Volume 2 Number 24 ----- December 22-29, 2008

Club Pony Pals News -- Visit Pam's Game Loft

Dear Pony Pals

It's cold and snowing in Wiggins. And school is out this week. Jack and Jill our twins can't wait to open their presents. They are running around our house. 

The cold weather has meant more sick animals. So Pam's dad is really busy treating them. After last week's big ice storm, its too cold for Pam, Anna and Lulu to ride much with Lightning, Acorn and Snow White.  But the Pony Pals wanted something to do that would let them be close to their ponies.  So Pam filled her game chest with some of her favorite games. Then Anna and Lulu helped her carry it up to the loft where the girls have sleepovers. The Pony Pals would like to invite everyone to try the games.

When visitors come to our barn, they can see Pam's game loft from the barn aisle way.  Just mouse over "Game Loft" and it will light up. Click on it to go up in the loft.

A chest labeled "Pam's Games" has a light over it. Click on the chest and it will open. In it are six different games.  Right now visitors can play them to practice.  In a few days, players can start earning Wiggins bucks when they play these games.

Please let us know how the games are to play. Over a dozen more are on the way! And yes, most games will be about ponies.

Have a great holiday! Our best to you from Crandal's barn and Club Pony Pals!



New in this Issue --
The Pony Pals Ride Again

It was cold on Pony Pal Trail. Very cold.

Under gray skies, a tall evergreen forest let in little daylight. Between the trees, Pam Crandal let her chestnut pony mare Lightning follow a path well known to both of them.

The snow crunched softly under Lightning's steady pace. A squirrel hopped across the trail. From shaded pine branches hung icicles left over from an ice storm a week ago. With one hand, Pam pulled her scarf up over her chin. Lightning's ear turned sideways at a faint sound of far away chainsaws. "That's Anna's dad," Pam thought, "Cutting firewood on the Wiggins Estate."

Riding south towards the three birches, Pam looked through the bare trees. She wondered if Anna and Lulu would be there with their ponies, waiting for her. The trail sloped downhill. Pam leaned back a little. That was how she asked Lightning to slow down. The hillside had thawed a day ago when the sun had been out for an afternoon.  The trail was a mix of ice, bare earth and mud. As they reached Badd Brook, Pam saw rabbit and chipmunk paw prints in the soft creek bank.

"I'll have watch out where Lighting steps," she thought. " It will be slippery as we walk up out of the water." She asked Lightning to stop at the water's edge. As the chestnut pony sniffed at the stream's frozen edge, a reflection of her forehead’s upside down heart marking looked right side up for just a moment.

Amid the trees hanging over Badd Brook, the distant chainsaws sounded a little softer now. Tiny snowflakes began to drift down. Pam looked up and saw clouds moving in. "Lets get going," she told Lightning. The sorrel pony snorted softly, then stepped forward into the stream.

to be continued....


Letters from Club Members

I saw in Wiggins Weekly edition 1-44 that there might be a pony pal TV show. If there is going to be one, please let me know and when it is going to be on.
Pony Pal Emma

Dear Pony Pal Emma
To get a TV show on Club Pony Pals will need many, many new members. You can help by asking your friends to join.

i love ur pony pal books last night i stayed up until 12:00 reading a pony pal book they're just sooo good i wish i could go on pony pal adventures and have barn sleepovers u guys rock please email me back :D love
jozie ann

Dear Pony Pal Jozie Ann
There's nothing like a good book to keep you up reading. So glad you like the Pony Pals series, we like it too.


I'm a grandpa who has a grand daughter who loves reading your Pony Pal Books to me. I would like to purchase a complete collection of your series but am un able to find someone who sells them all. I get some bits and pieces but not complete. Is there anyone who sells the books that would be able to sell me all of them.
Sincerely John R

Dear Pony Pal Grandpa John R.
Please try the links we have on our website. Your best bet for a complete collection may be The Reading Well. That store has most of the Pony Pals books, though some may be pre-owned. Club Pony Pals is working with Scholastic Books to find a way for Club members to get this series more easily.


I was wondering how to switch sides on my pony to fully groom. Thanks for your time.
best of luck,

Dear Pony Pal Family
In your stall's lower left corner there is a circular arrow symbol. Click on it to turn your pony.
We are in the process of rewriting all the barn's code. Thanks for your patience. For general help, click on the "?" symbol to the frame's right.

Thank you lots! My pony is happy as ever!

Letters to Jeanne Betancourt

i love all your books you wrote my favorite is pony in trouble that was
good if you ever write a new book please email me do you have a horses if you do email tell me about her or he. sincerly your bigest fan of ponypoals ALEXIS

hi i am x-ited about having a pony pals horse u in your books r amazing bye-bye Dale & Chris

Dear Pony Pals Alexis, Dale & Chris
It always makes me happy to hear that Pony Pals like my books. This Club is for Pony Pals everywhere.
When I lived in Sharon, CT I took riding lessons. Right now I live in New York City and I do not have a horse or pony of my own.
You can have lots of adventures without your own pony. Write and let us know about your adventures, with or without a pony.
Webmaster for

jeanne betancourt signature


Letters to Pam

Hi Pam,
We had Like a FOOT of snow on Friday and we left school early. Good thing I rode Rocky before it snowed. We had an Ice storm Last week. It took down a really big tree right infront of the small door leading to Rocky's mini paddock. It broke the fence and trapped Rocky inside his stall. My mom says if Rocky had been outside the branch would have hit him and he would have died. He was scared to go out but now we fixed the fence and cut away some branches so now Rocky can just walk around the tree limb and he can be in his mini paddock. Christmas is coming and I'm soooooo exited. Rocky is gonna hang up his stocking. All our barn animals have stocking. Each of my sisters sheep,Rocky, and my brothers Ducks have stockings. Yes, My little brother has 5 ducks. They have to share a stocking but Rocky gets his own. My dog Scout has a stocking too. I put mostly dog buscuits in it. Give Lightning a hug and 3 cookies for me. Yea, She should have 3. 1 from me, 1 from you, and 1 for Christmas.
                                                               Merry Christmas,

Dear Gabby
It made me laugh to imagine all those stockings hung up out in your barn. The branch falling down sounds really scary. I am so glad that Rocky is OK. It's good he can walk around the branch in his paddock. That will help him be less afraid of it. Anything that you are scared of gets less scary the more you are around it.
Our barn is decorated with pine boughs and greens from the woods. Anna's dad picked a bunch of pretty branches for my mom to use. We have a big tree he cut for us, too.
We spent saturday afternoon caroling going to our friends houses. It was really fun but kind of cold. We were glad to get home before dark, we ate popcorn and made some popcorn strings for Anna's tree.
I gave Lightning the cookies, I think she liked the one from you the best.
Your friend,

Dear Pam,
Thanks for the advice. Mom has to think about death too. Her job is to help people with heart problems. I don't like to think about death. How did you and Anna meet? Have a good weekend. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Friends, Cayce

Dear Cayce,
Sometimes when it was a hard day I can just tell when my dad gets home. He gets kind of a serious look, or he just looks tired. No matter how hard he tries, sometimes there is nothing he can do to make an injured animal get better. Then the animal dies or he has to put it down. That is so sad.
I remember how worried we all were when Snow White's legs got cut up at Baxter's. That's when Anna and I first met Lulu and Snow White.
Snow White's leg was tangled in wire. Anna and I galloped our ponies back to see my dad at the clinic. Lulu kept Snow White from moving but even so her injuries were really serious. My dad was not sure that Snow white would get better. She did though. My mom thinks it was because Lulu took such good care of her. Snow White is fine now.
That is how working with sick animals or people is. A lot of times medicine can help animals and people to get better.
Back in the old days there were not the new medicines that can really help an animal heal fast. Now we have lots of choices about how to help them get better. Even so love and care can make a big difference. That is why good nurses and doctors and veterinarians are so important.
Anna was in my kindergarten class and that's where we met.


Hi my name is jessie d I am 9 and I always wanted a horse since I was 2 or 3!!!! Lightning is so beautiful, I love connemaras, but my fave horse is a friesian.
fr. jessie

Dear Jessie
Fresians are beautiful. One of my mom's friends rides one in dressage. He is so big it is almost scary. But he is very nice. Most draft horses are nice. My mom says a horse that big better be nice or it won't have a place in our barn! She makes me laugh! Thanks for writing about Fresians, do you like other horses that have feathers too? Do you know where feathers are?


Dear Pam,
I love ponies,but I don't have one.
Instead, I have a dog. My dog's name is Echo.

Dear Annie
Everyone here loves ponies. Not everyone can have a pony right now. That's why my mom made her game. Echo is a great name for a dog. How did he get it? Write back and let me know. Friends,



Letters to Anna

Hi Anna
I have a horse that looks just like Acorn if he does not have any white marks. My horse is named Dolly she likes me but not my sister she tries to bite her. I am sending a picture of her.

picture of Dolly

Dolly is a welsh/quarter cross.I have read the whole series over the summer. I think the saddest one was when Lulu moved.

Dear Karlie
Dolly is very cute. She looks like Acorn. Only Acorn is shorter. And fuzzier. Shetlands get very furry in winter. It is very cold where they are from. I am glad Lulu moved back too. The Pony Pals are friends forever. Your Pony Pal Friend,


Dear Anna, Sadly I had to quit horseback riding because of my Allergies! Sad huh? And I was about to start jumping I love cantering and riding it is so much fun! Love Taylor Anne!
P.S dear reader if you ever have the same problem as I or have to quit horseback riding email back

Dear Taylor Anne
Having to quit riding is way hard. I hated it when my parents said I had to get better grades or lose Acorn. I wish you could study hard and get to ride. I do not have allergies. One girl in my class does, though. She has a special bracelet. Do you have a bracelet for your allergy? Pony Pals,

Dear Anna,
How did you get interested in drawing? Have a good weekend.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Friends,

Dear Cayce
Every time I sat down to do homework I would start to draw. For me drawing is easier than studying. My dad reminded me to tell you to hug your mom. I will give my dad a hug for you. Pony Pals,

PS I drew this picture of us for you.

3 pony pals drawing


For Anna,
I Have two friends named Anna.  I have a friend who is dyslexic.

Dear Annie
There are no other girls named Anna in my class. You must have a big school to have two friends named the same as me. Does your dyslexic friend wear blue glasses to help? Mine do, they make the letters stay put better.

Letters to Lulu

Dear Lulu,
I am a BIG fan. Snow White is very brave. How are you? My name is Harmony C. The pony pals are my favorite book sieries. Do you ride Snow White during the winter? I have pony, her name is BEAUTY. She's a little stubborn. when there wasn't any snow on the ground I took her for a trail ride SHE JUMPED I never would have guessed in a million years that she would jump. RIGHT BACK SOON!

Dear Harmony
Snow White is very brave. I am good. I am glad to meet you. Yes I ride Snow White during the winter if it is not too cold. Beauty sounds really pretty. Is she black? All ponies are a little stubborn. Mrs. Crandal says that is because they have to keep all that energy in a small package. Jumping is so exciting when it happens. It is like flying. Do you take lessons on Beauty? A good teacher can help you learn to make Beauty jump whenever you want. I got to learn that on Ginger. Now Snow White is really fun to jump. Write back soon too! Friends,


hey again
Its so cool that your dad is back! I hope you have a great holiday season together.
By the way my name is pronuonced lee-ann. we got rain the other day and everything is icey here too,and its freezing cold!!:) Oh well, we'll survive! give Snow White an apple for me.:)your pony pal, Leanne

Dear Leanne (the other Lulu)
Every morning my dad brings me a cup of hot chocolate and we talk for a minute about what we want to do today. He promises me that he is not going to tie up any more mustangs. The ice is everywhere, Quinns' place still does not have power. We rode by there after school to check on them last week. They had their wood stove "cranked up." They said they were fine. Mr. Quinn told us a story about an ice storm when he was our age.
Snow White liked your apple and asked for another.


Dear Lulu
I broke my leg when I was 15 months old and 7 years old. I'm 8 now. Plus I sprained my arm and toe. I sprained my arm by swinging on the climbers.I sprained my toe by climbing on the climbers . I broke my leg skating and tripping on a stick .
It is a bit icy.

Dear Annie
It sounds like the climbers are dangerous for you. Maybe you should ride ponies instead. (ha ha everyone says ponies are dangerous!) We have lots of ice here, too. It got very rainy then it froze and everything got covered with ice. Did that happen where you are, too?


My Club Pony Pals

Pony Pal Tori Answers a Horse Lovers Quiz: Are You Pony Crazy?

From: Tori

1.You Own At least one Model horse [Yes I own like sixty]

2.The Smell of horses make your knees weak[Sort of]

3.You would rather muck out a stall than clean your room [YEAH who wouldn't]
4.You own At Least 3 Books about horses [All my books are about horse so like 100]
5.If you are in school or were; have you accidentally referred your locker as a stall [once i have and i even cluck to my friends sometimes; NO LIE]

6.If you are in school or were; Do you doodle horses in class[ All the time!]
7.You have or had an imaginary horse [Sadly, yes]
8.You would rather attend a horse show than a school dance [Yes]

9.i can describe what a Bay horse looks like [Dark brown with black mane and tail]

10.You Suspect you whinny in your sleep[yeah, thats why my dad wakes up in the middle of the night ]

11.You have gone window shopping for horses on the computer[ Sorry but, Yes]

12.You have secretly pretended your bike is a horse[If i tell you it won't be secret any more -- Yes]

 Rate your "Yes" Answers
1:Try again[]

2-5:Mild fever[]

6-9:High fever[]


All 12:You are Certifiably horse crazy[Yes i got all 12]



Picture It

The Story so far.... The Pony Pals had just completed freeing a herd of wild mustangs.  They were cleaning up the twine and string, putting it in their saddle bags when suddenly someone shouted "Stop!" They all turned and saw Lulu's father. Lulu was very angry with her Dad, she jumped on Snow White and galloped away. Summer, Meredith, Sunshine, Lulu’s Dad, Pam and Anna gave chase on their ponies and horses.

Lulu was going so fast she and Snow White didn’t see a deep ditch until it was too late. They fell into it!

While riding Lulu’s father explained to the other girls he was trying to study the mustangs, that was why the horses were tied.

Then they heard Snow White and Lulu crying for help.  The group carefully approached the ditch and Mr. Sanders and Eye-High got out a rope with a noose. The Pony Pals tied their horses and held onto Mr. Sanders' feet as the dropped the noose down towards Snow White.

“Tie it to Snow White’s halter,” Mr. Sanders told Lulu, “Then….”

Emma C. writes:

"...I'll pull her out."

Snow White got out safely but then, the horse thieves came. And as silently as they could, they took the horses and ponies and lead them away. But they were to late because another girl came cantering down the trail.

"Wait!" She yelled. Everyone looked up.

"Hi," The girl introduced herself. "I'm Elie and this is my horse Star. Here are your horses back."

She had gotten the lead ropes from the thieves then gave them back to Mr. Sanders.

What happens next? Let us know. Write to WebMaster@clubponypals.com

Gabby's Column

What does it mean when a horse yawns?


Horses yawn for the same reasons we do. A. They are tired and B. they need more oxygen to their brains. If you or a horse doesn't have enough oxygen to your brains then brain cells die so the horse would die. It is entirerly nateral for a horse to yawn. So maybe your horse is tired. I guess the right answer to your question is probobly B though. Sometimes when horses yawn it means they have a belly ache. You might want to check for signs of colic. Colic is deadly to ponies and horses and it is important that you check. If your not sure call your veterenarian.

More about yawning horses from http://www.thehorse.com/viewarticle.aspx?ID=4380

By Mary DeLorey, DVM

We have all seen our horses "yawning" while seemingly happy and quiet in their stalls or pens. And sometimes horses will "yawn" close to meal times as if they are anxiously anticipating their hay or grain. With so many seemingly contradicting triggers, it is very hard to imagine a single cause for "yawning."

About the only thing we're fairly sure of is that the trigger is not the same as that of a yawn in humans, which is in response to transient drops in blood oxygen levels. That big intake of fresh air increases oxygen in the lungs and therefore in the vascular system. However, horses do not appear to be inhaling when they "yawn."

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer that explains why a horse "yawns." There are some veterinary medical professionals that firmly believe that the behavior we attribute to yawning in the horse is actually a manifestation of pain or discomfort. Some believe that so strongly that they propose that a horse only "yawns" when he is uncomfortable. Certainly, many horses will "yawn" when experiencing colic pain, but no one knows precisely why the horse responds this way or what the "yawn" might do to make him feel better.

The most important thing to keep in mind if your horse seems to be yawning inappropriately is that it can often be a sign of abdominal pain. Take quick stock of the situation and make sure there are no other signs of colic. If you have doubts, observe your horse closely for a few minutes and if you still have questions, call your veterinarian. Most times when your horse "yawns," however, he is likely to be just fine and doing what horses do.


Pony Pal Thoughts for the Day

You shouldn't talk about your first place ribbon to someone that came second.

If someone says that horse has a little buck, it has a BIG buck.

If we need rain, schedule a show.