Pony News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 39 April 13-20, 2008


Nicholas, Sadie, Brandy, Sunshine, Meredith, and Garland with their banner, outside their   Reading and Thinking Lab. See "Pony Banner Unveiled" on page2


Let's Hit the Trails

As Spring Arrives, Readers want to Ride

     Club Pony Pals readers have one thing on their minds as spring arrives. Jane Crandal's survey produced a clear winner – 316 votes for trail rides.

     "Everyone's tired of winter," Crandal said.  "We all want to start taking longer trail rides now that the weather is warmer."

      Her daughter Pam Crandal said, "We got out a lot to ride this week. Our ponies are starting to lose their winter coats, when Lulu brushed Snow White it looked like a snowstorm of hair!"

Springtime view from the top of Mt. Morris


Mt. Morris Monument On Agenda for May 


     Wiggins Town Council has put the first hearing about a proposed Mt. Morris Ski Resort monument construction on their agenda for May 3rd.  The Council asks that interested parties write in or attend that meeting to discuss funding for a monument.


       Three young Wiggins residents brought the issue up during the public comments session of last Saturday's Council Meeting.   The Council has put the item on its agenda in response to their presentation.

Wiggins Weekly Survey

What kind of pony do you want?



      Quarter Pony

      Pony of Americas

      Don't care as long as I get a pony

Vote at http://www.clubponypals.com



 What do you want to do with your online pony?

300   Take riding lessons

316   Trail ride

293   Learn to Jump

286   Dressage

290   Barrel Racing/Gymkhana events

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 39 April 13-20, 2008


Pony Banner Unveiled

Sadie, Nicholas, Mrs. S. (teacher), Brandy, Sunshine, Mrs. R. (librarian), Garland, Meredith presenting the banner 


Thursday, April 7

      In the midst of much fanfare and cheering, we presented our "Too Many Ponies" banner to our librarian today.  To say that it was a labor of love would be an understatement.  A lot of the banners are created by adults but ours definitely had the touch of six 3rd graders, some parents, and yours truly. Even the process of printing a photo of the students to attach to the banner brought on cheers of encouragement (sports-style chants) because the computer connected to the color printer won't currently accept my card reader.  The laptop that will take the card reader can't connect to the color printer...so I read my CF card on the laptop and emailed myself the pictures.  I opened them on the computer that has the color printer and voila!  When I mentioned the hoops that I was jumping through to accomplish that one last touch on our banner, the kids decided that it was a 3-point shot and they were really pumped up!

Our librarian has been quick to let people know that our banner is extra special because we've been in

touch with the author and we could be in the Wiggins Weekly. 

     Our barn party is going to be just an evening event, rather than a sleep over because there have been some extra critters around the property and the owners don't want the kids to have any unplanned fun.  We'll send photos of our barn party that will take place in May.

Ms. S., Reading Specialist

Technology Mentor

       P. S. We're definitely hooked on Pony Pal books!

Dear Mrs. S and students;

     Congrats on putting together a wonderful banner.

     Your story reminded me of the old saying "You can't get there from here, you have to go somewhere else first." Thanks for sharing your trip.

       Don't forget to write us about your barn party and send some pictures.



Club Member's Questions

I wanted to tell you that I got the e-mail.  I was wondering if I was in the Pony Pal club? If I am not I would like to be in the Club. I was wondering if I could sign up for Wiggins Weekly. Do I have to give my name or any other information? Will it be in the Wiggins Weekly? DeP


Dear DeP

You are already signed up for the Wiggins Weekly. This e-newsletter is emailed every Sunday.  If you do not have your copy of the Weekly by Monday morning, email WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com and I will send that weeks copy to you. Your full name and personal would never be in the Weekly unless a parent wants it to be. We will never share your email address or ask you for personal information like where you live or a phone number.  If you send in a letter or photo of you and a pony, it would be published saying something like This is Mary and her pony Peaches, so nobody would know exactly who you are or where you live.

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 39 April 13-20, 2008




Personal Pony Story

Dear Pony Pals

      Thursday was the first really warm day here. I'm out of the cast from carpal tunnel surgery, I went to physical therapy yesterday and had a great time, my hand is quickly regaining strength. I groomed the herd (both of them) and decided Thursday was the day for my little pony.

He'd been saddled and bridled and worked before and I'd sat up on him when a couple times. So I was not too concerned about him bucking. I longed him in the round pen, then hand walked him a bit while my husband rode in the pen. Then when the round pen was available again, I longed Aslan again, bridled him and took a deep breath.

The first time I started to mount up Aslan staggered a bit. He was definitely not ready for me to get up.


     I stepped back down, took a second deep breath and stepped back up. He stood, I forked my leg over and I was aboard. Aslan looked annoyed and began to try and eat my stirrup. I pulled his mouth away (sweet iron smooth snaffle, nothing severe) and released as soon as he stopped. Then he stood there.


       I clucked. He stood there. I clucked and shifted my weight back and forth and clucked and moved my legs (no spur just thigh and calf). He stood there. Perplexed, I think. I could see the thought balloon "What does she want now?"


     I wanted this to be no stress, so I asked Bob (my husband) in to the pen and he called the colt. Aslan started to move. He tottered a bit but walked around the ring once, clockwise, following my husband. At the end of one revolution, I petted him and told him he was a good boy and got off. A good first ride. 



Riding a pony for the first time!

     Then I spent Thursday evening reading about why Aslan wants to stand, not move.  He's confused. So it was back to basic training again on Friday.


     First saddled, no problem. Then free longed with the saddle on. Admirable.  Then bridled, longed some more. Lots of mouthing his bit, still willing not angry just same old same old.

Then I got into the saddle. Aslan would walk around and follow Bob, who took pictures, but Aslan would not walk forward on his own.

Back to ground work. Longing, then working with long lines on the bridle, ground driving him, walking and stopping. Cluck cluck means go. Whoa means stop. Repeat.


    After about 10 minutes, took the long lines off, put the reins back onto his bridle. Walking next to him in the leading position, cluck cluck, whoa. Over
and over. No stress, he got the idea with a little encouragement.

Then back to mounting. This time was much better, Aslan was still a little confused about steering but he also minded and would walk forward and stop with the appropriate voice command.  Around the ring about six times. Walking slowly, then dismount and quit on a win. I now have a pony to ride!
It was wonderful.  8-)         Editor

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 38 April 13-20, 2008

Pony Pal Letters to Pam   

Dear Pam


My name is Kayla. Lighting is my favorite horse in the Pony Pal books. What horse breed is she?  I love Lightning's chestnut color, I want a
pony just like her. I've ridden lots of chestnut ponies at riding lessons. Me and my siblings have a horse. He is a dark Chestnut color. I would send you a picture, but it takes a long time to send it. I am 8 years old and the first New Zealand member in your club.



P.S. Autumn is just started to come.



Pam   Hi my name is Taylor. I have a best Friend named Leah you are her favorite pony pal she reads all your books.


Dear Pony Pals Kayla, Taylor (and Leah!),

    Thanks for your letters!  It is great to find out that Lightning is so popular, she was feeling a little left out when nobody voted for her color. ;-(

      We all like her bright chestnut color and especially the cute upside down heart on her face.  To answer your question, Lightning is a Connemara pony. She was born in Ireland and flew to America on a plane. I wrote a story about it in Super Special #2 "The Story of Our Ponies." That book is really good, it tells all about each of our horses and who owned them before we got them. 

       It is just starting to be spring here, the snow is melting and there are some little patches where the grass is turning green. It's staying light later so we can ride longer, too.   Write again and tell us about your adventures.

 Friends, Pam

Pony Pal Letters to Anna


Hello, my name is Taylor. You are my favorite pony pal. I hope you like ponies as much as I do.  My friends and I all read your books I love your personality! 

From Taylor!


 My name is Kayla. I always thought that Acorn was so cute. Do you and Lulu really live next to each other?


Dear Pony Pals

It was really fun to get your emails. I am so glad you like my pony. I think that Acorn's the best ever! Yes, Lulu and I live next door to each other. We visit all the time. She comes over to help take care of the ponies. I go over to do homework with her on days my tutor doesn't' come. We both like it because its fun to do things with a friend.

Pony Pals,

Pony Pal Letter to Lulu

My name is Kayla. You are my favorite character in the Pony Pal books.    Kayla


Dear Kayla

It's always hard moving to a new place, I was lucky when I came to Wiggins and met Anna and Pam. When I left England, the worst part was leaving my pony behind. Being lonely in a new place is very hard. Getting Snow White and two great friends here made me feel like this is home. I miss my Dad but Grandma Sanders really likes me. Sometimes I even let her do a makeover or haircut because she likes it so much.  Thanks for writing. 


Pony Pals Thought for the Day - -

You've got to control yourself before you can control your pony.