Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 1 Number 51 -- July 7-13, 2008

Game Updates



dear webmaster,I love the game!!!!! but it would be really nice if the pony could move, and if it could be in 3D too! and it would be great if I could teach the pony tricks and chat to Anna and lulu. Bye 1 fan Deanna


Hi, the game was fun, I liked that you recognize the people and places from the Pony Pals books. Would it be possible to......
  1/   Hold onto grooming brushes and move them , instead of just clicking over and over ?
  2/   Have more interaction from ponys ? ie:whinny and neigh in recognition of task or a greeting ?
  3/   Perhaps sounds,.... Like "brush" noise when grooming..... " barn door " noise when opening and closing......." trot and gallop " sounds etc ??
  4/  Great fun to visit parts of town and trail that are familiar from the books.
      Regards and best wishes from,
      Pony Pal,  Isabella
  Albury.  Australia


Web Master: How do I register to play the game when it's ready? Does it cost anything?

Dear Pony Pals Deanna, Bella and Summer - -

The Pony Pals game is really moving ahead now. Every suggestion testers made is being put into the game, including all the ones above. Wiggins is a great town and soon anyone will be able to visit there.

Within the next few months Club Pony Pals game testers will be the first to visit virtual Wiggins and ride with the Pony Pals. If you want to see our game write in to the Weekly and let us know"I want to be a game tester." We'll put you on the list and tell you how to become a tester for us.



July 4th Pony Parade

Last year, Andy rode Suzi Q in the town 4th of July parade all by himself.
This year, a few fellow-boarders and some pony clubbers decided to join the party, which made it so much more fun. Linus made his debut as a parade pony, and was just perfect with Andy riding him.

So, what is a parade without pictures??
The start of the parade was within hacking distance, so everyone rode down to the start of the parade together.

In a fit of organization, I made matching t-shirts for everyone. Not only did I make matching t-shirts, I made them last weekend and NOT at 11 pm of July 3rd, which is my usual style! I put images on both front & back.

On the back, I put the farm name. The barn owner was so pleased that I included his farm name on the shirts, he picked up the costs for all of them. That was really nice of him! So, here's the back of the shirts:

It was a great time - the horses were awesome, each and every one of them. The kids all had a great time, and I had a ton of fun, too, playing
Barbie-pony with poor Linus! Andy was saying that I made Linus look "girly". I prefer the term "festive", not girly. ;-)
Happy 4th of July everyone!!
Lisa C.

Pony Pals Local Chapter Report

Thanks so much! Without your books me and my friends wouldn't have our horse club and imaginary horses.We dedicate all the books we write to you! Thank you so much! From horses E A C (our club name)

Dear Horses EAC

It works both ways you know. It is "Pony Pals" book readers and local chapters of Club Pony Pals that make the game and virtual world possible.

Everyone in Club Pony Pals loves ponies. Our publisher says that "Club Pony Pals readership is kids who are mad for ponies -- and those of us who never outgrew the madness."

In this world ponies make a lot of sense. They don't use gas, they can eat green pasture and convert it into work and fertilizer, they show love when you go to visit them, and they teach responsibility and compassion for another living creature.

Even better, they are a lot of fun!

Write back and tell us about your imaginary pony adventures. We all want to read more.


We want your drawings or letters! Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387



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Club Pony Pals
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New Members Letters

how do i be a pony pal ? jodie
i love pony pal books

Hi, please add us to your weekly newsletter....thanks a lot, Ariel

Hi there I have 7 year old twin girls and I have been trying to find books and movies for their age group and I came across this site.  Do we need to do anything to be part of this group?  I would like to sign up for the weekly newsletter. their names are Hanna and Rebekkah

If possible, could you send the emails to ******? I cannot send email out of that account (for Sara) but we try to collect all Sara's information at that address. This is for Sara the Pony Pal member although admittedly it is me (her mother) that does all the emailing as she is 5 years old. If that is too much trouble to change, I will find the emails in my account transfer them "manually". - Thank you! Laura

Dear Pony Pals Jodie, Ariel, Rebekka, Hanna, Beth, Sara and Laura - -

Welcome to the Club! We are so glad to see all of our new readers! We all look forward to reading more letters from you and hearing about your adventures, with or without a pony.



Members Adventures

First time at the canter

Hey Webmaster!

This is Hannah here, I just wanted to tell about just one of my crazy horse trail rides. I was riding a pony called Grace, it was the first time I've ridden her. It was also the first time I've cantered. So, I was walking along, on my pony, and the riding instructor asked if I, and the group I was riding with, wanted to canter. I immediately put my hand straight up. So, I got to canter, for the first time! I put one hand holding the bridle, and the other, holding the saddle horn nervously, but really excited. One, two three, and we're off! I thought I was dreaming! Cantering felt so good, and so fast!

All of a sudden, my pony, Grace, started galloping! I was totally
scared! My feet kept slipping out of the stirrups, and before I knew
it, I was on my ponys neck! Yep, my body had somehow slipped of the saddle, and onto Graces neck! I was completely scared! Finally, I
steadied Grace down to a canter, then trot, then walk! That was the
end of my cantering career (not really!)!

I really really REALLY love horses and ponies, but I'm not allowed a
pony, I'm not even allowed to sign up for anything coz' the cost is
too big! I only get to ride once a term, but no matter how often I
ride, I will always LOVE horses and ponies! Oh, and I can't wait
until the game comes out!

Bye, Hannah



More Members Adventures

Two chubby, middle aged women and two chubby, old horses hit the trails

I finagled some time to ride for the SECOND time this year. Pathetic,
ain't it?

A friend and I (the two chubby, middle aged women) postponed our
planned trail ride twice, but we made it to Buck Creek State Park (Springfield, OH) on Sunday afternoon. She picked us up and the sun was shining. We loaded up and it poured. We arrived at the trail head and it was still pouring.
We waited and the weather cleared to a sprinkle. We unloaded my chubby, geriatric Morgan mare and her chubby, geriatric Morgan gelding. They look like two peas from the same pod, do my Stasia and her Midnight. We tacked 'em up. And it started pouring again.
We waited in the shelter house and soon the rain dwindled to something just a touch heavier than a sprinkle. Oh, what the heck? We mounted and went on our way. And the rain quit.
The trails were wet, but not soggy or muddy. Impressive, really, considering that we've had more than nine inches of rain in June alone. When Stasia decided that a puddle concealed a ravenous, horse eating monster, Midnight walked forward and she followed. When Midnight thought that something in the foliage lay in wait to ambush us, Stasia went forward and he followed. Silly horses.
A really refreshing breeze hindered the mosquitoes and flies, so being wet wasn't so bad. And it was quite relaxing to just mosey about at the walk.
All in all, a good ride. Here's hoping that my friend and I will carve out more such afternoons this season.

--Karen S., who has several loads of laundry and ironing yet to

Trailer Training: A good start

For over ten years my husband and I have volunteered to help with our county's animal control department to evacuate horses and other large animals from the path of wildfires. This week there was a small brushfire (4 acres) about a half-mile from us and I realized that my palomino pony Azzie had never seen the inside of our trailer. He is almost three. Hmmm. We have a big steel gooseneck style trailer that's parked under some oak trees right now. So our trailer door got propped open and after today's spa treatment the newly clean, cool and fly-ointmented Aslan and I went for a walk. I had prepared with a pocket full of carrot bits. First we rounded the corner where the trailer used to be and had to stop and investigate the now empty hay barn. <snort> Then we walked around the trailer and investigated how it was a big open space. He had no fear at all, just curiosity. A carrot bit got fed. Aslan began to lick dust off the back rubber bumper so I stepped up in the trailer. He looked up at me and got another carrot bit. I backed up a step into the trailer and got another piece of carrot in my hand. He put one foot up and got a bit of carrot. Another front foot and another bit of carrot. I backed up two steps into the trailer and held out another carrot bit. There was no hesitation, carrots are a powerful incentive. He was eating out of my hand and being petted in moments, standing above the axle and calmly waiting to find out what else I wanted. Having had problems loading other horses during fire evacuations, this was a pleasant change. We stepped out, took a break for a few pets, repeated the loading experience and then took Azzie out and put him away. A wonderful start to the trailer experience. Tomorrow it's back to riding, eventually I'm going to hook the truck up to the trailer and get him used to being driven around. Hope everyone else had a fun day with their ponies, too.



Picture It

The story so far....

Ponigirl writes:
In the picture it looks like the horse is saying, "What's that? Is it edible?"

Pam Crandal writes:
Meredith tells her horse, "You silly, I'm learning to drive…."

NB Elementary writes:
"You'll hurt my feelings. Why are you riding that funny little machine instead of me?" whinnies Squirrel.

Pam Crandal writes:
Meredith laughs. Then she says, "You are too big for me, Squirrel. I want a pony. Then I would ride with the Pony Pals, and...."

Summer F. writes:
"I'm not too big!" neighs Squirrel. "I'm just the right size!"

Lulu Sanders writes:
Meredith thought Squirrel was funny. She looked very serious. Really she was trying not to laugh. Then she said, "Some little ponies want to be big horses. You're lucky to be so big. "

Summer F. writes:
"I am not too big!" yelled Squirrel. "See, I can lay down and you can just hop on!"

Anna Harley writes:
Squirrel sniffed the ground with his nose. He pawed the dirt and bent his front legs. Then he bent his back legs. Whump. He was on the ground. "Its nice down here," Squirrel thought. "While I'm down here I'll ...."

Isabelle M. writes:
"... just eat some of this clover. Hey when are you getting on?????!"

Anna Harley writes:
Meredith looked at Squirrel decided maybe jumping on without a saddle or bridle could mean problems.

Isabelle M. writes:
"Ok Squirrel I will go home and see if I can find someone to ride you."

Anna Harley writes:
Meredith drove off to the barn. When she got there she was really surprised because she found...

Summer F. writes:
...A girl sitting in a stool. She had dark blonde hair, and was petting a dapple gray pony with a black mane and tail. "Who are you?" Meredith asked.

Lulu Sanders writes:
She quiet and seemed to be thinking, but....

Summer F. continues:
The girl didn't stop petting the pony. "Wait a minute," said  Meredith to herself, "she isn't petting, she is writing a note."

When the girl was done, she clipped on her helmet, and tacked up her pony. "He ya!" shouted the girl. The gray pony galloped. Meredith saw when the girl was away from the light, her hair was brown. When she was in the light, her hair was very dark blond.
When the girl and the pony left,  Meredith read the note. It said;

DEAR ALL PONY PALS: Pongo, the Appaloosa foal is missing. He's in the Darkwood Forest, (I found tracks). If you want to help, grab a pony and go. P.S. Sorry if I'm scared about Darkwood Forest; I had nightmares about it. SUMMER

Meredith was scared. "I have to help," she said.

She ran to find Squirrel. He was hiding behind a bush. "Squirrel! shouted Meredith.

Squirrel came out from hiding. "A foal has gone missing," Meredith said, we have to help them find it."

Meredith tacked up Squirrel.

"But, I thought I was too big for you," said Squirrel. "Your size isn't what matters," said Meredith, "the foal is what matters now."  

Meredith swung herself on the saddle and chipped her helmet on. "Hy-ho, Squirrel! Away"

With an angry blow, Squirrel galloped. "To Darkwood Forest!" Squirrel slowed to a canter, then back to a gallop. No matter how scared they were, they had to help the girl find the foal. "This could be he greatest adventure in all of Pony Pals History," Meredith said to herself, "We could be heroes. Just wait till the Pony Pals read this!"

Ginny S. writes:
Meredith and Squirrel rode carefully through Darkwood Forest so that they could hear any sounds that would help them find Pongo. Meredith had tracked deer with her father so she knew the signs to look for, that would tell her if an animal had come this way.

Rider and trusted pony moved slowly along the leaf-covered trail. When he came to a tree that had fallen across the trail, Squirrel refused to go any further.

Photo by Jeanne Betancourt

In this strange situation, Meredith thought about what her parents had said about horse behavior: "Mer-Mer, your pony has a special sense that tells it when something is wrong. Trust your pony when it stops and find out why it won't listen when you tell it to go on." Using caution, Mer-Mer slid off of Squirrel and approached the ground that was hidden under the fallen tree. Something was trapped...

 Summer F. writes:

Meredith looked at the fallen tree. She was about to, till a sound if hoof beats made Meredith look up.

She saw two girls on ponyback. One was the girl she saw in the barn riding her dapple gray pony, the other was a blond haired girl on a Piebald pony. Meredith rode to them. The girl slowed their ponies to stop.

"Are you Summer?" Meredith asked to dark haired girl. The girl looked at her in surprise.

"yes," she said, "yes I'm Summer."

"And my name is Sunshine," said the blond girl, "and my pony is Piddles."

More girls came on ponyback. One was a dark skinned girl with short, curly, black hair. Her pony was a sleek chestnut with a upside-down heart for a star.

Another was a pale skinned girl with thick, blond, wavy hair. Her pony was a dark colored, cute looking, dun Shetland pony.

The last girl was a pale skin colored girl with short, smooth, black hair. Her pony was a pure white one.

"We're here," said the white pony's rider.

"Are you the Pony Pals?!" Meredith asked is amazement.

"Yes," said the dark skinned girl, "I'm Pam, this is Anna, and Lulu."

"And our ponies are Lightning, Acorn, and Snow White," said Lulu.

"Wow!" said Meredith in amazement, "may I have you autograph?"

"I promise we'll give you our autograph when we find Pongo," said Anna. Meredith put the paper in her saddlebag. Meredith looked under the tree. Nothing. So the gang galloped on.

"Meredith!"Summer shouted, "look out!" Meredith halted Squirrel just in time before his hoof sunk into a puddle of quick-sand.

"That was close!" he said.

"Tell me about it!" said Hugo. He tossed his flowing black mane.

"Let's keep looking," said Pam.

"Let's go!" said all the ponies at the same time. As the gang of girls and ponies went deeper into the forest, a screeching sound came from the canopy. Lightning gulped.

"I don't like the sounds of this," said Snow White.

Suddenly, frightened whinnying came from deeper in the forest. The sound frightened everybody.

Hugo reared and neighed loudly. Piddles pranced in place. Squirrel jogged in circles. Lightning tried to run away. Acorn tried to buck Anna off. Snow White blew her nostrils.

"Wait!" said Lightning. She pricked up her ears. "I'd know that cry anywhere!'

"Pongo!" everybody said at once. They galloped farther. The sound was so loud, the girls felt like they were deaf.

"Look!" said Sunshine, pointing her finger to a Appaloosa foal. "It's Pongo!"

Yes it was Pongo, but he was stuck in a big puddle of quick-sand. The girls dismounted. They had to think of something, and fast!

What happens next? Write in and tell us -- you can help write this new Club Pony Pals e-story!
Send your e-story idea to WebMaster@clubponypals.com




Dear Pam,
Thanks for giving Woolie a kiss for me even though he wasn't sure about it and licked you. Thank-You for letting me know that Jill's older by two minutes. Having Jill boss Jack around even more is a pretty good reason for not telling her. That made me laugh too.
Could you please ask your dad if a hoof and joint supplement prevent a horse or a pony from foundering as they get older?
The reason I'm asking is because when the vet came out last week he said to keep an eye on Annie's stiff and to call him if they get worse. Annie did barrel racing way before my cousin bought her and way before my cousin Malynda gave her to me. The vet said that Annie will probably never be able to barrel race again, but that's O.K. because she's already retired from barrel racing. She's a pleasure horse now.
Mom and I want to give Annie a hoof and joint supplement to keep her comfortable. There's a way to be a riding instructor and a vet. You could help your mom with riding lessons during Summer vacation and school holidays and during the school year you could help your dad at his office after you do your homework and study.
Please answer my question. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail.
Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce

My dad says hoof and joint supplements will not prevent founder. We all talked about founder at dinner last night until he got a call to go help a pony with colic.

He said founder can happen when a pony or horse eats too much rich food. It could be grain or fresh green grass, either one can upset their stomach. It's kind of like if you eat too much chocolate or candy all at once.

But for horses it is very serious, because it makes part of their hoof come apart. That is called laminitis. That can cause them to become lame forever.

He said that the best way to help prevent founder is to work (ride) your pony at least three times a week. When older ponies get fat and unfit they are more likely to founder. Ponies that get exercise don't founder as often.

You can tell your mom that is a very good reason to ride more.;-)

Pony Pals,

Hi Pam.

Wow, Mt Morris sounds nice. What animals do you see there? Why can't you jump? Will you pet Lightning for me?

Thanks, Summer

Dear Summer

Mt. Morris is really pretty all the time. We see woodpeckers, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, foxes,and bunnies.

Lightning jumps really well. When my Mom bought her she thought I would compete with her in jumping. I like to jump but I don't like shows very much. I jump Lightning over walls and logs out on trail all the time.

I will pat Lightning, right on her upside down heart and tell her its from you.

Pony Pals,


Dear Pam,
you have a very cute pony!!! I wish I could have a pony but we don't have a lot of money for a pony. do you have any ideas? bye, Deanna
P.S. give lighting a big hug for me.

Dear Deanna

My Mom gives lessons in trade sometimes. Here's how it works. First, you need to find a stable near where you live. You can look in the phone book under "horse stables." Ask your Mom or Dad to help you figure out which one is close to you.

Usually the easiest way to meet a person who runs a stable is to call and ask to take take a first lesson. That way you can find out if that trainer is nice. You also need to see if you like being at that stable.

After your lesson you can ask whether the trainer takes working students. That means you work to help to care for ponies in trade for getting free or less expensive lessons.

Not every teacher does this, but many will like help cleaning up pony plops, changing water and caring for the ponies. If you work for an hour or two helping them, they will help you learn to ride.

Once you work at a stable, that's the first step toward getting your own pony to ride and care for.

Let me know how this works out. Lightning will get an extra hug tonight from you.

Pony Pals,


Hi pam.
how is your mom with the ponys? my ponys name is blondie. how are you and Lightning ?

Dear Delaney

Mom is good. She gives lots of lessons in the summer, Daisy and Splash get tired by the end of the day. Lightning is good and we are going for a ride with Anna and Lulu right now. Happy trails!

Pony Pals,



Dear Lulu,
Ya'll are lucky to live in a small town. We used to live in a small town, but we had to move to the city. I miss living in a small town.
Maybe your dad could work for Anna's dad and take pictures for the brochures. Please don't forget to ask your dad about permanently settling down in Wiggins and moving in with you and your grandmother.
Oh. The ranger does sound nice and I'm sure the monument will be beautiful.
Hope you, Pam, Anna, Snow White, Lightning, and Acorn have a good 4th of July. H.A.G.S. (Have a good Summer).
Just a tip for when Dr.Crandal comes out to give Snow White her check up and her shots. Make sure that he double checks everything. That way you'll know what's coming next and if something's wrong it can be fixed right away.
Could you please pass this tip along to Pam and Anna? Please answer my question. Please respond PDQ the second after you get this E-Mail.
Sincerely, Cayce

Dear Cayce,

My Dad got here last Friday and it is so great to have him here. He brought me a little wood carving of a zebra that is so perfect it's hard to believe. He said that he thought of me when he saw it in a big open air market like a flea market in Africa and knew I would like it.

When I asked my Dad about moving here, he said that he is looking for a way to live closer to me. He will be here for a month, so I plan to keep asking him about it.

Anna said her dad doesn't need pictures.He's done with building the concrete part of the monument and the Ranger is working on building a trail to it. Pam, Anna and I all want to ride up and take a look at it.

Dr. Crandal is very good. He checks the horse carefully whenever he gives shots. Just like you don't know when you're going to get sick with a cold next, there's no way to tell when a horse is going to get sick. Pam says all any veterinarian can do is tell you how to keep your pony healthy. If you do that, then it's easier to heal a pony if it gets sick.

Your Pony Pal,

Lulu: I meant Guinea hens! Sorry for the misspelled words. I'm typing really fast. Congrats Lulu. You did pretty well. Did you take pictures? I want to see! Anyway, saw hello to Snow White.


Dear Summer,

Oh!!! I saw lots of Guinea hens in Africa. My favorites were the really speckldey ones that went "ding-tock" up in the top of trees whenever they got worried.

My Dad asked if there were pictures from the show, too. Oops. No pictures. 8-(

Your Pony Pal,

Dear Lulu,
Hi! I'm Sarah and I have a pony kind of like snow white except mine (Samson) is roan. He is beautiful. Are you ever afraid of riding? Like I have always wanted to ride but was always very nervous. (But sometimes I ride at a local stables with trails with a club I'm in, and I love that) Once I was thrown off a bareback mule but I was fine. But it was so scary that I was thinking of giving up riding. And now my pony has thrown someone off and they have broken three ribs and a finger, and I'm sure I want to quit! I love grooming and leading and I'm fine with that just loving my horse and not worrying about of people and my safety on riding and being able to share my bond with samson. What do you think? Have you ever been thrown? By the way give snow white a treat for me. Write back. -Pony pal sarah

Dear Sarah,

One book "The Missing Pony Pal" by my friend Jeanne Betancourt is all about my being afraid to ride. I fell off Snow White when I was riding and had to go to the emergency room. After that I was afraid to ride at all.

Pam and Anna made me think about why I was afraid. Good friends can help you to figure out your fear. Acorn, Lightning, Pam and Anna all wanted me to start riding Snow White again and now I am not afraid any more. (That does not mean I am not careful!)

Making myself start riding again made me really proud of how I learned to control my fear. This is a big part of becoming a good person.

In the picture of you and Samson he looks really calm. There are some horses that learn to buck for no reason. But bucking is a lot of work and most horses are kind of lazy.

What was the person who got bucked off doing before she got hurt? If you have ridden Samson and he didn't pitch you off, then maybe he was not happy about what that other person was asking him to do. Maybe he likes you better than he liked her.

Write back and let me know more.

Your Pony Pal,

hi lulu
I think snow white is beautiful how are you? my pony 's name Blondie how is anna and pam

Dear Pony Pal Delaney,

Snow White can be beautiful when she is all clean. This past few weeks its rained so much she looks more like a mud pony than a shining white champion. It takes a lot of grooming to get the mud off!

Anna and Pam and I are all going for a ride to Mt. Morris today. If you write back I'll tell you what we saw.

Your Pony Pal,


Can you give me a list on what Acorn can do and how he does it? Great. Is Acorn still bossing you around? How's Mrs. Wiggins. How's Picasso, Beauty and Miracle? Tell Acorn and them I said hi.


Dear Summer

Making a long list is too much like school. 8-P

I can write some things Acorn can do. Acorn can stretch down for me to get on bareback. He can nod yes and shake his head for no.He can pull a cart.He can jump if he thinks I really want to.

He can do lots of other things 2. He can make me feel happy when school is not fun. When Tommy or Mike give call me names he can make me feel like they don't matter. He can run fast like the wind. He can cross a brook without being worried. Best of all, he can come up to me when I want to give him a hug and stand still while I do it.

Pony Pals,

Pony Pal Photos

Buttercup lives in Vermont and is one month old today!

Silver Stardust is 2 years old and will turn gray.
Photos courtesy of http://faeriecourtfarm.com/




Pony Pals Puzzle of the Week
by Summer F.

Scrambled Pony Colors



Pony Pals Thoughts for the Day

By Summer F.

A pony may die, but the friendship with your pony will never die.


\by Gladiola Montana

It's not what you say to a pony that gets its attention. It's how you say it.

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