Volume 2 Number 29 ----- January 26-February 1, 2009

Club Pony Pals News
Pony Pal Trail's First Champions

Dear Pony Pals

This week our first part of Pony Pal trail opened for members to ride. Within just a few days, members from around the world have already posted hundreds of high scores for their best times riding North or South between Crandal's barn and the woods' edge.

Some of our members share their tips about how they scored top times.

"Hi! I'm 1mittens. My pony's name is Snowy. I live in the USA, in the state of Tennessee. I made my best time using my keyboard's arrows. To avoid the trail's rocks, when I see them in front of me, I quickly turn or jump over them. When I see the apple coming, I just click on it. For other members who want to have a top score, I would say that for me, well, I find it harder using the mouse. I personally think the keyboard is better. When you are getting close to a jump, it helps to speed up then jump."

"Hey, this is luna star. I live in Ohio, USA. My horse's name is Freeda. I play with the keyboard. I avoid the rocks by jumping them and going around them. Either way, I do. I stop and get the apple from the tree. I also think the other players are really good at the games."

Pony Pal Erika from Colorado, USA writes that her pony's name is Nothing is Impossible. She reports that she likes to play with the keyboard, "... it is easier to move around on." When it comes to getting past rocks on the trail, she says "I either swerve around them or jump over them. I Just have to be careful of whether or not there is another rock on the other side." And she picks the apple without much fuss, noting "I usually just ride underneath it. I am not sure if it really helps but I think it does." Erika's hints for other players are pretty clear: "Have fun and pretend you are taking care of your own horse."

Have you posted a high score for your trail ride? If you email in answers to the questions below, we will credit 100 Wiggins bucks to your account.  Don't forget to tell us a username (NOT YOUR PASSWORD) where you want credits to go.

  • What’s your champion pony's name?  
  • Do  you play with the keyboard or the mouse -- or both?  
  • How  do you avoid crashing into the rocks on trail?  
  • How  do you pick the apple?  
  • Where  do you live? (just the province or state and the country)  
  • Do  you have any hints for other players?

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to try for your best time riding out or back on Pony Pal trail:

    • When you ride North to the woods, your pony may get tired or hungry. So at the clearing, there is a place to tie ponies. Then members can play three different pony-themed games. As they rest, ponies will raise their energy level. When a member wins points playing these games, they change into Wiggins Bucks. This is important. As members ride their ponies out and back along this first trail section, riders and their ponies will get tired and hungry. To feed their ponies, members will need apples, carrots and horse cookies from their "inventory." Members will need to buy these items.
    • To buy treats, members should go to Crandal's barn aisle way. There, a vending machine sells items for both ponies and humans. Each time a member buys human or a pony food, it will go into their inventory.
    • Then when a member's pony's hunger gets low, or the member's hunger is low, the member can click to open their inventory. Then they can feed either themselves or their pony.
    • Hint: to canter from Crandal's barn to the clearing, plan on needing about three carrots, apples or cookies. Running all the way back from the clearing to Crandal's barn will take about the same amount of pony food.
    • To bring a pony's energy level back to green, simply let it stand still for a while to rest.
    • To raise a pony's health level, take it back to its stall, log out and log back in. Then groom the pony again and its health level will go to green.

Right now, Crandal's barn is being completely rebuilt. When it is done, members will be able to untack their ponies and feed them a tub of hay in their stall. The whole barn will also load much, much faster. And members will be able to groom Daisy and Splash for Mrs. Crandal to earn points. For the next couple of weeks, it is still not possible to untack your pony at Crandal's barn. But if your pony has gotten sick or if you want to raise its health, log out from the game and log back in, then groom it to bring up its health.

Pam has brought another of her favorite pony word games to Crandal's barn loft. It is called Pony Word Scramble. So please try Pam's barn loft's games and the games that are in the clearing at the trail's end in the woods. When you play these mini games, you can earn Wiggins Bucks to buy treats.

Make sure your inventory has some treats in it when you go out on trail. Your pony will get hungry while you are out on trail, so make sure you have a treat to feed it.

Happy Riding!

Jane Crandal

PS -- You can help ClubPonyPals grow by forwarding this newsletter to others who you think will enjoy our game. When someone new signs up and sends an email with your Username (NOT YOUR PASSWORD)  and their Username, we will give both accounts 100 Wiggins bucks.

Letters from Club Members

Dear webmaster,

Hi, it's Mary. Do you have a phone number? Why do I ask? Because yesterday I got a cell phone. I wanted to know your number-if you have one-so I can add it to my contact list. Please answer. It's black though because it didn't come in any other colors. It's a touch screen and it has a keypad. It's so so SOOOOO COOL! How have things been going with you? I'm doing great.
Happy Trails,


Dear Pony Pal Mary

Thanks for writing. We are not set up yet for members to use their cell phones to check on their ponies at Crandal's. But that is coming. Then, members will be able to see how their pony is doing and probably feed them a treat, too. And our Club forum is up soon, too. Then members will be able to send text messages to the forum for other members to see -- and send replies. How great that you have a touch screen and a keypad. Very cool.


Dear Webmaster


Pony Xpress

Choose from Lightning & Pam, Acorn & Anna, or Snow White & Lulu. Your running behind the paper boy, who strangely has a bad throw. Your job is to catch the paper before it falls to the ground. I'd like a side view of the rider and pony, and the run cycle like the silver pony on the loading screen. When you move the mouse over the flying paper, it wills how a yellow rim. click on it before is falls to the ground. Overwise, you'll loose 10 pts. Every you get a paper, you will earn 5 pts. Also, grab flying apples for bonus pts. The red for 5, green for 10, and golden for 15. There will also be jumps. Press the space bar, or you and your pony will trip an fall, and you'll loose a life. Double press to make a higher jump. You have three lives, and you can get more by finishing a level without falling. Above it a green bar with yellow rim. On it is a time bonus, A black box will white image to show upcoming jumps, and a Life 'O' Meter, which tells you how many lives you have left. Wachout!

You also have a bone system, with shows you how many bones you have. You need it cuz, uh oh...WOOLIE! He will bark and scare your pony, and it will rear and you will fall off. Press the X button to throw a bone at Woolie. If Woolie caches it, he will chew on his bone, and you can run past him. Click on upcoming bones to add to your Bone 'O' Meter. Also, a Mouse 'O' Meter, for Fat Cat and her kittens might arch and hiss, and send your pony if a running fit, and run away front the screen Press the Z button to throw a mouse at her and her family, and they will play with it if they get it, and you can run past. You can get Checkpoints by clicking on Miss Wiggins on Picasso. You'll finish the game by passing the Pony Pals you didn't click on, with the finish flag. You'll see your chosen player on pony standing happily. Your horse will stand with it's leg up high, nodding head, and a following mane and tail, with I don't want moved, and I want your pony shiny. The pony Pals, Wollie, Fat Cat and her kittens, and Miss Wiggins on Picasso cheering, with balloons floating up, and confetti floating down. You will be waving your arm with  bronze newspaper, and a banner over head will say "Congrats!" .

However, if it's game over, the banner wills ay "Game Over," it will show you and your pony it's basically the same thing, but you and your pony will be in bandages. You won't be mounted, and no one is nearby, and you won't be holding the newspaper.

(I tried to keep it simple)

About The Game: I like it. It's working now, and the riding's cool. But it's hard to tell how fast your pony is going, other than the path, and the sounds. I'd like it if the pony's head could move forward, then back, it will move it's head farther, depeding how fast your going. Also, a box to tell you if you're walking, trotting cantering, or galloping. I STILL CAN'T TELL WHEN MY PONY'S HOOVES ARE CLEAN!

Anyways, I like the game. I still havn't found any bugs. :( That's good, right? :)

I luv the minigames! They're fun!!!


Dear Pony Pal Summer

Never let anyone tell you that your imagination needs any development. That's a doozy of a game scenario. Coding it might do in our code writer, though. And we still need her to finish our Crandal's barn rebuild. And that's where a much-improved hoof cleaning routine will be. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TELL WHEN YOUR PONY'S HOOVES ARE CLEAN. Promise.

We have created pony head movements to match gaits for ponies going down the trail. But we are concerned that the motion will not play well on kids' computers. Many members use computers that their parents have given them and have processors that are not all that fast. If anyone would like to tell us how well their ponies move on Pony Pal trail, we would like it.


Dear Webmaster

I am learning to canter with one hand holding on to the front of the saddle (I'm really enjoying it!) and some photos of our foster kittens, Holly, Elfey, Santos, Rudy and Mistletoe (mummy cat).

Can you forward them to Pam, Anna and Lulu please?

Pony Pal Lottie

P.S I have attached some photos of me on a pony named Louis(I have riding lessons on him,right now)

P.P.S also I can trot bareback!

Lottie, kitties and Louis


Dear Pony Pal Lottie

What great photos. We posted them here so everyone can see them. What a tribe of kittens & cat! No mice where they are!



Dear Webmaster

Can you guys do party's every were?


Dear Pony Pal Breanne

We got an answer from Pony Pal Carla in South Africa, whose pony party photos ran last week. She writes about holding pony parties. It is below.


Dear Webmaster,

We're delighted that there is interest pony parties like my birthday party.  My horse riding teacher said that she would love to give parties all over the world if her and the ponies transport are paid for!

I've attached a picture I draw on Paint of my pony Palto in the game.

Thanks alot.

Love Carla


(Note- this week there was a two-way tie for Jigsaw Contest winner.
All jigsaw artists get 100 Wiggins bucks added to their online accounts for their drawing. You could be next -
Send in your drawing today! WebMaster)


Dear Pony Pal Carla

If your horse riding teacher holds any parties in other parts of the world, please have her send us photos. We want to see pictures of ponies boarding planes! Ponies on planes! Ponies munching in-flight snacks!


Dear Webmaster

H i

I have ALL the pony pal books and i love them!


Dear Pony Pal Makenzy

Wow. Some of the books can be hard to find. Can you send a list of the titles you have?


Dear Webmaster

What's all the places you can go?


Dear Pony Pal Joan

Right now ClubPonyPal members can ride to a clearing in the woods just past the edge of Crandal's property. Soon there will be the next stretch of Pony Pal trail. It will go from the clearing, through Badd Brook and to the Three Birches. As soon as the code writers can get them made, there will be trails to downtown Wiggins and the Wiggins estate.


Dear Webmaster



Dear Pony Pal Lindsay

Yo back at 'ya.


Letter to Jeanne Betancourt

Hello Jeanne,

You are one of my favourite Authors.

Are you still going to write more books? Can you give me a review on the Pony Pal books "Whats Wrong with My Pony" I have been trying to get that book, I really want to read it.

No.1 fan of horses

Dear Pony Pal Samantha

Thank you so much for writing. I am honored that I am a favorite author of yours. Have you tried going to your school library and asking the librarian for that book? How about your community library? Libraries share books and even if there isn't one at your local library another will often be able to get it for you.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

I love your ponypal books! I ride but I don't have my own pony. The pony that I ride is named GingerSnaps. She is brown with tiny white spots. I love to go to horse shows! At the last one I got 2 first places in a event called Short Stirrup! I usally ride once or twice a week. I have 1 dog and 3 cats. Email me back!

Kelsie (age 9)

Dear Pony Pal Kelsie

Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you wrote. How good that you can ride Ginger Snaps every week. And go to horse shows! Congratulations for winning a first place award, twice. Three cats? Do they get along with your dog? Sometimes ponies show up in people's lives at the least expected times. You will be ready if one does for you, because you have been taking lessons and learning about them. Keep reading and writing,

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt


I  am  new. 


p.s  write  back.

Dear Pony Pal Laura

Welcome to ClubPonyPals. Have you read any of the books that I have written? There are over forty of them in the Pony Pals series. If you have, which one is your favorite book?

Jeanne Betancourt

I saw your Pony Pals books at a local thrift shop and bought #1-16.  I thought it was a safe investment, since I know girls of all ages who like ponies.  But my question is, what age girl would appreciate these most? I'm not familiar with them at all, and my daughter is only 4.

Dear Faith

I am glad to hear that my books enjoy a long afterlife. Scholastic lists these books as appropriate for grades 2-3. A North Carolina teacher enthusiastically supports the Pony Pal books as the ideal way for kids to "cross the reading bridge" between picture books with a few words to literary books with illustrations. Perhaps your daughter would enjoy having a book read to her. Many ClubPonyPals members enjoy my Pony Pal books well into their 'tween years.

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

Dear Pam,

I dont know if Lulu or Anna have told you about me before, because i have emaild them, but I'm Haley. I have a very sweet 18 year old quarter horse mare. Her name is Sugar, and she is high spirited. I'm a begginer and I am just starting to master the canter. Only I have one problem, Sugar. When we bought Sugar she seemed perfect! I fell in love with her the moment we met. She was always a bit spooky, but not too bad. Only when I began to sit her spooks, the spooks came more often. Sugar started bucking every rider that sat on her. Know she can only ride up to the riders level, which I said I'm only a beginner and can not handle her. Recently my riding teacher asked us if she could help us trade Sugar for another horse, more at my level. I love Sugar, but my love for her is going away. I dont know if I am happy about this whole thing or sad about it. But on the other hand I need a horse I can ride. My family can't afford to keep a horse which I can't do anything but shovel her poop for. Have you ever had this done to you?

Haley+ Sugar

Dear Pony Pal Haley

Mom and I get asked a lot about "problem" ponies. So I talked with my mom. She decided to get advice from some of her horse trainer friends. You may want to have your parents read these letters with you, so they can help you understand them.  

Safety first. She will love a horse she can have fun on a lot more than one that might break all her bones. Of course, she should be well able to ride the possible swap. She should have the animal vetted by someone other than the instructor's vet. She should *enjoy* that horse. If not, if it is just because it is available and not because they are a match, maybe the instructor would free lease Sugar with more experienced riders and sell her, then they could seek a better match once they are not encumbered by a horse she cannot ride. Regardless, an 11 yr old beginner rider does not belong on a horse that routinely bucks.

I agree 110% with everything Eileen wrote.  However, before selling Sugar she should make sure that her teeth are OK and her bridle and saddle fit well.  The progression she described is consistent with a tack selection and fit problem, so it's possible that a tack change may produce a quieter horse.  However, I do NOT recommend a more severe bit. She didn't note what type of bit they were using on the horse.If they are using a supposedly gentle "tom thumb" or similar nonsense, she A) needs a new instructor, and B) should give the horse some time with a milder bit.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has had the mare vet checked to see if there is some pain-caused reason for the bucking. The, I'd like to have someone knowledgeable other than her current trainer watch the session to see if the problem can be spotted. To have a mare go from merely "spooky" to outright bucking appears something more than a beginning rider is going on.  I would not like to see the
girl harmed, but I'd hate to have her give up on her horse without finding out if more can be done, or pass this mare on to more problems.


One can only assume the horse has pain issues. Does the trainer work with the girl and her horse? Has the horse had a thorough health/soundness exam recently? Can the trainer ride the horse successfully? If she can find a suitable horse to trade for Sugar, I wouldn't hesitate to go for that offer, provided the horse in trade passes a vet exam and several trial rides by the child. If Sugar and the
girl are currently taking regular lessons with her trainer and there has been no improvement, I would trust the trainer's word that the horse isn't suitable for the girl, (unless there is reason not to her trainer's evaluation of the situation and her offer. And only if Sugar passes a soundness exam to prove there isn't a new physical reason for her bucking. Perhaps Sugar should go for a month of training with rides by the child after a few weeks of training before trading her away.

Patty W.

Hope these ideas help you and your parents make a decision that is right for you and Sugar. Your friend,

Pam signature

Hey Pam,

How have you been? I have been fine. How's lighting? How is lulu and anna. What have you bein doin lately? Anything interesting? I have been on holidays for 4 weeks now!!! i am so bored. I hope you have fun trail riding!
From you biggest fan

Dear Pony Pal Samantha

I'm not sure how anyone can be bored, life is full of so much! Even if I am tired when I wake up, I look forward to helping my mom feed. The sight of Lightning, Daisy, Splash and whoever else is in the barn waiting for breakfast always makes my heart happy.

Your friend,

Pam signature

Hi Pam,

It is so cool that your father is a vet. So when ever Lightning is
sick, all you have to do is call your father and then you are all set.
I wish that I could get a Connemara like Lightning. If I did, I would
probably name him or her, Lightning in honor of you two. Could you ask
your dad if garlic gets rid of fleas on a dog? Since you have Woolie I
thought that you would know. I remember reading that and I wanted to
check to make sure. Give Lightning a kiss for me and say thanks to
your father for all the information.

Your pal,


Dear Pony Pal Emma

Well, I hope Lightning doesn't get sick, even if dad can help make her her well. Dad says that lots of his patient's families have fed their dogs garlic. I will give it a try with Woolie. I'm not sure what he WON'T eat. Woolie likes his food. Anna, Lulu and I all like garlic. It is in the spaghetti sauce we have with our favorite dinner. I like garlic bread. Lightning will eat garlic bread if it doesn't have any butter on it. Have you tried riding your online pony along Pony Pal Trail yet? Friends,

Pam signature

Hey Pam,
I had ELA exams this week. I hate them. I would much rather be riding. Me and Rocky have our racing anthom. It talks about how nobody thinks we can win and then we do. It says all the things my mom says to me all the time. Like how he is too small to run and how I'm living a fantasy. But, Rocky seems ready. If only I could find a way to get him on a track. Saratoga is only an hour away. I have no transportation though. We'll figure it out someday. About George Lucas liking horses. Well, I'll make him like them. Because I have a story he would be intrested in. I've not told anybody about it yet. I might put it up on Rocky's Website. There is still alot of snow. Too much to ride. I'm really tired. That's about all I have to say this week. Nothing exiting has happened really. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me.
Your number 1 fan,
P.S. I'm still working on that Disney World Castle. I am hoping we can pull off living in castle. Our chances look pretty bad though.

Dear Pony Pal Gabby

What are ELA exams? Like people, horses are as big as they think they are. What does Rocky like to do best? What do you like to do best? What could you and Rocky do together best? Have you ever read a book about how to teach your horse tricks? Teaching tricks does not take any space at all. Anna has taught Acorn zillions of tricks. He bows, he counts, he does lots of things. I think we all crave usefulness, pony or person.

Your friend,

Pam signature

Dear Pam

I do live in South Dakota and it is really cold right now. Two and three days ago it was around 70 dagrees! I have talked to my parents and her parents. I guess she is just really bossy. Some times she lets my ride them. I am really scared of riding bare back but I will get used to it one day. I don’t live near any horses, probably in 20 miles! I am studying multiplication in school. I have read most of Pony Pal books. Say hi to Lulu, Anna Acorn Snow white Lighting and the WebMaster for me. Alright? OK! Bye!


Dear Pony Pal Kirby

BRRRRR. It is cold here too. Have you tried my "Multiplication Station" game in our game loft? You can earn Wiggins Bucks by playing it. Good going talking to both your parents and your cousin's parents. It's a start. Often just talking about a problem over time will help solve it.

Mom say bossy people sometimes are just recycling the way someone else has treated them. Maybe you can help break that circle with patience and kindness. If you practice those qualities, I promise your life will get better, no matter what anyone else chooses to do. Speaking of practice, bare back riding takes a lot of practice, patience and poise. Do you do "ground work" with any horses? That's when you just use a lead rope and walk with a pony or horse and ask it to do what you want, slowly and quietly.

Pam signature

Hi Pam

My name is Jennifer. I am turning 10 on Feb.12. I was wondering how old Lightning was. Later tomorrow I will tell you about my pony Pixie.

Thank you


P.S.I will be giving Anna and Lulu the same message

Dear Pony Pal Jennifer

Lightning came over from Ireland. Her story is in Pony Pals Super Special #2, The Story of Our Ponies. A family named O'Connor at Echo farm owner her before I did. She loves to jump. She won lot of ribbons for the O'Connors. She and Woolie are best friends. I love her a lot. Please write and tell me about Pixie. What is your online Pony's name?

Pam signature

To Pam

Do you want to be friends?


Dear Pony Pal Joan

Sure. Friends are great. What kinds of things do you like? Ponies, I'll bet. I do. I like to study and learn things. Math is not too hard for me. Are there any ponies near where you live?

Pam signature

Dear Pam,

Did ya'll have a good MLK Day? We did. It Snowed on Tuesday,
but I still had to go to school. That's what I get for going to college. We didn't get to watch President Obama's Inauguration because the Internet connection was to slow. There are no TVs in college class rooms. Mom did look up some information about Cushing's online, but we haven't been to the Library yet. Dr. K's coming out with an assistant today to give Cimarron an X-Ray to see if the abcess is in his hoof bone. Would it help Cimarron if we just trimmed his hoofs less? Dr. K gave Cimarron some Medicine. Dr. L didn't do that the last time, and Dr. K's the first vet at Dr. P's office to try medicine with Cimarron. He takes his first dose of medicine just fine, but when we put his other medicine on his hoof he refuses to hold still so we can give him the medicine. Last night Annie got really jealous and tried to bite Cimarron. I think Annie got really mad when we gave Cimarron his medicine in Molasses. Beauty even asked Aunt Loretta for some Molasses. Have good weekend. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail. Sincerely,


PS I'll E-Mail the vet and ask him about clipping Cimarron this summer.

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Yes, Martin Luther King's birthday was a good day here. It was cold and clear. I got up to help my mom with morning feeding and cleaning. Then I went for a ride with Anna and Lulu. We all had to stop at Badd Brook to clean the ice out of our ponies' hooves so we could walk down the hillside to the brook. It is still running in the middle but has ice on either side. What's this about college? Please write and explain. I'm curious. For dinner that night, my mom and dad and I talked about how glad Dr. King would have been to see President Obama take office.

Ponies and horses sure do get jealous. Lightning protected Fat Cat and her kittens when she thought they were in danger. It sounds like you are getting to know several different veterinarians. You are lucky to have so many near where you live. Not so many veterinary students are choosing to practice on large animals. That is too bad. Our pony and horse friends all deserve good care. Pony Pals,

Pam signature

Letters to Anna

Dear anna,

I'm not sure if the 4-H thing is only where i live or not. I would think not. Don't really know how to draw good or put the pictures on here but I can have my mom, Sandee to try to put a picture on here of my pony if you want? How is acorn? I'm just guessing but he is probly just as pretty as ever. And my name is allee. I guess that it put my mom's name on here because it's her computer. But anyway where is Wiggens anyway? Well I live in Kentucky. And I love basketball! Do you still have shadow? Oh I almost forgot, what grade are you in now?
our friend,


Dear Allee

I would like to see a picture by your mom. Wiggins is in New England. I go to Wiggins elementary school. Shadow is still here. Shadow is outside again with Acorn. They are best buds. Thanks for writing. Pony Pals #17 "Detective Pony" has Shadow's story in it.


Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,
I don't own a pony but I take riding lessons on a pony named Belle.
I just learning canter and how to check their health. Say hi to Ms. Wiggins, and Pam/Lulu for me. Thanks, bye.

Pony Pal, Jennifer

Dear Pony Pal Jennifer

Thanks for writing. I like letters. It is good you are learning how to check Belle's health. That is important. I watch Acorn real closely. Some kids ask me if I am grossed out by cleaning his stall. I am not. His pony plop is important to watch. He can't talk. So he can't tell me if something is wrong. But when I watch how he eats and how his plop looks, I can learn a lot. He is fine. Hay in, plop out. I know how to press his gums to see how soon they turn pink again. Pam's dad showed us. It is called a "refresh rate." What color is Belle? Canter? Wow. That is exciting. Cantering on Acorn is like flying.

Write back, your Pony Pal friend

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,
Hi! In school today my class had a contest on who could build the tallest skyscraper with only newspaper and tape, and my team won. I get
money for riding the bus from school. Today I got five $. At school at recess me and my friends made houses in the snow. I take riding lessons but they have stopped for the winter. When is your birthday. Can I be a pony pal? What are your talents? I will tell you more about me: I have blond hair and blue eyes and love animals. I live in a Canadian town that is a little bigger than Wiggins. I hope you are having a great time in Wiggins. your pal,
P.S.I hope you like this picture of Shadow on Acorn

Alyssa's drawing shadow sits on acorns back

(Note- this week there was a two-way tie for Jigsaw Contest winner.
All jigsaw artists get 100 Wiggins bucks added to their online accounts for their drawing. You could be next -
Send in your drawing today! WebMaster)

Dear Alyssa

Yes, you are a Pony Pal. What a great drawing. Thank you. I like to draw too. I am blonde too. I love animals. I am so lucky to have my Shetland pony Acorn. It is easier for me to draw than write. There is enough snow in Wiggins to make snow houses. Can you draw one for me? I have to break ice on Acorn's water sometimes. We rode on Pony Pal trail this week. We had to stop and clean our ponies' hooves at Badd Brook. It is almost frozen over. My dad is cutting firewood again. He is going to cut a lot for a family who boils maple sap into maple sugar. That's a lot of firewood. They will start next month. My mom is working on a menu for the diner. It has super specials on it. She works there a lot. My dad helps her when he can.

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna  
I LOVE  ponys  and  LOVE  reading books  about  you  and  your friends. I want  to  become  a  PONY PAL  too.

From  Annah


Dear Pony Pal Annah

You love ponies. You like books about me Pam and Lulu. If you have an online pony, you are officially a PonyPal.


Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna

My name is jennifer. I am turning 10 on Feb.12. I was wondering how old Acorn is.

P.S.I am going to give Pam and Lulu

Thank you


Dear Jennifer

Acorn is older than me. Tommy Rand had him when he was little. Acorn was not young then. Shetland ponies live a long time. He is really smart. I love him. I will give him a big hug from you.

Anna Hoofprints

Hey Anna,
How have you been? What have you benn doin lately? How's your sweet little pony, Acorn?
How's is you tutor?  I am so bored, have you been trail riding much.

I better go


Dear Samantha,

Acorn is good. It is so cold he is very fuzzy. We do not ride that much because it is so cold. We rode on Monday. There was no school. My tutor is good. She is helping me practice multiplication. I practice in Pam's game loft sometimes.

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna,
What's up.What did you and Acorn do last Monday? I'm having a sleep
over with my frind Missy this weekend. On Wednesday I'm going to foxfield (thats where I ride) Well I've got to go
Your Friend

Dear Hope,

We went for a trail ride. It was cold. When we ride in snow it clumps up in pony's hoofs. You have to get off and dig it out with a hoof pick.

It is too cold to sleep over in the barn right now. Mrs. Crandal says it has to be warmer. The ponies are warm enough with their furry coats.

Is it snowy where you are? Does foxfield have an indoor where you can ride?

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna,
My name is Siobhan, I live in Philadelphia, PA. It is really cold down here! How is Acorn? He is my favorite pony, in the whole Pony Pals! I really like Shetland Ponies, but I would want a pony like Acorn, could you tell me where you got him?
Your fan,



Dear Siobhan

Acorn was from Mr. Olson's. He has had a lot of owners before me. Even Tommy Rand. There is a picture of Tommy in a bear costume with Acorn dressed up too. It makes Tommy mad when he sees it. We think its funny.

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,
Thanks for writing back,  I took riding lessons this past summer.  I rode a horse named  Mimi.  Mimi is all brown. She belongs to Diane.  I hope to take more lessons this coming summer.  I really enjoy riding horses.
This is what I did last week , We baby sat a little girl named Mattie. She is just 1 years old.  My sisters and I had a couple of days off school due to the weather.  We enjoyed staying home, we played with baby dolls and read books. Sunday we went to church. What is Acorn's favorite food to eat? Have a good day!
Your friend,
Morgan S

Dear Morgan

Acorn's favorite favorite favorite food is horse cookies. He only gets one or two at a time. He likes carrots too. And apples. And oats. And hay. Mostly he only gets hay and oats.

We didn't have any days off for weather. It was cold. There was not very much snow. We had Monday off for Martin Luther King's birthday.

Baby sitting sounds like fun. Does Mattie walk yet? My mom says when I started to walk she had to watch me all the time. She used to give me a spoon and an old pot and I would bang on it.

What toys does Mattie like to play with?

Anna Hoofprints

Letters to Lulu

Dear Lulu,
Your pony is very pretty and you are too. Is it fun haing a pony? Do you enjoy having your friends nere by? How are you and your pony? Write me back.
your fan,

Dear Grace

Thank you. I think Snow White is beautiful. When she prances sometimes I think there is no pony anywhere that is prettier.

We went for a ride Monday. It was really cold but we rode in the middle of the day and the sun was warm.

It is the best having Anna next door and Pam just a short ride away. I really like Wiggins, even though I miss my dad.

Snow White is good, and very furry. I gave her a big hug from you and a extra handful of oats. She would have said thanks but she was too busy eating.


Lulu signature

Hi Lulu,

How are you? How's Snow white? Have you seen the movie Two- bits and pepper? It is a terrific movie. so..... Have you been trali riding much? Where is your dad now?
I better gallop


Dear Samantha

It is too cold too ride much here. Snow White is good. Every day I go out and take all the snow out of her hooves when we clean her paddock. Both she and Acorn get lots of snow packed up in their hooves.

Your Pony Pal,

Lulu signature

Hey Lulu

You r my fave pony pal. I live in Tennesse. Im 12 years old and have 4 horses. I started riding when i was 3. Now I ride in shows. Here is a pic of my favorite hors,e paint thoroubred Apachee thank u
Ashley, 12


Apache grazing



Dear Ashley,

Apache is very pretty. Is he fun to ride? What kind of shows do you ride in?

My mom bought Lightning for me to ride in shows, but mainly I ride on trails.

Thanks for writing. Tell me more about Apache in your next letter. What does he like to do when you ride?


Lulu signature

Hi Dear  Lulu,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  can  I  be  a  PONY PAL  with  you and   your friends?


Dear Pony Pal Annah

Yes, yes, yes. That's the great thing about Mrs. Crandal's club, everybody can be a Pony Pal with us.

Welcome to the club!

Pony Pals,

Lulu signature

Hi Lulu

My name is jennifer. I am turning 10 on Feb.12. I was wondering how old SnowWhite is.

Thank you


P.S.I gave Anna and Pam this message

Dear Jennifer

Snow White is a little older than me. She was born at Mr. Olson's farm and then she had a foal named Snowflake when she was three.

You can read all about her in "The Story of Our Ponies" by Jeanne Betancourt. It would tell you about all the owners who have had Lightning, Acorn and Snow White.

Do you have a pony? Do you have an online pony in our club?

Write back and tell me about your adventures!

Lulu signature


My Club Pony Pals

From Pony Pal Siobhan

One way to make a pony with keyboard symbols.

Keyboard Pony


A story by Pony Pal Summer F.

Part of "Pony Friends: Good-Bye, Dark Heart"

Molly was galloping around the area after Sarah was cantered on High Step. Summer and Sunshine raced to the seane. "Poor Dark Heart's moving stiffly." said Sunshine. "Like he's doing a loose walk, only faster, alot faster!" said Summer. Dark Heart was scared, his ears were back, and the girls could see the write rim of his eyes. But he was trying his best to make his rider satisfied. At the last jump, disaster. Molly smacked her stallion's rump, and jumped to a faster pace. "What is she doing?!" cried Sunshine. "Molly! Pull him up! He's not going to make it!" Summer yelled. But then, they made it, but then, Dark Heart's left front leg crashed though a rail. The chips off painted wood and drops of blood fell like rain, as both horse and rider fall. Molly was motionless, but Dark Heart was struggling to get up. "Call Dr. Marten!" cried Summer. Sunshine raced to the vet's and Summer and the other girls were rusing to the injured cuple. "Molly!" said Sarah, "Are you OK?" "No!" cried Molly, 'I broke my wrist!" Summr went end petted the hurt stallion, as Sunshine and Dr. Marten rushed to help...


Picture It

The Story so far.... The Pony Pals had just completed freeing a herd of wild mustangs.  They were cleaning up the twine and string, putting it in their saddle bags when suddenly someone shouted "Stop!" They all turned and saw Lulu's father. Lulu was very angry with her Dad, she jumped on Snow White and galloped away. Summer, Meredith, Sunshine, Lulu’s Dad, Pam and Anna gave chase on their ponies and horses.

Lulu was going so fast she and Snow White didn't see a deep ditch until it was too late. They fell into it!

While riding Lulu’s father explained to the other girls he was trying to study the mustangs, that was why the horses were tied.

Then they heard Snow White and Lulu crying for help.  The group carefully approached the ditch and Mr. Sanders and Eye-High got out a rope with a noose. The Pony Pals tied their horses and held onto Mr. Sanders' feet as the dropped the noose down towards Snow White.

Snow White got out safely, but horse thieves came and tried to steal all the other ponies and horses. Elie and Star stopped them and gave the ropes back to Lulu's dad.

Lulu yelled up that she still needed help. Mr. Sanders laid down on the bank and started to feed a rope down to Lulu when suddenly he started to slide! The girls grabbed his shoes but one came off and .....
The next thing Lulu saw was her dad coming over the bank headfirst! He landed next to her in the water and started laugh, and tell her a story about a time in Brazil when Eye High the pony interrupted. "I know what to do."

Eye-High started down towards Lulu and her dad but Tommy Rand poured some oil on the rocks right in front of Eye-High. Eye-High picked up his pace. Everyone Held their breath. Then, Eye-High...

Pony Pal Summer writes...

.......Lifted his front legs.....

Pony Pal Pam writes...

.......and jumped! He sprang so high that everyone was amazed. It was like he was going up and up and up, when Eye-High came back down he was past the oily rocks. He cantered past the oil and tossed his head up.

"Mustangs know what needs to be done."

He trotted up to Lulu and her dad and put his nose down to sniff. Then...

Pony Pal Siobhan writes...

..." I fell into the River!" " My partner and I barely made it out before...the one foot waterfall!"


What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@clubponypals.com

Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day


EASY TO LOCATE --They’re either off on their pony or out in the barn.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES -- Providing the party is given by another pony person.
Fall asleep in the soup at all other functions.

ECONOMY MINDED -- Don’t waste much money on permanents, facials, or manicures.

CULINARY PERFECTIONISTS -- Check every section of hay for mold but
don't blink when they petrify a dinner in the microwave.

EASY TO OUTFIT -- You can find all they wear at your local tack store.

OWNERS OF A SELECTIVE SENSE OF SMELL -- Bitterly complain about
tobacco smoke while remaining totally oblivious to the almost
visible aroma of boots drying next to the heater.

DEDICATED CLUB PEOPLE -- As long as the words "pony" or "riding" appears
in its name.

MASTERS AT MULTIPLICATION -- Start with one pony, add a companion,
and the next time you look there are five.

ENGAGING CONVERSATIONALISTS -- Can rattle on endlessly about
training or breeds.

SOCIALLY AWARE -- Know that formal occasions calls for clean boots.

A MOVING FORCE IN THE FAMILY -- House by house, they want you to move
closer to pony country.

EASY TO PLEASE -- A new wheelbarrow, custom boots, or even a folding hoof
pick will win their heart forever.

SHOW HER AFFECTION IN UNUSUAL WAY -- If they pat you on the neck and
say "you're a good boy", believe it or not, they love you!