Volume 2 Number 30 ----- February 1-7, 2009

Club Pony Pals News
Pony Pal Math Champs Score Big

Dear Pony Pals

In the news from Wiggins, Pony Pal Trail's very first section opened for members to ride last week. Within just a few days, high scores from around the world have been posted. These are not only for riders' best times going back and forth from Crandal's barn to the clearing. Many are also for math totals.

This week, several club members share their tips about how they scored top points when they play our math mini games to earn Wiggins Bucks.

Pony Pal Lil_missgami has some cheerful advice. "I study to know them by heart. Try it, its fun."

Pony Pal Horsefreak190 says "Thanks! In multiplication station is used mental math to figure out what I already know. And in subtraction action is tried to figure out what numbers work better."

Jomallet1998 reflected a bit and then emailed a shortcut to share. It's a lot like one that Anna Harley got from her tutor. "Well Here's a tip I do know. Let's say you want to find the answer to 4x9. you take the finger before the finger you are multiplying in this case it will be the third finger and count to the ninth finger. Let me show you. Ok you're on your third finger say 30 then 31 then 32 and 33 and just keep on going till you are at your ninth finger! your answer will be on the ninth finger! The answer should be 36. It's the same way with all the other numbers. I just know my multiplication, adding, division and subtraction really well too."

Pony Pal Suspreena weighs in: "The only thing I can offer is decades of using the multiplication table."

Next, Pony Pal Glorose wrote in. "Hi, this is Glorose. I'm new to this game. I've found what works best for me in all the math games is take out the groups of numbers at a time and work small areas at a time, such as 12 = 444 or 19 = 454. I'm not sure how to explain it better. Hope this helps someone."

Vampiregal42 could be reporting a teacher's viewpoint. "For multiplication, I just have them memorize their time tables and practice. Flash cards that you make or buy in the store work really well. Also, make it a game and have fun with it. We also offer rewards and if they do good then they get to pick something from the "box."

horsekrazi10 advises a very simple approach: practice, practice, practice. "I always remember a few years ago, my teacher would make us say the times table three time s a day and would make us do it for homework too!  That how figured out my times table!"

For next week's issue please email us: have you posted a high score for a word game? If you send your tips here for other Pony Pals to see, we will credit 100 Wiggins bucks to your account.

Don't forget to tell us a username (NOT YOUR PASSWORD) where you want credits to go. Email your replies to webmaster@ClubPonyPals.com Please note your state, province or country.

Crandal's barn is getting closer to being completely rebuilt. When it is done, members will be able to untack their ponies and feed them a tub of hay in their stall. The whole barn will also load much, much faster. And to earn points, members will be able to groom Daisy and Splash for Mrs. Crandal. For the next couple of weeks, it is still not possible to untack your pony at Crandal's barn. But if your pony has gotten sick or if you want to raise its health, log out from the game and log back in, then groom it to bring up its health.

Pam has brought another of her favorite pony word games to Crandal's barn loft, Word scramble.

When you play these mini games, you can earn Wiggins Bucks to buy treats.

Make sure your inventory has some treats in it when you go out on trail. Your pony will get hungry while you are out on trail, so make sure you have a treat to feed it.

Happy Riding!

Jane Crandal

PS -- You can help ClubPonyPals grow by forwarding this newsletter to others who you think will enjoy our game. When someone new signs up and sends an email with your Username (NOT YOUR PASSWORD)  and their Username, we will give both accounts 100 Wiggins bucks.

Letters from Club Members

Dear webmaster,
Hi it's me Savanna. I had so much fun with the new riding game.

Dear Pony Pal Savannah

Thanks for your email. We are glad to offer a riding game that will work both in a browser and on computers that members probably have. There is a new speed test just for Wiggins Weekly readers to try. Please let us know your computer's reading. Keep riding, reading and writing.


Dear Webmaster

I got it working. It wasn't working on internet explorer. I had to do it on Mozilla fire fox. Thx 4 all your help u gave me.  Your Pony Pal,


Dear Pony Pal Tessa

You are welcome. We do our best to make sure every person who joins ClubPonyPals has an enjoyable time. Our code writers also do their best to see that our site works on as many browsers as possible, worldwide.


Dear Webmaster

No problem!!!  I always like to help!!!


Dear Pony Pal Cami

Your riding tips have gone out around the world to help other Pony Pals enjoy our riding game. Our next trail section is about to start getting coded. It will go into the woods. It will be very different.


Dear Webmaster

All Right!


PS I am so excited!

Dear Pony Pal Kirby

Nothing works like persistence. You have true Pony Pal Perseverance. Thanks for not giving up even when it seemed like you weren't getting anywhere. We are so happy to have you in ClubPonyPals. We hope you have a wonderful time here as we build out virtual Wiggins with lots of adventures -- including with Tommy Rand, the Pony Pals' special pest! Please write and tell us about your adventures, with or without a pony.


Dear Webmaster

Hi. I've been a pony pal for a few weeks and I think you guys could make it were we can message other pony pals share tips and ideas.
Also, I would like to be able to groom and ride splash and daisy. I rrreeeeeeeellly love pony pals and i have ideas for this website grooming and riding splash and daisy ( i don't know if you can already) And also when can I untack my pony myself. I've been on for 2 weeks. I love the new trail.
Thank you for your time,  
Pony Pal ashley

Dear Pony Pal Ashley

You are very welcome. We agree, Pony Pals should be able to message each other on the ClubPonyPals website through a moderated forum. It is on our database administrator's list of things to do. Daisy and Splash are being coded right now. Before we launch that site feature, we want to make sure that it works. Watch the Wiggins Weekly for an announcement when their stalls are ready to open.


Dear Webmaster

Did ya'll have a good MLK Day? We did. My aunt's the one who's horse has Cushing's. Cimarron could have participated in the study if he wasn't on Pergolide already. He just started taking Pergolide.

Could you please show The Pony Pals rooms, their houses, their school, Ms. Wiggins house, Mrs. Crandel's office, Dr. Crandel's office, and have a feature where members can E-Mail Mrs. Crandel or Dr. Crandel by clicking on their computers followed by typing the E-Mail on their computers? That way if Club Pony Pals members have questions about riding or medical questions they can talk to Pam's parents personally. Have a good weekend.

Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail.



Dear Pony Pal Cayce

We are all rooting for Cimarron to get well and stay well. He sounds like a much-loved horse, as they all should be. All the features you mention are scheduled to be created. Our coders can only work as fast as they can. ClubPonyPals is a very special site that reflects a special set of values: Pony Pals are strong, smart and kind. They have adventures with and without ponies. Reading, writing, math and learning are important to Pony Pals. This site encourages visitors to never stop learning, to practice kindness and to look within themselves for courage to meet life's challenges. Thank you for writing.


Dear Webmaster

Thank you so much. This is the most responsive web game I have played. The personal touch is much appreciated.


Dear Pony Pal Marianne

You are very welcome. Remarks like this make us feel happy. It is our mission here at ClubPonyPals to offer a site where each person can feel valued, have adventures, improve their learning and share their ideas with others.


Dear Webmaster

How do you enter the other horses stalls in the barn? Also, Can you respond to the "Barn Bulletin Board"?


Dear Pony Pal Megan

Daisy and Splash's stalls are not quite ready yet. Our coder is working on it. Watch the Wiggins Weekly for news about when their stalls are ready. The bulletin board in the aisle way of Crandal's barn is not "live" yet, our coder is also rewriting that. Thank you for asking. We appreciate your patience.


Dear Webmaster

My champion pony's name is April. I play with the keyboard not the mouse. I avoid crashing in to the rocks by slowing down the pony.
I don't know how i do it I just do it. I live in Newfoundland. And Labrador in Canada.


Dear Pony Pal Hilary

Thank you so much for generously sharing your clues. Labrador? Isn't that in the far North? Is that above Newfoundland? Are there ponies where you live? Please write and tell us. Welcome to the barn!


Dear Webmaster

Hey, um, does that mean we will be able to go to the store and stuff? B-cuz i think we should be able to ride to places and all that b-cuz all we can do is take a trail ride which is the same ole one so please can we ride places? write back


Dear Pony Pal Oledaner

Thanks for writing. Yes, visitors will be able to ride other places as soon as we can get them coded. That means our flash code writer will have to take our artwork and link it with a special mathematical code. It is complicated. And you thought that math was just for earning Wiggins Bucks?! Learning how to work with mathematics is a very valuable skill. When you are good at math, the world will have a lot to offer you. In one way, our entire virtual Pony Pals world is based on math. We hope that our new trails, downtown Wiggins, Mrs. Wiggins' estate, Mt. Morris ranger station, Olson's and lots of other places are coded soon. We want to visit there, too.


Dear Webmaster

Thank you soooooooo much my daughter is sooooooooooooo happy thank you again. Now my daughter can have a great time on Club Pony Pals!

Haden's Mom

Dear Pony Pal Mom

Your are so welcome! We hope you both enjoy your time on our site. More features are in the works. Please write and let us know about your adventures, with or without a pony.


Dear Webmaster

I am writing back. This is the first answer to your first question on your list. His name is Chestnut. For your 2nd one, the answer is I use both. For your 3rd answer is I jump them. For your 4th answer is I do not know yet. I live in Canada B.C. Do not go too fast. It makes your pony`s health go down.

Dear Pony Pal Horsey

Thank you so much for sharing your tips. Other pony pals around the world will now have a chance to learn what works for you. That is how people learn -- from other people who share what they know. That is the Pony Pal spirit. Please write and let us know what your adventures are like, with or without a pony.


Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

Hello Jeanne,

Hey I love the pony pals. I am a big fan.


Dear Pony Pal Hayley

Thank you for your email. When I wrote the Pony Pals books, I thought of three girls who would be strong, smart and kind. I am so pleased that you like my stories and this site. What kind of adventures do you have where you are, with or without a pony?

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt





Dear Pony Pal Neva

You are a Pony Pal by writing and asking to be one. ClubPonyPals welcomes members who share our vision here of a place where being strong, smart and kind is valued and respected. How wonderful that you will get a chance to ride a horse. Remember, a horse only has two questions: who's driving? Where are we going? How the first question is answered has a lot to do with the answer to the second one. Please keep reading and write to us again here at ClubPonyPals. Welcome to the barn.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,

You and lighting make a great team. You were really good in the book The Winning Pony. Lightning is a beautiful chestnut color,and a good jumper. Your a good rider.
Your fan,

Dear Pony Pal Grace

Thanks for your compliments. They make me feel good. I do feel like Lightning and I are a team. Jumping takes cooperation. We have to trust each other. Lightning believes me when I cue her. I believe she will jump on my cue. I ride as much as I can. It is very cold here still. I can't canter much. Lightning would get too sweaty. Then I would have to carefully cool her down before I put her away. Or she could get sick. So we mostly just walk. I work on simple drills. That's OK. Time on a pony is special time.

Pam signature


Hi I'm new in club pony pals and I was just wondering if you can see
other rider's ponies. Your new player,


Dear Pony Pal Wigglebee

Thanks for writing. Welcome to the barn! My mom definitely wants players to be able to see other players too. A lot depends on what kind of code works best for that. For right now, club members can just see their own ponies. But my mom is working on more.

Your friend,

Pam signature




Dear Pony Pal Neva

I am fine. Thanks for asking. It is really, really cold here. When mom and I go out to feed in the morning, there is ice everywhere. The ponies all have frost on their whiskers from their breath. Sometimes we have to break ice on their water tubs. Still, I start each morning happy because I am with ponies. What is it like where you are? What kind of adventures do you have?

Pam signature

Dear Pam,

Glad ya'll had a good MLK Day. You're right, Martin Luther King would have been proud of President Obama.

You were right about horses and ponies getting jealous. Cimarron's lying down, but he's getting back up. Cimarron's abscess is draining. That's the good news. The bad news is Cimarron's abscess is in his hoof bone a little bit because his other abscess didn't heal properly last time. Could you please ask your dad how we can make sure Cimarron's abscess heals properly this time?

I have some advice for Haley. She should try giving Sugar Cool and Calm. That's what we give Annie and that's what my riding instructor gives her horses. Cool and Calm really works. She could also see if anybody wants to buy Sugar's manure and use it as Fertilizer. That way she can make money to afford Sugar or another horse. I read that online. For more info about selling Horse Manure for Fertilizer you can visit http://www.horsewyse.com.au/contents4.html . Have a good weekend. Please answer my question. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Friends,


Dear Pony Pal Cayce

I am glad to read Cimarron is making progress. Bone infections are very, very serious. Have you read the Merck Manual? It is a very thick, red covered book. It describes ailments and treatments for most domestic animals. My dad has a lot of veterinary books. He encourages his clients to read as much as they can about their animals. In fact, dad looks up stuff all the time, either online or in his books. Please write back with what you are able to look up. That is called research. Cimarron can do what he can but he needs your help and your aunt's help too. That's what partners do for each other. That way, a team can do a lot more than an individual alone. My mom and dad are a team. Sometimes they nip at each other, too, all in fun. Just like horses and ponies. Your friend,

Pam signature

Hi Pam,

I finally found a picture of Rocky for you. I attached it to this email. Nothing much has been going on lately. I got sick with a huge headache so I had to miss school on Thursday. I went riding with Rocky. He was very hyper about his rides. He's been cooped up is his stall so he was very happy to go on our rides. I'm really bored. Being sick is the worst thing ever because you can't do anything. Oh well, guess that's how it goes. By the way, ELA Exams stand for English Language Arts Exams. It's a big New York state test and it's 2 days of nothing but testing, BORING. That's about all I can think of this week. The only exiting thing was that we got the day off from school on Wednesday because a huge snowstorm came. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me.  Your number 1 fan,


Dear Pony Pal Gabby

Wow, what a picture!

Gabby riding Rocky

Is that you riding him? He has a very, very alert expression. He looks like he is always thinking about going somewhere. Quickly. I'll bet he is glad to go out on a ride. It has been snowing here too. My mom and I do our best to keep Lightning, Daisy, Splash and JB exercised. We can't really go out on trail very much because it has been so cold. Sorry about your headache. They are no fun. I get them sometimes too. Being sick is a no fun for ponies or humans. I gave Lightning a cookie. Then a hug. I think she likes that order best. Pony Pals,

Pam signature


I am Jennifer. My online pony is Cody and Pixie is my Buckskin paint pony that I have at my dads house. She is very cute and fun to ride. I will tell more tomorrow because my time is running out

pony pal jennifer

Dear Pony Pal Jennifer

Thanks for writing about Cody and Pixie.Is it cold where you are? It sure is here. I see Anna and Lulu in school. Sometimes I catch Anna daydreaming and drawing horses in her notebook. She smiles. Do your friends like ponies? Some kids at school do, others don't care much. That's OK, it's a big world with room for everyone's choices. My dad is still keeping an electric light bulb under his vet truck's hood. He says it has to start the first time, even if it's in the middle of the night when it's coldest. If he goes out on an emergency, he always checks on our horses and ponies when he comes home. He says it helps him relax and feel like he is among friends. Best,

Pam signature

Dear pony pals
I really like your pony pals and your sweet ponies. I ride too. I ride a pony named mg it stands for mach girl. About a month ago i saw dictionary and typed pony pals and up came all the meanings and then it said pony pals game and I clicked it and up came this website and it was club pony pals and i created a pony named Cloony he is black and so cute. I wish i could meet you. I hope I can. Your reader,



Dear Pony Pal Kathryn

Thanks for writing. How great that you get to ride a pony. "Match Girl" is a cool name. A long, long time ago here in New England "Match Girls" were often very poor young girls who sold matches on street corners to try and earn money. "Ponies From the Past" Pony Pals book #31 is all about life a hundred years ago in Wiggins. People back then worked very hard to lead their lives. But ponies and horses were much more common. That was how people got around then. Sometimes I wish more people rode horses to get places. I ride around Wiggins with Anna and Lulu whenever I can. We love to be outside with our ponies. They let us know what is going on around them. Pony and horse noses are over a foot long. Their ears swivel. If we pay attention, they notice things a long time before we do. Then we can decide what we all should do. That is partnership. Soon our "help" button will be my advice! Then you will sure hear a lot more from me. Cloony sounds cool. Does he look like George? Handsomer, I'll bet. Please write back about your adventures, with or without a pony. Friends,

Pam signature

Letters to Anna

Hey Anna

I love Acorn. It is so sad when you sell Acorn but you get him back.


Dear Pony Pal Joan

When Acorn went away I was soooooooo sad. I was happy when I got him back and he is my forever pony. Thanks for writing.


Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,

Sorry for not writing back to you. Are we still cool? Did ya'll have a good MLK Day? We did. Sorry I caused you to interrupt your mom's cooking and your dad's TV time when I asked you to give them a hug for me. Could you please E-Mail me a picture of Acorn's new Bridal and his new Saddle Blanket? The drawing you did of Lulu and Snow White is really beautiful. Last Saturday Mom and I went to see The Spanish Lipizzan Stallions. The Lipizzans where so cool. Until last Saturday Mom and I had never heard of the Lipizzans. If the Lippizan Stallions ever come to Wiggins you, Pam, and Lulu should go. It's an experience ya'll will never forget. Mom said that if the Lipizzans come back next year then we can go see them again. For more information you can visit http://www.lipizzaner.com/home.asp .

I have a movie recommendation for you, Pam, and Lulu. It's called "Miracle of the White Stallions". The movie's a Disney Movie and it was filmed back in the 60s. Mom saw "Miracle of the White Stallion" when she was a kid and she's been Horse Crazy ever since. Mom bought me the movie for my Birthday. Mom and I are going to watch "Miracle of the White Stallion" on my Birthday.

"Miracle of the White Stallion" has been in The Disney Vault for years. You can buy the movie if you go see the Lipizzans. However, if you can see them you can buy the movie via their official online store. Other than the official online Lipid store and at their show you can't get "Miracle of the White Stallion" on DVD in anywhere else. Except maybe eBay. Have a good weekend. Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Friends,


Dear Pony Pal Cayce

We are still cool. I will work on a drawing. Thanks for writing how to get a horse video. I watch them when I am sick. If I am well I ride. MLK day was OK. We went for a ride. My mom and dad hope the new president will help working people. Dad is cutting firewood for a sugar shack. Mom is at the diner a lot. Acorn is good. He is still fuzzy. Pony Pal friends,

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,
Acorn is soooo cute, and handsome. You make a great team. Your sweet too. Do you enjoy trail riding or riding in the ring. You are great in horse shows. Write me back.
Your fan,

Dear Grace

I like shows. So does Acorn. He likes tricks too.When we are on trail we are partners. Thanks for writing. Are there ponies where you are? Do you draw? How is your life? It is cold here. Acorn and Snow White stand head to tail if it is sunny. I think they are snoozing. If it is windy they get behind their shed. It is quieter there. And warmer.

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna

Do you want to be my friend? I am new. My name is Star.


Dear Pony Pal Star

Yes, I like friends. Welcome to ClubPonyPals. Do you like ponies? Are there any where you are? Can you draw? What kind of adventures do you have? It is cold here. I saddle Acorn. We walk around in his paddock. Lulu and I sometimes ride a little bit outside our paddock. We do not go far. It still gets dark early.


Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna

Can you send me a picture of you jumping on Acorn?


Dear Joan

The webmaster put one up here. Do you draw? Is it cold where you are? We have a lot of Pony Pals in Australia. I read there is a heat wave there now. Their seasons are backwards from ours. Acorn paws the snow to look for grass tidbits. So does Snow White. I see their breath in the morning. Lulu and I see each other in the morning. We both like to see our ponies when we wake up. Acorn and Snow White are glad to see hay. And oats.

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna

Acorn is so sweet.

Princess sydney

Dear Pony Pal Sydney

Thanks for writing. Acorn is a good pony. He knows a lot of tricks. I think he likes to play pony pranks. If I am sad I just go outside and be with him. Then I feel better. What is it like where you are? Write back about your adventures, with or without a pony.

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Hey Anna,

This is hayhay speaking! I've read all ur BOOKS with u in them!
ur my HERO!


Dear HayHay

Thanks for your praise. What a fun name, Hayhay. It is still winter here. I like to come home after school to see Acorn. Then sometimes I go to my mom's diner. She serves early bird specials. If she has leftovers, the Wiggins Meals on Wheels comes by for them. They take them to people who have a hard time getting out in winter.

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints





Dear Neva

Acorn likes to play. He and Snow White play nip tag. That is when one pony nips the other. Then they play chase. Then the other pony nips. Then they play chase. They do this for a long time. Then they snooze. Then they eat. Then they start all over again. It looks like fun. Rema is not a happy person. I hope she finds out what makes her happy. I am happy with Acorn. I like my best friends Lulu and Pam. Are there ponies and horses where you are?

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,

It is not snowy here. Foxfield does not have a indoor ring but its ok because its not that cold here. Your Friend,


P.S. I can walk, trot, canter and jump 3rd hole bareback.
Can you?

Dear Hope

You sound like a good rider. What is 3rd hole? Is that how tall a jump is set? That sounds pretty high. Bareback takes practice. I like to walk on Acorn bareback. I can feel how he moves. That helps me be a better rider. It is snowy here. I take ice out of Acorn's feet. If I have a carrot in my pocket he looks for it. Acorn likes to jump. After I got him from Mr. Olson, I figured out how to jump with him. It is fun. I lean forward. Mrs. Crandal says we both have to go over at the same time. She is right. Thank you for sharing a pony story. Pony Pals,

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna
I read all of your books. When i grow up i am going to be like you and save horses and sleep in the barn

Dear Pony Pal Haley

I am not sure I am grown up. But I do like barn sleepovers. Lulu, Pam and I sleep in the loft. We can hear our ponies below us. It is too cold for that right now. But it is really fun. We tell stories. How do you think you can save horses? Pam's dad does his best. Do you want to be a vet? What kind of adventures do you have? Do you draw? It is good to read. I have a tutor. She helps me read better. Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,

Hi, it's Allee. Did it snow up there? Well it did here. We played in the snow a lot. I'll bet Snow White  blended in to. Do you ever go to horse shows all over the USA? I do. But the farthest i've went is Florida. I love the horse park. It is fun,pretty,and you can learn things too. I think my first time exploring it was with my cousin, Andrew. It started when i went to the horse park. Park for short. Andrew came up on a horse named Payday. Then he offered me a ride. Then i didn't have a helmet, but he got me one. So we set off. Then we got back to the barn we were staying in. We decided that Payday the horse was the right one for me. He was for sale so we bought him.  Then it was time to leave with my new horse and it was really cold that night but Payday kept me warm. Then when we got back home, I started riding him and going to horse shows.  I hope to hear from you soon. Your friend,

Dear Pony Pal Allee

What a good adventure!! Can you send a picture of Payday? We have ice with snow. Sometimes at night before I go to sleep I look out my window. I seen Acorn and Snow White in their paddock. Sometimes they snooze. Or they look for tidbits to eat. It is coldest late at night. Night time is quiet in Wiggins. I can see stars. They are bright. Please write again about you and Payday. Pony Pals,

Anna Hoofprints

Letters to Lulu

Dear Lulu

Apache is very fun and fast to ride. I want to start to jump her but right now we barrel race for now. This is a pic of my moms youngest filly Marimba.

Marimba a furry pony


your pony pal Ashley

Dear Ashley

Marimba is a total cutie. She is all fuzzy! It looks like you have the same weather as we do in Wiggins. Barrels are fun. I saw a saying "turn and burn." A famous barrel racing horse was named Scamper. He came from working in a feed lot. He won a lot of prizes. He even got cloned. That means they made a copy of him! Thanks for the photo. Learning to jump takes time. You and the horse have to learn how to count steps before a jump. More math! Pony pals,

Lulu signature

Hi Lulu

I really like to read your books. Are you real or just fake? Because that's what I am wondering. If you are real can I be a pony pal? How can you go on trails and stuff like that? How do you go out in town by your self or with the other pony pals

Your friend


PS Do you like being called pony pests!

Dear Samantha

I think I'm real. Are you? No, we don't like it when Tommy Rand or Mike Lacey call us Pony Pests. That's rude. My dad once told me that rudeness is an idiot's idea of power. I don't think Tommy or Mike are idiots. But they are mad a lot of the time. I'm not. I hope you're not. Wiggins is a small town. Pam, Anna and I can ride together on trails. We know almost everybody in Wiggins. And they know us. Yes, you can be a Pony Pal. Welcome to the barn!

Your Pony Pal,

Lulu signature




Dear Neva

Thanks for such a nice email. I love Snow White too. Where are you going horse riding? Not everyone can have a horse or pony just when they want to. But sometimes ways can be found to reach a goal, even if it seems far away at first. I wasn't sure at all Mr. Baxter would let my grandma buy Snow White. But it happened. What adventures do you have where you live?


Lulu signature

Dear Lulu, Sorry for not writing back to you. Are we still cool? Did ya'll have a good MLK Day? We did. I'm glad you got to spend time with your dad. Who knows? Maybe someday your dad will find a Photography job in Wiggins and build a house next door to your grandmother. That way you'll never have to leave Pam, Anna, your school, your friends, your grandmother again, and Wiggins again, you can still board Snow White at Anna's house, and you and your dad will never have to move away again. Have a good weekend. Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Friends,


Dear Pony Pal Cayce

We are still pals. We did have a good MLK day. My dad visited an internet cafe in Africa real late at night so it was early morning in Wiggins. We IM'd back and forth.He was not too far from where President Obama's dad is from. Everyone there is pretty excited about our new president. Maybe dad can spend more time in Wiggins. The internet makes a lot of things possible that were not ten years ago. I think he takes photos for himself when he is finished with his assignment. He once said he might start a picture bank online. He said that this time in Africa, he noticed there are also fewer animals that he photographed years ago. He said some of his pictures are pretty unusual now. He said that he always offers his photos to his clients first since he is there on their job. But if they do not want any of them, he can keep them. He asks first. That is polite. He takes a lot of photos. He now has a "digital back" for his good cameras. Dad says it is lens quality that is important. He said the rest is just a well made hardware store.;-)
He said cameras are more like computers now than watches. Whatever he uses, I wish he was here more. I miss him. Before he signed off, he said when he comes back he will show me how to put a camera in a tree to take photos of animals. Maybe I can get a picture of Tommy Rand doing something weird.

Pony Pals,

Lulu signature

Dear Lulu,
Where do I go? How do I  get there? When can I come? Please
write back!


Dear Annah

When you visit our site, after you click on "Play Now," there is a large "Got ?" on most pages' right side. If you click there, you will find directions about how to care for and ride your pony on our site. Please write again and tell us about how you like your online pony.

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Hey Lulu

I love your books. They rock. So I have this best friend named Jennifer. Her step mom has this real nice Quarter horse named Sara. She is a Palomino. My best friend Jennifer step mom let me ride Sara. Well later on i got really good and she let me ride in gymkhana. if you don't know what that is is you do barrels and poles and key hole and stuff like that. well first i got lead through it it but then i started to gallop. Well then something horrible happened. She got sold and bye bye for riding. But my best friend has a pony named Pixie. She is a little wild. I ride her some times too. Jennifer little brother has Jennifer's step mom Lyn's retired horse Gizmo. So I tack him up and brush him and ride him in cattle sorting. So even thought i can't have a horse of my own i still try to have one. By the way you and Snow White rock.


Dear Pony Pal Olga

So how cool is that? Retired horses + kids = happiness on both sides of the saddle blanket. My dad says we all crave usefulness. I do. When Rema didn't care much for Snow White any more, I think Snow White got real sad. She was unemployed. Then I rescued her, helped her get better and even though my grandma really doesn't like animals. She loves my dad. And she loves me. So she did what she knew would make me happy. And I am. Not everyone can have a horse or pony of their own when they want one. But sometimes, like you found, you can bring happiness into the life of a horse or pony who wants to be someone's special companion.
Thanks for liking books I am in.You are doing real well at figuring out how to get some time in the saddle. Patience, persistence and politeness will go a long way toward getting what you want. Congratulations. Please write more about your adventures. They sound cool.

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Dear Lulu

Really like your part in the books Pony Pals. I’ve read most of them in school and I love them!


Dear Pony Pal Alice

Wow. There are 44 books about us. That's why libraries rock. They have books that have really important stuff in them. I love libraries. When I am in one I feel like I can find out the answer to any question I might have. That makes me feel better. Even if my dad is not here, I can go sort of ask a lot of other people who have written out their ideas to share. Almost all libraries are free. I hope you like them too. Are there ponies where you live? What do you like about ClubPonyPals?

Thank you for writing.

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Dear Lulu

I hope you like my drawing. Please write back and tell me all about your adventures. Love,

Allyssa's drawing

Dear Pony Pal Alyssa

Anna and Pam and I got your drawing. It's really great. It has been cold in Wiggins. My grandma Sanders has been working a lot. She is offering discounts to seniors. She sees some ladies she has known here whole life, since they were young together. Wiggins is a small town. Some people are born here, live their whole lives here and then die and are buried here. Sometimes I feel like I know everyone. That can be good and bad because that includes Rema, Tommy Rand and Mike Lacey too. The good part is that Ms. Wiggins is here and she is really really nice. Pam and Anna's families live here too and they are my best friends. School is OK. Some other kids can't figure out why Pam, Anna and I like ponies and not shopping. I think there is room enough for everyone to do different things.
I am happy when I look out my window where I can see Acorn and Snow White together. If the temperature rises a little and there is not so much ice, maybe Anna, Pam and I can ride our ponies up to see the Mt. Morris monument where there used to be a ski run. I would like to see it in the snow and think about when the Eastman family ran it. Old Mrs. Eastman is Mike Lacey's grandmother. So you see, somehow a lot of us are connected one way or another. But right now our trails are too icy to use. How about your adventures?

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Picture It

The Story so far.... The Pony Pals had just completed freeing a herd of wild mustangs.  They were cleaning up the twine and string, putting it in their saddle bags when suddenly someone shouted "Stop!" They all turned and saw Lulu's father. Lulu was very angry with her Dad, she jumped on Snow White and galloped away. Summer, Meredith, Sunshine, Lulu’s Dad, Pam and Anna gave chase on their ponies and horses.

Lulu was going so fast she and Snow White didn't see a deep ditch until it was too late. They fell into it!

While riding Lulu’s father explained to the other girls he was trying to study the mustangs, that was why the horses were tied.

Then they heard Snow White and Lulu crying for help.  The group carefully approached the ditch and Mr. Sanders and Eye-High got out a rope with a noose. The Pony Pals tied their horses and held onto Mr. Sanders' feet as the dropped the noose down towards Snow White.

Snow White got out safely, but horse thieves came and tried to steal all the other ponies and horses. Elie and Star stopped them and gave the ropes back to Lulu's dad.

Lulu yelled up that she still needed help. Mr. Sanders laid down on the bank and started to feed a rope down to Lulu when suddenly he started to slide! The girls grabbed his shoes but one came off and .....
The next thing Lulu saw was her dad coming over the bank headfirst! He landed next to her in the water and started laugh, and tell her a story about a time in Brazil when Eye High the pony interrupted. "I know what to do."

Eye-High started down towards Lulu and her dad but Tommy Rand poured some oil on the rocks right in front of Eye-High. Eye-High picked up his pace. Everyone Held their breath. Then, Eye-High...

Pony Pal Summer writes...

.......Lifted his front legs.....

Pony Pal Pam writes...

.......and jumped! He sprang so high that everyone was amazed. It was like he was going up and up and up, when Eye-High came back down he was past the oily rocks. He cantered past the oil and tossed his head up.

"Mustangs know what needs to be done."

He trotted up to Lulu and her dad and put his nose down to sniff. Then...

Pony Pal Siobhan writes...

..." I fell into the River!" " My partner and I barely made it out before...the one foot waterfall!"


What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@clubponypals.com

Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

A pony makes a good tutor, it will throw a prince or princess as soon as a commoner.


Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful. Brian Tracy