Volume 2 Number 35 ----- March 9-15, 2009

Club Pony Pals News

Second Trail Opens

Dear Pony Pals

If you want to go for a short ride, the first part of Pony Pal Trail is now open to the edge of the Badd Brook forest. It's a lot shorter than Crandal's Cross Country Course. We hope that it will work better for single CPU computers. There's still an apple tree where you can pick your pony a snack while you're out on trail.

This e-newsletter is now going to lots and lots of Pony Pals all over the world. Please -- if you want to write a letter to Anna, Lulu, Pam or Jeanne Betancourt, use the websites addresses or WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com. This newsletter is now so big that it goes through an emailing service. They are pretty good about taking people off who unsubscribe but a reply to this newsletter may get lost.

That happened this week. A Club Pony Pals member wrote in that her real horse had died and she was sad. That letter went to our mailing service, and we wanted to write back to the sender. But her email got lost.

We all really care about ponies and horses, I know from hard experience that it is so hard to have a pony die no matter how hard you try to keep it well and alive. To the member whose letter got lost, know that your letter reminded us to all enjoy every day with the people and ponies we love.

Jane Crandal

PS -- You can help ClubPonyPals grow by forwarding this newsletter to others who you think will enjoy our game.

Letters from Club Members


Rose's drawing horse on beach

Rose is this week's jigsaw puzzle artist! She got a free bumpersticker, bookmark and 100 Wiggins bucks for sending in this great drawing. If you want to enter, send your art to the Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soleadd Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

Hey pony pals,

I love horses just like you guys . how are your ponies?  how is Wiggins?  I ride a pony too.  also do jumping. It is soooo much fun.  bye for now


Dear Pony Pal Pip

Our ponies are good. How fun that you found our Club! Welcome! Online Wiggins is growing by leaps and bounds. It is really great there and if you read this e-newsletter you'll find out what is happening. What kind of pony do you have? Write back and tell us more.


On March 23 it is my birthday and I am turning 9. I told my mom to buy so many things for me at Target. But I made up my mind and said "Ok, I have always wanted a for real friends so... Mom, for my Birthday I made up my mind, I want you to buy me for real friends." Ok. Bye. On my birthday send me an e-mail. Kirby

Dear Pony Pal Kirby,

Happy early birthday. Maybe some Club Pony Pals members will send you birthday greetings. If they send you birthday greetings, will you send them some back?


I  found the kitten but how do I get her???? Madison

Dear Pony Pal Madison

Thanks for asking. Right now the kitten is safe at Crandal's Barn. It may show up somewhere else though, kittens do tend to wander off when they are young.


Hi I have been realy enjoying the game, thanks for a good pony game. I have tried to change my password but it wont change it from what you set it as. How about riding some Gymkhana games, a showjumping corse. Thanks, Debbie.

Dear Pony Pal Debbie

Some of our player's passwords stopped working so we had to reset them. We knew your old password didn't work, we have sent you a new one and hope that works better. If you are having trouble with your password, write in to CustomerCare@ClubPonyPals.com and we can help reset it.



I love your website.          


hey thanks a lot for the e-mail im loving it with love Allison

Dear Pony Pals Hannah & Allison

Letters like yours always make us happy. Thanks for writing!


dear webmaster, i have some questions about club pony pals. will we be able to muck out and put straw in the stalls? also will we be able to see other riders on the trails? thanks your pony pal family lauren

Dear Pony Pal Lauren

Those two suggestions are in the works. Right now the stalls at Crandal's barn are cleaned by the barn staff. Seeing other players is planned and coming soon.


the diffrence between Trot and 2nd Gait are that the 2nd gait is MUCH smoother and trot is very bumpy.You can't ride bareback on gaited horses cause their spines stick up more than others and is you are on there back without a saddle you can damage the horses spine.This is my second year of showing Joey my horse i have a show comingup!wish me luck1*_*:D. Rachel

Snow covered pony
By the way the black horse in this picture is my horse, Joey!:) >

Dear Pony Pal Rachel

Joey is so beautiful! The snow on him looks so special. Not all trotting horses are bumpy, some horses' trot is very smooth. That is called a "dog trot" but it is not very fast. What kind of showing do you do? Write back and let us know more about gaited horses.


I have a picture to submit. I can usually draw way better. I will submit another if i can get my photo copier to work. Your pony pal, AKA malhorse

Malika's purple unicorn

P.S. If you like my logo, then i can send you that to submit. That was also done on Paint.

Cross-Country pencil drawing

I just wanted to enter my drawing.

Pretty-pony drawing

Your pony pal, malhorse   (Malika)

P.S. Love your game!

Dear Pony Pal Malhorse

Thank you for your beautiful entries to this week’s jigsaw puzzle contest. We would like to offer you a free bumpersticker and bookmark for sending such wonderful drawings.  Keep drawing, you may win next week.


dear webmaster, i was wondering  if you guys were going to make the website so you can muck out and put straw in the stalls? i was also wondering will you be able to see other riders soon Ishima

Dear Pony Pal Cami

Both of those ideas are in the works.


Hi everyone on Clubponypals!! This is Pony Pal Sarah. I was curious after riding my pony, Penny, and when I put her back inside her stall I went outside of the barn. Then I heard a meowing! ... I also remember seeing on the bulletin board that there was a lost kitten ... seems suspicious to me. What’s going on here? Lotsa love, Sarah

Dear Pony Pal Sarah

There is a lost kitten in our game. Watch out, it may not be in the same place. Young kittens do tend to wander around.


Thanks for letting me join the web site. This web site is great but I don’t get it. But I love it. Donna

Dear Pony Pal Donna

This is a site for people who are crazy about ponies. What don't you get?


Hey Pony paL ASHLEY HERE when can i go riding on splash and daisy and go to the off main diner  and shop for tack  also i think we should have another horse or pony in the stall across from Splash here is a picture of my thoroughbred stallion

kiss me at midnight

My Stallions name is Kiss Me At Midnight. i want a thoroughbred on pony pals along with my Welsh Pony Black Gold.  so please tell me when you can ride on the road probobably ok i love to groom splash and daisy Right now im a jockeys apprentice and this is me

Ashley with a horse

With my favorite filly i work with who is going to Santa Anita Track in california Lunas Saphire thank you have a great day horse girl Ashley

PS Hi I need to buy new tack mine looks worn out and dosen't look good on my Pony Black Gold when can i do that also i want to Exersise Splash and Daisy But i Want to get more than a buck also i want to have an avatar to represent me thanks pony pal ashley

PPS also i agree with not putting your pony away sweaty also watch out for rocks that have one behind it your ponys health will drop

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

How exciting! Lots of our members want to work with horses at a stable. How did you get to be a jockey's apprentice? What would you recommend to someone who wants to be around horses but doesn't know how to start?

We are working on adding to our game and making changes as fast as we can.


Rose's drawing horse on beach

Hello, do you like this picture?
It is for the jigsaw puzzle.
My virtual pony's name is Ebony because she is black.
Splash and Daisy are REALLY pretty.
It's nice to be able to visit and groom ponies besides just your own.
Here are a few ideas that might improve your website:
1. I'd like to go inside the house.
2. It would be cool if you could meet other pony pals.
3. It would be fun to decorate your pony and enter it in shows, especially the decorating part!  
4. That's it!
PonyPal Rose
P.S. When can I visit virtual Wiggins?

Dear Pony Pal Rose

Congratulations! Your drawing won this week’s jigsaw puzzle contest.  It will be up as a jigsaw in the game loft on the Club Pony Pals website. For winning Rose gets a free bumpersticker and bookmark.  She can also have 100 Wiggins bucks put in her account if she would like. Let us know where to send the bookmark and bumper sticker, and which username’s account the bucks should be credited to.


About our game: The game wouldn't let me tack up the ponies! So I couldn't ride. :( Are you still thinking of adding my minigame idea: Pony Xpress? Will I see other players and chat with them? Will I be able to do quests of the bulleten boade, like the reward for the lost kitten, or sending letters, or finding wild ponies, ect.? When the pony get's sick, will you be able to send the pony the Pam's dad, and help him cure your pony? it might help for kdis who want to be a vet. Wil you meet the pony pals at Badd Brook, where your pony can drinik, play in the water, and joins other pnies? It can be a rest stop for you and your ponies, and you can go camping there too. Also, you can ssend drawings and letters to them too...Um....ya know....nevermind.   AnywAy, thoes are my ideas By the way... I loved Daisy! she wa spretty. Are you sure Splash is a blanket, or a Leopard Appaloosa? I think he's Leopard.

Dear Pony Pal Summer

If you are having trouble tacking up the pony, one hint is to tie your pony before you put the saddle and bridle on. You can watch how to do it here. Thanks for all your suggestions, we are working on expanding the world as fast as we can.

Everyone who reads a Pony Pal book imagines the ponies differently. Our graphics designer thought Splash was a blanket appaloosa. What do other Pony Pals think?


Hi webmaster!      Can you ride Daisy? Pony Pal Rorrin

Dear club pony pals,

I wanted to suggest using higher quality graphics during trail rides because right now it's kinda boring and it looks too much like a drawing. I love the site!!                  

Another suggestion is for further grooming. Like maybe we could have a bathing station...? And I also think we should be able to have time to practice for competitions, like get a indoor ring to practice dressage, reining,show jumping,etc. I also think we should be able to choose different tack (choose a western,english or racing saddle)  and we could own multiple horses. I am so sorry to bother you again.

Thank you very much,


P.S. Can we make an avatar too?

Hi. Will we get to ride Splash and Daisy? Are there going to be new trails? I was just wondering! Have a good day! Sarah.

Dear Webaster, I have some ideas for The Pony Pals Game. Could ya'll please add a feature where members can take care of Lightning, Acorn, Snow White, Shadow, and Woolie? I figured that The Pony Pals could use some help taking care of their ponies, Shadow, and Woolie. Have ya'll ever thought about sending members a Club Pony Pals Magazine via Mail. The Magazine could be $1.00 so that everyone can afford to subscribe. Have a good week. Sincerely, Cayce

I hope you get downtown wiggins open first! Will there be western tack? because I ride western and,well,I wouldn't mind having some western tack for my virtual pony too. I can't wait! I'm so glad I found this game!

Dear Pony Pals

Your suggestions are all great. Most of them are already in the works!


Dear ClubPonyPals,

This is my horse,Lucky, and i at the stalls where he is placed!!  I told him about the website and he was very thrilled and started to nod his head!!!  I really like the additions to the barn!!  Things look great!

Crazy Cami and lucky


Dear Pony Pal CrazyCami13

Lucky is beautiful. He has a kind eye and you look like a good team. Pet him for us. Thanks for your support as we build out the world of Wiggins. And congrats for making the top highscores riding southbound Crandals Cross Country Course this week!


Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

How are you? I say your a great author. I still think the books and Picture It should be on TV, so those who love ponies, or those who hanven't read the books, and see how the books go. I hope you write more books! I'm starting my own series called "Pony Friends" starring me and Sunshine! I sent a sample of one in one of the Wiggins Weekly. Have a nice Easter! Summer

Dear Summer,

Good for you. I look forward to reading more of what you write.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Hello! I just wanted to say that I love the website, and I was just thinking one day, "What if my pony (my online one) and I were a character in the books?" so, being a bit of a Jr. writer myself, I made up this short story and wrote it down because it was cute sounding. Since it was so short, I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys, just for the fun of it, so, here it is: (PS, "Abby" is the  character that I made up, and "Golden Dreamer" is my real online horse on Club Pony Pals.com. It's not the best story I know, but it was fun!! and by the way, I think I got the ponies and girls matched up right...) :)  

Vctoria J.   

 (See Victoria's story in My Club Pony Pals below.)

Dear Victoria,

What a great story! You did get all the character and pony names right. Keep writing, Club members will want to read more.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

hiya im anna i love your books and  i am reading detective pony right now, im loving it!!! please write back so i know i got your email address right! annaxx Ps i love ponies they are my favourite animal they are SO cute!! PPS i emailed anna and pam and they dont seem to be answering back..but i suppose they will be getting alot at the moment so might not be having time but that isn't a problem.


Dear Pony Pal Anna,

We all wrote back to you in last week's e-newsletter. You can read our letters there. I get every letter members send to the Wiggins Weekly. Keep writing.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt


i love your books. Anna and I have the same name. If i get a horse I will call It Acorn too. On your websites i joined and it said it will send me an email but it hasn't. why?  my dad says im not allowed to get a horse   but i really want one because my friend might be getting one, and my other friend already has one.  i hope we end up like the pony pals. oh, we also live in the country. can you write more book because i am glued to them they are brilliant. Keep writing

From Anna

Dear Pony Pal Anna,

If you write to CustomerCare@ClubPonyPals.com they will help you get signed up. Many of the Club members who try to sign up for the game do not enter their email address correctly. When you sign up you should get an email right away, if it does not come then there was a problem and you can sign up again or write to CustomerCare@ClubPonyPals.com and they will help you sign up.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Hi again Jeanne,   I read your email, and yes I have read the first book-I WANT A PONY. I really enjoyed it, and I keep buying the pony pal books from Amazon, but I am really struggling to try and get them at the library so I have to order them from other libraries. Today at school I read half of –PONY TO THE RESCUE. And I’m really looking forward to finding out about Rosalie Lacy and the pony pals camp out. And, yes sometimes me and Ruby do act some of the pony pal adventures out, its quite fun actually. I can’t wait till tomorrow because I am going pony riding with my friend Ruby!! Nice talking to you,   Anna C

P.S was it hard writing all the books?

P.P.S is it hard trying to write back to loads of people wanting to talk to you? (Like me)

Dear Jeanne Betancourt
Hi my name is Emily T. I go to L. Elementary School. I am in the fourth grade. I love your "Pony Pals" books, I've read a lot of them. My favorite "Pony Pals" books are " Circus Pony" and "Detective Pony." My class is writing celebrity letters and I chose you. It would be awesome if you sent a reply. Sincerely, Emily T.

Dear Pony Pals Anna and Emily,

You are both great fans and I enjoyed your letters. Yes lots of people write to me. Scholastic responds to the paper letters I get there. I read all the emails I get from Club Pony Pals members at the Wiggins Weekly. I sent Emily back a written letter with a sticker and bookmark.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Dear Mrs.Betancourt,   

In Pony Pals#16 on page 41 you put that Lulu and Pam don't understand her and Lulu was talking to her pony. It should be that Pam and Anna don't understand her.On page 84 you put that Anna was a Firefighter and Anna was really Little Red Riding Hood.Then you put that Pam was Little Red Riding Hood and she really was a Firefighter.   These seemed to be mistakes in your story are they? I love reading the Pony Pals.  


Amelia D

Dear Amelia,

You would make an excellent editor. You are correct about the two mistakes you found in Pony Pal #16. I did not find those errors when I proofed the galleys of the book before it went to publication. When it first came out, a Pony Pal reader wrote and told me about the mistakes. I contacted my editor at Scholastic and she said the errors would be corrected in future printings of that book. I hope they did it. Thank you for reminding me of the errors. I will make sure Scholastic corrects them when they do new printings of Pony Pal #16. Good detective work on your part, Amelia.

Happy reading and editing,

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
Glad ya'll had a good President's Day. I didn't mean to make you, Anna, and Lulu feel lonely. I'm sorry. Are we still cool? We got some Clorpactin for Cimarron and it seems to be working. One of the doctors that Mom works with named Dr. S gave Clorpactin to her horse because he had a wound and they where going to put him down. Dr. S didn't have to put her horse down because the Clorpactin saved his life. A wound nurse named Maria that Mom works with uses Clorpactin on her patients and it works. Mom told Uncle Mike about Clorpactin. Then after they finished doing Cimarron's bandage Uncle Mike called Aunt Loretta and suggested that we give Cimarron Clorpactin. Uncle Mike is Aunt Loretta's husband and he's a retired Volunteer Fire Marshal. Uncle Mike retired this year. Aunt Loretta called Dr. Katie and asked her if we could give Cimarron some Clorpactin and she said yes. Would it be OK to mix Sugar and Iodine together, put it on a Cotten Ball, and then use the Sugar and the Iodine to draw Cimarron's abscess out? I read that mixing Sugar and Iodine together will draw a horse's abscess out. Cimarron will refuse to take his Pergolide. When Mom or Aunt Loretta will grab his lip he'll toss his head. But we get him to take it. Is there a liquid version of Pergolide so that we could give it to him through an IV? Mom deals with IVs at work all the time. Mom's given IVs to people, cats, and dogs. You never said if giving Cimarron 6 drops of Eucalyptus in a nose bag full of straw would get rid of the goo in his nose. The first time Cimarron got the goo it was green then it turned clear, and now it's going away. All of Annie is mine. Did Anna tell you that we transferred owner ship of Annie over to me? Her papers came on 12/6/08. According to the AQHA I'm Annie's legal owner. Aunt Loretta gave me joint custody of Cimarron before I got Annie and I still have joint custody of him. Over the Summer Aunt Loretta gave Mom joint custody of Beauty. Mom asked if she could have a horse, but I had to tell her no because we can't afford another horse. Have a good weekend.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Wow you are really smart about medical stuff. Are you going to be a vet?

My dad said you can buy Peroglide in flavored form. It is good for horses that don't like to take pills.

Hug your mom for me. My mom says I have to go to bed and sleep. I don't feel so good this week.


Pam signature

Hello pam.   How are you? Please tell Anna that I to am dyslexia, so also find spelling and reading hard. My computer can pick up most mistakes so they shouldn’t show! I have many nicknames but my main one is T. I’m trying to get my friends, parents and even my school teachers to under stand that I PREFER TO BE CALLED PAM, AND NOT STEPHANIE!!! Why don’t they under stand? Its not very hard! I do horse riding at F, in Canberra, Australia. My friends have been leaving me, but I don’t care because I sit down reading my favourite pony pal pony Book. My favourite pony  is lightning. My favourite schooling pony is Choco.   Please write back to me, Got to go.   Stephanie (Pam)

Dear Pony Pen Pal Pam (Stephanie)

Maybe your friends are confused because you have so many nicknames? I'm glad you like the books and riding. My mom says she made the game so everyone can ride any time they want to.

What kind of a pony is Choco? Is he brown? What kind of riding do you do? Do you have a tutor like Anna?

I'm so glad you wrote. Write back,

Your Pony Pen Pal

Pam signature

Hi Pam,   I really like the pony pals books because I like the adventures you and your friends have. I bet it’s wonderful to have brilliant friends like Anna and Lulu…..oh, and by the way my name is Anna too! I also have a pony pal club with my best friend Ruby, and we go riding together and everything. I don’t have my own pony yet but my mom said that I might be able to have one when I’m a bit older and a more advanced rider! But at the stables at the moment I’m riding a really small but cute grey pony called crispy (a bit like snow white but not as big!) I am quite new to the pony pal game; I have already adopted a pony that I have named Acorn! Its fun to ride my pony on the game but I still can't figure out how to actually make my pony go faster yet!   Please write back and give me a few tips,  Your Pony pal friend, Anna C

Dear Pony Pal Anna C

How fun that you get to ride! Its so great you get to go riding together. Is it forest there like it is here?

I'm glad you have an online pony. Did you try the new trail yet?

My mom showed me the new Badd Brook part of pony pal trail. Parts of it don't work yet. But it is soooooo cool and has some new things that are really fun.

To make your pony go faster you can click on the up key on your keyboard, or use your mouse to click on the top arrow of the yellow star. Let me know if this helps.

Pam signature

Alex and chipper

Hi my name is Alex J. I’m in yr4 at school. I have a welsh 18yr old pony called Chipper. I go to W. Creek Public School. I have a problem, I Love ponies and horses and I love your talent in riding and I want to ride with my friends and go in eventing events but I don’t like riding, I’m scared, what should I do?   Alex J
Ps I LOVE PONY PALS!!!!!!!!! = ) : )

Dear Pony Pal Alex J

This week I have not felt too good. A week ago Friday my mom had me riding a pony that she wondered if it would be a good lesson pony.

It was going OK until suddenly Woolie ran by really fast barking. The pony spun around and ran me into the fence. My foot got caught in the fence, the pony spun away and just like that I was off on the ground. The pony ran away and then just stood there looking at me and snorting. My hip hurt, my back hurt and my boot was stuck in the fence and one foot was bare.

It took me a minute or two to get up. My mom was really scared I was not ok. I told her I was. I put my boot back on first, then got up slowly and dusted myself off of all the dirt and snow. I caught the pony and tied off his reins, then worked him with a lunge whip until he was puffing and a little tired. Then I got back on and rode him until he was good. Only then did I stop riding.

Then my mom helped me put that pony away in his stall. My dad looked at me and we talked a little bit and he said he thought my injuries would heal ok. But I have been sore since then.

I didn't ride for eight days. Lightning missed me, but I was too sore to think about riding.

Finally today I was feeling better. I saddled Lighting and lunged her to help her exercise. She settled down after a little bit and then she was ready to ride. But I was scared. It was really hard to get on. I just walked Lightning and she was so good. That helped.

When I got on I knew why I was scared. My mom was there and she watched and I felt better having a friend there if I needed help. I got scared and had to get off once when Woolie came by. Lightning was being good but I was too scared to stay on her. But then I got back on and rode some more. Lightning was really good - I think she wanted to take care of me.

Maybe you can have a friend lead you around on Chipper and while you ride you can think about why you are scared. Sometimes closing your eyes helps. Did something happen to you before? Is your pony afraid of something? What do you think is going to happen? Sometimes thinking about it will help you not be afraid of it.

My mom says courage is feeling your fear and doing it anyway. I did that and she was right. I really hope this helps.

Your Pony Pal

Pam signature

hi my names Katie , I think having a chestnut pony is awesome ! I am going to send some drawings in, I really like art and riding but I am not fond of school! I ride a pony named prince he is a quarter horse he is black and gentle but his canter is really bumpy but I am working with him!
love Katie :-)

Dear Pony Pal Katie

My mom had a horse like that once. He was a "skipper" watching him run was like seeing the cartoon coyote run. All four feet came off the ground and once, it was like riding a pogo stick!

Hug your pony prince for me. And keep working with him.

Pam signature

Hey pam ponypal ashley here im 15 live in the us and love to exersise thoroughbreds im soon going to be a Jockeys apprentice then enter the world of horse Raceing i have a beautiful Thoroughbred named My Fair Lady Here is her picture

my fair lady picture

give lightning a huge hug for me your ponypal ashley

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

Your mare is beautiful. I gave Lightning a hug. She was glad to get it. She thinks I'm mad at her because I'm not riding.

Pam signature


Letters to Anna

hey anna hows acorn this is my new thorougbred My Fair Lady

my fair lady picture

do you like her please send me a picture of Acorn. im a jockeys apprentice and this is one of the Fillies im working with so she can go to Santa Anita Track next year and her name is Lunas Saphire enjoy Ashley

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

That is cool. How did you get to do that? Do you want to be a jockey? Mrs. Crandal said I'm short enough. To be a jockey. If I want. Are you short too? Aren't you scared of falling off? Pam fell off this week. We are all worried about her but she says she is going to be ok. Write back.

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna,   It’s such a coincidence because my name is Anna too!! I really wish I was a pony pal too because all the books sound really fun!! How is Acorn and Pam and Lulu getting along, I hope well. I’m am now reading- PONY TO THE RESCUE and I’m really enjoying it, I cant wait to find out what happened when you and your other pony pals go off camping!   Nice talking to you,   Anna C

Dear Pony Pal Anna C

It was fun when we went camping. It was scary, too. I won't tell you what happened. But it all turned out okay.

Lulu is good. Pam fell off one of her mom's ponies. Her mom was really worried. We are glad she was not hurt badly. Pam was too sore to ride this week. We missed her. We rode up to visit once.

Anna Hoofprints

hey anna

i love pony pals. i have 4 or 5 boooks



Dear Pony Pal Allie

Its great to get your letter. I have all the books. Mrs. Betancourt gave them to me. What one is your favorite? Do you ride? Do you have an online pony? Write back. Please.

Anna Hoofprints

Letter to Lulu

Dear Lulu,                                                                         3/7/09

I am horsecrazy, like you. I own a white pony, named Pegasus. Her showname is Thumbelina. I love to jump her. Pretty soon Pegasus and I will be going over foot-high jumps. I am dying to know how your life is at Wiggins. I can't give out to much information, but I also love ballet and music, and I have been in four horseshows, and have won two blue ribbons. I am 9, and I read all of the Pony Pals when I was 7. Wow, it must be great to have Pony Pals like Pam and Anna. I used to have friends like that, but I had to move. I've moved four times. Moving is hard, isn't it? I know you moved from England. Write back soon!    

Sincerely,   Fiona

Dear Pony Pal Fiona

Snow White is good. She is still really furry. It is still cold here. How good you won ribbons! What events did you compete in? Pegasus is such a pretty name. What kind of pony is she? Do you dance ballet or just like to watch?

Moving can be really hard. But it can be fun to make new friends. My dad says that folks who never move don't learn as much. I guess that makes us really smart ;-)

Hug Pegasus for me. Maybe she and Snow White are cousins.

Lulu signature

Dear Lulu,

I had an awesome week! I went to see a play of Beauty And The Beast on Friday, and got to stay up until 11:00 pm. A few weeks ago I went to a dive in movie.( That means you watch a movie when you are swimming.) Also my dog Tiny got sick because my Mom fed him corn on the cob to see what he would do with it. Then he got sick and was throwing up for three days. But now he is much better now. What exciting adventures did you and your friends do on your ponies? I love your books and have 12. They are: 1. I Want a Pony 2. A Pony For Keeps 3. Give Me Back My Pony 4. Pony to the Rescue 5. Pony Sitters 6. Detective Pony 7. Western Pony 8. The Pony and the lost Swan 9. Magic Pony 10 No Ponies in the House! 11.The Ghost Pony. I am entering a contest and the prize is you win a dude ranch vacation free for a family of four people. Can I be a pony pal? Is there going to be a gymkana at the Olson's Farm? I am hoping that spring will come soon because my cousin said I could have one of his baby rabbits when his rabbits have babies. Feed Snow White an apple from me.

Your pony pal,


Dear Pony Pal Alyssa

A dive in movie? LOL! How fun. Too bad about Tiny, some dogs do not like corn, other ones do fine. Glad he is okay now. Not too many adventures here. It is cold. Anna and I rode up to visit Pam. She was hurt when a pony ran her into the fence. It was scary. She laughed and said she was okay but we were all worried about her.

Yes you can be a Pony Pal. Mrs. Crandal said our club is getting big. There are almost 15,000 Pony Pals from everywhere. If they all showed up for a gymkhana at Olson's it would be really crowded. He has lots of ponies maybe that would be good for him. I'll ask him about it.

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how is your  pony doing now?

Horizon C.

Dear Pony Pal Horizon

Snow White is fine. Do you have a pony too? Write and let me know.

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my fair lady picture

She is big 17 hands i really love her ive always wanted one and to get one before my birthday is really cool we got 2 to 3 inches of snow on the march the 1! is is cold snow i made a snow man this is a picture of my fair lady or lady as i call her enjoy i petted her for you pet snowflake and give snow white a huge hug for me your pony pal ashley

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

What a pretty horse. It looks like she is just about perfect. We got lots of snow this week, too. I emailed Alison and she promised to pet Snowflake. Snow White was happy to get a hug, I gave her a kiss behind her ear for you too.


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Dear Lulu, Did ya'll have a good President's Day? We did. I understand you where born in Australia. That's pretty cool. Do you ever get to go back to Australia for a visit? I'm sorry if I opened up any old wounds when I asked you how your parents meet. Thanks for agreeing to ask your dad how he meet your mom. Mom and I don't like to talk about Dad that much either because it's to painful. My parents where skydiving sweet hearts. Mom got interested in skydiving by accident. One of her friends from work wanted to start skydiving so Mom picked up some information about skydiving and gave it to her friend. Mom's friend never went skydiving so Mom went instead. When Mom meet Dad he was the pilot of the plane she was jumping out of. Then Mom and Dad dated for a little while then Dad proposed to Mom and she said yes. They eloped and got hitched at City Hall in B, SC which is the town they meet in. Their honey moon was short and cheep. For their honey moon Mom and Dad visited my older sister Connie and her ex-husband Mike. Connie and Mike took them out to eat to celebrate. Mom and Dad's wedding breakfast was Sausage Biscuits. Dad loved Sausage Biscuits. Mom's parents didn't even know she got married until she told them while Dad was at work. Mom called Grandmama and Granddaddy and told them because she felt guilty about keeping it a secret from them. Mom took Dad over to meet Grandmama and Granddaddy. The dog named Ginger that was visiting jumped on Dad when Mom introduced him and Aunt Loretta was like, "Well he must be OK the dog likes him." Mom quit skydiving before I was born and she hasn't gone skydiving ever since... Dad made over 6,000 jumps before he died. Pam, Anna, Dr. Crandall, and the Webmaster probably told you about Cimarron. Mom smelled the goo that's coming out of his nose and it smells like his abscess. Uncle Mike thinks that Cimarron got an infection in his nose from the dirt and the manure in Grandmama's pasture. Can horses get infections in their nose from a combination of dirt and manure if they lay down? That hasn't happened to Annie and Beauty. Uncle Mike is Aunt Loretta's husband and he's a retired volunteer Fire Marshall. Cimarron always lays down on his left side. Do you think he's left sided? Cimarron seems to be feeling better. He's standing up, eating, drinking, eating hay, walking, going to the bathroom, socializing with Annie and Beauty again, going into the barn agian, and going into his stall again. I think the shots are finally kicking in and we also got him a new medicine called Clorpactin that will hopefully get the abscess out of his hoof. One of the wound nurses named Maria that Mom works with uses the medicine on her patients. One of the doctors named Dr. S that Mom works with has a horse and he had an abscess. They where going to put him down until Dr. used Clorpactin on her horse and now he's feeling much better. Mom told Uncle Mike about Clorpactin, then he told Aunt Loretta. Aunt Loretta called Dr. Katie and asked her about giving Cimarron Clorpactin and she said yes. Have a good week. Friends, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

It is okay. My dad misses my mom. I can tell when he talks or writes about her. When we went to visit Dr. Crandal I asked about Cimarron and he said that the Cushing's makes horses more likely to get infections.

He said to let him know how Clorpactin works. Abcesses can be hard to treat. He said that if a horse only lays on one side sometimes it means that one leg is more sore when they get up and down.

Thanks for letting me know how Cimarron is doing.

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Dear Lulu,  

After all we have been through Sugar and I have perfected cantering. I haven’t cantered on a different horse since last fall, and I completely forgot how fun it is! But now that I have started again, it’s like a dream. My instructor says that Sugar has a really difficult canter, so I’m proud of my horse for being so good. I wonder if she could be stood an while cantering like snow white in Western Pony.  Sugar was born in Tennessee, and was supposed to be a barrel racing horse (she is a quarter horse).  Sugar was much to pokey, so she was cut out for the job.  Her old owner taught her to ride English and now we own her. I have gotten so used to riding English that when I try to ride English I can’t help but try to act like I’m in a English saddle. It’s a good thing I only have a English saddle for Sugar, because if I rode western I would be in  a lot of trouble.       Thanks for listening,

Haley and Sugar  

Ps Give snow white a big hug and kiss for me!                 

Dear Pony Pal Haley

Wow that is so great! Last time you wrote you were having trouble with Sugar and she was bucking. What did you change? What did your trainer do to help you get better?

One of Mrs. Crandal's friends was a really, really good rider. She told me that anyone who can ride English can ride Western. It doesn't go the other way. Some Western riders come to depend on the stirrups for support, when they get in and English saddle they don't do so well.

So I bet you would do fine in a Western saddle, too.

I will give Snow White a big hug. Please do the same with Sugar.

Your friend,

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My Club Pony Pals

New Pony Pals Stories

 by thesoapgirl3

“Easy Dreamer,”  Abby said, “We’re going to go soon.”

Golden Dreamer whinned and rubbed her head up and down on Abby’s arm as she slid the saddle onto the chestnut pony’s back.

 “You get so excited, don’t you?” She laughed to herself.

Leading the pony outside, she heard a faint meowing.

 “There’s that kitten again.” she stated.

As she and Dreamer trotted down the newest Pony Pal trail at Crandal’s Barn, the smell of fresh air and the feel of the sun on her face lulled Abby into a dreamy state of mind, thinking of the things Dreamer and she would do once they reached the clearing, where many of the people from Crandal’s Barn gathered sometimes to play games. She wondered if anyone was there now.

 She was pulled out of her daydream when Dreamer spooked at something.

 “Dreamer! what’s wrong girl?”      

The pony, (who had slowed to a walk while Abby wasn’y paying attention,) had startled a quail in the bushes and the bird spooked the pony awfully.

Abby tried to control the pony as best she could, but it was no use. Dreamer took off down the trail as if her tail was on fire, leaving Abby clinging around her neck, holding on for dear life.

The pony continued to gallop, and Abby gasped as she saw they were approching the apple tree that grew alongside the trail, the overhanging branch what was worrying her. Dreamer ran as fast as she could and as they went underneath the tree, Abby tried to duck, but it was too late. The branch hit Abby strait in the head, knocking her off backwards until she collided headfirst with the ground.  The pony stopped straight away. She turned and sniffed at Abby. But Abby didn’t move. She just layed on the ground. Golden Dreamer knew something was wrong, she knew she had to do something. But the only thing she could do, (being a pony,) was wait by Abby’s side. But then, Dreamer spooked over what turned out to be the wind, and headed for the clearing like an angry comet.  

“Hey, “ said Pam, “Isn’t that Abby’s pony?”        

“Yeah, I think so!” replied Lulu.      

“Whoa!” Pam said to the frightened pony. “Easy girl, easy.” She spoke softly now, grabbing the pony’s bridle.      

“Wait,” said Lulu, “If Dreamer’s here, then, where’s Abby?!”         

“I don’t know, “ answered Pam, mounting her own pony, Lightning. “But we need to find out.”        

“Let’s go Snow White!” Said Lulu to her white pony.      

“Where should we look?” asked Pam.      

“Well,” said Lulu, “Ponies have a great sense of direction, that means Dreamer, too. Let’s see if she can lead us to her.”     

 “Well,” answered Pam, “it’s worth a try.”       

Dreamer continued to pick her way down the path as Pam and Lulu scanned the trail for Abby.        

“Hey, there’s Anna!” Called Lulu.      

“Anna!” cried Pam. “have you seen Abby?”         

Anna trotted up to them on her pony, Acorn. “No, why?”  she asked.

 “Beacause,” said Pam, “Dreamer came running up to us in the clearing and was completly spooked.”      

“But there was no Abby.” finished Lulu.       

 “That is so weird!” exclaimed Anna. “We have to find her, she could be hurt!”

“Well,” said Lulu, “you’ve just come down the path, but you didn’t see her?”   

“No,” she answered. “Are you sure that she came from this path?” asked Anna.

“Actually, no.” said Pam “I saw her run through the clearing, but I’m not so sure which path she came from, I just thought it was this one.”

Dreamer continually pawed the ground, nodding her head and growing more and more agitated.     

 “Well, she’s obviously not here.” said Lulu, “so we should look on the other trail.”     

“Wait!” cried Pam, “Look what Dreamer’s doing!”     

“It’s Abby!” Lulu and Anna cried in union.      

And, sure enough, there was Abby, all tangled up underneath some bushes, barely visible, under the big apple tree. The three girls dismounted and crouched down next to Abby.       

 “Abby! Abby!” coaxed Pam, trying to wake her.

 “Huh?” came a weak voice.     

 “Abby!” Cried Anna. “How many fingers am I holding up?” she asked, holding up four fingers.      

Are you holding up fingers?” she asked weakly. The girls looked at each other worriedly, if she couldn’t see that, then it was worse than they thought.

“I’m kidding!” she laughed.

They breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t scare us like that!” exclaimed Lulu.

 “What happened?” quizzed Pam.

“We were riding, and then she got spooked by some bird and took off. Then she started to gallop and I couldn’t get her to stop, or even slow her down, and then I just remember seeing the branch overhead and I tried to duck, then, well, then I don’t know what happened.”

“It  sounds like you fell off and Dreamer pretty much saved you.” said Anna.

“Yes,” said Lulu, “she came running up to us in the clearing, so we decided that we better go looking for you.”

“Dreamer, your a hero!” burst out Pam.   


 by Veronica C.

Harlee Gamer rode Pepper,a grey dapple pony,on the rocky,hard and cracked trail to vist Gemma Pager to the apple tree. Pepper was a mare and liked Gemma's horse, Sunny, a palomino pony.

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Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

"The better you treat your pony, the better it will behave, and the stronger the bond will be."
~ Summer F.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."
  ~ Helen Keller

"If you build it, they will come..."
 ~ Phil Alden Robinson from 'Field of Dreams'

"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities."
  ~ Maya Angelou