. That was in Summer. I met Pam and Anna pretty soon after I got here. We started school just a few weeks later. I've had her ever since.

Your friend,

Lulu signature

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Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

"Open the eyes of your heart and see the inner quality of folks."

"A mirror will never reflect the true inner beauty of a person."

"What you teach a pony he will learn and remember for the rest of his life, understand his talents & faults and be patient."
  ~ all from
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