Wiggins Weekly

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Vol. 1 Number 2       --          Summer 2007


Sara Loren riding at July 19 Clinic

Youth Event

Brings Out the Riders


     Olson Stables held the eighth annual Youth Horsemanship Clinic this past weekend.


      Riders came to the event to study horsemanship and resistance-free techniques taught by Olympic Medalist Eleanor Morgan. 


       Morning classes featured riding techniques, while afternoon seminars focused on jumping techniques, ending with a demonstration by Morgan.


     Sara Loren had only good things to say about the event. "I learned so much about making my horse's transitions smoother. Eleanor is really a great teacher!"


      Morgan will return to hold another clinic later this fall.

West Nile Virus a Threat, Advises Local Vet

     Dr. Bob Crandal, Wiggins Veterinarian, announced that he had seen two cases of West Nile Virus in horses in the past month.


     "There are lots of mosquitoes out this time of year that can carry the virus. Older horses and foals are both vulnerable to the disease," he reported.  "Fortunately we have an excellent vaccine and I encourage everyone to get their horse vaccinated as soon as possible."


   The vaccine must be given in a series of two shots, about three weeks apart. Horses must receive boosters every six months.


     "Because this disease can be fatal, it's very important to keep up the series of vaccinations so horses don't get sick."


    The two affected horses are being cared for at the Crandal Vet Clinic. Their status at press time is stable, but critical.

Riding Lessons Over the Internet Moving Forward at Wiggins Stable

      Jane Crandal of Wiggins-based Crandal Stables updated the editors about her new method of offering free riding virtual riding classes over the internet, starting later this year.


       "We've gotten a great response and a lot of kids are signing up for lessons. There's not a waiting list yet, but we know that there will be. We're looking for beta testers who will volunteer to try out the riding lessons to make sure they work correctly." Crandal announced.


          Riders interested in the program can sign up at www.clubponypals.com. The lessons and signup are free.

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