Wiggins Weekly

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Vol. 1 Number 1       --          Summer 2007


Student Visiting Olson's Stables

California Visitor at Local Riding Club


     Two newcomers are visiting Olson's this month. Katie Barrett and her horse May Mare are visiting from California for a month. 


    In California Katie competes in reining, a western sport that is like dressage.  But when Katie started to ride locally, she found out May likes to jump.  "I had to learn to jump on her," Katie revealed, "Because she liked it so much."


     Katie is visiting her cousin Lulu Sanders, who said, "It's really fun having Katie here to visit. She's like a fourth member of my riding club, the Pony Pals."


    Kate will go back to California in Fall.


Virtual Riding Lessons Planned at Wiggins Stable


       Crandal Stables announced plans this week to offer free riding virtual riding classes over the internet starting later this year.


     Head trainer Jane Crandal said, "We are the first stable to ever offer lessons in this way. Anyone who wants to can make a reservation for a riding lesson."


     "My daughter Pam will be helping out in my training ring," Mrs. Crandal continued, "Offering advice to riders who log on to take lessons."


     Riders interested in the program can sign up for a lesson at www.clubponypals.com.



Local Girl Rescues Lost Dog

     Anna Harley of Wiggins helped to free a dog that was trapped in the woods north of Wiggins last week.


     "I was riding my pony Acorn on a trail I don't take very often when I heard a dog whining," Anna explained. "I turned off the main trail toward the sound and found a dog with its leash wrapped around a tree."


     The dog is a mid-sized husky mix with blue eyes that is very thin. It had chewed through a long leather leash to escape.


   "When I saw it was friendly I unwrapped the leash from the tree and we took the dog to the St. Francis Animal Shelter." Anna continued, "Because they would take good care of it."


     Shelter authorities say the owner has two weeks to claim the dog before it is available for adoption.


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