Club Pony Pals News

Crandals Raise New Barn,
Membership Gallops Past 10,000 Mark

Dear Pony Pals

This week my online barn is new and improved at Club Pony Pals. The white screen that used to take so long to load is gone. It's easier and more realistic than ever to groom your pony. I even made a movie of me grooming my pony for you to look at.

Even better, after riding now you can remove your pony's saddle and bridle and then groom it. If you groom your pony really well, there is a special surprise. Look for a message after you finish putting away your pony .

This week ClubPonyPals welcomed its 10,000th member! Tyler J signed up and got 1000 Wiggins bucks -- and 10 new Pony Pals books.

We also now have videos on our help page. Take a look, they show how to do things.

Our computer programmer is finishing the barn and will soon start building new sections of Pony Pal Trails. Our goal is to get members to downtown Wiggins just as soon as we can.

Remember to visit our vending machine and buy some treats before you go out on trail. Your pony will get hungry, so make sure you have a treat to feed it.

Happy Riding!

Jane Crandal

PS -- You can help ClubPonyPals grow by forwarding this newsletter to others who you think will enjoy our game.

Letters from Club Members

i am 8 and i have my own email so you can send it to me and i do horse riding i ride a big horse i trot i canter and i ride western  so you know all the games i do hope you get this your friend kaitlyn
ps i am not bragging

Dear Pony Pal Kaitlyn

It sounds like you are pretty good at riding already! What is your horse's name? Do you go to gymkhanas or rodeos? Write back and let us know.


dear webmaster,   i have a question for you. i was wondering when the new crandal barn will be done. why is because i would like to tack and untack my horse captain. i am also a huge fan of the pony pals! i've read all the books they are great. how are pam, anna, and lulu doing? please tell them i said hello to them and their ponys thanks.   your pony pal fan, lauren

Dear Pony Pal Lauren

The new barn is done! You can now untack and groom your online pony. Pam, Anna and Lulu were glad to hear from you. They write about what they did on President's day later in this newsletter.


when is the Barn goinna be done? Estella

Hi. how do I groom Splash and Daisy? it wont let me click on their stall. thank you for your time. horsevaulter

Hello,I have a question. When will I be able to groom Daisy and Splash for Mrs.Wiggins? jo

Hi. how do I groom Splash and Daisy? it wont let me click on their stall. thank you for your time. Rachel W.

how do I get into splash and daisy's stall?

Hi i cant figure out how to groom daisy or splash on club pony pals, how do you do that?

Dear Pony Pals

Our coder says Daisy and Splash will be ready for grooming next week, so we hear. Thanks for asking. When their stalls have yellow outlines, they will be open. .


Dear PonyPals Club,
I am new to your club and am enjoying it SO much.  I have wanted a pony for years, but we haven't enough land to keep one.  I am having fun grooming and feeding my new pony "Gold Dust".
But I have a question.  I didn't read about how to keep up your horse's energy level before I rode her the first time and now -- even though I have rested her for 2 days and continued to take good care of her, her energy level is still low.  How can I get help for my sick pony?  What should I do to get her energy back?
Also, how do you get a friend at PonyPals Club?  
I will look forward to your answers.  Thank you again.

Dear Pony Pal Hope

Your story is exactly why we have the Club. Not every Pony Pal can have a real pony but we can offer a free online pony to love. That can help when you really want one.

Just like people, ponies need lots of exercise. Your pony's energy will get higher when she is resting, either in the barn or out on trail. Taking your pony out for a trail ride is the best way to make sure that she stays healthy. Look for more new trails soon.


Yes I can read the Wiggins Weekly via e-mail. Why do you put in questions from other players?? I can't wait untill the barn is finished. I really want to see Splash and Daisy. Wheres downtown Wiggins?? PLease write back


Dear Pony Pal horsesrule97

Over 7000 Pony Pal families get the Wiggins Weekly. It is like a letter to everyone who belongs to our Club. Other members may have the same questions as you, that's why your letter goes out to everyone so they can read the answers, too.


hi my name is chiara and I would like to be in this group       can I

Dear Pony Pal Family

You are a member of ClubPonyPals, thanks for writing. What would  you like to see on our website?

You can write to Jeanne Betancourt, Lulu, Anna and Pam or the Webmaster and see your letters in the Wiggins Weekly.

Thanks for writing,



Dear Pony Pal

My day has been lovely today. It is cool and springlike here and my daffodils are up and blooming. How are things with you?


Tori shared with you that our house caught on fire.  Thanks for your concern about us--we are all fine and the house is fine.  Our heating/air conditioning unit caught fire and blew smoke and harmful vapors throughout our house.  There is some smoke damage and we have no heat, but all is well.
Again, thanks for your concern.
Tori's Dad

Dear Pony Pal Tori and Tori's Dad

Wow how scary! We are all really glad you are okay. Was that part of the big fires in Australia? In the USA we read about them and see pictures, but that's never as scary as being there. Write back and let us know how you're doing.


If you know the 10,000th winner,you should tell everyone in club pony pals who the winner is.

Dear Pony Pal

The 10,000th Pony Pal is named Tyler J. Club Pony Pals gave Tyler 1000 Wiggins bucks in their account. So far that is all we know. We may have more information next week.



The game is really fun!! The best minigame so far is jigsaw. I like the idea to let someone make the art of the puzzle, and let site do the rest. It's cool! Thanks for posting my (animated) cartoon on the Wiggins Weekly.


Dear Pony Pal Summer

It is funny about the mini-games - different people like different games. Jane Crandal likes jigsaws, too. Some of the other folks who work on the site like the math games best. A new feature this week is posting high scores from some of the games. Look for them below in My Club Pony Pals.


Hello ... I think I FINALLY found the right place to write this to. If you own this site or you just help out with I wanted to tell you how much I like it. I searched the websites for a fun,realistic game that's free to play and this is the best! I love how enjoyable and inspiring this game is. It's just,just I don't know how to explain how I much I like it! I wanted to tell you some improvments me and many other players would like to be done. I think you should be able to pat your pony and water it because all living things need water,right? I really want to be able to pat my pony so that you can make it happy. I love your game pony pals and I searched the webs and found that this is the perfect game for a child or child at heart. I'm ten and I live in the USA. I have a pony named Shadow and the color of his coat is Bay {for those of you who don't know what this color is,it is a dark brown color with black legs} and he's a Welsh. I love him SO MUCH. He's sort of spunky,I gota remind who's boss sometimes. I ride western,although I don't barrel race, just trail ride which I find peaceful. I also like this motto: It's easier to let go of your fear when you know where it came from. I ... never will forget it. I also want to ask if you can add this to the to do list for pony pals. I wish you could pet your pony and water it. I also thought that maybe when you'll get this game going better if you'll could make like a small map when riding the trails,but there would have to be a lot more trails to be able to do that. I also wish there would be western tack for western riders. I also wanted to ask if maybe on day you could see other riders on the trail. Well the future holds a lot! Bye.
A very,very happy player of pony pals,

P.S. {Please put this in the Wiggins Weekly because I really want a reply like many other players.}
One of many loyal members,

I love this game. I love this game it is fun. Rhiannon

Dear Pony Pals Artemis and Rhiannon

Thanks so much. Please tell your friends about our free game, to keep it free we need lots and lots of new members.


Why don't you have horse show that we can take are online horse to?   From. Amber

Dear Pony Pal Amber

What a great idea! We also think there should be horse shows and plan to figure out a way to do it. What kind of shows do you think we should have?


a tip for ponypal users is when you jump quicken your ponys pace and use your space bar thanks ponypal ashley

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

That's a good tip. What do you think of the new barn?


Thanks you its my first time being on this web site. I  have a horse of my own her name is Misty eyed playgirl and she's blind so i have to watch her and i ride her everyday  but i keep her in my house so she doesn't get hurt outside.she's only 5 years old. I love your  web site. 

Dear Pony Pal Misty's owner

You are so good to take such good care of Misty Eyed Playgirl. It is sad that she can't see but she is lucky to have you. You can help her decide where to go. You are her seeing eye human.

Where do you ride? How did Misty lose her sight? Write back and let us know.


    Hi ClubPonyPals,
My username is JHorses13 and  I saw that on the bulletin board it said lost kitten with a reward. I  clicked on the barrel outside and found the kitten. Can I and how do I  return it to the owner??
Please  Help!!

Dear Pony Pal Family

You have  sharp eyes! Our coder is working on the kitten rescue sequence. For right now,  when you mouse over the kitten, it will start to purr. It is OK. As soon as  our coder gets back from a visit with her family ( a building is being  dedicated to her late father) she is going to get to work on it.

Where  do you think the kitten should end up?


    I think you should make the house have a lounge/ living room where the kitten lives. The kitten should visit the stable every once in a while. And when the kitten is there you can play a game with the kitten.

Letter to Jeanne Betancourt

Jeanne ,

I love your books. I've read almost all of them.


Dear Jeanne Betancourt

My name is Alena. I am eight years old. I really like your books. I rad all of the books in the P. Library and school. My favorite book is the Fourth Pony Pal. I want to read The Missing Pony Pal and Goodbye Pony. My birthday is January 30th. I really want a horse or a pony. Ponies from the Past is sad and happy. I have a dog named Buddy and a hampster named Speedy and some fish. What is it like where you live? What is your favorite pony from the Pony Pals? I like Acorn. Please write back.



Alena's drawing

PS. Ms. Betancourt
Alena was in a "special" reading group at school. After working hard to read your books -- she no longer needs to be in the reading group. Thank you! Alena's mom

Dear Pony Pals Lori and Alena

Thanks so much for writing. It is always wonderful to hear that young people like my books. Keep reading, keep riding, and write back about your adventures, with or without a pony.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,
Did ya'll have a good President's Day? We did. You're right Molly is a special case. What did your dad think about Riley, Molly, and Prosthetic legs for horses? You never said whether or not Dr. Katie could remove Cimarron's toe bone and give him a metal one. Mom and Aunt Loretta have decided to start soaking Cimarron's hoof again. Would the combination of the Epsom Salts and the shots help him feel better? Mom doesn't want to bring up the subject of putting Cimarron down in front of Grandmama and Aunt Loretta because she's afraid they'll argue about it. Cimarron was limping a lot less yesterday. I shook his bucket of food and Cimarron nickered and walked up to me. I think the shots are finally kicking in. We should have tried the shots in the first place. It would have saved us a lot of trouble. I'm the only one poor Cimarron trusts now. He doesn't trust Mom and Aunt Loretta right now and he won't even come into the barn. Beauty's very worried about him and of course Annie's still jealous. Again you were right about other horses getting jealous when their owners take care of a different horse. Cimarron had some Green Goo around his nose on Monday. Dr. Katie said that Cimarron might have a tumor on his lungs and that we might have come to a stopping point. However, the goo around his nose is gone. There's still some clear goo inside his nose and his nose is a little runny. Would 6 drops of Eucalyptus and a nose bag full of straw help Cimarron's nose clear up? What's one of the symptems that a horse has a lung tumor? The reason Dr. Katie thought that Cimarron might have a tumor is because only one of his nostrils had green goo around it at first, but now the goo's white. She took some X-Rays of Cimarron to find out if her diagnoses was correct, but Aunt Loretta hasn't told us if he has a tumor or not. If it ever gets to where Cimarron can't stand up or if it ever gets to where he's uncomfortable because of the Cushing's we'll have to put him down. Aunt Loretta fired D. and we're getting a new farrier. Hopefully our new farrier won't trim the horses hoofs too short. It's partly D's fault that Cimarron has an abscess. If it wasn't for him Cimarron would be fine. D didn't even admit that. At first Mom thought that Annie and Beauty limped to after gettin their feet done, but I observed them very carefully. Annie and Beauty are the only ones who don't get abscesses and they don't limp after they get their hoofs trimmed. Friends,

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Thanks for writing! We had a really fun Presidents Day we rode up to the Wiggins Estate and had cocoa and visited and looked at the painting that Ms. Wiggins is doing now. It is all white and black with snow and bare trees.

It is so good to hear about Cimarron. I asked my dad and he says that not too many horses get tumors in their lungs. He laughed and said that they are smart enough not to smoke cigarettes! He also said that most horses do a lot better with their own feet and legs than with prosthetics. Molly was a really special case, he said. There was no way to fix or heal her leg, she was going to be put down. The only way that happened was the University did the surgery. Otherwise it would cost way too much to fix that problem.

I am glad Cimarron is feeling better. My dad said clear fluid in his nose is normal. That is tears dripping down into his nose from his eyes, all ponies and horses have a little tube in their nose that drains down from their eyes and that clear liquid is tears and is ok.

Cushing's won't make Cimarron uncomfortable, it is the other things that happen from Cushings that can hurt or make a horse sick. It sounds like you are getting him better, though. Dad said it sounds like you are doing all the right things.

Let me know what happens with Cimarron's hoof. And give Annie a big hug for me-- even having half of your own horse is the best!

It was great to get your letter this week. I kinda felt lonely until you wrote.

Your friend,

Pam signature

PS Which half of Annie is your half?

Letters to Anna

Dear Anna Harley  hi my name is Courtney B.  I am 8 years old I live in new Zealand with my 3 year old sister kaylee   and my mum I used to have a pony but it died  better go from courtney xxx

Dear Courtney

Club Pony Pals is so fun! I get letters from friends everywhere. New Zealand is far away. It is so sad your pony died. It made me worried about Acorn. I ran out and gave him a big hug and told him it was from you. He wanted an apple slice. I got one and gave that to him too.

We went for a ride on Monday. It was Presidents Day. It was a school holiday. Pam and Lulu and me all rode to the Wiggins Estate. Ms. Wiggins let us put our ponies in her barn. Then we had cocoa. When we were all warm again we rode home.

What did you do on Monday? Did you have to go to school? I had to study extra with my tutor on Tuesday for a math test. I think I did ok.

Write back,


Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,
Does Acorn get heart shaped apple slices every Valentines day?  Libbys owner is Murey.  2 years ago i took riding lessons.  The horse i rode her name is Mimi.   She is all brown.  Have you gotten sick this year?I have. I have a cat and bunny. My cat is black, white and brown.  She is a calico. Her name is Callie. I do not know what kind of bunny.   His name is Hopper.


Dear Pony Pal Morgan

Is Libby lonely? Sometimes old horses miss being ridden.

Mrs. Crandal told me story about an old horse she knew. It was a jumper. It got hurt. In the shoulder. Then it was retired to pasture. It got very lonely. It got skinny. Then it got moved to a new barn.

There was a girl there. She had CP. It was hard for her to do things. One arm and one leg were kind of floppy. But she really wanted to ride.

So she got to ride this old horse. He was so happy to have a new rider. He was very careful. He walked slowly and pretty soon the girl got to be able to ride him alone. He was very very special to her.

Maybe you can ask your parents if they can ask Murey if it is ok if you pet Libby. Then you can be friends with an old horse. Mrs. Crandal says it is really important to ask first. Just because a horse is old it can still be dangerous if it is not trained.

There is one horse at Olson's that bites. So it is good to ask first. A horse that bites can really hurt you.

Let me know. I hope you get to pet Libby.

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna,
I read about you and your pony Acorn I know so much about you. I know how you feel about reading and writing i am the same. You are my favorite pony pal!!!!!!!!!!
You are the best,
Rebecca C

p.s. please send back as soon as you can

Dear Pony Pal Rebecca C

Your letter made me happy. I had to study math a lot this week. It was hard. Then I had a test. I hope I did OK.

What did you do on Monday? Were you off from school too?

Write back.

Anna Hoofprints

Letter to Lulu

hi i am ally i am a huge fan is wiggins a real place

Dear Pony Pal Ally

It seems real to me.

Do you have a pony in Crandal's barn? That is in Wiggins, just down Pony Pal Trail from where I live.

Its really good to have you write. I like to get letters and I'll usually write back (if I don't have too much homework!)

Pretty soon Mrs. Crandal promises kids will be able to ride down to see us and visit Wiggins. I hope to see you there.

Lulu signature

How was your life before you had snow white?          Lorrin C

Dear Pony Pal Lorrin

Before I had Snow White I lived in England. There I went to school. I got to ride a pony named Ginger. She was a fat chestnut. She didn't like to jump so much.

When I found Snow White I was happy to have a pony to take care of. Then she got hurt and I was so mad at Mr. Baxter. When I got to take care of her and ride her I was so happy.

How was your life before you had your online pony?

Lulu signature

sorry i didnt mean it like that lol my ponies name on ponypals is Black Gold when is the barn going to be done ? i would  love to get new tack for my pony will there be grain & hay & feed tubs we have to buy ?  thanks send a picture of you and snow white this is the thourghbred my mom wants to get me for my birthday i love him yur pony pal '

Jet black thoroughbred

Dear Pony Pal

Mrs. Crandal says the online barn is up. Next week you can visit Daisy and Splash. When they are ready for visitors, Mrs. Crandal says their doors will get a yellow box around them.

Thoroughbreds are really big! It is a pretty horse, though. Would you share the black thoroughbred with your mom?

Lulu signature

My Club Pony Pals
New Feature

Top High Scores from last week

"Crandal's Cross Country Course going South"


















"Crandal's Cross Country Course going North"











Tattletale Tillie   










"Add Like Mad"



Little Joe






I like horses







"Subtraction Action"











pay bay











"Multiplication Station"











mia and ruby











Picture It

The Story so far.... The Pony Pals had just completed freeing a herd of wild mustangs.  They were cleaning up the twine and string, putting it in their saddle bags when suddenly someone shouted "Stop!" They all turned and saw Lulu's father. Lulu was very angry with her Dad, she jumped on Snow White and galloped away. Summer, Meredith, Sunshine, Lulu’s Dad, Pam and Anna gave chase on their ponies and horses.

Lulu was going so fast she and Snow White didn't see a deep ditch until it was too late. They fell into it!

While riding Lulu’s father explained to the other girls he was trying to study the mustangs, that was why the horses were tied.

Then they heard Snow White and Lulu crying for help.  The group carefully approached the ditch and Mr. Sanders and Eye-High got out a rope with a noose. The Pony Pals tied their horses and held onto Mr. Sanders' feet as the dropped the noose down towards Snow White.

Snow White got out safely, but horse thieves came and tried to steal all the other ponies and horses. Elie and Star stopped them and gave the ropes back to Lulu's dad.

Lulu yelled up that she still needed help. Mr. Sanders laid down on the bank and started to feed a rope down to Lulu when suddenly he started to slide! The girls grabbed his shoes but one came off and .....
The next thing Lulu saw was her dad coming over the bank headfirst! He landed next to her in the water and started laugh, and tell her a story about a time in Brazil when Eye High the pony interrupted. "I know what to do."

Eye-High started down towards Lulu and her dad but Tommy Rand poured some oil on the rocks right in front of Eye-High. Eye-High picked up his pace. Everyone held their breath. Then, Eye-High lifted his front legs and jumped! He sprang so high that everyone was amazed. It was like he was going up and up and up, when Eye-High came back down he was past the oily rocks. He cantered past that oil and tossed his head up. He trotted up to Lulu and her dad and put his nose down to sniff.

But then Eye-High fell into the water! There was huge splash but the brave pony jumped back up on the bank. As Eye-High shook himself like a dog, everyone started to laugh, including Lulu and her dad. The wet mustang looked proud of himself. Lulu stifled her chuckle.

"How are you going to get us out?" she asked.

Eye-High pointed upstream with his nose and began to trot slowly in that direction. Up above, the other Pony Pals and friends got into their saddles. Lulu and her dad could hear pony footfalls as they walked. The streambed got shallower and they rounded a corner to see a bank that they could climb.

Eye-High jumped up and then......he scrambled on the rocks of the nearest bank. He shook dry. Then he suddenly caught a scent of a nearby family of foals spishing and a splashily in the sparkly spring water of the river. But then, in a split second, Eye-High smelled danger. Sand was splashing, not in play, but with fear. Dusty shied in panic. Eye-High flicked up his ears, and he heard a distant roar.

The foal was staring at a grizzly bear. The bear was clearly hungry; the snapping of his jaws and the foaming of the mouth.

Then, Eye-High...

Pam C writes

...spun around and began kicking at the bear. Every other pony turned and did the same. In seconds the huge bear was being kicked from all sides. He roared and turned away, heading back into the forest. The foal was saved!

What happens next? Let us know. Write to

Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

--"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted and I won't be laid a hand on. I
don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them." --
John Wayne, "The Shootist"


--"anyone who gets a horse, saves a horse (provided they
take proper care of it). It doesn't matter from where it comes."

Jim Casey