Horsy News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 17   November 12-18,  2007

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New Pony Pal Tiffany W-S.  and  her brother Dalton W-S.,

riding Manny in Galax, Virginia.

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Mt. Morris Bird Hike – 30 Species Spotted


      Park Ranger Jack Stranton said that Saturday's hike on Mount Morris attracted twenty-four bird watchers. 


     "We saw over thirty different species of migratory birds," Stranton said, "Including swans at Lake Appamapog."


   Three young Wiggins residents rode the trail on their ponies, following the hikers an hour later.


    "Our ponies can travel faster than the walkers. We finished the ride only a few minutes after they people who walked. Anna (Harley) picked up a camera that someone dropped, so we were able to return it," said Lulu Sanders.


     Ranger Stranton was glad for the girls' help.  "Their riding along after us helped me a lot. I didn't worry that someone would lag behind or get lost."


     "Having a horse in the woods means you can get places faster," he said, "It was great of the Pony Pals."

Olson's Horse Farm Open House

'Black Friday' Event

November 23, 10 am to 4 pm


     "'Black Friday' is the day after Thanksgiving, when lots of retail stores have big sales," Reggie Olson said. "For those of us with horses or ponies it's a great day to come out, ride and have fun."


   There will be gymkhana events, jumping shows and other horseback games.  Olson's will serve brownies from the Off Main Diner and cider.


    Olson also announced he has just gotten in some new horses for sale.  "I was called by a Morgan farm upstate. They are selling their entire herd. I have over twenty new horses and ponies in all colors for sale."


    "I'm going to put them into my eastern paddock, next to the road.  During the open house people can take a look at them and pick which one they want," Olson said. "The sale board will list their names, and prices."


     For more information call Olson's Horse Farm at 555-1255.



Olson's Eastern Paddock photo by Jeanne Betancourt

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Horsy News, Views and Attitudes   Vol. 1 Number 17   November 12-18,  2007



Q.  Q. Can you tell me anything about miniature horses? I may get one.   Your fan, Audrey

 Dear Audrey,

       Pony, horse, or miniature horse, they are all equines.  Most of the minis I've known were full of playfulness. But a mini horse may have a problem that is not easy to see. It is a good idea to have a veterinarian look at any mini you plan to buy.


Photo courtesy of   www.cedarplains.ca


      For example, Holly Pierce raises these tiny horses at Cedar Plains Miniatures in Manitoba, Canada. She wrote "Some horses … have what I think might be dwarf traits ... I can't say the signs are always there, but often they are … While I don't believe that every Mini carries a dwarfism gene, I do believe that most Minis have a dwarf somewhere in their ancestry. There may be a dwarf three or five generations back, but the horse in front of you may not have inherited the dwarfism gene …  if … the horse in front of me was long legged, long necked, fine legged and as correct as any horse I've ever seen, yes, I'd take it."


       That is good advice when buying any pony. Your miniature horse can be a house pet, pull a cart and some minis are are even being used as guide animals for blind people.  They live longer than dogs and some trainers think they are smarter.  Pony Power comes in small packages, too!

Letters to the Editor

Dear Wiggins Weekly,

     I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter. I especially like "Learn to Speak Horse". I love studying a horses thoughts and ways to listen to what a horse is trying to say. Thanks!       ~*~ Sincerely, Sarah B. (a Wiggins weekly reader)~*~


    Hi! I am Maya M. and I would like to get the free virtual lessons & the Wiggins weekly. I am a big fan of the books, I have all of them, & I have 4 horses myself. PEACE! MAYA


     Hello I wanted to know where I could get all the pony pals books? (See  clubponypals.com home page -- Ed.)  Yes I think the email is a great way to send the Wiggins weekly. Thanks for the update on the riding lessons. Thank you   Stephanie


    Hi, My name is Tiffany I am 7, 2nd grade and I am a nice girl. I am emailing you to send me the weekly News Letter and can I take the virtual riding lessons? I took some riding lessons this summer in Galax, Virginia. I bought your book at our school book fair. I love horses. The horse I rode this summer was a stallion named Manny. I have a little brother who likes horses too. His name is Dalton. We put a picture in to show us to you.
Thanks, Tiffany
(See page 1 photo! Ed.) 


      Hi my name is Shirley. I love your Pony Pal books. I have already read 4 of them. They were amazing! I can't wait to find more of your books. I wish I could meet you in person one day that would be cool. I wish I could have a pony of my own but I live in the town part were we can't have horses. I have read were you said that you don't have to have a pony to be a pony pal. Although I still wish I could have a horse. My best friend Hannah has 5 horses. 2 of them are Tennessee walking horses. 1 of them named Lucky, …then she has an Arabian horse she is all white. She has another horse named Dollar she is the other Tennessee walking horse. Then she has a horse named p.j. Then last but not least she has a horse named dots they named her that case she has big I mean huge dots on her.   
      I have 4 virtual horses ones named Shirley, another's named Doug. Then there's Adventurous Soldier he's a Kiger Mustang, and Dark rose she's an Arabian. I have to go now I have to get ready for church. Bye now talk to you later I hope. Shirley   

Thought for the day - 

A good horse is never a bad color.