Volume 2 Number 28 ----- January 19-25, 2009

Club Pony Pals News
Trail Riding Open for Testing

Dear Pony Pals

Our new trail is open for Club Pony Pals testers with a special link!

Right now just the very first section of Pony Pal trail is there.

Wiggins Weekly testers are the first ones to be able to try out our trail riding experience before it is open to everyone.

A big thank you to all our testers and subscribers for helping us make this a great game!
Jane Crandal
PS  Make sure your saddlebag has some treats in it when you go out on trail.

Happy Riding!

Letters from Club Members




Dear Pony Pal Rachel

I wish I could. Right now, it is not very easy to get Pony Pals books. They are only available through the Scholastic Book Club in schools. We are working with the publisher to change that if we can.



My name is Carla. I'm 8 years old and live on a farm outside a little town in South Africa. It is summer now and it is very hot and dry in the part of South Africa we stay in.

I've been horse riding since I was 3 years old.  My horse's name is Sharne and she is three years old.  I also love riding miniature horses bareback at the riding school.  My horse riding teacher is a real horse whisperer.

I've absolutely love the stickers and bookmark you have send me.  My friends couldn't believe that it was send to me from America for free!

My 8th birthday was a my little pony party and we had lots of fun riding "Liefie" translated meaning darling, "Proppies"  meaning cap and Penny.

I'm Afrikaans speaking and won the prize for the child that read the most books in my grade -- 257 books of which most were English.  I've received a very nice book about horses! I also have read the Pony Pal books from 3-27 with a few ones missing. My mom have difficulty to get hold of more of them so we hope you would be able to help us later through Scholastic.

Happy riding


Carla's Pony

Carla and Sharne

Carla's 8th B'day

Carla's 8th Birthday Party in South Africa


Dear Pony Pal Carla

What great photos. Sharne looks like she has a "kind eye." That is a Western U.S. term for a horse who has a calm way about them. We are working with Scholastic to see if we can help make the Pony Pals books easier to get. Many club members have written to ask how they can find books in the series. There are 44 Pony Pals books. Some of them aren't sold by Scholastic any more. We hope that changes. Congratulations for reading more than 250 books. Thank you for sharing a bit of what your life in South Africa is like. In Wiggins it is very, very cold right now. There is lots of snow, too. What do you like about ClubPonyPals? What things would you like to see offered in it? Please write again to tell us what your life in Africa is like, with ponies and horses! Our site has had visitors from over 50 countries now.


Thanks webmaster you're the best


Dear Pony Pal Samantha

Thanks for starting to test our new trail riding game. What do you like about it? What do you think about it? How can we make it better?


Letter to Jeanne Betancourt

Hey, Jeanne!
I've got some great suggestions for the new game. Tell me if you like them!!

# 1. It would be nice if you could go see Mrs. Wiggins and go to the shop to get brownies and chat with Pam, Anna, and Lulu!
#2. It would also be cool if you could have barn sleepovers with other players and/or with the Pony Pals!
#3. It would also be neat if in the beginning when you went to sign up for a account that they asked for your birthday and so when it was your birthday you could log onto Club pony pals and they would give you a birthday cake and a bag of Mrs. Pastures cookies for pony's!!
#4. It would also be neat if you could go see Lulu's grandma and get your hair done or go see Mrs. Baxter.
#5. It would also be neat if you could throw parties for the pony's birthday's and have friends come over!
#6. It would be awesome if you could train and compete with your pony to win Wiggins bucks and to also get ribbons at an Equestrian center!
#7. It would be cool if you also put in a shop for the players clothes and the horses clothes, ( gaits, saddles, blankets, medicine and cures, ext.)
That's it!! If you need anything else, be sure to email me. I may have more suggestions!
P.P.S. By the way, I am 9 years old and was born in New Zealand, Wellington!
I hope you have fun making the game, and I am obliged to help you with it!
Love, Grace.

PS I want to be a tester for the latest tester review!!!!

Dear Pony Pal Grace

Thank you for writing. The features you would like to see in the ClubPonyPals site are already planned. I know the webmaster is working with her code writers almost every day, sometimes quite late. They are moving forward as fast as they can to create a virtual Wiggins that has more contests, virtual goods, ways for visitors to post notes for other Pony Pals, a virtual Off Main Diner, a virtual Mrs. Baxter's beauty shop, ways to see avatars of other Pony Pals and lots, lots more.

Webmaster for

Jeanne Betancourt

Letters to Pam

hi pam
hello,wow you are so lucky i wish i got a computer. how's your family and your horse(pony). i don't really know what to say haha. this year im going to collage and im only 11.so what have you been up to? have fun

amy :)


Dear Amy

College? Really? In the U.S., that means you have finished 12 years of school. Is it the same where you live? Lightning is fine. But she has had to spend a lot of time in her stall because it is so cold and snowy outside. When it is too cold to give lessons, my mom has kept busy looking over all her schooling tack. That means mostly leather items like bridles and saddles. If they need repair, this is a good time do do that. She sits in the game loft and sews or patches things that she can fix. The ponies all watch her. I help my mom feed in the morning before I leave for school. I help clean in the barn when I come home from school. If it is not too cold, I try to ride every day. I do homework every night. I always go out to say goodnight to Lightning before I go to sleep. I sleep better when I know she is OK.

Your friend,

Pam signature

Dear Pam,

I have always wanted a pony like Lightning. I live in South Dakota. So I can't have a pony quite yet. I have always wanted a pony of my own. My cousin has about 10 or 11 horses. She never lets me ride them.


Dear Pony Pal K

South Dakota? Wow, how cold is it there? It has been pretty cold here in New England. Do you have any idea why your cousin does not like to let you ride her horses? Have you talked about this with your parents? Have you asked your cousin? Do you live near other horses or ponies? What are you studying in school? How many Pony Pals books have you read?

Your friend,

Pam signature

Hi Pam

I have riding stable near me and I would love to help out there! I am sorry you have not been getting many riding lessons. It is really snowy here and people around here can't go riding much either. Get some riding done and write back!

Your Pony Pal

Dear Ellie

I really like helping my mom in our barn. I just love being around horses and ponies. Feeding, grooming and cleaning their stalls doesn't really seem like work to me. What does your mom or dad think about your helping out at a nearby stable? Have you talked this over with them? It's been so cold this week, I sometimes put an extra saddle blanket over Lightning, Daisy, or Splash when I walk or trot around our paddock. I am careful not to work them so hard that they sweat. That would mean I would have to make sure they were all dry before I put them up in their stalls again.


Pam signature

Dear Pam,

Thanks for the link. When your dad gets back will you please
ask about removing the tumor, where Aunt Loretta can buy his medicine cheap, and if Cimarron could have his medicine during the Summer?
Cimarron's fine during the Winter. All Summer Cimarron would literally
ask us to spray him with the hose. He'd walk up to the hose, sniff it,
and then look at us like, "Please spray me." Cimarron appreciates your
hug. I hope the sick horse at Mr. Olsen's will be OK. Cimarron hobbled
again today. The Farrier said that it would last for a few hours
yesterday and then he'd get better, but that didn't happen. Its the
same hoof as last time. We think he has an abscess again. When Mom and I got to Grandma's this afternoon to feed the horses we noticed that Cimarron was lying down and his feet where tucked under him. Luckily he got up again. When Mom and I saw him she was like, "Oh my gosh." and I was like, "Not again." Cimarron started abscessing last year.

The last time Cimarron got an abscess Annie got a little jealous because of all the attention he was getting. Now Annie's jealous again. Apparently my horse is prone to jealousy. There are three possibilities.

A: It's because of the Cushing's.

B: It's something the Farrier's doing.

C: All of the above.

I figured that if the Vet found the root of the problem then Cimarron wouldn't get abscesses anymore. Can Cushing's cause horses to get an abscess in their hoof? Have a good MLK Day. Please answer my questions. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Pony Pal Cayce

Have you spent much time at your local library or on the internet looking up Cushing's? I found a vet's site about older horses. They are called "geriatric" like old humans are, too. These horses all live in Texas.


I think the good news is that horses with Cushing's should live as long as horses without it. The disease does have an effect on the immune system. That's just like in humans, it's a body's overall defenses against sickness of all kinds. Have you asked your vet about clipping Cimarron next summer, when it is warm again? Yes, I think horses get jealous. In fact, Fat Cat is not specially jealous. But Acorn, Snow White and Lightning all seem to know who belongs to who and they seem to get annoyed when they think the wrong pony is getting attention from the wrong human.

Your friend,

Pam signature

Heat, Pam!

I'm wondering about Miracle. Since Beauty was found AFTER Winston died, she might have bred with Picasso, for he seemed to be the only still who liked her (and he is charmingly handsome, isn't he?) Or, she was pregnant, BEFORE she met Picasso. Anyways, I hope you have a good week. How is everyone? Please give Lightning a big hug for me!


Dear Pony Pal Summer

Gosh, this is a topic I never really thought about much. Next time I see Ms. Wiggins I will see what she thinks. Consider Lightning hugged. Her mane smells really crisp and fresh in these cold temperatures. That's where I like to hug her. The twins are fine. They look like round little gnomes after my mom bundles them up to go outside in these cold temperatures. If mom is grooming or riding a horse, I watch them. They waddle around like a couple of penguins, they are dressed in so many layers. Dad is busy. Older pets sometimes have a hard time in cold weather. He puts a worklight under his truck's hood at night, next to the engine's battery. He says it helps him start the truck if he has to go out in the dead of night when it is coldest. He says that if someone calls, it's serious and he doesn't want to fool with a truck that won't start at a time like that.

Pam signature

Dear Pam,
I have been really bored lately. It's weeks like this that just make me really tired and moody. There is a lot of snow so I haven't been able to go riding. Plus even if I could it's been below 0 for the past several days. I'm just gonna stick to my Disney schedule. Which if this really was Disney World wouldn't even have anything to do with school. I would probably ride Space Mountain every night. Then I would live in Cinderella Castle. And there would be a special stable for Rocky inside the castle. Then he could go into the Animal Kingdom Park and have a special paddock just for him. That would be amazing. Then me and my dog Scouty would just go where ever we wanted. Except Scouty would probably stay in my castle suite most of the time. That is the perfect plan.

Now I know what my career is going to be. I'm gonna make my animals Stars. Then the Pony Pals could have their own show on Disney Channel. Perfect Plan, right?

I have already written my first movie. All I have to do is contact George Lucas and he and I can begin my fame. After I make a movie with him I can go to Disney and Live the Dream life. I'm gonna start right now. Maybe Lighting, Snow White, and Acorn can live in Rocky's Castle stable and play with him in his Animal Kingdom Paddock. And You, Anna, and Lulu can have a suite in the Castle too. Perfect, I am pure genius. Give Lightning a hug and a cookie for me. She would get plenty if she lived in the Castle.
Your number 1 fan,

Dear Pony Pal Gabby

Sounds like it's as cold where you are as in Wiggins. I guess being around our barn keeps me cheerful. There's always so much to do that I never seem to get bored. Does Scouty do any tricks? Do you know how to help a dog or cat learn tricks? A famous Russian scientist named Pavlov figured out that you only have to give a treat one time in 10 to reward something you want them to do. Woolie has other opinions. But I'm sticking with the 10 percent idea. A Pony Pals TV show sounds good. I think the Webmaster is working on something along those lines. I don't know if George Lucas likes ponies. Maybe you can write to him and find out. Can you work with Rocky even though it's cold outside? How is school working out? Monday is Martin Luther King's birthday. It is a school holiday. Our family is happy to see an African American in the White House. I think Dr. King would have liked that.

Pam signature

Letters to Anna

Dear  Anna,
How are  you?
How is  Acorn?
Can  you  give  Acorn  a  treat for me?
Well  I' ve  got  to  go.

Dear Hope,

Acorn is good. It has been really cold here. When we ride I have to wear lots of clothes. I wear my Shetland Island costume and my new sweater and a scarf and mittens. It is too cold to ride for very long.

Pony hoofs get packed with snow when we ride. It is slippery for the pony. We have to be careful where we go. If we ride down into Badd Brook we get off and clean out their hooves first. We rode to Pam's on Wednesday. It was just for a visit.

There are icy patches under the snow. But when we were in the forest there was a pretty bird.It had a black head. Lulu knew what it was. She said it was singing "chick-a-dee" and that was its name. Lulu said it hides seeds in bark all summer and goes back in winter to find them.

I said how did it know where to look. Lulu said she would ask her dad in an email.

I gave Acorn a horse cookie from you. He really liked it. I gave him a hug from you, too. You didn't say to. But Acorn liked that too.

Did you have any adventures this week?


Anna Hoofprints

Hello, I love the pony pal books! Anna Harley is my favorite because school is hard for me too! I have wanted a horse all my life. My favorite horse is Buddy. He is a 4h pony. He is a huge miniature horse, well I`m a very tiny 11 year old so I can ride him. No one understands why I like him so much. When ever I leave the barn he runs up to the fence and neighs with all his heart and it makes me want to scoop him up and take him home! well I have to go but please email me back!



Dear Nicole

Yes, my pony's name is Acorn. He is a Shetland pony with a black mane and tail and a brown body. Mrs. Crandal says he is a light bay, almost a buckskin color. Right now it is cold so he is really fuzzy. Sometimes he is very stubborn. But lately he is pretty good. Mostly.

When I leave home to go to school Acorn talks to me like that too. Sometimes he looks at me when I walk back towards the house like he wants to know why I have to go away. I think he would like it if I stayed outside all the time. It would be too cold, I think. Even with a lot of clothes.

Does Buddy stay at your house? It sounds like he is nice. What color is he? What kind of riding do you do?

Write back, your Pony Pal friend

Anna Hoofprints

Hi Anna,

How's school going? Math is hard for me this year. Do you have any trix about multiplying? Please write back,

your friend Ellie


Dear Ellie

My tutor had a game she gave me. I lent it to Pam. It is in the game loft. It helps to practice multiplying. But if I am tired it can be too hard. Then I just do things like we practice skip counting. 2's are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12...

Or 5's. They go 5, 10, 15, 20, 25...

For me sometimes I need to use my fingers. But if you practice skip counting numbers it helps. I am still not too good on 6's, 7's and 8's.

For nines there is a nine times trick. Hold your hands out. Spread out your fingers. Nine times and put that finger down. Like nine times two. Hold your second finger down. Then you have one finger up. And eight fingers up. So that is 18. It works with all the nine times.

There are other math tricks here that you can try.

My mom says math is really important. That is what my tutor helps me with a lot. I guess it is good it has been cold. I have been practicing math a lot.

Hope this helps.

Anna Hoofprints

dear anna
hello. so what did you get for christmas. i am going to college this year. man my little sister is cool she's so funny..umm i don't know what to say. what you been up to? have fun

from amy g


Dear Amy

Wow! Are you a grown up? How come you get to go to COLLEGE? I'm just in elementary school.

You are so lucky to have a little sister. I remember she was cute. Does she talk yet?

I got a saddle blanket and halter for Acorn. They were periwinkle blue. He looks very cute. If it ever gets warm enough to ride again he will, I mean.

Write back and tell me about college. Is it cold where you are too? It is really cold here now.


Anna Hoofprints

hi Anna

its jess thanks for working on the drawing for me and my dad did this for you I did the head.

Dusty small

(Note- this week there was a three-way tie for Jigsaw Contest winner.
All three artists got 100 Wiggins bucks added to their online accounts for their drawing. You could be next -
Send in your drawing today! WebMaster

Dear Jess

What a pretty drawing. You are a REALLY good artist.

Your drawing made me remember I promised I would draw me and Acorn this week. Here is my drawing. It was when Ms. Wiggins and me were getting Acorn to pull her sleigh. It was fun.

Anna and Acorn in harness drawing

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna
How are you and Acorn? Sorry it me so long to write back. Something went wrong with my Dad's email so I'll just write you paper letters.

In my last letter to you I said my my Acorn. What I meant was on Club Pony Pals I have a Bay Connemara named Acorn. And now I have a friend for Acorn. Its a POA (appaloosa of course) named Clip Clop. They are both cute. Its fun to groom and ride them.

When will I be able to groom Splash and Daisy?
When will I be able to ride on Pony Pal Trail?
What did you get for Christmas?

Love, BLK

PS. Write back soon.
Bethany LK

PPS I really want a pony just Like Acorn.

Bethany's drawing

(Note- this week there was a three-way tie for Jigsaw Contest winner.
All three artists got 100 Wiggins bucks added to their online accounts for their drawing. You could be next - Send in your drawing today! WebMaster)

Dear Bethany

When mom gave me your letter I was really happy. I like getting mailbox mail! I really like all the drawings that you made. The WebMaster liked them too and she put them all together into one page for a jigsaw puzzle. She said she would put it in Pam's game loft.

Is your Acorn stubborn sometimes? Who do you like better, Acorn or Clip Clop?

Did you ride on Pony Pal Trail yet?

Write back again and let me know.

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna Harley,
I have read  A Pony in trouble, Runaway Pony, Super Special # 1 The Baby Pony, Pony-sitters, The Saddest Pony and Pony-4-Sale.  These I read from the library I have these Pony pal books here at home  I Want a Pony, A Pony for Keeps, The Girl Who Hated Ponies, Pony-sitters and Pony for Sale.
I love horses or ponies!!!!
We don't have a horse or pony but some day I would like one.
The books I have at home  is from my birthday and  Christmas.

Your friend,
Morgan S.

Dear Morgan

My tutor read your letter and said to say hi. She says you must like to read. I'm glad you like the books.

I love ponies and horses too. Even before I had Acorn I loved ponies. I was so glad when I got him for forever.

Do you get to visit ponies sometimes at a stable or to ride? Rosalie likes to come visit sometimes to see our ponies. When she is here I know she just wants a pony so bad.

Did you get books for Christmas? I got a sweater and a halter and blanket for Acorn.

Write back and tell me what you did this week.

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints





Dear Madison

I love Acorn too. He is really special. Even when he plays chase me. It has been so cold here we have made sure that the ponies have hay all the time. Mrs. Crandal said make sure that they can eat and we gave them twice as much oats to help keep them warm.

Lulu's dad got a heater for the water trough. So we just had to run water in a hose to it. We do that from the basement from mom's laundry tub. Sometimes we use warm water so the heater doesn't have to work so hard.

Lots of food means lots of something else. Every day Lulu and I have to clean the paddock. We have a big bin we put it all in. Nelson's farm takes all of what we clean up for composting. They use it to grow stuff. They come every couple of weeks and empty the bin. Sometimes in summer I get to see them come by. In winter they come while I am at school.

What did you get your brother for his birthday?

Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Dear Anna,                                                                                  
Hi! it's me Alyssa. I invited five friends onto Club Pony Pals their names are Shazia, Felicia, Melanie, Leah and Sapphire. For Christmas I got a toy dog that can walk, bark and when you whistle it comes. This week I did a history project, I had to bring something from my past. Every time a person walks by my house my dog Tiny goes wild and barks loud. How are Acorn and Shadow? I hope you have a good week.
your pony pal
P.S. enjoy this picture of you riding Acorn.

Alyssa's Drawing of Anna

(Note- this week there was a three-way tie for Jigsaw Contest winner.
All three artists got 100 Wiggins bucks added to their online accounts for their drawing. You could be next - Send in your drawing today! WebMaster)

Dear Alyssa

Your drawing made me laugh. I really like it. Acorn liked it too. What did Tiny think of your toy dog? Was he jealous?

I told Mrs. Crandal about your inviting your friends. She asked me to tell you THANK YOU. She said to write it in ALL CAPITALS so you would know she REALLY WAS HAPPY ABOUT IT!

What did you take in to your class from your past? Pam and Lulu and me found a really old bottle once. It had a note in it. Did you read that book? It was a really fun, that's how we found the secret meadow and how we met Mrs. Eastman. The book is called "Ponies from the Past."

Acorn is really good. Shadow is fine, it has been so cold at night that sometimes we bring her inside to stay warm at night. My mom said it was ok as long as Shadow stayed in the basement. She said she didn't want Shadow's ears to freeze.

I hope it warms up soon. Your friend,

Anna Hoofprints

dear anna,

This is my first time writing to the pony pals! And I already like it. Well I am in forth grade and I love reading pony pal books! At first I didn't like reading. But then my friend let me read a pony pal book. And I was WOWED. I loved reading pony pal books! And now i've got my own! I got my very first from my friend.Then I got some for christmas from my mom. And that was in 2008. And i've almost read them all! There was, pony sitters, I want a pony, pony deceive, a pony in trouble and some more that I can't think of.

I also got another book . It wasn't a pony pals though. Well I am a A and B student and I get to go to the champion speech for 4-H and I live in usa. I only wish that you could send me a letter back with your name on it. Well just in case my and my mom said it was OK. And if you could, send us a picture. I'll poly send you one when I get a picture of my horses and ponies! SEE YA.


Dear Sandee

Thanks so much for writing. You must be really smart. I study all the time. If I get a B I am really happy.

I drew a picture of me and Acorn. Can you draw a picture of yo and your horses? It would make me happy to see it.

How do you get champion speech for 4-H? Is that everywhere or just where you live?

Write back - your new friend,

Anna Hoofprints

Letters to Lulu

Dear lulu
Hello,what did you get for christmas? Ummm how old are you? How's snow white going hope she's ok. So what you up to?

from amy g

Dear Amy

Best of all, I got to see my dad at Christmas. That made me really, really happy. Grandma Sanders was so happy to see dad she got all teared up. She knows that he does what he loves, that he loves me and her. So all really treasure the time that we all have together. I love dad's stories about where he goes and what he does. He is very concerned about what he sees when he is far away in remote places. He says that animals he studies are starting to feel the effects of shrinking forests and warming temperatures. I think his next project has something to do with jungles. He is gone now. I miss him. He wrote me from an internet cafe already. That made me happy.


Dear Lulu

Please Give Snow White a BIG hug for me!!!


Dear Pony Pal Summer

Hug delivered. She is all frosty in the morning when I look out at Harley's paddock where she and Acorn live. Acorn looks like a furry plush toy. Snow White has her winter coat now. I clean out her hooves from packed snow when I come home from school. If it is not really, really cold, I will put a saddle on her and walk around a bit. But it still gets dark pretty early. So I can't really ride anywhere, even if Anna and Acorn are with me. We have lots of homework. Monday is a school holiday for us. It is Martin Luther King's birthday. I hope it is warm enough for Anna and I to ride on Pony Pal trail over to Pam's. Then we can ride some over there.

Your Pony Pal,


Dear pony pal Lulu

And if you had a pony that was black what would you name it? And if i had a black horse I would name it Shadow.


Dear Veronica

A black pony? Gee, I'll have to think about that. Shadow is a good name for a black pony. It is the name of Acorn's cat. Do you have an online pony at ClubPonyPals? What part of the world are you in? ClubPonyPals gets visitors from over 50 countries now.



Hi Lulu it's Ellie.

I can't find any more pony pal books that I haven't read. I need to read a lot more I know because am not very far in the series. What should I do? Please write back.

Your Pony Pal Ellie

Dear Ellie

I think to start, you can talk to your school librarian if it has one. Or you can try a county library closest to you. If your local library does not have Pony Pals copies on their shelves, they can probably have them lent from another library and sent to where you can check them out to read. The Webmaster thinks that it should be easier for people to get Pony Pals books. She is working with Scholastic to see how she can help make that happen.

Pony Pals,


Hi Lulu

I am a great fan. I might get a Gypsy Mvp. They look like a paint and a Friesian mix. I have a question for  you?  Can you give me a website that tells you more about Gypsy Mvp besides


Lulu also I am not getting my wiggins weekly. I only got 12/29/08. I LOVE PONY PALS!!!!!!!!


LULU MY BESTEST B.F.F. I love snow :-D white!!!!

madison :-)

Dear Madison





sometimes an internet search is a good way to start. My school library has a computer that the librarian showed me how to use. It has a safe search program on it.



Dear Lulu

Hi it's Nellie F here I am ur biggest fan ever

Dear Nellie

Thanks. Its always nice to hear from a new friend. We have been making sure our ponies stay warm. It is really cold here.

Is it cold where you are? What do you do when you're not in school?

Write back and tell me more about your adventures.



My Club Pony Pals

Picture It

The Story so far.... The Pony Pals had just completed freeing a herd of wild mustangs.  They were cleaning up the twine and string, putting it in their saddle bags when suddenly someone shouted "Stop!" They all turned and saw Lulu's father. Lulu was very angry with her Dad, she jumped on Snow White and galloped away. Summer, Meredith, Sunshine, Lulu’s Dad, Pam and Anna gave chase on their ponies and horses.

Lulu was going so fast she and Snow White didn't see a deep ditch until it was too late. They fell into it!

While riding Lulu’s father explained to the other girls he was trying to study the mustangs, that was why the horses were tied.

Then they heard Snow White and Lulu crying for help.  The group carefully approached the ditch and Mr. Sanders and Eye-High got out a rope with a noose. The Pony Pals tied their horses and held onto Mr. Sanders' feet as the dropped the noose down towards Snow White.

Snow White got out safely, but horse thieves came and tried to steal all the other ponies and horses. Elie and Star stopped them and gave the ropes back to Lulu's dad.

Lulu yelled up that she still needed help. Mr. Sanders laid down on the bank and started to feed a rope down to Lulu when suddenly he started to slide! The girls grabbed his shoes but one came off and .....
The next thing Lulu saw was her dad coming over the bank headfirst! He landed next to her in the water and started laugh, and tell her a story about a time in Brazil when Eye High the pony interrupted. "I know what to do."

Eye-High started down towards Lulu and her dad but Tommy Rand poured some oil on the rocks right in front of Eye-High. Eye-High picked up his pace. Everyone Held their breath. Then, Eye-High...

Pony Pal Summer writes...

.......Lifted his front legs.....

Pony Pal Pam writes...

.......and jumped! He sprang so high that everyone was amazed. It was like he was going up and up and up, when Eye-High came back down he was past the oily rocks. He cantered past the oil and tossed his head up.

"Mustangs know what needs to be done."

He trotted up to Lulu and her dad and put his nose down to sniff. Then...

What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@clubponypals.com

Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us. - Hermann Hesse

There are two theories to arguing . . . neither works - Will Rogers

I love seeing weeds growing in cracks in the freeway. Life is resilient.