Pony News, Views and Attitudes -- Vol. 1 Number 46 -- June 2-8, 2008

Velvet's on the Move

Cindi's new pony Velvet really likes to step out! Photo courtesy of http://www.allisonacres.org/

Cindi writes: "She's of unknown breed... She was bred and trained by the Amish at first. I think she's maybe got some Hackney in her; I put up some video of her trotting around Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/allisonacres
But I really have no idea. Quarter pony type, she was advertised as,
but she's smaller and has maybe a Welsh type head. I dunno. :-)

"She's a very nervous girl and those pics do make her
look a bit more self confident than she is... I spent about 30 minutes
in the round pen today just walking and trotting, inviting her to look
at me, and she was steadfast in her desire to obey but not interact.
I finally got an ear, and then a tiny bit of an inside eye, and then
she came a few steps to me, but took forever. I try to get the horses
somewhat equal in their ability to be driven off or to be drawn in,
and she's got the driving off part down pat! She's also pretty
unequal in her sides - her left side is more friendly and broke than
her right side by far. We'll see how she comes around."

More Game Testers Wanted

This week saw a flurry of responses from readers and volunteers who are willing to help test a new Pony Pals game. More help is still needed, according to game developer Jane Crandal.

"To start with, players will only spend about ten minutes on this little game," Crandal said."It doesn't take too long to play everything we've built so far. Building it takes a lot more time than playing it!"

"Right now it's like a tiny room in a big house. We built a small part of the game to know if players like how it looks, how the ponies look, and whether it is fun to play," she laughed.

Testers need a broadband internet connection and a computer to try the game out. There is no downloading as part of the game, it is played completely on the internet.

To volunteer to become a tester, Club Pony Pals members must email Club Pony Pals and write "I want to be a game tester" in their email.

Updates about the game and its testing process will be posted here in the Weekly.


Acorn and Snow White look at Lightning
ClubPonyPals game

This Week's Survey

Where will you play the new Club Pony Pals game?

Last Week's Survey Results


Club Pony Pals
Letters & Drawings

Hello WebMaster, this is Pony Pal Hannah,
I can't wait until the game comes out! I'm so excited!
I will write the stories as soon as possible. Thanks for putting my letter on the Wiggins Weekly.
Can you please tell me more about the site because I'm still not hugely familiar with everything.
And thanks for replying to everything!
I will most certainly send a drawing or story!
What can people write to Anna about? I saw the 2 letters to Anna in tomorrows Wiggins Weekly, but I still don't know what to put! Is it completely up to me?
Your pony pal, and biggest Pony Pal books fan, Hannah!

Dear Pony Pal Hannah

Your letter made me smile a lot! Your good spirit is definitely catching!

Club Pony Pals is the first internet presence based on Jeanne Betancourt's Pony Pals books. When my partners and I read those books we thought they would make a good internet game, along with maybe a television series or movie.

The first thing we are building is an internet game that will let you ride in Wiggins, care for a pony and go on adventures. When we first get the game going it will be small, just like when we started this website. It will get bigger as more people come to play it.

Yes, you can write anything you want to Anna. Sometimes the girls get letters asking questions about what happened to them in the books, what they are doing now, about their ponies or things like that. It is totally up to you what to write.

We look forward to reading your stories! Write again soon,


when is the pony pals website going to be completed? I am 6 and I love all of the pony pals books! I read them every night before going to bed. I dream of being a pony pal! I also have my own Hunter pony that I show named, "Blondie" I love horses and ponies and I can't wait for your website!! Please reply with any info. you can give me.
Thanks, Delaney

Dear Pony Pal Delaney

Welcome to the Club. You are now officially a Pony Pal!

Other Pony Pals would like to see a picture of your pony Blondie. Is it a palomino? What kind of pony is it?

We are still seeking testers for our game. If you are interested in volunteering to test the game, you must be able to connect to the internet with your computer. Club Pony Pals' online game has lots of pictures, so players will have to have 'broadband' or 'high-speed' access to the internet.

To volunteer to become a tester, Club Pony Pals members must email Club Pony Pals and write a note that says "I want to be a game tester."

It would be great if you could help us with testing the game, write back and let us know.





Well,I just wanted to say to Jeanne that she inspired me and my friends.We made a horse cub and dedicated all our books to you. Our club is called Horses E-A-C.Thats the letters of our first names. We love the Pony Pals. We don't have real horses.But we pretend. We love riding. We dedicate the whole club to you. Thank you.

Dear Pony Pals Horses E-A-C

Your horse club sounds great! Even grown ups who love horses think about riding all the time. They read horse stories, write horse stories and and letters about horses to each other.

Horses E-A-C is an official local Club Pony Pals chapter. Write back and tell us about your pretend horse adventures. It would be great to hear more!


P. S. Jeanne Betancourt says "Thanks" for the kind words about her books!

I would like to sign up for wiggins weekly e-newspaper & I would like to volunteer to become a game tester. thanks!!!! send to CLAYTON

hi i love pony pals i wood love to be in the club. Brenda

how do we join? Jean

hey i wut to no howe kira

Dear Pony Pals
Welcome to Club Pony Pals and thanks for joining. We are still looking for game testers and will start the first round of play in the next few weeks.

Until then the Wiggins Weekly is the best way to find out what is happening with the game.



We want your drawings or letters! Send them in to the Wiggins Weekly.

email WebMaster@clubponypals.com

or mail them to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387


Picture It

The story so far....

Ponigirl writes:
In the picture it looks like the horse is saying, "What's that? Is it edible?"

Pam Crandal writes:
Meredith tells her horse, "You silly, I'm learning to drive…."

NB Elementary writes:
"You'll hurt my feelings. Why are you riding that funny little machine instead of me?" whinnies Squirrel.

Pam Crandal writes:
Meredith laughs. Then she says, "You are too big for me, Squirrel. I want a pony. Then I would ride with the Pony Pals, and...."

Summer F. writes:
"I'm not too big!" neighs Squirrel. "I'm just the right size!"

Lulu Sanders writes:
Meredith thought Squirrel was funny. She looked very serious. Really she was trying not to laugh. Then she said, "Some little ponies want to be big horses. You're lucky to be so big. "

Summer F. writes:
"I am not too big!" yelled Squirrel. "See, I can lay down and you can just hop on!"

Anna Harley writes:
Squirrel sniffed the ground with his nose. He pawed the dirt and bent his front legs. Then he bent his back legs. Whump. He was on the ground. "Its nice down here," Squirrel thought. "While I'm down here I'll ...."

Isabelle M. writes:
"... just eat some of this clover. Hey when are you getting on?????!"

Anna Harley writes:
Meredith looked at Squirrel decided maybe jumping on without a saddle or bridle could mean...

What happens next? Write in and tell us -- you can help write this new Club Pony Pals e-story!
Send your e-story idea to WebMaster@clubponypals.com



Hi Everyone!
It's been way too long since I wrote but with the end of school and TESTING it's been too busy to write.

Funny how as the days get longer everyone wants to do more. Anna, Lulu and I all have been riding more after school. Now that it doesn't get dark until late we can ride after supper and that's really fun. We've been planning a camping trip after school ends and we'll write more about it when we know what we're going to do.

The other exciting thing is on Saturday night the Town Council finally met again about the Monument for Mt. Morris Ski Resort. If you remember we went to visit Mrs. Eastman after we found an old piece of machinery on land her family donated to Mt. Morris Park.

The Ranger didn't know what that big cement and metal structure was, but Mrs. Eastman told us it was part of a ski resort that her family used to run there. She seemed sad that nobody remembered the ski resort any more.

We had a Pony Pal Plan to help people remember by building a big sign near the machinery, but Ranger Stranton said we should build a cement structure called a "monument."

So Anna did a drawing for what we wanted and got her dad who does construction to help us figure out how much the monument would cost to build.

The most expensive part is a brass sign called a "plaque" that tells the story and has an old picture of the ski resort. It will last for a really long time, though.

So Anna, Lulu and I all went to the Town Council meeting on Saturday night. Mrs. Sanders told us it was really important that we make sure Mrs. Eastman was at the meeting, too.

So Lulu's grandma drove over and picked Mrs. Eastman up and we all went to the meeting together.

My mom told me that this is always how government works in America. First you suggest something to them, then they put it on the agenda, they schedule a hearing for comments. Sometimes they even have more than one hearing if a lot of people want to talk!

Finally, they close the comment period and the council puts the item " up for a vote."

This time the Monument was up for a vote. It was so nice outside, we all were kind of bored waiting for the vote but the Council saw us there and decided to "move the item up" on the agenda.

Then they all talked about it again and gave their opinions on why they were going to vote one way or another.

Finally, they voted and the Council approved the money for the monument!!! They then thanked Mrs. Eastman for giving her land to the park.

We were all kind of surprised when Mrs. Eastman started to cry. My mom said it was because she was really happy. We all hugged her and everyone in the room applauded!

So we took Mrs. Eastman out to the Off-Main Diner for brownies and milk afterwards. She thanked us for all we did to get the monument approved and said that she really thought the Pony Pals were her best friends.

That kind of made me happy and sad at the same time. It was getting late, so we took Mrs. Eastman back to the rest home and when we drove away Anna, Lulu and I all looked at each other. We knew what we were going to do.

The Pony Pals are going to visit Mrs. Eastman more. Nobody likes to be forgotten and we made sure that she never would be.

That's all for now.

Pony Pals,

Wiggins Town Council Approves Mt. Morris Ski Resort Monument

This week the Wiggins Town Council approved $3500 to build a monument on the Eastern Slope of Mt. Morris, commemorating the Eastman family's contribution of the land where their ski resort was operated. The vote was 5 - 0 in favor. The above artist's rendering of the monument was drawn by Pony Pal Anna Harley.


NB Elementary Message for Pony Pals -- and Pony Pal Parents


Our kids are done on Friday June 6th so we are wrapping up this school year with Pony Pal enthusiasm. At our barn party, I'll have copies of the current Wiggins Weekly and a letter for the parents...encouraging them to keep their kids reading all summer and reading with them.

If kids are too busy to read (and parents are wise to keep their kids busy during the summer months), then they're just too busy! Most kids don't naturally curl up with a book...so the adults need to join them in a time for reading. When we're under the pressure of a busy schedule we cry out for some "down time." Parents who stop the whirlwind that we call "life" so that they can take time to read to, or with, their children, will reap the benefits of this relaxation time forever. Children who put reading on their list of fun things to do, will seldom utter that phrase that makes parents cringe: "I'm bored." So, saddle up your imagination's ponies and head to the library to check out a supply of Pony Pals books (along with other favorites) so that your summer will be peaceful and pleasant!

Mrs. S.

P. S. I'm honored to be able to have a voice in the Weekly...to reach out to parents everywhere...to urge them to keep their children reading all summer. I've seen the HUGE difference in school success that's made by summer reading.


The Wiggins Weekly has been lucky to have your great students involved! Please don't forget to send some pictures of the NB Elementary crew at their Pony Pal barn party. This school year may end but the Weekly will be here every week all summer long.

In some ways reading is just like caring for a pony. At first when a pony's not groomed every day, it looks pretty much the same. But as the days pass it gets scruffy. It's hooves aren't as strong, it's eyes aren't bright and its coat gets dull.

When you stop reading every day there may not be a big difference at first, but just like that pony as the days pass without spending time with a book, magazine or writing a letter, you get rusty. So remember, reading the Weekly and writing in to the Pony Pals doesn't have to stop just because the school year has!

We look forward to hearing from Club Pony Pals members everywhere about their summer adventures -- with or without a pony. Other Club Members want to hear from you -- please don't wait to write. Happy summer!



Pony Pals Thought for the Day --

A lesson every cowgirl should learn is where her business ends
and someone else's starts.


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