Horsy News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 33     March 3-9, 2008

Ski joring practice

Trail ride in the snow --- Photos courtesy of




Art Show Cancelled

Roof Leak Damages Town Hall Floor

Wiggins Leap Year Art Event Called Off

        When Pony Pal Anna Harley and art show organizer Wilhelmina Wiggins walked into the Town Hall exhibit room on Saturday morning, they found a part of the hall ceiling had fallen on the floor. Water was dripping from where the ceiling had been attached.

          "We were just lucky that the contest artwork hadn't been installed yet, or it could have been ruined," Wilhelmina said.   "The art is all safe and we decided to extend the deadline later this year. That means young artists still have a chance to enter the contest."

       "With all the snow and ice in Wiggins this week, ice built up on that corner of the roof. It forced water into the roof and then the ceiling got too heavy and fell down," Wiggins continued.  

Leakage in Town Hall Exhibit Room

       When young artist Anna Harley went outside, she saw a lot of icicles near where the damage was on the hall inside.

        "I guess nobody checked that corner of the gutters to make sure they were draining," Anna said.

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Art Contest Deadline Extended!

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes     Vol. 1 Number 33     March 3-9, 2008

Art Show Cancelled by Ice and Leaks

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Ice Dam on Town Hall Roof edge

   Anna continued, "Now that the deadline is extended, I plan on doing another drawing of my pony Acorn to put in the contest. He's so cute I hope he'll win!"

      Wilhelmina Wiggins painted the prize for the contest winners. It's called "Snow Moose?" based on a photo by the cavaliers de frontiere.

"Snow Moose?" – watercolor by Wilhelmina Wiggins, based on a photo courtesy of


Pony Pals Letters 

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Pony Pals Power thought for the day - -

Wild ponies can be dangerous at both ends!

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes Vol. 1 Number 33     March 3-9, 2008

Pony Pals Letters

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Dear Pony Pals,

     Anna, Lulu and I finally got to see Mrs. Eastman last Friday.  We wanted to find out about the machines on Mt. Morris. Mrs. Eastman told us all about the ski resort that she used to run with her family.

 The machines that Anna drew were part of a ski lift!  When Mr. Eastman died, Mrs. Eastman gave the land and buildings to Mt. Morris Park. 

      After she told us about closing her family's ski resort, Mrs. Eastman seemed very sad. We promised to come visit her again when we left.

      Once we were outside, Lulu, Anna and I all looked at each other. I wondered why no one knew about Mrs. Eastman's family ski resort. 

       It was getting late, so we went back to Anna's house. I called home and asked if I could sleep over to talk about it.  My mom said yes, as long as I was home early Saturday morning to help her with lessons.

       We fed the ponies. Lulu's Grandma Sanders was busy with her beauty salon, so we all walked over to the Off-Main Diner.  It was full of people having dinner. Anna talked to her Mom, who made us up three hot sandwiches in a bag and some fresh broken pieces of brownies. We walked back to Anna's house to eat and have a Pony Pal meeting.

      We ate our sandwiches, and then Anna poured us glasses of milk. We drank the milk, ate brownies and talked.

        I said that I was worried because Mrs. Eastman was sad.

        Anna said that she thought it was weird nobody knew about the ski resort even though it wasn't that old.

Lulu said she thought Mrs. Eastman would be happier if people knew how much fun Mrs. Eastman and her family had when they ran the resort. 

           I said for a history teacher, it must be hard to think people have forgotten all about you.  I said that was why I thought Mrs. Eastman was so sad.

         Just talking about how sad she was it made us all sad! We all decided this was a Pony Pal Problem.

      How could we help people learn how Mrs. Lydia Simpson Eastman gave her family's ski resort to the Mt. Morris Park?

       It was late by then so Lulu went home and Anna and I went to sleep.

        Saturday I got up early when Anna's mom left for the diner, ate a bowl of cereal and rode home on Lightning. My Mom wanted me to help her with lessons, saddling and grooming the ponies Daisy and Splash. She even had me groom all of JB the thoroughbred for one of her adult students!

      By the time lessons were over I was so tired.  It was hard to think about what we should do for Mrs. Eastman.  I sat down to write my idea and ended up just drawing circles and triangles and squares.

        My Mom saw I was thinking about something serious and asked if I was OK. I told her about seeing the old machines on Mt. Morris and about our visiting Mrs. Eastman. As I was telling Mom what had been there, I suddenly had an idea!

      I wrote it down and then asked Mom if Anna and Lulu could come for a sleepover Saturday night to talk about it. She said that was fine. She would even make spaghetti for dinner! I ran off to call Lulu and Anna. 

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes      Vol. 1 Number 33     March 3-9, 2008

Pony Pals Letters

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        Anna said she would call her mother at the Diner to get permission. Lulu went to ask her Grandmother, then came back and said it was all right. We decided to meet at the three birches on Pony Pal trail and ride back to my house at five o'clock.

       I wasn't so tired then, so I ran out and saddled Lightning. I was so happy I trotted Lightning in circles and even went over two jumps! Lightning knew I was happy and bounced me up and down as we went around the arena.

      Then we rode out on trail to meet Anna and Lulu.  It was a little before five but they were already at the birches. We cantered up the Wiggins Estate trail, jumped two rock walls there and then trotted back to Pony Pal Trail before we made the horses walk back to my house.  Lightning and Snow White were all right but Acorn was wet and we had to brush and brush him until he was dry enough to put away.

       We gave our ponies some hay and a handful of oats each, then went inside and ate spaghetti until we were full!  After we helped clean up the dishes we went back out to the barn, checked on the ponies and unrolled our sleeping bags in the tack room.

       It was hard for me to wait to tell my idea, but I wanted to hear what Lulu and Anna had thought of.

        Lulu went first. She said we should buy a thank-you card and get everyone who uses Mt. Morris Park to sign it so that Mrs. Eastman would know how many people really appreciate her donating the ski resort.

        Anna said she drew her idea.

I told Anna her idea was really good.

   My idea was we should get the park to put up a sign that named a trail for Mrs. Eastman. It should give some information about the Simpson family and how she and Mr. Eastman ran Mt. Morris ski resort and then gave it to the Park.   My idea looked like this.

    We all agreed our ideas were good.  Lulu said she would talk to her Grandmother and see if she could get her help to buy the thank you card. 

       I said that Mom and I could ride over to talk to the Ranger after school to find out what it would take get a park sign about Mt. Morris Ski resort. 

     We all thought the sign should be near the Ranger station, on a trail leading east towards the first wheel we saw. That way people would know that there was something special to go look at along the trail. Anna said she would draw a map showing where the sign should be and what it should look like.         

        Monday was a nice day, so I rode over to the Mt. Morris Ranger Station after school.  Ranger Stranton was not there. I took a piece of paper out and left him a note to call me.

         When I got home it began to cloud up. By Monday night it was beginning to sleet. There was so much rain, snow and ice this week that the Wiggins Weekly art competition downtown had to be canceled.  We didn't have any snow days for school but that winter weather meant we didn't do much riding.  ;-(

         Finally on Friday I finally got a call back from Ranger Stranton.  I asked when we could come by to talk to him about park business. He said that he could meet with us on Monday. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we will ride over after school.

       More adventures next week – write and tell us about yours!         Pony Pals, Pam