Pony News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 37     March 31 - April 6, 2008

The days are getting longer!

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Acorn Wins

Smallest Pony Has Biggest Fan Club

       The votes are in and Acorn has nosed out a victory! Jane Crandal of Wiggins and the webmistress counted all the site visitor votes.

         With 309 votes, Anna Harley of Wiggins' pony Acorn has been voted the favorite pony among online Pony Pals.

     "I can't say why but I had a hunch that Acorn might do well," laughed Jane Crandal.  "Earlier this week, I certainly heard a lot from the ponies' owners!"

      On Monday, Lulu Sanders learned that her pony Snow White was getting the most votes. "I really love Snow White. I think she is the best pony anywhere."

      But by Tuesday, the contest had changed. Pam Crandal's Lightning was ahead.

       "When I first heard about this contest, I was not too sure about how anyone could think one pony was better than another," said Pam. "We all love our own ponies best."

       Saturday, when the votes were counted, Acorn had been voted readers' favorite. Acorn's owner Anna Harley said, "I'm happy that Acorn wins. I will make a big ribbon to put on the tack room trophy shelf."

       Riding Instructor Jane Crandal said the Pony Pals had enjoyed Wiggins' clearer skies this week. They went to go on short rides almost every day after school.

      "We all knew no matter whose pony ended up in the lead, all the Wiggins' Pony Pals will be happy," said Jane Crandal. "They are all friends. They think this contest is fun!"

"Caper the pony" photo by Pony Pal Nancy DeMarco

Wiggins Weekly Survey

 What color should your pony be?



      Bay/buckskin (brown body, black mane & tail)




Vote at http://www.clubponypals.com.


Which is your favorite Pony Pal pony?

287    Pam Crandal's pony   Lightning

309   Anna Harley's pony  Acorn

292    Lulu Sanders' pony    Snow White


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Pony News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 37     March 31 - April 6, 2008




Q. My pony squinches down when I curry comb or brush his back. What is he trying to tell me?


A.  Sometimes that movement away from the brush is telling you that his back is sore. You can test why by gently pushing down with your fingers on your pony's backbone.  Start at the withers and move toward the tail, checking every inch. If your pony is sore he will wince, moving away from your fingers where he hurts.



     It is your job to figure out why.  Sometimes a sore back can be an injury, just like you can be sore from falling down.  If that's the problem, you can ask your veterinarian to recommend a horse chiropractor.

      Sometimes your saddle can fit poorly. Just like having shoes that are too tight or too loose, a poorly fitting saddle can make the horse's back sore.

      You can check saddle fit by looking at the pattern of sweat on your horse's back. It should be evenly wet wherever your saddle pad rests on the pony. If there are dry spots that shows there is a tight place where the saddle fits poorly. Have a grown up help you check this.

Pony Pals Letters 

Dear Other Pony Pals: 


Our adventure has begun with our Spanish Mustang Wyoming Sage.

We are first time horse owners and have been blessed to have bought a horse that has not only been loving and challenging but has become our biggest teacher.

We have had so much fun learning along with her as she teaches just how moody mares can

be  :-).  We got Sage in June and the girls 7 and 4 take weekly lessons from our excellent instructor.   My husband and I are out to the barn twice a day to spoil Sage.  Our horse ownership has brought us closer together as a family.  



Hi Anna. Right now I'm writing to you because you are my favorite Pony Pal. I also love Acorn. Shetlands are one of my favorite breeds. Acorn is so smart, I would love to have a Shetland - Even more, just SOME kind of horse! Right now I don't have a pony but I take lessons and work at a barn named Riverbend Equestrian. I wish more than anything that I had a horse. I started lessons when I was 5 years old. I hope to continue with my love of horses as long as I live. In front of my house is 1 and a half acres. My parents have talked about getting a miniature, but my dad would never allow it.


Dear Audrey

Everyone in club Pony Pals loves horses. Acorn was really surprised when I told him he had so many online friends!  Write again soon!

More Pony Pals Letters on page 3


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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 37     March 31 - April 6, 2008

Pony Pal Letters   

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Hi Pam! My name is Coley and I'm eleven years old. Me and my friend Audrey love your horse lightning. My favorite Pony Pal book is the one called too many ponies. You and lightning make a great team!                Pony Pal,  Coley


Dear Coley

Thanks for your letter! Just like in "Too Many Ponies", I've been helping my mom exercise her lesson ponies this week. They are all full of energy so I have to really focus on riding. But I also got to ride Lightning two times with Lulu and Anna.

                 Your Pony Pal, Pam


Hello  I   need  to  find  the  games   but  I  can  not.   please  send  me  something. to  help thank  you    your  pony  pal     isabelle



   Just yesterday Jane Crandal told me about a first try to create a Pony Pal figure, made by a lady who only makes games! We all hope that a Pony Pals game will be ready soon to try out. Until then, keep reading the Wiggins Weekly for news and vote in the surveys. Your vote will help change how the game will be made!                          Editor



Letter from Lulu


Dear Pony Pals,


       Last week we were busy after seeing Mr. Shapiro. He told us we had to talk to the Town Council so they would want to help build a monument.   He told us we had to be ready to speak to them on Saturday evening, April 5th.  


"Caper" photo by Pony Pal Nancy DeMarco



Letter from Lulu - Continued

       After our meeting, Pam told us she is not scared of speaking to the Town Council.   Pam isn't afraid of talking in class at school. She told us this would be good practice. 

     In school we learned that government makes decisions based on what people want.  Our monument is what people want, so the Town Council will help us to make it happen.

      Anna made a drawing of the monument for them to see.  She even added a photo of Mt. Morris ski resort to show what it looked like long ago.


 More Pony Pals Letters on page 4

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Pony News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 37     March 31 - April 6, 2008

Pony Pal Letters   

Continued from Page 3

        My job was to find out how much this will cost.  The cement and rocks part of the monument was not that expensive.  I called Ranger Stranton and he said that there are lots of rocks around the park that we can use.  So that was good, the rocks will be free.

       Anna's Dad works building houses and kitchens. On Friday Anna and I asked him what else we would need to make the monument.  He said that we would need a special type of glue to hold the rocks together. It is called concrete mortar. Anna's dad said mortar is made from one part cement to every three parts of sand.

       Anna's dad then told me how concrete works. When you mix cement and sand with water it starts out soft and then gets very hard. When it is hard the mortar is called concrete. He said in England there is some concrete that has held together rocks for two thousand years. That sounded good to me!

        He told me how many bags of cement and sand we needed. Then he said that we might want to get some "polymer" liquid to make the mortar more sticky.


 I wrote that all down along with prices on my materials list.


3 bags cement    $50

9 bags sand       $150

polymer additive $ 50


      Anna's dad said once we had all the parts, building the monument would only take two or three days. He knows his construction crew could it for only $800 if we could get the materials and the sign.  I added that to my list.


Construction crew    $800


       Then we asked him about the writing part of the monument. He said we'd have to talk to someone who makes bronze signs.

     When I went home that night I told Grandma about needing a price for a bronze sign for the monument. Grandma looked sad for a minute. Then she said that kind of sign is called a "plaque." She still looked sad but she told me that she knew where I could get a custom plaque made. She called someone and told them what we want. After she hung up Grandma looked really serious. She said a plaque could cost two thousand dollars! 


Plaque                  $2000      


So on Saturday Pam, Anna and I all went for a ride. I showed them my list and we totaled it all up.




      I promised to take everything in to Mr. Shapiro at City Hall on Monday.  

Pony Pals, Lulu


Pony Pals Thought for the Day - -

Treat stubborn folks the same way you'd treat a wily pony. If you want them in the corral, just leave the gate open a bit and let them bust on through.