Horsy News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 35    March 17-23, 2008

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Virtual Riding Stable

Seeks Reader Opinions

Local Stable Owner Asks

 What Features Do Members Want?

     This week Jane Crandal of Wiggins announced that she is seeking advice about developing ClubPonyPals' planned online riding stable and lessons.

     "We are now talking to experts who can actually build this kind of game," Crandal said.  "As the number of Weekly readers has increased, it has been good to see how excited everyone has been about an online world of Wiggins."

      She continued, "Now, we are ready to find out what players want.  So far, I've made up some general questions for a survey in the Weekly.  But if we have missed something, please write us and tell us. What other things should be on the list?"

"Graphic artists are starting to create pictures of places in Wiggins," she laughed, "We spent a whole day tidying up the barn before a photographer came to take pictures!"

Club Pony Pals artist concept drawing,

Interior  Crandal's Barn

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Wiggins Weekly Survey

     What do you think is most important about the new Club Pony Pals game?

á      Having my own pony

á      Taking virtual riding lessons

á      Meeting other Pony Pals at the barn

á      Puzzle games

á      Learning about ponies

á      Meeting Pam, Anna and Lulu from the books

Vote at http://www.clubponypals.com.


Ski Resort Monument Survey Results

       Last week's survey question was:  Do you think that the Connecticut Department of National Resources should find the money for a Mt. Morris Ski Resort Commemorative Monument?      

Yes 320               No 304

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 35    March 17-23, 2008

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Virtual Riding Stable

  "Then they wanted some pictures of me riding," Crandal said, "So I had to clean up JB and get out my good saddle and clothes.  It was sunny the day they came. In the pictures you can't even see the mud. I'm sure glad I don't have to do this every day!"


Club Pony Pals artist concept drawing --

Jane Crandal riding her thoroughbred, JB

       Mrs. Crandal went on to say that she would like to find out what kinds of activities or places in an online version of Wiggins are most important to Pony Pals fans.

      "The best way to build a place is to find out what sorts of things its visitors want," explained Ms. Crandal. "Gathering suggestions is part of research. It helps game builders create a place that will be fun for visitors."

     Photographers also visited Olson's Horse Ranch to take pictures of ponies and horses that might be available for sale in the game.  



Shetland Pony at Olson's Horse Farm


Club Pony Pals artist concept drawing


Pony Pals Letters 


How do i join the Pony Pal Club please?



Dear Pony Pal Lorrin


     Welcome to Club Pony Pals! We have added you to the Wiggins Weekly Mailing list.  As a new Wiggins Weekly subscriber, you will get an e-newspaper once a week, usually on Sundays.

     Would you write a letter for our e-newspaper? Our readers would like to hear about your adventures. Like Pam Crandal wrote back in February -- 

       ŇAdventures are everywhere you are. You can have an adventure any time you try something new. Even taking a walk outside near where you live can be an adventure if you pay attention.  If someone's walk isn't snow shoveled, they may need help. If an animal you see is too thin or not cared for, you can find out what is going on and try to help out. That's an adventure right there.  
    Any adventure starts with looking closely at what you see around you.  Try taking a walk outside with a friend and make a list of anything you see that makes you wonder, 'What's going on here?' That's an easy first adventure that anyone can do."


We look forward to hearing about your adventures!



Read a letter from Anna!

Pony Pals Letters

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Pony Pals Poem for the day - -

You can lead a pony to water, but you can't make her drink.

You can lead a girl to knowledge, but you can't make her think.

You can float in a boat with a hole, but it will usually sink.  ;-)

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 35    March 17-23, 2008

Pony Pal Letters   

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Dear Pony Pals,

      This week it stopped snowing! Finally! It seemed like forever since we rode our ponies. Snow White and Acorn were really happy to get out of their pen! When we went for a ride, everyone wanted to talk to us.

       They all wanted to hear more about the "Mt. Morris Ski Resort Monument Committee".   They all liked the posters.

    People said they would vote in our survey.  Some folks thought that the monument was a bad idea. They thought it was a waste of money.

     Other people remembered the Mt. Morris ski resort. They missed it. Those people told us we were doing the right thing. They promised to vote, too.

       After our ride it was getting dark. We stopped on Pony Pal trail at the three birches to talk. Pam thought maybe we needed to go visit Mrs. Eastman again.

      I said I would make her a poster. Lulu said we need to tell her about what we are doing.

    Pam said maybe Mrs. Eastman might have an idea about the monument, too.

      Then we had to decide what day we would visit.

      I had tutoring Tuesday. Wednesday Pam promised to help her mom with lessons. Thursday I had a tutor again. So we agreed Friday was our best day go visit. Lulu promised to call Good View Nursing Home where Mrs. Eastman lives. That way she would know we were coming.

         School was hard this week for me. I had to study for two tests. My tutor helped me. I got a C in History and a B in Science! By Friday I was glad it was the weekend.

       With all the icy rain and snow last week, by Friday it was a little warmer. It was actually sunny Friday afternoon.  Pam rode to my house and we walked over to see Mrs. Eastman.

        Anna gave her the poster. We all told her about our plan to build a monument.

     Mrs. Eastman smiled and told us that made her happy. She got down her scrapbook and we took a look at some of the pictures and artwork from when Mt. Morris ski resort was open.

       Most of the pictures we had seen before. Then Mrs. Eastman opened an envelope and pulled out a couple new things.

        First there was a picture that made us all laugh! It was Mrs. Eastman's oldest daughter Emily when she was very small. Next to her was a HUGE dog.

        Mrs. Eastman told us that kind of dog was famous for rescuing lost skiers. It came from the Alps and was named after St. Bernard.

          Anna's Pony Pal Letter is continued on page 4 

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 35    March 17-23, 2008

Pony Pals Letters

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Bernie the dog and Emily Eastman

     Mrs. Eastman said the dog photo was over 50 years old!  Bernie was a fun dog for the whole family and he loved to play in the snow with her daughters.

       Because he was so big, he could pull them up a hill so they could ski back down. Mrs. Eastman said that was how her daughters learned to ski!

        Pam asked what else was in the envelope, and Mrs. Eastman pulled out one other thing. It was a brochure for the Mt. Morris ski resort! It was really old and wrinkled and we held it very carefully.   

     By that time it was getting late. Mrs. Eastman seemed happy we visited. She promised she would write a letter for us about the monument. We helped her put all the pictures away and said good-bye.

        Write and tell us about your adventures! Pony Pals,