Pony News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 38 April 7-13, 2008

Palomino to go, in the snow --- Photo courtesy of


Pony of a Different Color

Readers Prefer Gray or White Steeds

     Readers are excited about Club Pony Pals' planned online riding and they're voting for what color of pony they want. When reader votes were counted, gray or white ponies won.

     "This week we asked what color of pony readers want," riding instructor Jane Crandal said.  "I like a good bay, like my thoroughbred JB. Readers like white or gray ponies, though."

      Crandal laughed, "Each Pony Pal voted for their pony's color. But Pam and Lightning were left in the dust on this survey. They may be the fastest Pony Pal team but our not too many of readers like Lightning's chestnut color."

        "Did you know that most gray or white horses are born dark? Often the only sign they will be gray is a few white hairs on their nose," Crandal remarked. "Over time, their color changes and they get more and more white hairs. By five years old, they have turned white." 

This week's contest was a real pony race. 

Wiggins Weekly Survey

   What kind of riding do you want to do with your online pony?

      Take riding lessons

      Trail ride around the Wiggins area

      Learn to Jump


      Barrel Racing/Gymkhana events

Vote at http://www.clubponypals.com.



 What color should your pony be?

507   Black

517  White/Gray

512   Bay (brown body, black mane & tail)

492   Chestnut

514   Paint

500   Palomino 

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 38 April 7-13, 2008




Q. How do you teach an animal to jump?


A.  Learning to go over a jump smoothly and gracefully for any pony (or dog) is partly a matter of breeding, plus training. Almost any animal can learn to jump with patience and time.

       Starting to train for jumping is the same for ponies and puppies! Put a stick or pole on the ground. Position the pony or puppy on one side, you on the other. Then call the puppy or pull gently on the pony's lead rope.  No hurry – let them sniff the pole and take their time, then when they cross over it praise them a lot.  Repeat until they want to cross the barrier to come to you because they know they will be praised.

       Then you can start raising the pole. Just an inch or two first. Have them cross over the barrier and praise them again. A lot. Repeat. 

       For ponies, you will change to "longing" on a rope in a circle over jumps at this point, so they can learn to go higher and higher.

     For puppies and dogs, switch to a broomstick that you can hold in one hand. Start again with your hand on the stick while it's on the ground, and then raise it slightly each time, so eventually the dog has to work to jump over it.

In general, this is how you teach any new trick to an animal. They love to learn. Your praise for the slightest try will encourage them to try harder.

      For ponies, it is best to learn to jump mounted with a trainer so you can put your body in the best position to help your pony go over a jump and to avoid falling off, which can hurt!

Pony Pals Letters 

hi, my name is Kayla
can I join the club if i'm from New Zealand?
      I'm 8 years old and love ponies. Every week I go to lessons and I'm a really good rider.

      This is a photo of me on Sparkle and my friend Billie. 

       For lessons, we go on a one-hour trail ride. Before we go back to the stables, we go to a big grass area and go around in a circle doing trots and cantering. Sometimes we go over little jumps, but not usually.      
      When we go back, we put them in their stables, take their saddles and bridles off and brush them down. Next week i'm going to ride Goldie or Black Beauty.  I look forward to hearing more.

your sincerely


Dear Pony Pal Kayla
New Zealand!  Wow, how cool!!!!  You are the first Pony Pal in our club from your country!
Thanks so much for your photo and note about being our first New Zealand member. Write again, our readers would like to learn about your adventures.

    It is spring here, things are just starting to turn green. What season is it where you are?    Editor


Pony Pals Letters

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 38 April 7-13, 2008

Pony Pal Letters   

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Dear Lulu
Snow white is my fave pony! i love her a lot, i want a pony just like her. I don't own a pony but i want one sooooo bad. i am 12 years old going to be 13 in may and i have only ridden a horse twice in my life, and never been to horse riding lessons. pony pal             Charity 


Dear Charity 

Thanks for writing! Snow White is doing great, I got to ride her a couple times this week. If you were here in Wiggins I hear Mr. Olson has a bunch of ponies in that he is looking for kids to take care of and ride. We stopped by Olson's Horse Farm this week and they are so cute!!!   Friends,   Lulu      



Hi  Pam.  I'm  isabelle.  I'm  training  a   dog  to  jump.  i   was  wondering  if   you  are  training  a  dog?  i  know  you  have  the  meeting.  but  please  talk  to  the  pony  pals.   email   me  soon.   isabelle.


Dear Isabelle 

Training a dog? What fun!! We worked all week on our presentation for the Town Council, so I sent your question over to the lady who writes "Learn to Speak Pony".  Look for an answer there. Pony Pals,




<'\__~  <'\__~  <'\__~  <'\__~ <'\__~
   // \\     // \\     // \\      // \\     // \\     

I was wondering what the Wiggins Weekly was about? I tried to bring up one of the past Wiggins Weekly but it wouldn't come up.   DeP


Wiggins Weekly issues on our website are PDF files that your computer must download.  If you have a dial-up type of internet connection this may take a long time. It works OK at my office but we have a pretty fast broadband connection. From November of 2007 onwards, the Weekly was also emailed out as a newsletter. If there is a particular issue you want to see, let me know and Ill forward it to you.                       Editor



Dear Pony Pals,

     This week was really busy. Lulu dropped off all our papers and drawings on Monday to Mr. Shapiro at Wiggins City Hall. 

     Mr. Shapiro told Lulu that we would be able to talk for three minutes to the Council at their meeting. During that speech we would need to say what we want. He said it would help if we had a poster to show a picture of what we want to the audience, too.

     At school on Tuesday Pam, Lulu and I had a Pony Pal meeting to figure out who would do what for the meeting.

       Pam said she would write a speech about the Mt. Morris ski resort. She promised to do it by Wednesday afternoon, so we could get together and practice.

       Lulu and I decided we would make a big poster for the meeting, so everyone in the audience could see the drawing I made.  Lulu promised to do the lettering if I drew the pictures. 

          Anna's Pony Pal Letter is continued on page 4

Pony Pals Thought for the Day - -

Lonesome creates diseases that friendship cures.

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 38 April 7-13, 2008

Pony Pal Letters           Continued from Page 3

       I promised to bring a big sheet of poster board, construction paper and some markers. I have lots left over from art supplies I got for Christmas.

        On Wednesday Pam rode over to my place. Lightning was very good on trail. Lulu and I helped her put Lightning in with Acorn and Snow White. Then we all started working.    

       First, Pam read us her speech while we listened carefully. We liked what Pam wrote. She said everything about Mrs. Lydia Simpson Eastman, the machines on Mt. Morris, her family's land, her daughters being ski instructors and how nobody remembers the Mt. Morris ski resort any more unless they are old.  She even told the story about their big dog! 

      Then Lulu asked Pam how long it took to read her speech.

Pam didn't know. So we had her practice it out loud again while Lulu and I watched the kitchen clock. It took Pam six minutes and twenty seconds!

Uh –oh.

Pony Pal Problem.

        Mr. Shapiro told Lulu at the end of three minutes a timer would go off and whoever was talking would have to stop.  When people don't stop, the Town Council gets mad!

         So Pam started to take out parts of her speech while Lulu and I drew up the poster.  Pam took out the parts about the dog and about Mrs. Eastman's daughters being ski instructors. ;-(

Then Pam re-copied her speech onto new paper with shorter explanations of everything else.

         While Pam did all that, I drew a bigger picture of what the monument would look like and where it will be. 

Lulu helped me write the words on it.


Mt. Morris Ski Resort



       Cost $3000


      On Saturday night Mrs. Sanders took Lulu and I to the meeting. Pam and her mom were there too.  We all wore good clothes.  Pam had typed her speech out with a computer on cards.   In the back of the room were sheets of paper with the meeting's agenda. Mr. Shapiro told us "hello" and helped Pam fill out a card asking to speak.

      Then there was a "Call to Order" when the Council Chairman pounded a little wood hammer on the desk so everyone would stop talking.  Then there was the Pledge of Allegiance, just like in school.  Then the Council Chairman said it was time for public comments and called up Miss Pam Crandal!  We all stood up. Lulu and I held our poster so everyone could see it while Pam read her speech.  Pam was really good. She finished just as the timer ran out.   The Council thanked us for our presentation. The Chairman asked Mr. Shapiro to put it on the Agenda as new business for the next meeting.  Everyone applauded as we sat down.   We all went to the Diner to tell my mom about it.  Mrs. Sanders said that getting it onto the agenda means that the council may give some money. We all had brownies and milk to celebrate! Pony Pals,