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Jackie's Choice part 3

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By kalsey

Age 11


I ran to catch up with the trailer, but Joanna was going too fast.


“NOOOOO!” I screamed as loudly as I could.


“What did you say darling?” Dad asked me.


“You just sent Spirit to the slaughter house!” I yelled. “I have to get her.” I ran upstairs and packed a bag with two t- shirts, two pairs of shorts, one pair of riding pants, my riding helmet, my sneakers, my paddock boots, and my half- chaps. Tonight I would sneak away and go to the slaughter house with Sammie. I brought a bag out to the barn and put some of Sammie’s stuff in it. I put her Sam I Am blanket, fly mask, curry comb, dandy brush, hoof pick, mane and tail comb, and a riding crop in it. I put grain into a bag and grabbed some hay. Lucky would come with us.


That night I went to bed early so I would be ready for the morning. In the morning I had to grab my tent, sleeping bag, another bag, and food and water.



I woke up at 4:00 and grabbed my tent, bag, and sleeping bag. I’ll make sure Sammie has a shelter also.  I grabbed microwave mini pancakes and cooked them. I heated up bacon and then poured orange juice. I ran outside to grab Sammie from Pasture D. Charlie nickered as if to say “What about me?”


“Sorry Charlie, I’ll see you soon.” I brought Sammie into her stall and brought out my breakfast. I curried her, brushed her, and picked her hooves. Then I brought my western saddle and bridle out. I tacked her up and brought her outside. I put my sweatshirt on. I put my clothes bag on my back and equipment for Sammie bag on my back also. I hung my food bag on the saddle horn, and then I hung my water bucket and grain bucket on the saddle horn also. Then we were on our way. Lucky, the husky, led the way. We walked onto the trail and rode through it. I trotted down to a fork in the path. I took the trail that leads down to the creek.


I found a meadow for campers and I set up my camping stuff. I put my tent up, put my sleeping back in, and put some blankets and my pillow in. I brought Sammie in and made like a little fence out of logs. I took off my western bridle and put Sammie’s bright orange lead shank on and tied her to the logs. I took my western saddle off and took off the food bag and the two buckets. All the food went into a corner of the tent. I opened my horse bag and grabbed the curry comb. I moved my hand around in circles. When I finished grooming I gave her some grain and hay. I ate my dinner and gave Lucky some dog food and leftovers. I locked my tent and went to bed.



The next morning, I woke up fed the animals and ate my food. I tacked up Sammie, brought the logs back into the woods, and packed my tent and everything else. We had a long ride to go.


That night we arrived. Everyone was in bed and I was going to let all the horses loose and hope that they follow me. I’ll lead Spirit. Maybe they’ll follow her! I tied Sammie behind the stable and brought the halter and lead rope in. I found her with the whites of her eyes showing.


“Spirit!” I yelled in a whisper. She came over to the door and I attached the lead rope to the halter I brought. I led her to the last stall and unlocked it. 20 horses, This will be hard. I unlocked all the stalls and they followed me to the back of the stable. We all went into the woods.


“We have to make it home tonight, Lucky. Take us to the fastest way.” Then a black mare walked up beside Sammie. I noticed she had burns on her back. I grabbed the Sam I Am blanket and put it on the mare. We kept walking through the woods until I heard a rustle in the leaves.


I looked closer and there was a bear!!!


Read part four next month


Spirit= a blue roan appaloosa mare

Sammie= an orange and white paint horse mare

Charlie= a black and white paint horse gelding

Sammie and Charlie based on my dogs

R.I.P Sammie 10/26/1997 – 6/4/2011