Horsy News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number Number 32     February 25 - March 2, 2008

Snow Ponies!
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Camp Scholarships Offered

Local Trainer Asks

'What Should the Pony Pals Game Have?'

      Wiggins riding Instructor Jane Crandal would like young readers to enter a new contest.  Kids who enter will have a chance to win a computer camp scholarship.

      Two awards are available to National Computer Camp (NCCamp.com). Now in its 31st year, NCC has locations in Connecticut, Georgia, New York, and Ohio.

        At these camps, girls can design a 2D or 3D video game, learn to program, create a graphic video, take apart a computer, create a home page, play tennis, play Civilization   -- and make new friends!

         "One group I joined when I started to build the Pony Pals game is WomenGamers.com," Crandal said. "This group is offering two scholarships for girls ages 8-18 who want to attend this great summer experience."

       During the June-July 2008 season, two female students ages can each attend for one week. These scholarships are worth almost $1000.  

Girls at computer camp --- Photo courtesy of National Computer Camp NCCamp.com

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Last Chance to Enter the Leap Year Art Contest!

e-mail your drawing to WebMaster@ClubPonyPals.com


Deadline February 29th

Deadline This Friday at Midnight PST!


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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes    Vol. 1 Number 32     February 25 - March 2, 2008

Game Camp Scholarship

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      To apply, girls need to write and send in an essay in response to the following question:

What will video games of the future be like and if you were in charge of designing a game, what would it be like?

 The 500 - 600 word essay must be submitted to scholarship@womengamers.com no later than May 16th, 2008.

        Along with that essay, include your name, address, telephone, email address, and age.

         The winning essays will be posted on WomenGamers.Com. Former scholarship winners are not eligible.  Essays submitted previously will not be accepted. 

         A members' panel from WomenGamers.Com will judge the essays. Scholarship winners will be announced on May 23rd, 2008. For each scholarship to be awarded, at least five entries need to be received.

        (Teachers and parents, this is a real contest. Club Pony Pals, Scholastic and the Wiggins Weekly will never ask for a child's real name, home address, telephone or age.  -- Editor)



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Pony Pals Letters


Dear Pony Pals,

    Our class loves your books and website.  We're in 3rd grade in NC.  The kids are coaching me about what to write and they want me to say they're your biggest fans!

     Our names are Meredith, Sadie, Nicholas, Garland, Sunshine, Brandy, and Mrs. S.

     We're making a banner for our library featuring "Too Many Ponies."  Is there any chance that you would send us a photo of Jeanne Betancourt so we can put it on our banner?  Our banner is approx. 26" X 44."

    Please write back.  We can be pony pen pals.

      Thank you for reading our email.

   Mrs. S.

Reading Specialist

Technology Mentor


Dear Pony Pals Meredith, Sadie, Nicholas, Garland, Sunshine, Brandy and Mrs. S.,

     Thanks for your letter. I forwarded your request for a photo to Jeanne Betancourt. She promised to send you one.

       Your banner sounds great!   Could you please email me a photo to show all of you and your finished banner?

        Mrs. S. is now on the mailing list for the Wiggins Weekly. Maybe she will share it with you on Monday morning!     

Pony Pals,


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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes      Vol. 1 Number 32     February 25 - March 2, 2008

Pony Pals Letters

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Dear Pony Pals,

        This is Anna. It is my turn to write. Last weekend we asked Ranger Stranton about the Mt. Morris mystery machine.

        The Ranger said he didn't know what it is. He also told us there is another machine like it at the bottom of Mt. Morris. That land used to be owned by the Simpson family. They gave it to the park a long time ago.

       Pam remembered the old history teacher Mrs. Eastman. Her last name was Simpson before she got married. We decided to go meet her again and ask about the machines.

        On Monday afternoon Lulu called the Grand View Nursing home. She asked if we could come see Mrs. Eastman.

      They said we could come any afternoon between two and five. I had my tutor on Tuesday and Thursday. It was really raining with ice on Wednesday.

      This week we had a lot of snow, sleet and ice. It was too cold and wet to ride out on trail. It is boring for Acorn and Snow White when we don't ride. So sometimes I just jump on Acorn bareback when he is in his paddock. When it is cold our and you ride bareback it is fun to feel how warm a pony is! Acorn likes it too.           8-)

          Finally it was Friday and we all went to visit Mrs. Eastman after school.  We remembered that she gets tired easily because she is very old. So I did a bigger drawing to show Mrs. Eastman what we knew about the machines.

        When we talked to the Ranger. He said that there were some other buildings near a bottom wheel. So I drew in the wheel. Maybe Mrs. Eastman can tell me more about the buildings and I will draw them, too.

   On Friday Pam rode down Pony Pal trail to my house. She put Lightning into Acorn and Snow White's paddock at my house.

       Then we put on coats and went to see Mrs. Eastman.

       First we walked to the Green Market. Mrs. Lacey was there and she gave us half off on a plant, a pot of paper white bulbs that were about to bloom. We wrapped them up to keep them from freezing. Then we went to the Good View Nursing home.

        When we got there, Mrs. Eastman was glad to see us again. She wanted to know about our ponies. We told her about the coyote traps back near her favorite secret meadow.

      Then we started to ask Mrs. Eastman about the big wheels.

      I showed her my drawing. Lulu asked if there was a mine. Pam asked if they were part of a factory.  Mrs. Eastman started to laugh. She pointed to a big scrapbook on a shelf in her room. Then she started to show us some pictures.

       Photo courtesy of


Mrs. Eastman said her parents owned most of Mt. Morris. When she married Mr. Eastman, her daughters liked to ski. Mr. Eastman got the idea to build a ski trail for them. When Mrs. Eastman's kids were young, skiing was a new sport. It was very popular and there were lots of small family-owned places to ski.


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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes      Vol. 1 Number 32     February 25 - March 2, 2008

Pony Pals Letters

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      Mr. Eastman built in a special machine called a rope tow. People held on to the rope while it pulled them up Mt. Morris so they could ski back down.

Photo courtesy of  http://www.nelsap.org/

Lots of people came to ski on Mt. Morris. It was so popular that Mr. Eastman built a better way to get up the mountain. 

Photo courtesy of  http://www.nelsap.org/


       A single lift let one person at a time sit in a kind of chair that went up the mountain on a chain. That chain was moved by a big wheel.

     This let people get to the top faster than before, so they could ski more.


     Mrs. Eastman told us that even though they didn't make a lot of money, her husband built a small restaurant and ski rental shop so people could rent skis.  Their daughters gave skiing lessons. 

Photo courtesy of  http://www.nelsap.org/

     We all liked looking at the pictures but Pam was curious. "What happened? Did people stop skiing?"

      Mrs. Eastman looked out the window, just thinking for a moment.  Then, she said that after her daughters grew up and got married, it got more expensive to run the ski resort.

    When some ski places started to make artificial snow, smaller ski resorts like Mt. Morris didn't make enough money to compete. Her family decided to sell the resort but there were no offers. They closed it when Mr. Eastman died. Mrs. Eastman donated the ski resort to the Mt. Morris park.

      We thanked her for telling us her story.        After we talked for so long, Mrs. Eastman looked sad. We promised to come back and visit her again.

       After we left, Pam, Lulu and I all looked at each other. It was time for a Pony Pal meeting. So that was our adventure this week. Write and tell us about yours.

        Pony Pals,    


Pony Pals Power thought for the day - -

One of the reasons girls are on earth

is because ponies need someone to care for them.