Pony News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 43   May 12-18, 2008


by Summer F.

Acorn in a meadow of dandelions 

Snow White with flowers in her mane

Lightning in a blue light

Acorn Lightning and Snow White as magical twilight ponies

These pics are for a Pony Pals page. I hope you enjoy them.

Summer age, 10

P,S: Thank you for putting my art in last weeks Wiggins Weekly.

P,P,S: Please respond about my puzzle page and artwork.

P,P,P,S:  Wouldn't it be cool if you have your own TV show? The episodes could be just like the books!

Dear Pony Pal Summer

Your artwork and puzzles are wonderful! Did you get last week's Wiggins Weekly newsletter?   Your puzzles are in it.

We think the Pony Pals books would make a great TV show, too! What time of day would you want it to be on? Tell us more!





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This survey question was by Summer F.
What's your favorite Pony Pal treat?
323 Spaghetti

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299 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
300 Off-Main Diner Brownies & Milk




Picture It

The story so far....

Ponigirl writes:
In the picture it looks like the horse is saying, "What's that? Is it edible?"

Pam Crandal writes:
Meredith tells her horse, "You silly, I'm learning to drive…."


What happens next? Write in and tell us -- you can help write this new Club Pony Pals e-story!
Send your e-story idea to WebMaster@clubponypals.com





NB Elementary News

Dear WebMaster

This week has been a blur...not much time ... end of year tests (but)...

Barn Party tickets are causing Pony Pals books to be in popular demand! With just 2 weeks to go before our fabulous barn party – which includes horseback riding -- students are reading faithfully.

We've had to buy more books to keep up with the demand and that makes us very happy.

Using the link for books on the Pony Pals website helped us...

Mrs. S from NB Elementary



Dear Anna,

How are you doing? Tell Acorn I said "hello."

I just finished reading Give Me Back My Pony. I took an RC (Reading Counts) quiz on it and passed it. That made me feel really good. That gets me a ticket to go to the Pony Pals barn party at Meredith's.

An RC quiz is when you take a test on the book you just read. You ask the teacher to take an RC quiz. If she says "yes" you go to the computer and click on the Reading Counts icon. Next you enter your user name and your password. Then you type in the name of your book or the author. Now you're ready to answer some questions about the story. At our school we get 12 questions. If you get 9 or more questions right, you pass the quiz.

In Mrs. Shaffer's class if you get a perfect score you get to do the monkey or the chicken. If you want to know what that means, write back to us and we'll tell you.
Your friend,

Dear Sadie,

Way to go on the RC quiz! I really know how hard it can be to pass a test! They still make me scared when I take them. You can read about that in my letter to your classmate Nick in this newsletter.

Acorn is fine; I gave him a carrot piece this week when I got your letter and told him it was from you. He had only one question. "Did Sadie send any more carrot pieces?" ;-)

Our school doesn't give many tests on computers. I think mainly that is what your teacher likes or if your school has lots of computers.

We mostly take our tests on paper. One thing my teacher does for me is to use light blue paper. The tests for everyone are copied onto that blue paper and that makes it really easier for me to read.

That is one of many tricks to help kids with dyslexia. Write back if you want to hear more.

Yes, I know how to do the monkey. I never did the chicken. Is it like the monkey but you make chicken noises?

When I was younger before I got Acorn I used to do the pony, too. That's really fun, you can walk, trot, canter and with your friends you can pretend you are running like a herd in a pasture. When you do it in the house, your mom will probably tell you to go outside, though.

Write back and tell me about your barn party. It sounds like way fun and I wish we could be there. Pam, Lulu and I plan to have a sleepover at Crandal's ranch that weekend.

We'll roast some marshmallows and think of you all at your sleepover, too!



Nick wants to know if you'd be open to hearing some school advice from a boy.

He was pretty surprised about you skipping school to take time to work with getting your pony to jump - isn't that what he told me?

My students appreciate how honest you are about things that challenge you. ...they'll write to you soon.

Mrs. S from NB Elementary


Dear Nick and Mrs. S,

Thanks for writing. Getting Acorn to jump was hard. Learning to read better was harder.

My friend Jeanne wrote "A Pony For Keeps" about when I found out about my dyslexia. Remember how my parents were going to take Acorn away because my grades were bad? Back then I was not very good at reading. I really wanted to read.

Lulu and Pam helped me to study all the time. But I still got bad test scores.

I thought I was stupid because when I looked at written letters they looked funny. Words just made me confused. I was afraid to tell anyone about it because they might know I was stupid.

Then my mom and dad told me that if my grades were too bad Acorn was going away. When I got my report card and knew I was going to lose Acorn I thought there was nothing worse than that. I wanted to keep him so bad, I figured nothing worse could happen if I didn't go to school.

When I told Ms. Wiggins about my reading problem she helped me. I would have gotten help sooner if I told my teacher about not understanding words.

So I learned if you have problems with your schoolwork, explain and ask for help.

Once I got tutoring my reading got better.

Like this week when I took my tests, the teachers give me more time to work because of my dyslexia.

There are other tricks, too, like wearing blue glasses! More soon,




Pony Pals Thought for the Day -- thanks to Summer F.

Its by the carrot, not by the whip.