Volume 2 Number 34 ----- March 2-8, 2009

Club Pony Pals News

Daisy & Splash Need Grooming

Dear Pony Pals

This week Daisy and Splash are in their stalls. They are ready for Club Pony Pals members to come and visit. Our online barn is new and improved at Club Pony Pals.

Remember to visit our vending machine and buy some treats before you go out on trail. Your pony will get hungry in the first clearing at the end of our Cross-Country trail, so make sure you have a treat to feed it before you start the long ride back to the barn.

Happy Riding!

Jane Crandal

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Letters from Club Members


Madi G drawing

Madi G. is this week's jigsaw puzzle artist! She got a free bumpersticker and bookmark for sending in this great drawing. If you want to enter, send your art to the Webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com or mail it to:

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soleadd Canyon Road #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

Hi, I was just wondering if you can add some of these: It would be cool to have shows, like jumping and cross country;Also, maybe there could be a friend request thing, where if you can get a member, you get more coins. And finally , for the game box, maybe you can make some flash games, like how fast can you groom the pony.

Some other cool additions can be; a wash stall, or maybe you can make riders! And in the house you can dress your rider( maybe that is a little to much) But i am sure the wash stall can be done.I hope.I am 11 and love horses a lot! This site think is both fair to everyone, and has great graphics. I just love the game!

P.S. I will try to get friends to join; i got 2 to, hopefully i can get more! And i will share more ideas when i get them.

P.P.S. I was thinking since now we have the barn horses, maybe if we excersise the schooling pony we can earn more bucks. And insted of the trails, we can choose between a riding ring, or trail. Maybe we can do the riding ring for our ponies also. Also, i dont know if this got to you, but we can do jumping and cross country shows, flash games, and have a wash stall. And the house can be where the little cat goes. Maybe we can take care of her too. We also should have a friend request thing ( maybe a mailbox) and if we can get a friend we get bucks, or some sort of pony treat.I am trying my best to get more friends. Finally, a cool thing would be to have an avatar, yourself. You wouldnt use it, but it would just be a fun picture to have insted of a dark riders shadow.



I just wanted to say that I LOVE the website! And the new features are great! I also have a few suggestions:

I was wondering if you would be willing to bring out some western tack? I read in Wiggens Weekly that there will soon be a place to buy new tack. I've always been interested in the west, I live there, too. It might appeal to more people, too. I also had the idea that when you ride your pony on the trail, maybe you could have a choice of trails. There could be, say, a forest trail, the original trail, and some others.

Well, just wanted to say so. Hope this gets into Wiggens Weekly!

Emily J.

Dear Pony Pals Malkia and Emily

Your suggestions are all great. Most of them are already in the works!


hey!!!!sooooooooooo sorry i am late!!!!!if u could like e-mail me back......just so we can chat!!!!thanks, Clarissa  

hay i'm new and i want to know how to write to other players X
hey this is michaela jo im new could you email me back thanks

Dear Pony Pals Clarissa, X and Michaela Jo

You can chat with or write to other players just like you did, by sending a letter into the Wiggins Weekly. There is a really serious law called COPPA that means your letter must only be sent to other Pony Pals to a grown-up's address and in this e-newsletter. Thanks for asking.


hey this is lexie and when is the girl going 2 b back 4 the kitten? please write back thank you

Dear Pony Pal Lexie

Thanks for asking. Right now the kitten is safe at Crandal's Barn. It may show up somewhere else though, kittens do tend to wander off when they are young.


my horses name is finalli and i do ride him i do not rodeo but i do trot and canter and i ride western my horse is a quarter horse and he is very good if you know any WESTERN games please ask me and i will tell you if that is on


Dear Pony Pal Kaitlyn

Finalli sounds wonderful. Do you ever play tag on horses? Or "Mother May I?" Or do drill team? Those are all fun games


Tell the code writer I really like her work on Mrs.Crandals barn, it looks good, and that I appreciate what she does for the game. I couldn't help but ask if you'll could give me some details about Daisy, I can't wait to groom her and Splash! I have different accounts ... I have a POA on that one named Apache... my main account has my favorite pony Shadow,he's a black welsh... my pony,Thalia,wich she is a connemara.... I have a paint named Arapaho... I love all my ponys and take care of them all. I groom them,ride them and make sure they get their tub of hay.


P.S. When I log in and go to see my pony,Thalia,..when I go on a ride with her,she doesn't jump the water obstacle at a trot. Can she jump it at a trot,are is it to big for her?

Dear Pony Pal A

I will make sure our code writer hears that you like the barn. To take that high water jump you must be at a canter or your pony will refuse to jump it.


hi i am Tessa messging u again and i love horseback riding i ride a tenessee walking horse in English and Western i canter and soon gallup i am 9 years old tell the pony pals and there horses i said hi^_^ i love photo shop to here i one of my photoshoped pics^_^hope u enjoy it:)!!!

Pictrure of Simon the dog

Dear Pony Pal Tessa

What a cute pup! Thanks for sending it.

Gaited horses are really amazing. A regular horse has a two-beat gait called a trot. How does a gaited horse move differently? Some gaited horses will not canter, they just speed up their gaited movement.

Write back and tell us more.



how are you? i'm, fine. what up's right now.? 

the animals are fine. but my black orpington (chicken) is sick. i really sad that i'm not going to have lambs this year.

i going to hatch some chicks in about  11 days.  what your favorite book? i don't have a favorite book.  how is the weather there? (here) it is cold. i hate feeding in  winter. i can't wait for the first 4 -H meeting on the 12th of march. i will get to meet some new people make some friends.  i miss all of you alot. do you like to cook? i do. did you like to email or write letters?  what are you up too? i will email you when  my  chicks hatch. that 's all for now. email or write me a letter back soon. ask me soon questions please.

   your friend forever  . 
          ~Rosie ~

~ Do you know why I write so much? Because  as long as we write, we are together.~

Dear Pony Pal Rosie

It is starting to be spring here. Our chickens are laying lots of eggs, but no chicks yet. My questions are:

What is wrong with your black orpington?

How come you are not going to have lambs this year?

What kind of chicks are you going to hatch?

What do you like to cook?

It is really fun to get and write letters. Thanks for writing.


Hi, we don't have any horses on this farm but I like horses and I like
reading pony pals books. I wrote a oral book report yesterday on them.


P.S. I am 9 years old

Dear Pony Pal Jessica

We like reading Pony Pals books, too. Which one is your favorite so far? And how did your oral book report go?


Dear ClubPonyPals,
I really like the new looks on ClubPonyPals.com.  It looks really nice and I cannot wait until the new trails get put in!!! :)

Dear Pony Pal Cami

Thanks for your support. The first new trail will be Pony Pals Trail to Crandal's clearing. Look for it very soon.



What up
Mary K

hey what r u doing

Dear Pony Pals Lindsay, Mary K and Amber

Thanks for writing. Things here at ClubPonyPals.com are very busy, every day we are working hard on building out the world of Wiggins. Write back and tell more about your adventures, with or without a pony.


hi my name is shelby. im 10 years old. i will by 11 on feb. 1 and i was
born in 1999. i am so in to horses i have 2 real ones . they are so fun!!!! :-D i go to fair evry year . i go to mills 4th grad did you hear that is closing? it is so said :'(

Dear Pony Pal Shelby

It is sad that your school is closing. But next year you will have new friends in a new school. Probably some of the friends you go to school with now will be there too. Do you know what school you will go to next year?

You are very lucky to have two real horses. What are their names? What color are they? Are they a special breed? What do you do with them? Write back, tell us more.


rock on horses!!!!!


(=' :')
( O O )

( 0 0 ) ANIMALS!!!
= o =

Victoria B

Dear Pony Pal Victoria B

What cute animal pictures! The first two are cats, the next an owl, but I need Pony Pals help with the next two! Write back and tell me about them.


hi this is Horse Girl
im in the u.s and a tip for the ponypals is speed up befor a jump and groom your pony after you ride

Dear Pony Pal Horse Girl

You are so right, that is one way to make your pony jump better and to make it more healthy. Caring for your animal after you ride is so important. No Pony Pal should ever put their pony away when it is sweaty.


Dear Webmaster, Did ya'll have a good President's Day? We did. I have an idea for Club Pony Pals. Could ya'll please have a section with Mrs. Harley's recipes? Will you please make sure that The Pony Pals get my E-Mails on time? I understand that you have joint custody of a horse. Congratulations. Will you please tell Anna that I do feel a little more grown up now that I'm Annie's legal owner? Have a good week. Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce:

What a good idea to have a part of the newsletter be for receipes. I will ask Anna's mom and maybe you can send one in from your family, too.


Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

Hi Jeanne Betancourt,
I was just writing to say that I absolutely love your books and I have read about 13 of them! I only started reading them about a month ago! I’m still reading them; at the moment I am reading ‘Pony to the Rescue’ I accidentally read them all backwards!! Oops! Anyway, you were the one that really got me into ponies and horses, and now I go horse riding at a place called G. H. I wish I had a pony just like the pony pals, but not all pony pals have to have a pony. I got really exited when I found out that I could actually email you and contact you so I decided to write you this letter. Also me and my friend now love ponies and have made our very own pony pal club! Please read this.
Nice talking to you,
Anna C.
P.S my name is the same name as one of the pony pals!!
P.P.S please write back.

Dear Anna,

I love that you have a Pony Pal name. I chose the name Anna because I like how it is spelled the same way forward and backward. It is one of my favorite names. I like my daughter's name very much. It is "Nicole." But I've always said that if I had a second daughter her name would be "Anna." I also like that you have a Pony Pal Club. Do you make up new Pony Pal stories or act out the Pony Pal books that you have read? Maybe you could act out some of the Pony Pal stories and change them as you go along. Don't worry about reading the books backwards. It shouldn't make any difference. Have you had a chance to read number one - I WANT A PONY? It is interesting to see how the Pony Pals first met and became Pony Pals.

You are right that you don't need a real pony to be a Pony Pal. I've never had my own pony and I am definitely a Pony Pal.

Happy reading, Anna.

Jeanne Betancourt

My name is Mikal K and I am 10 years old.
Your books are really good.
I looooooooooooove them!
I might be an author when I grow up.
Can you give a few tips?

Dear Mikal,

Good for you for being interesting in becoming an author. You are lucky to be in school where you have many opportunities to improve your writing style. Take advantage of all of your teachers' ideas on how to improve your writing. Also, check out my website jeannebetancourt.com where you will find a whole section of tips on writing.

Happy reading and writing.

Jeanne Betancourt

Hi Jeanne Betancourt! I can't believe I'm really e-mailing you! I really really really love your books sooo much. I hope you can make more series of Pam, Anna, and Lulu. My classmate, Anna has half of the whole series. so she lets me borrow some of her books too! I also like taking care of my online ponies at Club Pony Pals even though I don't have one in real life. But, my dad said that I could go riding lessons on March! I'm so excited. Please Write Back!
Lots of Pony Luv!
Pony Pal Cami xoxo

Dear Pony Pal Cami,

How much fun that you have a friend who shares her Pony Pal books and that you are a member of ClubPonyPals.com. There are so many great activities and games on that site. How exciting for you that you will be riding soon. I hope you have as much fun as the Pony Pals. Happy riding!

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

what happen to fat cats kittens LW

Dear Pony Pal LW

We found homes for the kittens when they got big enough. Pal the black and white one went to catch mice at the Quinn's. Pal is good friends with Ginger the old pony that lives there.

Pam signature

I am very new to the game. I have two horses of my own they are 2 and 3 years old and we have them on the acres that we live on. I would never be able to board my horses it would be to hard. I am training them myself with help from my dad. I am riding them both almost everyday and I am slowly but surely making progress. My grand parents gave them to me for my birthday. So as soon as they were old enough to leave their mothers my grandparents who live in Minnesota trailered them down to us in Texas it was a long ride for them but they made pit stops along the way.  Have one older brother. I live in the country in Texas. The 2 yr. old’s registered name is El Rey Dorado its Spanish for the Golden King, but I cal him lil’ Pal because he is a 750 pound 14 hands palomino quarter horse ands occasionally El Rey when I am semi mad at him and them his full name when I and furious .But when I am mad at him its all out of love and hope that he will learn to obey. The others name is Dakota he is a 950 pound 3 yr. old 15 hands pure black paint quarter horse. I love them both. What do you exactly do on the game?


Dear Pony Pen Pal Pat

Probably ponies prosper on your property. People pet ponies properly to progress perfectly. Pal's palomino perfection. Paint pony probably perfect plus.(Its too hard to write with all p's!)

In my mom's game you can adopt, groom, ride and care for a pony all your own. It is free and every week there are new games and thing to do. Have you adopted a pony in the game yet? Write back and tell us more.

Pam signature

I want to start a pony club but only 1 kid would want to join.please write back.  Friend.

Dear Pony Pal Christina

It is hard to start any kind of club with only one other kid. What kinds of things would your club want to do? Can you draw a picture or write a story together about your club? If you do, then send it to the WebMaster, she will send it out to thousands of other Pony Pals all over the world. Some of them will want to join. Then your club will be really, really big!

Pam signature

Hello! I am Mikal K and I am 10 years old.
I have a lot in common with you.
I love horses, I love school, and I am not a great artist.
What do you like and dislike about having a pony?
Tell me 1 of your greatest adventures as a pony pal.
And are you real?

Dear Pony Pal Mikal

You sure do have a lot in common with me. I really like school and I like to study. But I let Anna do all the drawing, when I try it looks like a chicken scratch!

Having horses and ponies is really fun. I like having them make a hello noise when you go into the barn. It always makes me happy when all my moms horses and the lesson horses and Lightning say "hi!"

The hardest part is when pony gets sick. They can't tell you what is wrong, you have to look at them and guess. My dad is pretty good at figuring it out, he has lots of tools to help him understand why a pony or horse is ill.

My greatest adventure? Well, maybe it is just riding and taking care of my pony every day. When I go for a ride sometimes things happen and sometimes we find lost kids and stuff, but mostly adventures seem to find me, I don't go out looking for them.

I feel pretty real to me. Are you real?

Pam signature


Letters to Anna

how's acorn doing LW

Dear Pony Pal LW

Acorn is good. He is still really furry. But his hair is starting to fall out just a little bit. That means spring is coming.

I gave him a big hug for you.


Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,

I was wondering if there will be a time when we can ride western? I
have seen several people in Wiggens Weekly ask the same question, but I
haven't seen a real answer yet. Just wondering!

Emily J.

Dear Pony Pal Emily

I rode over to Pam's and asked Mrs. Crandal. She she said something about 'code the store.' I asked her what that meant.

She said until Kline's Feed and Tack in downtown Wiggins is open there will only be English saddles.

Then she cheered up and said that building trails towards Wiggins is coming really soon.

So I think that means yes soon and no not now. Both. On my way back Lulu and I talked about it. Lulu is not sure what that means either. When I asked Acorn he just wanted to know whether he could have some more oats with his hay.

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna,
Hello, how are you? My name is Siobhan. You might know me from the previous letters, so I am writing to you again. :)
Nothing has currently happened lately in the riding world, exept I haven't been riding in quite a while. I was sick on two of the days I ride, Sat. and Sun., since was sick, I couldn't ride and I am hoping to ride in the first day for a week. . Yay! I was sick with the stomach bug...... and I can tell you one thing, it was not fun! When I finally got better, my stomach gave me pains. That wasn't fun either.

I hope you and Acorn are doing well,
Siobhan, a loyal Pony Pal Member

( P.S How did you save up to buy Acorn? )

Dear Pony Pal Siobhan

My parents bought him from Mr. Olson. My parents thought I didn't study. They thought I would study more if they gave me a pony. My mom and dad didn't know I had dyslexia. Mrs. Betancourt wrote all about it in a book called "Pony for Keeps." I tried and tried but I needed help. They sent Acorn back to Mr. Olson.

When they found out I had an LD, they got a tutor to help me.

To get a pony you need a Pony Pal plan with your parents. Ask them. My mom says having a pony is good for me. Maybe it would be good for you too.

Anna Hoofprints

My name is Mikal K and I am 10 years old.
I like to draw but I am not a good artist.
Can you give me some tips?

Dear Pony Pal Mikal

My tutor talks about this sometimes. She says for her math is like drawing for me. She feels it.

I feel what I draw. When I feel it then I see it in my mind. Then I can draw it.

To make a picture of Acorn I need to feel how he smells. How his breath is warm. How his mane is all staticy sometimes. How his heart beats a little faster when I run out to see him with an apple.

When I can feel that then I can draw him.

Acorn drawing

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna, Did ya'll have a good President's Day? We did. I don't know how to upload videos online. Mrs. R said that she'll show me how to upload videos online. Mom said that Mrs. R can teach me how to upload videos online during Spring Break as long as I'm caught up with my Home Work. If you meet Mrs. R you'd like her. She's really cool and she's funny. It's supposed to snow after Midnight tomorrow. We're having some weird weather where I live. It rained yesterday and today. Have a good weekend. Have a good week. Please give everyone a hug for me. Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second aftter you get this E-Mail. Friends, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Wow us too. It is still winter and cold here. No rain, only snow. Sometimes when I brush Acorn he nudges me. I think he wants it to be spring. Thursday dad and I went to the diner for dinner. Mom was working. I surprised her with your hug. We stayed for a while. I helped out clearing the table when we finished eating.

Anna Hoofprints

Anna hi,my name is Katie I am 9 years old and I want a pony
so bad!! :-( Also I think it is ok that you can not read or write fast
or well,I can not spell too fast or well! :-[ Plus I live I in the country I have a barn but it needs to be fixed up :'( so I won't be able to have a pony for a while :'( ! I want to be pony pals with my friends but we are having some problems one of my best friends already has a pony :-( but she spends more time with my other friend :'( !
Bye for now :-)

Dear Pony Pal Katie

It is fun to live in the country. There is always things to do. I like to take care of my pony. You have to make sure your barn is safe. Dr. Crandal sometimes has to help ponies and horses that were cut by sharp metal or wire in old barns.

Maybe your friends want to be Pony Pals. That can be really fun.

Thanks for the letter. Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Letter to Lulu

hi lulu what happen to snow whites foal that she had before the baxters owned her? LW

Dear Pony Pal LW

Snow White's foal was Snowflake. He was white. He was born at Valley Farm. He was a Welsh pony. He belongs to Alison Morehouse. Alison's mom is friends with Ms. Wiggins. She loves him and rides him all the time. You can read the whole story in Super Special #2, "The Story of Our Ponies."

Lulu signature

Dear Lulu, I have a lot of nicknames and one of them is Lulu! I like your pony Snow-white and you and your two best friends Anna and Pam. I read a lot of ponypals books in school. I've always wanted a pony but my parents never let me. You and I have a lot in common. We both love ponies and have two best friends. That's all I can write now! Your friend,
Club ponypals fan Jillian

Dear Pony Pal Lulu (Jillian)

It is really great you wrote. I am always glad when someone writes that they liked Ms. Betancourt's books about us. Its kinda fun to be famous. Sometimes.

We are kind of the same. My best friends are Anna and Pam. Who are yours? Do you have adventures with them?

What kind of pony do you like best? I like Welsh ponies because that's what Snow White is. She was almost black when she was born, now she is pure white with dark eyes.

I will give her a kiss for you right behind her ear. She likes getting kisses there I make sure and give her one mostly every day.

Write back, your friend,

Lulu signature

My name is Mikal K and I am 10 years old.
It must be really cool that your Dad is a Naturalist.
What are your likes and dislikes about hiking and taking care of a

Dear Pony Pal Mikal

It is kind of cool. I miss him and wish he was here more though. He promised he would come back for a while this summer while I was on vacation.

Hiking can be really fun. It is slower than riding. If I want to get somewhere in the woods it is faster to take Snow White. Plus ponies almost always know their way home. They take a straight line if you let them.

What I don't like about taking care of a horse is you have to make sure and clean up every bit of pony plop every day. When it rains it can get very very heavy. Then it is a lot of work.

Do you like hiking too? Write back and tell me more.

Lulu signature

Dear Lulu, We actually did find a new farrier. I'm not sure when he's coming out. Thanks for agreeing to ask your dad how he and your mom meet. I'm sorry if I made ya'll upset by asking you how your parents met. My parents where skydiving sweet hearts. They meet at the SC Drop Zone one day back in the 80s. Mom was one of the jump students and Dad was the pilot. They eloped and got hitched at City Hall. Have a good week. Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Friends, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

My mom and dad met when they were in school. They didn't elope. They got married the regular way. My grandma said the family and everybody was there.

The way your parents got married sounds romantic. Hug your mom for me.

Lulu signature

No i wont have to share her with my mom she has her paints we went to a hunter jumper show and won here is the picture she is awsome shes 3 and her name is My Fair Lady i love her bye pony pal ashley

Ashley's thoroughbred with blue ribbon

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

Wow! Way to go! Pet My Fair Lady her for me and make sure you don't get stepped on. She looks really big.

Lulu signature


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Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

When you mount a hourse, all your worries and cares stay on the ground.

Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.

Horses remember things forever - especially spooky stuff.

In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.