Pony News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 41 April 28- May 4, 2008

Newest Pony Pal

"Hi my name is Erica and I am seven and I love horses my ponys name is Gypsy and she loves me. One day I would like to make my own horsey club.  

Erica from Australia"

Threat to Trails?

Pony Pals Need Help -- New Law May Close Trails  

    Town Clerk Milton Shapiro's office announced this week that Wiggins needs help to survey old roads around the Town area.

       "We need to map every old road that ever existed within Wiggins. Like Ridley Farm, some places where people used to live are empty now. There were roads that lead to those houses. Unless we map them and turn in our map to the State, those roads may be gated and closed," Shapiro said

       "The Pony Pals came to the Wiggins clerk's office this week to talk about next Saturday's Town Council meeting.  When they learned about our roads, they said they would get their Club to help with this effort," Mr. Shapiro continued. "Connecticut passed a law in 2006 and this law has a time limit in it.  Connecticut cities and towns have until 2009 to locate their old roads. That way, towns, villages and cities can add the rights of way to their town map and have them stay public. Any unclaimed roads can be taken back by whoever owns the property under or next to where the road was and those trails could be gated or closed."

        Town Historian Janet McGee said "Wiggins Historical Society offices have had a lot of visitors lately. People are coming in to research road entitlements, easements, and rights of way around Wiggins."

      Pony Pal Pam Crandal asked, "If readers could draw a map showing where the Pony Pals have ridden ride in the Pony Pals books, we can put all the maps together into one big map that has every old road and trail on it." 

      "Anna, Lulu and I started to do that already," Pam said. "But it's too big a job for just the three of us. Our Pony Pal Plan is to get everyone who reads our books to help. There is a map of Wiggins in the front of every Pony Pals book that Club Pony Pals members can look at to help draw their map." Email all maps to contests@clubponypals.com  or mail them to   Club Pony Pals,  16654 Soledad Canyon Road   #382, Canyon Country, CA 91387


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Pony News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. Number 41 April 28- May 4, 2008

Readers' Letters

      I was wondering, when would the Pony Pal Virtual Game be ready? In a week? Next month? Next year? I can't wait tell the game is ready!  Summer 

Dear Summer,

We are working with a new game designer who is helping us to build the game. Keep reading this e-newsletter for new developments. Look at the Club Pony Pals site soon for some changes that will be the first steps towards this game.


      Where is Wiggins, CT located?   Nicholas

       We went on clubponypals.com and looked for Wiggins.  Where is Wiggins located?  We're going to talk about imaginary places and compare them to real places.

    Your friend, Brandy

Dear Nicholas & Brandy,

      When I began writing this e-newsletter, I wondered how I should write about Wiggins, the town where the Pony Pals live. The books' author Jeanne Betancourt used to live in Sharon, CT when she wrote the Pony Pals series. So she based Wiggins on a mix of that place and a different small New England town where she grew up.

      The forests around Wiggins are beautiful and like the rest of New England it has four seasons. Even with a small downtown shopping district and a good restaurant, Wiggins still is uncrowded enough so little girls can ride ponies along roads and through backyards. Pretty much everyone is friends with everyone else, except of course for Mike Lacey and Tommy Rand, who have issues. ;-)

     Almost every place is a little like Wiggins. You cannot find Wiggins on a map.  But when I think of Wiggins, I know that I want to live there. By reading Pony Pals books and going go ClubPonyPals.com we can all visit Wiggins whenever we want to.             Editor


      Thank you for sending me the newsletter I love your website donna

Dear Pony Pal Donna,

Thanks for your letter. It's always wonderful to hear that people enjoy ClubPonyPals.com and the Weekly.        Editor


 Dear Wiggins Weekly,

    Today when we read the Wiggins Weekly we thought that it was fantastic!  We loved how one of our PP friends described horse business as "pony plops."  That really made us laugh.  Perhaps that would be a subject for a survey:  What different names do people have for horse business?  For example, we call it "road apples" but Nicholas says his mother calls it "horse puckies."  Mer-mer's mother calls it "horse muffins."  (Nick says call "Mer-mer" by her real name "Meredith" so you don't think we have a new student.)

     When we saw the results of last week's survey, we put the data into a spreadsheet and created a graph.  Our teacher loves to connect all of our subjects, especially using technology tools.  By looking at the chart, it was very easy to see that the votes were very close.

NB Elementary letter is continued on page 3

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 41 April 28- May 4, 2008

More Letters

NB Elementary letter continued from page 2

   We have a very short class time in Reading and Thinking Lab but we filled it today with reading this week's WW issue, creating the graph, studying geography based on Pony Pal letters (New Zealand, Seattle, North Carolina, and Australia) and starting to vote on this week's topic. 

   This whole connection has us totally wired and inspired!  No doubt that our reading, writing, and thinking skills will be sharpened as a result of our communication with the Club Pony Pals.

Mrs. S.

N. B. Elementary


Dear Pony Pals Mrs. S and NB Elementary students,

    Thanks for your letters and the amazing graph. You are really something! I think your use of the Weekly as part of classroom work is great. We look forward to more from NB Elementary

    Maybe other Pony Pals would want to have their teachers use this newsletter in their schools. Please ask your teachers and have them write to us, we'd be glad to help.

Editor, Wiggins Weekly


Hi my name is Mary, Thank you for making the books they are so cool. I love horses and ponies. Jojo is our horse and he is a really good horse. I take lessons at the S. stables in Minnesota.



Pony Pal Letters to Anna


     Acorn, I think is the cutest of the ponies. He was a real jewel, even when you almost lost him in Pony for Keeps. I think you should have told your parents why you were getting Fs, otherwise you would have lost him more quickly.

     You, Acorn, and the rest of your friends were brave to save Rosalie Lacey in the forest during your camping trip on some new trails in Pony to the Rescue. I'm sure you felt bad for her, because she is the little sister of Mike Lacey. When Lulu said; "Pied Piper of ponies," That just cracked me up!

      In Good-Bye Pony, it broke all your hearts of thinking of Winston dying. I know my heart did. He was one of those cute ponies.

     Anyway, you guys are cool. I hope Jeanne Betancourt makes more Pony Pals books.   I love the Pony Pals. When I read the books, It makes me feel, I'm in the stories.

     How's Acorn? When kind of tricks can you do? I know you can jump. In Pony for Keeps, when you were riding Snow White, it seems like you have a talent for jumping. Thank you. Tell him and Ms. Wiggins I said hi.           Summer

Dear Pony Pal Summer,

    Wow, you read a lot of books about us!  When I almost lost Acorn in Pony for Keeps, I did not know about my dyslexia. Now I know that when I am tired or if I don't try really hard I can mix up letters and numbers. Before I thought I was just stupid.  To me these letters and numbers

all look kind of the same. So when I write sometimes I mix them up like this

When I look at that those words I can tell they are not right but don't always know which way the letters should be. That is why computers are so great because when I get a letter wrong sometimes the computer fixes it for me.

    Anna's letters are continued on page 4


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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 41 April 28- May 4, 2008

Pony Pal Letters to Anna

Continued from page 5

       When Rosalie got lost it was Acorn's sense of smell that helped us find her. Did you know that ponies have as good a sense of smell as dogs? I know that because when I have a piece of carrot or apple in my pocket Acorn will keep nudging me until I give it to him.

      When a pony dies it is very sad. We live longer than ponies, though it is very hard to see them get old before we do it is part of loving them to be able to care for them until the very end. In response they are loving and honest.

     Acorn does lots of tricks. He can count, he can nod 'yes' and shake his head 'no' and I am working on a new trick that I will tell you about when he does it right.  Until then I want to keep it a surprise.

     Now you are one of the Pony Pals. That's why we are glad that this Club is  here,

so everyone who wants to be a Pony Pal will have the chance.

    Thanks for writing.


Dear Anna,
You have a pretty horse.  I have 2 horses. Their names are Dudley and Waldo.  Your books are AWESOME!!!!  You have nice friends.  


Dear Pony Pal Nicholas

    Can you send a picture of you and your two horses?  I'm sure other Pony Pals would love to see them. Draw or take a photo and send it to the Weekly. I will share it with Club Pony Pals.

Pony Pals,

New This Week In The

Pony Pal Art Gallery

Pony Pals by Summer, age 10


Send in your drawings or letters to the

Wiggins Weekly

1665 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382

Canyon Country, CA 91387

email  WebMaster@clubponypals.com



Pony Pals Thought for the Day - -

You can't tell how far a frog will jump or a pony will run

by the color of its hide.


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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 41 April 28- May 4, 2008

Pony Pal Letters to Lulu


Hi Lulu.

    Wow, you have been all over the world! I bet you seen a lot of animals! When did you come home? 

       If Snow White gets caught in wire again, I know you and the Pony Pals will save her like last time in, I Want a Pony. I'm sure you're happy to have her. Tell Snow White I said hi.
      Snow White is one of those pretty ponies. In Give Me Back My Pony
, I agree with Anna of Rema being nutty and snobby. I'm sure when you heard Rema say you ruined her, you were angry! I was so angry, I just wanted to walk in the book and punch her, and yell at her for lying. If I were Snow White, I would just buck her off the saddle.

    In Runaway Pony, I bet you were scared, about Snow White running away in a blizzard, while sick! But, I think you should not worry about strangles when Snow White was out of the hole. I think the Baxters should use, more stronger fence wood.

    In The Girl Who Hated Ponies, I think you could tell her that cleaning boxes is dirty, but it is worth it. But it is gross, even when you step on a pile, EWWWWW! Oh Lulu, do me a favor, please tell the ponies I said, Hi! Thank you. xxx Summer age, 10

Dear Summer

     Yes, I have been in England and in Africa with my Dad. I got back from Africa last summer. My Dad says maybe I can go with him to Canada camping this year.   

       The paddock where we keep Snow White doesn't have wire, so I hope she won't ever get caught in wire again.  I will give her a pat for you; she is too good to buck anyone off a saddle.





      Snow White was almost well when she ran away. The Baxters were very nice to let me keep her in their empty barn. They fixed the broken part right after Snow White ran away.

       About cleaning stalls, it is dirty work but fun, too. The ponies are always happy to see you and they like having clean stalls so much. Thanks for writing.


Mary and Jojo in Minnesota

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 41 April 28- May 4, 2008



Pony Pal Letters to Pam



       You sure are the most; Pony-Crazy! You have a lot of animals and ponies and horses in your place! Gladly you still have time for trail riding. In Too Many Ponies, I bet Daisy and Splash were so out of hand, I think they were brother and sister! Even if Daisy is a Palomino, and Splash is a Appaloosa. I bet Lightning was so upset without you, I think she babysitted Fat Cat's kittens to get her mind off her troubles.

      Lightning is another of those, pretty ponies. In Too Many Ponies, I would scold Lightning lightly, for be having so, bad.  But, she did it for a good reason.

      In The Wild Pony, I would hit Mr. Baxter for not understanding the full story. And for not being nice. It only made the problem to save Beauty harder. Luckily, you and your pals, pulled through.

    In the Pony and the Missing Dog, I think Woolie went because of you yelling at him. I was glad he was okay. Thank you! Tell them I said hi.



Dear Summer

         You should have seen Lightning this week when you say she is "one of those pretty ponies."  When I turned her out in a grass paddock she ran over to a mud puddle, got down and rolled and rolled. When she stood up she looked like a melting fudgesicle!  It took me a long time to scrape all the mud off and get her clean.  Even her upside down heart was muddy!

     Woolie is fine, he's been busy chasing ducks away from Badd Brook all week, they want to nest and he's not letting them.

      Mr. Baxter is OK, he just doesn't know much about ponies. Great to hear from you, write back again! 


Dear Pam
I love Lightning's chestnut colour. At riding lessons I ride a pony just like her, she is called Goldie. I don't have a pony of my own but I want one so bad! Our neighbours have a pony and it's so  cute! I don't know her name but I call her Danny.  I'm going to a place in New Zealand called Whangarei and I might be able to lease a pony for about a year.    
pony pal Kayla           (from New Zealand)


Dear Kayla in NZ

      Lighting is getting over not being the favorite color pretty quickly now that we're getting letters. I read them to her and she listens politely. I think she's wondering where her oats are, though.  I am going to look up Whangarei and find out where that is on a map! I hope you get to lease a pony while you are there.  Friends,       Pam


Dear Pam,

    I love your books.  I like how Lightening sounds when she's upset about not getting to go on the trail ride with Snow White and Acorn.  Would you tell Lightening "hey" for me? Do you like acting for children?  Sometimes I'm in plays.  Your friend,  Brandy   


Dear Brandy

      I read your letter to Lightning and she nickered, I think she likes you.

      Acting is fun, I was not too scared when I talked to the Town Council about the Mt. Morris Ski Monument because I'd practiced a lot, just like rehearsing when you are acting.  Write back with story about it and a picture of you in the play – that sounds like a great adventure!